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My Pokemon White Team- Please Rate!

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Clampdamp3, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    Here's what I'm thinking for my White team. I'm considering buying the Japanese version because I cannot wait. Here's my team and a little reason why I picked these 6

    1. Jaroda [​IMG]

    Nature- Lax
    Item: Meadow Plate

    Attacks: Coil, Leaf Blade, Toxic, Dragon Tail

    Why: I always pick between the Fire and Water starters and I locked in on picking the Grass one this time. On top of that, Jaroda has a nice DEF and High Speed. I get the first attack and I'm able to brace myself for a attack.

    2. Doryuuzu [​IMG]

    Item: Shell Bell

    Attacks: Dig, Drill Liner, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace

    Why: I already saw a couple people see him as a HM slave of some sort. I like him because he has nice HP and ATK. His defense is really bad but I gave him Shell Bell so when I give damage, he recieves HP.

    3. Abagoora [​IMG]

    Nature- Timid
    Item-Razor Claw

    Attacks: Boiling Water, Level Ground, Ice Beam, Shell Break

    Why: I originally wanted the Water Monkey, but I think Abagoora works better for me. I love the Boiling Water attack that could burn the opponent. I also think Shell Break (which increases speed) could help.

    4. Desukan [​IMG]

    Nature- Jolly
    Item- Focus Sash

    Attacks: Power Share, Guard Share, Giga Impact, Psychic

    Why: I like at least one really good defensive pokemon on my team. Jaroda has good defense, Desukan has Amazing defense. He could be my bleeder who could start me off in battles.

    5. Ononokusu [​IMG]

    Nature- Impish
    Item- Muscle Band

    Attacks: Outrage, Dragon Tail, Incinerate, Dig

    Why: Dragon pokemon can learn tons of moves, there very good overall and Ononokusu fits the bill. Beside his low HP and SP ATK base stats, he's pretty good and has a very good move pool

    6. Kojondo [​IMG]

    Nature- Relaxed
    Item- Wise Glasses

    Attacks: Drain Punch, Bounce, Payback, Reversal

    Why: I like a fighting pokemon on my roster. He doesn't have a high DEF but that's where Reversal comes into play.

    What do you think? ALL OPINIONS ARE COOL WITH ME!
  2. DeathSDelano

    DeathSDelano Active Member

    1st off Abagoora give it Rock slide instead of of Level Ground
    Also his Sp. ATk is not that great compared to his ATK so boiling water would not be a good idea on this guy use Aqua Jet instead(gives you 1st hit and is still a STAB) a
    replace Dig on Doryuuzu with either Level Ground or EQ.

    Desukan why do you have guard share on him? he does not need it give him a Ghost-type move such as Shadow ball .
    Giga Impact is not a good idea either has if you don't One shot you are open for an Replace power swap with Calm Mind(Desukan already as a 95 Base Sp. Atk so take advantage of it)
    for the last move either: Energy ball, or Will-o-wisp

    Ononokusu - he has a monstrous ATK use it
    Outrage is good, but Dragon tail is unneeded
    Dig needs to be replaced with either Level Ground or Earthquake(preferable Earthquake)
    Replace Dragon Tail with Dragon Dance(Gives it more ATK and MORE SPEED)
    incinerate is useless on ononokusu is ATK is was higher than is Sp. ATK so you need a Physical attack
    such as X-scissor, Brick Break, etc.

    Kojondo really fast and great ATK and mediocre defense
    Drain Punch is good
    Bounce meh try to avoid attacks that take 2 turns to hit if you want a Flying move on this guy use Aerial Ace
    U-turn instead of payback can be useful as well incase you get in over your head you and do a hit and run (U-Turn is super effective against those psychics)
    Reverasal not really to sure on that one 2 Fighting moves on one pokemon seems alittle much imo but not sure what to replace it with
  3. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, It's somewhat tough to already project moves.

    I agree with Rock slide. Other then the attack 1st part, I really don't like Aqua Jet. If I had to switch out Boiling Water, most likely- Surf is going there.

    Doryuuzu got Dig because I feel it's low defense, I might need a turn or 2 to save him from damage. I could see Level Ground tho. It looks to be a good move.

