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My Twisted Fic idea

Today, I had a magnificent brainstorm. I decided to break out of normal conventions. I wanted my first fic to be a Journey fic, but not a stereotypical one. So, I decided to do a different take on the FRLG games' story. Red, Blue, and Green would all be spoiled brat rich kids, Pallet Town would be a gated community full of mansions. Brock is a stoner, Misty is a psycho dominatrix, etc. The story would be told through the eyes of a poor young trainer hailing from the slums of Saffron. Who has very bad luck, such that his starter is Staryu. Which is just asking for trouble, considering the jewel is highly valued by collectors. Often the Heroes are more vile than the Villains. Team Rocket is not as terrible as the games would have you believe. Silph is everywhere, and its puppets control the government.
What do you think? Have any ideas for me?


I have one bit of advice for you:

you can have whatever you want, as long as you don't go overboard with random humour, comedy is fine when well done. Just don't go crazy with the random humour or it'll turn into a big mess.


Personally, I think that's hilarious! That's totally original, and grungy to the extent of being a comedy masterpiece. IMO, you should continue to pursue this idea. Heh, if you do, PM me, and I'd like to see it when it's ready. The series always WAS a bit too happy-go-lucky, and it needs a reality check XD

Seijiro Mafuné

Okay, I don't really care much about what you do to them, but at least have an awesome Psyduck somewhere. He can even be a cameo. Just put it in.


Irredeemable Nerd

since when is Staryu terrible?

it's a Water/Psychic.

it's SWEET!

but aside from that, it sounds good.
Actually, Staryu is pure Water. Starmie is Water/Psychic.
I'm not sure whether to make it a comedy or a serious drama.
but at least have an awesome Psyduck somewhere. He can even be a cameo. Just put it in.
You have given me a brilliant idea!
Presenting.....The Serial Killer Psyduck!

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
You could Babylon 5 it in which the General plot is very serious but you have little tidbits of humor as long as they fit. Staryu doesn't suck even unevolve because of all the different kinds of moves it can learn.
You're right, TBA, it might just work as a drama. It is basically a journey fic, but with a twisted version of the Pokemon world. I have other ideas, including one huge one, but it's nowhere near ready, and I'd like to start writing next fall, when we know all the new Pokemon, league, moves, GLs, and items.
I'm not exactly sure what to call this story, though. I was thinking Clouded Jewel would be a good title.
I'm also finding difficulty working out his Pokemon, and creating his travel companion(s). I am going by the rule that no Pokemon caught outside of Kanto are allowed to be used. People still use them, just not in gym or league battles.
Expect this to start by January.