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My Trades {Drakorn}


King of Water PKMN.
I am after shinies. Please post me with offers and see if I accept them or decline them.

My pokemon that are up for trade are

Level 3 Female Shinx Shiny (Untouched)
Level 50 Uxie (Untouched)
Level 50 Azelf (Untouched)
Level 5 WSHMKR Jirachi (Untouched)
Level 1 Male Piplups x5 (Untouched Obviously)
Level 63 Male Skarmory Shiny (Caught it at Level 56)
Level 50 Raikou (Untrained)
Level 60 Male Empoleon
Level 47 Dialga Called Dirk (Untouched)
Level 54 Female Garchomp
Level 100 Lugia
Level 25 Female Spiritomb (Untouched)
Level 50 Articuno
Level 50 Moltres
Level 48 Male Garchomp


Manaphy x2
Phione x3

this means that already traded
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New Member
I have a shiny manectric for your shiny shinx


Completing The Trio
shiny groudon or treecko for shiny skarmory


New Member
thanks mine in my sig


Completing The Trio
yeah i caught it myself, it is cloned however


New Member
I have a untrained Suicune and would trade it for your Raikou