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my ruby team please rate

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Ultimate Flyzard, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. can some one please rate this team i am going to use for ruby and its battle tower. thnx

    Slowbro = Modest ----> Going to use for Battle Tower
    Ice Beam
    Calm Mind

    For this move set i will CM up a bit and then sweep with surf (STAB aswell) ice beam and Psychic (also STAB)

    Heracross = Adamant ----> Going to use for Battle Tower
    Sword Dance
    Brick Break
    Mega Horn

    For this set i will SD up and then sweep with EQ, BB (STAB) and MH (STAB)

    Blazinken = Naughty ----> Going to use for Battle Tower
    Sword Dance
    Over Heat
    Rock Slide
    Sky Uppercut

    Same as Heracross but with STAB on Over Heat and Sky Uppercut
    Over Heat for the pesky steel or grass type

    Claydol = Bold
    Cosmic Power
    Ancient Power
    Ice Beam

    A Tank. I will use Cosmic power to raise both defences then attack with the other 3 moves. Psychic is STAB. Ancient Power is there for a random boost and because it is a good move.

    Misdreveus = Modest/Mild (sorry about spelling)
    Calm Mind
    Thunder Bolt
    Shadow Ball

    I will use CM and then sweep with the other 3 moves. Shadow ball gets a STAB.

    Pinsir = Naughty/Lonely
    Sword Dance
    Brick Break
    Body Slam
    Seismic Toss

    My 3rd physical sweeper.I will SD up and then sweep with BB and Body Slam. Seismic toss is their for a quick finish or if they up their defence.

    If you are wondering how i will get all those Sword Dances they will come from the following.

    1 from my FR game
    1 from my brothers LG game
    and pinsir learns at by level up

    :) thnx for any help given :)
  2. chaos952

    chaos952 NSFW



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