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My Team, Help please?

Team Used Brett

'Juss Chill-Chillin'
Hello, I've made a few decisions on creating my team, and chose the pokemon that I would like best for competitive battling. I completely hate ubers and can't stand cheaters. I feel a fair battle is two trainers with evenly trained pokemon with lots of hard work built in. My team consists of:

Nature - Hasty (+ Spd, - Def) Yeah, I know it's bad, but after 30 tries for a modest one, I just gave up and came out with the best I could do to promote zam's speed.
@ Focus Sash
Calm Mind
Energy Ball (Cover up for his thunderpunch from emerald)
Recover (Always seems to randomly come out to save my ***, then is never used again)

Nature - Serious (Not great, but he was my starter from Firered and his is well built.
@ Petaya berry?
Dragon Pulse (Was Rock slide at one time for flying and fire types, but I didn't like the accuracy)
Swords Dance

Nature - Relaxed (Not great either, but he was also my starter in Emerald and is well built too)
@ Leftovers
Ice Beam
Surf (Why does it damage your partner in a double battle now!?) LOL
Protect (Had Endeavor on him, but he's way too slow for it)

Rampardos (Cranidos)
Nature - Adamant (Best for a Rampardos to promote his incredible attack!)
@ Not sure Quick Claw maybe? (Very Low speed stat)
(It is still a level 1, newly hatched egg, but I plan to get working on him when I'm ready...)
It's current moves are
Rock Slide
(I Bred my Charizard with a female Cranidos)

Lucario (Riolu)
Nature - Not sure. (Lucario has high attack and sp. attack, but I need to choose just one...) His sp. attack stat is higher though.
@ Dunno
(Same thing as cranidos)
Shadow Claw
(Obviously his starting moves) *He was bred with my friend's Lucario*

Nature - Naughty (Again, Starter for Diamond)
@ Quick Claw (Low speed stat)
Swords Dance
Wood hammer

I realized that I'm missing a tank, and I think I might need one, what do you think? I can take all the help I can get (Nothing negative, thanks)

Yours Truly,


Team Used Brett

'Juss Chill-Chillin'
Oh, and if anyone wants a Riolu or Cranidos, please PM me, I have tons left over from breeding, including a Cranidos with and Adamant nature.

Team Used Brett

'Juss Chill-Chillin'
C'mon, I need to go soon =( Anyone? Please? Oh Christ...
Weaville desolates your Alakazam lead, Pursuit is an OHKO whether or not you switch out or not. I would put Focus Blast on it, you have no good way of killing Weaville. Focus Sash is crap in SS as well, and your Zam fails against Tyranitar unless it carries Focus Blast. I would take it out as a lead, and use Swampert instead.

I would put Dragon Claw on Zard, I mean, and probably Dragon Dance over Swords Dance. Charizard is neither Bulky Enough or fast enough to use Swords Dance well, and you need a rapid spinner badly.

Relaxed is an awesome nature on Swampert, and probably the only viable one now with all the hard hitters.

Gyarados will kill this team,Starmie over Alakazam can fix that problem.