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My Water Deck -Traditional-


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I play against my friends irl, and keep losing. As such, I'm asking you guys for some help on my water deck.


Crab Turtle X1

Effect Monsters:
Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 X1
Creeping Doom Manta X1
Cure Mermaid X2
Elemental Hero Ocean X1
Levia-Dragon-Daedalus X1
Mermaid Knight X1
Mother Grizzly X1
Ocean Dragon Lord-Neo-Daedalus X1
Penguin Soldier X1
Star Boy X1
Serpentine Princess X1
Unshaven Angler X2
Weather Report X1

Normal Monsters:
7 Colored Fish X3
Boneheimer X1
Flying Fish X2
Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames X2
Giga Gagagigo X1
Great White X2
High Tide Gyojin X1
Octoberser X1
Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness X1
Space Mambo X1
Twin Long Rods #2 X1

A Legendary Ocean X2
Card Destruction X1
Red Medicine X1
Riryoku X1
Swords of Revealling Light X1
Turtle Oath X1

Dust Tornado X1
Jar of Greed X1
Magic Jammer X1
Spell Shield Type-8 X1
Spiritual Water Art-Aoi X1
Tornado Wall X1
Ultimate Offering X1


Come along, dear
If it's Traditional then you need staple banned cards like Delinquent Duo, Raigeki, Harpie's Feather Duster; etc. By the looks of it it doesn't have the usual limited cards from Advanced like Monster Reborn or Dark Hole. Looking at popular cards like those could help give you a solid set up of Spells and Traps.