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Mysterious Creatures: Pokémon! (588)


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I want them to put Mysterious Creatures: Pokemon on an English DVD called "Pokemon: The Forgotten Adventures". The episodes include:
  • Legend Of Drantini
  • Electric Solider Porygon
  • Satoshi and Haruka! Hot Battles of Hoenn!!
  • Satoshi! Hikari! Head For A New Adventure!
  • Mysterious Creatures: Pokemon
  • The Ice Cave
  • Beauty and the Beach!
Sorry for going off topic, but I think that's what will happen to this and the other listed episodes.

Make;137; , ;175; , ;490; , and ;492; happy!

I have never seen this episode, it got removed off Youtube :-(


I loved to see events from the future, it was great.
Staraptor vs Medicham was a good battle.


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I liked it despite being a clip show. It was nice to recap on old events. It was also nice for us to see future events (The Snowpoint Arc).


Probably the best clipshow we've had so far. Too bad it didn't air in the US and beyond.

It revealed: Dawn clothes to her Platinum style, Ash and Brock changing to jackets similar to Lucas', Candice's appearance, and Battle Pyramid King Brandon returning in Sinnoh.

I'd say, watching it for the future event hints was worth every penny. 7/10


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see clips and flashbacks of everything the gang has gone through thus far in Sinnoh. I don't mind Flashback/Recap shows. It was cool to see a preview of the 7th Gym Battle, the Snowpoint Gym. It was cool to find out that Brandon will be coming to Sinnoh, and that Regiggigas would be premiering.


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I actually enjoyed this clip show episode cuz when I first watched the Sinnoh saga, I began toward the end of it and missed some key events like the Wallace Cup tourney. So this was a fast way to catch up. :3


Out of the two Shinou clip shows, this one was the strongest since it summarized the second half of the saga, which was arguably stronger than Shinou's first half.


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I don't know why, but part of me has always really liked clipshows like this one. The choice of detail in them is usually fun and they're action packed and cool scenes. This one was my absolute favorite, including the previews for the future of Pokemon part.