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My strongest pokemon ever

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Giratina 702

Advanced Trainer
Name: Bret Hart
Pokemon: Deoxys
Item: Focus Sash
OT: Chris
ID No. 53303

HP: 222
Atk: 463
Def: 90
Sp.Atk: 408
Sp.Def: 99
Speed: 303

Giga Impact
Psycho Boost

Rate him from 1 to 5.

Got him from GTS.


rank 10 ranger
sorry to ruin it for u but im almost positive thats a hack. if legit though 5 but its probably not so 1

Giratina 702

Advanced Trainer
He is legit. If he was hacked, I would know already.


Nine one six ~
Well, that's a pretty nice Deoxys. And you got it from the GTS? Wow!
Well, I rate it 5, that is if it's not hacked.
Wow. Some people certainly have more luck on the GTS than me... Replace Giga Impact with, say, Shadow Ball and you've got a very nice Deoxys there! It's defenses look rather high for an attack forme though - change its forme to attack and it will perform best. I would probably rate that 5, considering it isn't hacked.

Giratina 702

Advanced Trainer
My Deoxys is attack forme.
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