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My PWT Team


Meme Historian
Alright, I'm trying to make the best possible PWT Team. I wanna beat even the champions with this. Please help me with this!

Haxorus@Wide Lens
mold breaker
EV's: 252 atk 252 speed

Dragon Dance
Dual Chop
Rock Slide


DON'T TELL ME TO USE GARCHOMP. BECAUSE I WON'T. I SR'ed the shiny haxorus in the nature preserve for adamant and mold breaker, and I've got it. Here's my moveset. All help is appreciated.

252 HP 40 Atk 216 SpD

Bug Bite
Bullet Punch

This thing should do really good, with both stab moves being helped by technician. I want aerial ace because I need to be able to do something against fire types, if it's my last pokemon. Plus, it's raised by technician, so it has a higher base power!

Porygon-z@Life Orb
252 sp atk 252 speed

Dark pulse
Ice beam

With adapatability, tri-attack becomes a nightmare! I will not be using hidden power, so please don't suggest HP fighting.

Alright, my only problem I see is having 2 physical attackers. Should I replace one of them for a mixed? Anyway, all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help!
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le quant-à-soi
Ground + Fighting share almost identical coverage, so go with Rock Slide > Brick Break for Haxorus. You might want to try Double Hit Dual Chop + Wide Lens > Outrage + Persim Berry, perhaps, since iirc there are quite a few Sturdy Pokemon in the PWT. Just a suggestion, though.

Try Superpower > Aerial Ace on Scizor. Steel types look like they'd give you quite a bit of trouble.
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Meme Historian
I just made the changes, but I realized something... Scizor helps cover haxorus's problem with ice, but I need something to help with fire, for scizor... Should I use some kind of water, ground, or rock type? I need to beat fire, but I ALSO NEED it to be specially based... because both scizor and haxorus are physical. Does anybody have any suggestions?


Pokemon is fun!
Empoleon is specially based, but it is neutral to Fire.