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My resigned mono sand storm team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Rosez66, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    As of late I have been reading about weather teams. My first team with actual synergy and use was a baton pass team and after some tries I realised it was rubbish, and I always lost. But anyway I have decided to make a sandstorm team and on the face of it I don't see any obvious flaws but undoubtably there will be so that's where I need you guys to be critical.

    After testing out my older sandstorm team I realised it was flawed. That is why I have tried out a bit of shuffling around and changing and i have come up with the following team.

    My lead
    Hippowdon Stirus berry
    Impish, sandstream
    252 HP 152 Def 104 Sp def
    Earthquake- pure power move with STAB
    Stealth rock- one of the most useful moves in the game
    Roar- phaze pokemon out if I don't like the look of it
    Slack Off- Reliable healing which is useful on a defensive pokemon such as this guy.

    So a simple but effective lead. Fire off a cheeky sleath rock and roar to get a bit of damage on the enemy and earthquake if it is appropriate. I have ran this ev set to get the most bulk out of him so he can take that extra hit which could mean slack of to heal or dying.

    Skarmory shed shell
    Careful , keen eye
    252 HP 4 Def 252 Sp def
    Whirlwind- yet more phazing
    Spikes- goes well with stealth rock
    Drill peck- I have decided this over brave bird because of the recoil.
    Roost- yet more reliable recovery

    I have gone the specially defensive root because hippowdon is physically defensive so it just kind of fits well, along with this people might be surprised to find that skarmory isn't as physically defensive and could cause a bit of confusion do rut e opponent. But the reason for drill peck is because even with the invest isn't fully an effective wall against special moves so the recoil could add up over the course of the battle.

    Quagsire , shell bell
    Modest , water absorb
    252 HP 252 Sp. Atk 4 Sp. Def
    Muddy water- I have chosen this over surf for two reasons, firstly it is somewhat limited to only a few pokemon so a bit of novelty, and secondly the secondary effect may come in handy where as surf doesn't have any any secondary effect.
    Earth power- over earthquake as its almost like the special equilivant and it has a chance to lower the targets sp def.
    stockpile- ups def and sp def which will come in handy although it only ups it three times that should be enough to survive any non grass type move.
    Recover- need I say? Reliable healing.

    The reason for having quagy is because my team needed a pokemon to deal with water and fire attacks and with water absorb it happily deals with water attacks and fire type attacks barely deals a scratch to him and he can lay down the hurt on fire types.

    My physical sweeper

    Scizor life orb
    Adamant, technician
    252 Atk, 252 speed, 4 HP

    Bullet punch - best priority move available to this guy with technician
    Bug bite- the best bug move which is available to scizor and is definitely a reliable stab and unlike x sicssor it has a secondary effect which could come in handy
    Brick break- tough and potentially useful move for taking down the screens which support pokemon loves to set up.
    Sword dance - ups his attack I have replaced roost with this as I feel the extra power will be more beneficial.

    Almost a standered siczor set, simple but oh so effective and during the mid battle I will need a though defender and tough attacker and I still can't think of anyone pokemon which can fill this slot which also doesn't take damage from sandstorm.
    My special sweeper-

    Cacturne, wise glasses (ups special attacks by 10%)
    Timid, sand veil
    252 Sp Attack , 252 Speed , 4 HP
    Energy ball- most powerful STAB he has access to
    Dark pulse - again the most powerful STAB move he has access to although of course this one is dark type and the other is grass type.
    Nasty plot- ups his already monstrous sp. Atk absolute amazing move
    Substitute- this move is needed to soften a potential KO

    I know I know this is more of gimmick pokemon but lucario wasn't really working for me for two reasons, firstly it added another steel type to my team meaning I was open to magnezone coming and trapping potentially half of my team. Also clam mind wasn't really working because of how long it takes up and if I switch it was all unneeded but nasty plot goes start to the point.

    Lastly the cleaner

    Tyranitar levtovers
    Careful sand stream
    252 HP 40 Def 216 Sp Def
    Curse - upgrade both my attack and defence and by using the speed drop to improve avalanche and payback which boosts in power if I get hit before hand.
    Rock slide- reliable STAB, I chose this over ston edge because this tyranitar is made to stay a bit longer then other variations

    This beast is designed for a late game sweep when the opposing team it crippled and cannot deal with his large defences.

    So this is my team. Overall it seems much better built although there are obvious flaws with most competetive teams but please tell me what I can do to improve it. Than yup very much for reading it.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2012
  2. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Sorry to repost but what can I do to improve this team guys???

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