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My Recently Revised YGO Deck

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Puffs, Nov 26, 2005.

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  1. Puffs

    Puffs ...NINE-THOUSAND!!!!

    My deck is centered around protecting and increasing my LP.

    Normal Monsters:
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    Dark Magician
    Summoned Skull
    Judge Man
    7 Colored Fish
    Harpie's Brother (x2)
    Master Kyonshee
    Battle Ox
    Darkfire Soldier #1
    Girochin Kuwagata

    Effect Monsters:
    Sanga of the Thunder
    Patrician of Darkness
    Hysteric Fairy
    Dark Zebra
    Cure Mermaid
    Cannon Soldier
    Sonic Bird
    Witch of the Black Forest
    Hayabusa Knight
    The Hunter With 7 Weapons
    Troop Dragon (x2)
    Fiber Jar
    Man-Eater Bug

    Ritual Monsters:
    Paladin of White Dragon

    Spell Cards:
    Remove Trap
    Ookazi (x2)
    Monster Reborn
    Giant Trunade
    Graceful Charity
    Card Destruction
    Dian **** the Cure Master
    Soul Exchange
    Dark Hole
    Sword of Dark Destruction
    Sword of Deep-Seated
    White Dragon Ritual
    Black Illusion Ritual

    Trap Cards:
    A Feint Plan (x2)
    Zero Gravity
    Gift of the Mystical Elf
    Trap Hole
    Negate Attack

    Fusion Deck:
    Thousand Dragon
    Rabid Horseman
    Deepsea Shark
    Musician King
    Thousand-Eyes Restrict

    Let me know if there is anything wrong with my deck.
  2. Raito

    Raito HADOUKEN!

    It's seeming more like a beatdown and your on the right track. Just put in good 1900 to 2099 ATK Level 4 monsters with little to no drawbacks and take out every lower monsters except for Fiber Jar. Put in broken Staples. If you want to know what staples should be in your deck PM me or some one who you think might know.

    Staples are cards that are so Cookie-Cutter it's not even funny.

    Cookie-Cutter is the phrase for put in every deck or abused.
  3. Puffs

    Puffs ...NINE-THOUSAND!!!!

    So I should try to get myself a Gemeni Elf(sp?), or Goblin Elite Attack Force?

    I've got this combo I've been wanting to try. Summoning The Unfriendly Amazon and then activating Jam Breeding Machine.
  4. cheekie3

    cheekie3 Banana

    like i say to everyone the best way to make a good deck is to buy a structure deck(warrior is the best imo) and build on that trust me it will work a whole lot better
  5. Jupetta

    Jupetta Oh, hells nah!

    If you are trying to make a life gaining deck add Fire Princess, Solemn Wishes, and Gravity Bind. Those will help you a lot.
  6. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    Well, basically everything is wrong with it; for starters, it's built like a beatdown. You have too many character driven cards (in otherwords, cards characters from the show used), which is mistake a lot of people make. For a deck whose purpose is LP gain, you have WAAAAY too many high ATK monsters; you should really limit those to like 3 in a deck. I'm assuming this is a Traditional deck, so I won't bother saying about the banned cards... and I'd appreciate my peers not trying to turn this deck into a tournament level deck, since that's clearly not its purpose.
    What you need to do is focus on your theme, find monsters that work with that theme, not ones that every other person uses. Particularly because if everyone is using the same cards, all it really takes is for someone who's thinking outside the box to slap together a deck that beats those overused cards and then that person can beat the holy hell out of every cookie-cutter deck on the block.
  7. whats with the cards in the fusion deck?
  8. Tip The Waitress

    Tip The Waitress Nooo! I'm too young!

    yeah, i'd say buy a structure deck cause you just have pretty weak cards overall. and really what's up with the weak fusion monsters?
    u dont even have the fusion material and you don't even have polymerization.
  9. Haruka's Swimsuit

    Haruka's Swimsuit Bomberhead 18-kin!

    Spell Cards:
    Remove Trap
    Ookazi (x2)
    Monster Reborn
    Giant Trunade
    Graceful Charity
    Card Destruction
  10. Twitch

    Twitch Dr. Awkward

    ;227; Ok, first of all, you can just scrap the Fusion Deck because you don't have Polymerization or Fusion Gate, and you don't have the right monsters for some of the Fusions, like Thousand Eyes Idol. A good annoyer combo that fits well with this deck's theme is Bad Reaction to Simochi and Rain of Mercy. You gain LP while your opponent loses LP. (BRtS is also a good card in general.) You should also add either Mystical Space Typhoon or Dust Tornado. Monsters are OK. (Note that I don't know some of these cards and I'm giving a rating based on the cards that I know of.)
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