    Desukan, I don't really know. When I use a bleeder pokemon, I give him maybe 2 moves to keep it in the match longer and 2 good attacks. I like the Will-O-Wasp idea. Giga Impact is a recharge move too, I wasn't thinking on that one. Maybe Calm Mind, Energy Ball and Will-O-Wisp could all make it and cut off Guard Share, Power Share and Giga Impact

    Ononokusu is true. I gave him Incinerate because I looked and decided I needed a Fire move. If I could, I would give him Flamethrower and probably do the Dragon Dance like you said.

    Kojondo, I didn't think about the X-Scissor. I should add that with Payback so I have 2 good moves there vs Psychic. I might swap Reversal with Acrobat, Poison Jab or even Stone Edge.

    What you think?
  4. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    that Jaroda wants Adamant Nature.

    Jolly Nature
    ~Aerial Ace
    ~Earthquake/Drill Liner
    ~Rock Slide
    ~Shadow Claw

    Adamant Nature
    ~Aqua Jet
    ~Rock Slide

    I actually dislike Shell Break as it raises a stat it doesn't need (SAtk) and lowers its best stat (Def). And Abagoora is clearly made to do physical hits, if you look at its Base Stats.

    Modest Nature
    ~Calm Mind
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Energy Ball

    Adamant/Jolly Nature
    ~Dragon Dance
    ~Rock Slide
    ~Dragon Claw/Outrage

    Jolly Nature
    ~Brick Break/Drain Punch/Jump Kick/Hi Jump Kick
    ~Stone Edge/Rock Slide
    ~Aerial Ace

    overall, too many physical attackers. I suggest replacing Abagoora with a special-based Pokemon that can learn Surf, so that you can have Surf AND a special attacker at the same time.
  5. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    For Jaroda, Thanks for the info. I'm kinda new to the STAB and Nature and EV stuff.

    If I switch Abagoora, who should I put in? I would like a Water replacement so how about Gamageroge or Hiyakki or even Burungeru? Here's the replacement and thier attacks?

    1. Gamageroge [​IMG]

    Muddy Water, Aqua Ring, Sludge Wave and Grass Knot

    2. Hiyakki [​IMG]

    Boiling Water, Ice Beam, Protect and Shadow Claw/ Rock Slide

    3. Burungeru [​IMG]

    Evil Eye, Surf, Energy Ball and Psychic

    Which one you think is best?
  6. DeathSDelano

    DeathSDelano Active Member

    if you use gamageroge
    give it Surf
    Surf > muddy water

    Also take advantage of its ability to learn Venom shock remember venom shock is a special posion type attack that powers doubles if it hits a posioned opponent

    if Burungeru
    weakness cover wise
    Ice Beam > Psychic
  7. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    I don't really get why people almost always go with Toxic over Leech Seed.

    Pokemon will rarely last long enough for the damage to ramp up to any considerable degree, whereas if you use Leech Seed, the HP recovery from it allows you more time to boost your stats with Coil.
  8. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Mild/Rash Nature
    ~Ice Beam
    ~Grass Knot
    ~Rock Slide
  9. UlTRA!£PIC!

    UlTRA!£PIC! Steel Type Master

    if this is what you're gonna use,, where surf & cut etc. HMs
  10. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    if this is what you're gonna use,, where surf & cut etc. HMs

    I'd probably delete them off them OR use other pokemon for HM's. Probably the Dog pokemon- Haderia (it's 2nd level, I would evolve him to the next level) It could learn Surf and Strength.

    Cut will probably go on Doryzzu but then i'll delete it off him.
  11. ungulateman

    ungulateman Miltank Man!

    Sigh. It's called using HM Slaves.
  12. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    But I would probably have another box pokemon because a couple of the pokemon look to be coming later in the game. I'm sorry because I just got into the "HM Slaves", "EV training" "Natures actually matter" and stuff so I didn't really know what you meant.
  13. ungulateman

    ungulateman Miltank Man!


    - Fly
    - Cut
    - Strength
    - Defog / filler

    - Waterfall
    - Surf
    - Rock Climb / filler
    - Rock Smash / filler

  14. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't resist.

    Seeing as there are only six HMs you'll only need one HM slave.
    Surf can go on Abagoora, Fly to... you need pokemon that learns fly. Wargle or goroogu.
    At lastly the HM slave.


    Basaoro comes cloes only lacing Strength but waterfall and dive are post elite 4 anyway. Daikenki can do it but that's a waste. Many pokemon learn cut and strength though.
  15. Clampdamp3

    Clampdamp3 Well-Known Member

    Now that I think about it...I do need a flying type.

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