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My Sprite thread Version 2.

-:Buro-kun Tsubasa:-

Sovereign Of Shadows
Thanks to Chaos Emerald for the tutorial on how to make the eggs!
Welcome to my Sprite thread!
Welcome! Here, I will display the latest in my Sprites!


These are my first set of Eggs! I've also done the Shiny forms as you can see!
Thats amazing on how you made shiny ones also but the magnetmite's magnets can be a little bigger.

;003;Dark Venusaur;003;


Too copy-paste-recolor'ish. <___< Try to do something original. Like... edit the egg to match the pokémon.


Yes I use MS paint
Its not amazing to do shiny eggs!
you just have to recolor the original egg with the shiny's colors.
and did you even look after you cut the magnemite's magnet off?


Rating- 6/10

There not realy bad.
But there also not good.


Yes I use MS paint
Frankly.......they're bad
this is what i imagine that you had said while making these
The Pikachu: "Oh i'm just gonna erase his tail and put Wobbufett's on insted and call it a mix!"
Th Mew: "I'm so ignorant i didn't bother to color the outline."


Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
eggs... the trend i really never understood... you know what could be cool? changing the spots on them to match the pokemon, you know like togepi's or pichu's eggs have different patterns on them.
now don't come up saying it's paint's fault if your sprites aren't fantastic, i use and i've always used paint, and i can tell you it's enough for me.


Yes I use MS paint
I will teach you how to make chao

First: Get a sprite of a chao. The spriter's resource has alot.
Second:Get a pokemon sprite (easy enough)
Third: Now we start to make the chao. Since chao are considerably smaller than most pokemon (or in a few cases bigger) you have to make your own custom parts. Its very simple just look at the part from the pokemon you want to add to the chao. Take the pencil tool and draw the part one pixel at a time except shorten it a little. Say if there are three pixels lined up you can probably get away with two pixels instead. Always remember to shade the custom parts. And recolor the chao.