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My Site.


The Sexy Nerd
^Yes, you can learn the basics of HTML in an hour, and get to the more intricate details of the language pretty quick as well.

Also, CSS is a good thing to have as well

chaos on the internet

What is there to comment? It's still the same site with a new domain pointing to it. You haven't built a website; you've filled out a freewebs template. Learn HTML!


The Sexy Nerd
okay, theres not much....I'm starting to add more stuff...

Adding stuff won't help. Serebii and pe2k between them have virtually everything Pokemon. You have to make your site unique. And how many times do you have to be told? LEARN HTML.

Freewebs is OK for things like trade sites, but for a proper site, you need CSS and HTML.....maybe even PHP to add unique features.

Its quality, not quantity in the website business, so no matter how much content you have, people will still come to Serebii because its made very wwell. There must be 5000 sites or more that have the EXACT same layout you have. I don't know how many successful freeweb template sites there are, but sites coded by the owner, with a lot of care, time and effort, they get the big hits and and become more well known....


EDIT: Now that navigation thing is too big, , squishes the rest of the site
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