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My Red Team

Discussion in '1st & 2nd Gen RMT' started by Catorpie, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Catorpie

    Catorpie Cat or pie?

    Ok, so, I started a new game on red earlier this week, because I had a bit of time off, and I have put together, what I think o be a decently well rounded team for single player. I am currently challenging the Fuchsia gym (gym 5) and haven't beat koga yet.

    1. Venusaur LV 38 126 HP
    Attack 85
    Defense 80
    Speed 81
    Special 90

    Razor Leaf
    Leech Seed
    Vine Whip

    Notes: Thinking of teaching Giga Drain, but don't know what to delete

    2. Nidoking LV 35 110 HP
    Attack 84
    Defense 66
    Speed 81
    Special 66

    Horn Attack
    Poison Sting

    Notes: I have the horn drill TM, but I don't know if I should.

    3. Pidgeot LV 36 126 HP
    Attack 78
    Defense 77
    Speed 79
    Special 63

    Wing Attack
    Razor Wind
    Quick Attack

    Notes: Yeah, that's about it.

    4. Electrode LV 35 99 HP
    Attack 49
    Defense 66
    Speed 114
    Special 73


    Notes: This thing is fast as ****, but is otherwise mediocre. I don't know if I should keep him or change him for something else, I'll list my PC Pokemon below at the bottom.

    Primeape LV 35 106 HP
    Attack 90
    Defense 63
    Speed 89
    Special 52

    Seismic Toss
    Focus Energy
    Karate Chop (Normal Type)
    Body Slam

    Notes: Pretty good, but I don't know if karate chop is great, because it is normal type and not fighting type. So I don't have any free-damaging fighting type moves (Seismic Toss is equal to the level of the Pokemon), so if there are any TMs I can get in the Celadon Department Store or whatever that are good fighting type moves, tell me now.

    Vaporeon LV 35 145 HP
    Attack 63
    Defense 59
    Speed 64
    Special 96

    Water Gun
    Ice Beam
    Quick Attack

    Notes: Mediocre, but there are good HP and Special stats I guess. I would swap Water Gun for Bubblebeam, but I made the retarded mistake of jamming the A button when it was asking me but "Vaporeon already knows four moves..." Or whatever, and I accidentally replaced Bubblebeam which I taught it with the TM, with the water gun it learned by leveling up.

    My PC Pokemon that I deem worthy of mention, for exchanging for a Pokemon in my team if you deem necessary:
    Kangaskhan LV25
    Parasect LV 30
    Scyther LV 23
    Venomoth LV 32
    Rhyhorn LV 25
    Dratini (Training Up might be ok) LV 15
    Exeggcute (Exeggutor evolution very possible) LV 25
    Hitmonchan LV 30
    Haunter LV 25
    Dugtrio LV 29

    So yeah. Thanks people, hope you can reply.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2012
  2. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    You've built a nice team for the time being and have stored nice Pokemons in PC. But I don't think you can do very much either. You're playing Red Version, the beginning of all Pokemon world. The ammount of moves are limited and people get used to the current mechanics, this is probably why nobody replied this thread yet.

    As I like Pokemon as much as to help people, I rated your team. Well, I kept Venusaur, Nidoking, Vaporeon and Primeape. Pidgeot and Electrode were replaced by Kangaskhan and Dragonite (you have 'em in PC). Below are the Pokemons, the moveset and a description. Hope you like 'em!

    -Sleep Powder
    -Body Slam
    -Leech Seed

    First of all you can't teach Giga Drain because this move were introduced in Generation II, so it's unavailabe in Red. To make your Venusaur an offensive Pokemon, you have to teach him powerful moves. So I replaced Razor Leaf and Cut, which got a power base of 55 and 50 respectively, with Solarbeam and Body Slam, which got a power base of 120 and 85 respectively. The first thing you should do is to put enemy into sleep. You'll be in high advantage if it hits because in Gen I when a foe wakes up, it doesn't attack like Gen II onwards. If foe asleeps, then you can safely use Solarbeam.

    Double Kick

    You had built a moveset for Nidoking that included only normal moves... No, dude. As we always say, you have to balance your team and movesets as well. Nidoking's worst enemies are water and psychic. You can cover water with Thunder, but psychic can't be covered because there isn't any ghost move that Nidoking is able to learn in this generation. To take down most of the enemies you should use Earthquake or Double Kick. Against flying foes, you have the electric move as the better option because Earthquake will be uneffective and Double Kick will cause half of the damage.

    Swords Dance
    Cross Chop
    Rock Slide
    Karate Chop

    A good fighting move for Primeape would be Karate Chop. Despite the power base being 50, you can raise its power with Swords Dance. Primeape is one of the fastest Pokemons of this Generation, you just need to make it a little more offensive and you'll defeat all your enemies in a single hit before they attack. Eventually, your Primeape will not get hurt. You should use Swords Dance in the first turn, and attack after with the most appropriated move of your other three moves left in the moveset, which are normal, rock and fighting type. As Primeape's Defense and Special aren't that top, there is the possibility of a foe with high Special defeats it in one hit (Alakazam's Psychic, for example).

    Ice Beam

    You don't need to teach both Surf and Water Gun for Vaporeon, one water type move is enough, because of that I kept the stronger one, which is Surf. Vaporeon is like Lapras, much HP and Special. Vaporeon requires 2-3 turns to be taken down by a sweeper, as you don't face sweepers all the time, Vaporeon normally requires 4-6 turns to be fainted. The strategy is simple: you attack with Surf or Ice Beam, except if foe resists to any of those moves, what will happen if it is water type. In this case, use Toxic and Rest until foe's HP get down to half or less, then you back attacking again though being few effective. Hope your Vaporeon won't face a water/poison foe (Tentacool and Tentacruel), they're the only capable of resisting to this strategy. Plus, no steel types or Immunity ability Pokemons existed in Gen I to fail the moveset of this Vaporeon.

    Dizzy Punch
    Double Team

    Submission will hurt user with 1/4 of the damage caused at the target, but you can recover your HP with Rest. To keep your Kangaskhan safe from enemy while sleeping, it's interesting to have raisen Evasiveness a little before using Rest. Dizzy Punch is your main move, and you'll be in good advantage if foe gets confused.

    Hyper Beam
    Fire Blast
    Ice Beam

    Dragonite is terrible, it is good on Attack as much as on Special, one of the most offensive Pokémons you can catch in Kanto that isn't a legendary. Not much to say about this Dragonite besides the fact it can cause super effective damage on a large variety of Pokemons. Just pick the best move for each occasion.

  3. You do realize Razor Leaf always is a critical hit when it is used by Venusaur in Generation I? So, you could see Razor Leaf as a move with 110 base power that can't be a critical hit. Aditionally, Razor Leaf doesn't need a recharge turn unlike SolarBeam.

    So this is the Venusaur I recommend the OP:

    ~ Razor Leaf
    ~ Sleep Powder
    ~ Body Slam
    ~ Rest
  4. You said Giga Drain did not exist. Cross Chop didn't exist as well. And Karate Chop was Normal. But there's Low Kick, with 50 base power and 90 accuracy. And I found that Primeape can't get Swords Dance in Gen I (actually, I guess it still can't).
    Then, this is for the one posting the original team. Mi-----no. can get you lots of the same TM, if you are interested.
  5. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    I didn't know that about Razor Leaf and Venusaur. In that case, Razor Leaf is so a better choice than Solarbeam.
  6. In Generation I, if you have a move with increased critical hit chance and your Pokémon has a base speed of 64 or higher, it's always a critical hit :p
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