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My topic closed in gen 7 trading forum


Event Collector
i made a reserve topic for new codes from new movie that is going to come out. code is for shiny celebi and the new mythical zarude and acquired from tickets for movie. was closed for "offering/requesting hacked pokemon". i don't offer hacks knowingly. my proofed gen 7 events all are proof with proof being video of said events being redeemed or local photos of event site etc. unless you are talking about the codes then how am i seeking hacks when these are codes that are going to come out. i'd like to know why it was closed


Sticky & Sweet
You were seeking codes for 2 Pokemon that aren't even out yet - that shiny Celebi can only be redeemed starting April 17th and Zarude can only be redeemed beginning June 15th. It makes no sense to open up a 'reserve topic' asking for two Pokemon codes that aren't redeemable yet. You should have just waited like any normal person would instead of making a topic a month in advance...
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Everybody knows you're full of hacks. Nobody sane would offer legit one-time events from long ago for codes they can't even redeem or verify the integrity of. That's already clue 1. Second clue, in all your trade offers you keep on offering the same pokémon. How the hell can you still offer pokémon you already traded away? Because you hack in more, that's how. Third clue of shady business, Nintendo bans the trading of codes for a reason. You can't even trade over at the same time, so the likelihood of getting scammed is high. Seriously, you're so far beyond reasonable doubt by now it legitimately surprises me you haven't been banned yet. And photos don't prove anything.