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my trade thread

Discussion in 'DP Battle & Trades' started by Black Hawk, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Black Hawk

    Black Hawk ready to strike

    here is what im trading:
    the number beside each pokemon is their value number

    mew 2
    celebi 2
    jirachi 2
    deoxys 2
    phione 1
    lugia 2
    ho-oh 2
    kyogre 1
    groudon 1

    EV TRAINED (each value 2)
    latios, mild ×2 (+Satk -def) 252 Satk 252 spd 4 hp
    rayquaza, adamant (+atk -Satk) 255 atk 255 spd

    NATURE (all value 1)
    adamant ryhorn (untrained)
    adamant beldum
    adamant pineco (untrained)
    modest abra ×2 (untrained)
    modest abra with no evs in place, but lv 27
    jolly cranidos (untrained)

    timid untrained abra 2
    modest untrained mewtwo 2
    shinys 3
    good natured pokes 1
  2. Lord_Sunday

    Lord_Sunday Remember me from RSE

    shiny t-tar for the ho-oh, depending on its nature.

    DIAMOND MASTER Diamond Trainer

    shiny ;130; 4 ;151; or ;251;
  4. Charlord

    Charlord Charizard Master

    do you want any starters or ancients
  5. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur Konoha's FMA Ninja

    Abra for Lugia!
  6. moomaster009

    moomaster009 Well-Known Member

    Mewtwo lvl. 100 for Mew.

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