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My prediction of when sinnoh will end.


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If Ash doesn't have 5 badges by the end of this season (or before next fall 2008) then I think the sinnoh tournament will be in 2010 making sinnoh 4 years. Both Hoenn and Jotho were 3 years plus 1 to hoenn with the Battle Frontier.

I'm sure of this because I Ash had 5 badges by summer 2005 in hoenn and 6 by the end of summer. He has 2 gym badges now and need 3 more to speed things up. If he only get 2 more then that leaves 4 more PLUS the sinnoh tourament all stuff in one season (or year) I think 3 in a season might work.

Sorry if this is too confusing so much numbers. I'm alittle confused myself @_@

I see in future episodes they are going to Solaceon Town, next stop is Veilstone where Ash can get his next badge.

Why does it matter if sinnoh is lasting longer? It means Dawn will definitely get four years like May did and May and Misty (and whoever else :p) may not show up again until summer 2010.

EDIT:It's been an hour since I made this thread yet no posts. T_T I'll get over it.XD EDITAGAIN: BTW I do think theres is a 5th generation no matter when sinnoh ends .:p
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I think sinnoh will be longer than hoehn and that there will definitly be a 5th generation


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Well there’s already this thread... that I made. ^ ^;;;


And there’s a link in that thread to another thread that CyberCubed made. ^ ^

Anyway Shinou is going to be the longest region ever and is probably going to be 160 or 170 episodes. That would probably mean it’s going to last until 2010. And I don’t see how Dawn stops Misty from appearing. They don’t conflict with each other. And it’s not any different from Gary and he appeared with Dawn. But, yeah I agree May is doomed as long as Dawn is here.
Yah I belive there def will be a 5th gen, can't wait to see what that series has in store for us hehe. Ask for when it will end, who knows when it will. My guess is err um around next summer???
I don't know I'm not good at guessesXD
But as some one here said this will be the longest series for a while.


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Wow :eek:*physically blown away*

Even look at CC reaction wow I can't believe I've just now realize this!

Feel free to close this thread mods.


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The original run (Indigo League-Johto) Lasted 276 eps, and AG lasted 196 eps.
So I'm guessing, since in all ends in 6... Sinnoh will be 216 eps long.
I can see the 5th gen starting around 2010. By then the next handheld after the DS should be out and GameFreak will probably want the next set of games out by then.

It would give the D/P series exactly 4 years....from late 2006 to late 2010. Its exactly the same thing AG got from late 2002 to late 2006.

Since Nintendo loves money I can't see them holding out later than that.


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^^ surely sinnoh will take some time...(+50 episodes for two badges and one contest ribbon )so it surwe it will take time but i'll not say that it will end in 2010 ....200 is biy wiser...and most probable..


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Whenever it end lets just hope its soon. The sooner the Anime for 4th generation ends the sooner the 5th generation video games can begin.

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Whenever it end lets just hope its soon. The sooner the Anime for 4th generation ends the sooner the 5th generation video games can begin.

lol I wouldn't bet on it............

Also they can make new games withoutthere being a 5th generation. There is still alot that can be improved up on. And I rather have them do it without again adding a truck load full of new meaningless pokemon and rather focus on the billion we already have now and start perfecting them and balancing them out wit hrespects to their looks ,ability's , sounds etc. There still alot of work that could be done here. Lets start at making pokemon 3-D :p. I mean they can keep the top-down view, but just make it 3-D already. Zelda phantom hourglass has it and it works just fine XD. Also they should make it that we can travel to atleast 2 regions in 1 game. Maybe pair op Kanto/houen in one game & Jotho/ sinnoh in the other version. Works out great with 4 regions ,not so much with 5. Also having mini games like a mini version of nintendogs (but then a pokemon version) in the game would also be nice. Would be a brandnew way to learn your pokemon his attacks XD.

Anyways ,just my thoughts on this