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My username came out wrong

Hello, as I've stated above my username was meant to be timeovertime, I'm not sure what I'm referencing with it but that's what it is. My name is Victoria, I come around on serebii every so often just to check coverage on the new games and I've joined the forums, slowly hoping people can motivate me to compete against the Elite Four.

See, for as long as I've played Pokemon - it all began with Yellow - I've never really gone up against the Elite Four, I had way too much fun switching out Pokemon and looking at them in-battle. Now, with everything in 3-D, I'm too absorb at looking at back sprites and seeing what other Pokemon I can find in certain areas, going over places I've missed. Generally put, I'm a massive Pokemon procrastinator person (alliteration - cool).

That is why I have joined myself among you guys, hoping you will welcome me and to make me strive further and far beyond what I know - the safety net of the Pokemon world - a world after the Elite Four.

If you'd like to check out my Friend Safari which I believe is Ground (Trapinch w/ Sheer Force & Camerupt & I don't know the last one) so add me if you'd like, please let me know if you do!

Thank you, and hello! I bet you're all beautiful people! ^_^


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Welcome to the forums!
I understand how you feel, and I don't usually challenge the Elite4 unless I'm bored and run out of things to do such as training and evolving Pokémon to fill the Pokédex.


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Welcome to the forums, (meant to be) timeovertime! About the issue about your username, I believe there's a name changing thread. I haven't used it myself but you could take a look. Just put in the search bar (in case you're wondering) at the top right (usually) and type, "name changing thread". I think that'll do for now.

Enjoy your stay!


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I don't normally post here, but... I can't comprehend how you can be playing since gen I, enjoying the games, yet never have defeated the Elite Four. That's just too much. *mind blown*
Well, if you need motivation to challenge them, just imagine they kicked your favourite pet (or Pokémon) and insulted your family.
Thank you! Wow, this forum is very receptive to new people. :)

EonMaster101: I find myself in the exact same place as you. Thank you so much for your request, darling. :)

TheCharredDragon: I appreciate your help very much but I think I'll stick with my mistake, after all it's very minor as you point out for me. I might one day decide to use something else when my brain overcomes this post-baby brain thing it has going for seven months, haha.

Milennin: I think that's a very morbid way to put it, and I doubt Gengar would really put up with all the [juvenile] kicking. But, a very nice way to motivate me. I guess I like not proving myself as the "very best" as the theme song once went, haha.

BNator92: Thank you, very kind of you to acknowledge my pain, haha. Very sweet of you, thanks for your kind welcome.

You've been very beautifully welcoming, so thank you, and I hope to see you all around here.


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Hey there!
To be honest, I also don't see the appeal of the E4 anymore lol. There's just so much to do lol!!

I also have a ground type Safari, with trapinch, cool!

But in order to get the last safari pokemon, you MUST beat the E4. How's that for motivation?
Tigurtz: Yes, I love trying out the Battle Chateau, currently a Marchioness myself.

I'm not even a fan of Ground-types, I don't hate them but I certainly don't love them like my Ghost-types, haha.

Alright, do you think mid-70s is good enough to go in the Elite Four? I only have four of them trained up that high, and they are the four front Pokemon in my signature (Slurpuff, Greninja, etc...). The rest I am hoping I can tag along for training, or do I need to be more specific in telling you what I have on each Pokemon? I should move this conversation to somewhere else, shouldn't I?


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I love ghost types too lol, especially for immunity towards fighting.. I hate going against fight types!!

I don't remember the exact levels of the E4, but I beat them with a full team if 6, leveled around 60-69.
And for taking the conversation elsewhere I guess so, it's in the rules after all lol.

Toyosatomimi no Miko

I think you can ask the mods to help you if you made a typo in your username.
Besides, the name change thread is closed...

Any requests made outside the designated time and/or made outside of this thread will not be accepted. This excludes typos, which can be changed at any time by PMing an admin.
I actually prefer to rush through the game and the Elite Four, training only when necessary and catching as few Pokemon as possible. Then I go on a massive item hunt, searching in every corner in every game. Never really bothered to catch Pokemon though.

Anyway, welcome to SPPf and enjoy your time.
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Tigurtz: I don't mind fighting types, haha. I have two on my team and they've served me well, in just about every corner I get myself in and that's quite a lot of corners.

Alright, well, I'll find somewhere that might be able to give me a few more answers, but thank you. I hope to see you around, darling. :)

Azure SolarFlyte™: Thank you, I think somebody told me up there but they weren't sure of themself, so thank you for the confirmation.

I can't imagine ever flying through the game, I have to make sure I have everything within every square inch of any route, town, building, etc... I commend you for doing it your way, though, but I just could not do it any way but my way, haha.
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if you want to change your name, you'll be able to do it in april when the next name change thread is open. also you can exchange friend codes here. welcome to the forums
moot: Oh, thank you. I'm actually quite fine with how my username turned out for now. I'll be sure to keep that in mind, as well as when I want to exchange friend codes. You've been very kind, along with the others who have posted. :3


nice username & welcome to sppf [img139]http://imageshack.us/a/img191/8999/a6yu.gif[/img139]
Sling: Thank you, kindly! :)


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Just fyi, if your username has a typo or w/e, you can PM an admin (mods in blue) and they'll fix it for you without you having to wait until the designated name change period.
KAYLAFOX: Thank you, I rather like Hawlucha myself. Something about it's design and colours is beautiful, I wouldn't mind seeing what a shiny one of them looks like, haha. ^_^

Kreis: Thanks, I think someone else mentioned the same thing to me as well, but I'm very grateful for all the help you've given me, too! :) I can see why serebii is a thriving community.


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Just fyi, if your username has a typo or w/e, you can PM an admin (mods in blue) and they'll fix it for you without you having to wait until the designated name change period.
This. I'll fix it if you want, just drop me a PM or reply here.


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Hello! And I see you have Greninja and Venusaur in your team. Welcome to the club.