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My UU/NU Battle Revolution Team!

Drummer Tom

NU/UU Connoisseur
Hey, it's me, I'm kinda new so here we go RMT! (Btw I don't want to change any pokemon maybe just moves and items.)

THis Team is mainly for laughs when I pwn an Overused team.

;344; Claydol, Careful @ Light Clay
252 HP/252 Def/ 6 Sp Def
Light Screen
Stealth Rock

My set up, Sometimes.
Because it's battle revolution 8 turn light screen lasts a long time, LONG TIME. Depends if I have time to set up. Explosion to finish the job.

;106; Hitmonlee Adamant @ Salac Berry
252 Atk / 252 Spd /4 Sp Def
Stone Edge
Sucker Punch

The Sweeper #1
Reversal for 200 base power + stab :O Stone edge for wings, and sucker punch for first priority trying to run my fun, and for starmie, gengar, froslass.

;378; Regice Bold @ Leftovers
Def 252 / Sp atk 252 / Hp 4 (Maybe more into hp?)
Ice Beam
Focus Blast
Charge beam

Special sponge and attacker. Nothing really to say here. Or I'm just getting lazy.

;123; Scyther Lonely @ Focus Sash (Lonely because this one had 31 speed and attack ivs.)
252 Attack / 252 spd / 4 hp (I'm all for the 252s!)
Aerial Ace
Swords Dance

Sweeper #2
Kind of like hitmonlee, but has reverse coverage, and a little different concept.
Made sure to out run base 100 speed guys that are neutral speed. (Salemence)

;171; Lanturn Modest @ Life Orb/Leftovers/Expert Belt (My favorite pokeyman!) Well, one of them.
Evs 100 Hp / 252 sp atk / 156 Spd
Thunderbolt/Charge Beam
Ice Beam

Thingy Pokemon. A baton pass reciever from Mr. mime. Erm, Mrs. Mime.

;122; Mrs. mime Timid @ Lum Berry
252 Hp / 252 Spd / 6 sp def
Psychic/Shadow Ball/Grass knot
Iron Defense (Over barrier For laughs and intimidation.)
Calm Mind
Baton Pass

The (P)asser. Heh. Passes really well. Especially to regice. And lanturn.

Well that team is already complete except for lanturn. :c

Anyway RMT!


That Claydol is just going to get Taunted and you've essentially wasted a Pokemon.

I don't understand how this "pwns" overused teams when you have a weakness to about every offensive threat in the tier. Mabye bump it down to -just- rating it for UU battles?

Drummer Tom

NU/UU Connoisseur
Well, were talkin' about battle revolution. Remember it's full of infernapes and giratinas. Maybe your right, a just UU team. :p


Mighty Marvo
I battle a lot on PBR, and from my experience, Stealth Rock really isn't a worthy investment, the battles are 3 vs. s., so there isn't nearly as much switching. The thing to bear in mind is that some pokemon are MUCH more effective in 3 vs. 3 when compared to 6 vs. 6. And, as much as there is Giratinas and Infernapes, there are also many Uber users and good people, too. The sweepers are nice though (nice to see a scyther not walled by steels)

Drummer Tom

NU/UU Connoisseur
Thanks for the advice, I just used stealth rock as a filler spot, and also I was tired of focus sashes.