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My PvP team (oras)


Apparently i died
Hi all i'm now running a team wich works well for me but i think it could be better so i would really appriciate any help

Klefki @ light clay
Impish prankster 5IV (missing special attack)
EVs 252 hp 252 def 2 spd
-thunder wave
-light screen

Klefki is my starter. Getting the screens up is priority for me after that i either do spikes or thunder wave (depends on the pokemon klefki is facing. If klefki is still alive). If klefki still lives after it used spikes at least 2 times i swap i out (in normal cases)

Victini @ choice band
Adamant victory star 6IV
EVs 252 spe 252 atk 4 spd
-bolt strike
-brick break

Victini either revenge kills the opponents pokemon or does a hit and run with V-create whenever it is possible/needed

Latias @ life orb
Timid levitate 6IV
EVs 252 SpA 252 spe 4spd
-draco meteor
-healing wish/roost (haven't decided yet)

Latias is the pokemon i use to clear the field of hazards (obvious if it has defog right) so i bring her in when there are hazards and when they are starting to hinder my team or when i have the need of getting victini/mega gallade back on his feet (because i run healing wish for the time being) if i can't "revive them with a wish pass from sylveon

Gallade @ galladite
Jolly steadfast then inner focus 5IV (missing special attack)
EVs 252 atk 252 spe 4 spd
-swords dance
-knock off
-ice punch
-drain punch

I like mega gallade especially because it often can get a swords dance or 2/3 and then sweeps pretty much of the opponents team (i try to bring him in after klefki died/swapped out so he can survive a hit better) drain puch for recovery and i find it better then close combat because it doesn't have the stat drop. The rest is for coverage either for gallade self or for traits against other pokemon in my team

Sylveon @ leftovers
Bold pixilate 6IV
EVs 252 hp 220 def 36 spd
-hyper voice
-heal bell

It's pretty obvious that i use her as cleric. When needed i swap to her to cure a status from a team member or do a wish pass to a team member that needs one

Rotom-W @ leftovers
Bold levitate 6IV
EVs 248 hp 216 def 44 spe
-volt switch
-will o wisp
-hydro pump
-pain split

Pivoting to pokemon wich can't take a hit but i don't think he's still necessarily in my team

Thanks in advance! :D

ho-oh tajra

Brazilian Trainer
So, the first thing I noticed when I saw your team is that it has 3 pokémon weak to ghost and 2 weak to fairy, and pretty much nothing to fight back (Gallade has Knock Off but that is it). Bisharp and Pyroar comes to mind since they resist those weakness (Bisharp takes neutral from fairy) and can fight back the threats, other options are Drapion, Skuntank and Mandibuzz, Mandibuzz could replace Latias, too, since it has access to Defog, Foul Play, Knock Off, Roost, Toxic and Whirlwind. Scizor is also a good option since it can trap ghosts with Pursuit and kill fairy with Iron Head. Lucario can also be used since it has Vaccuum Wave, Dark Pulse and Flash Cannon (and surprise factor since it's special). Though your team already have Victini and Klefki as weak to ground so adding another steel, poison or fire will be hard.

With all of that said, I think the best to do actually is replace Victini, an interesting option is Arcanine (or Entei, I guess), it has Extreme Speed for revenge killing, Flare Blitz as a main stab (it's not V-Create but you can only get so far without legendaries), Morning Sun and Will-o-Wisp for defensive sets and Close Combat and Crunch for offensive sets. The removal of Victini is to get rid of one of the three pokémon weak to ghost, you don't want Mega Gengar to 6x0 you, right? (Mega Gengar is faster than Mega Gallade, by the by).
You can also replace Rotom with a fairy killer like Scolipede, with Poison Jab it can threat fairy and Protect is a good move to make sure Speed Boost will help, although it's predictable.
Another option is Dragonite, who attracts fairy and can punish them with Iron Head, but both Dragonite and Scolipede have overlapping weakness with other team mates, like fire!Klefki and fairy!Latias/Gallade.