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Mysterious Dungeon Red, First Impressions

Discussion in 'Mystery Dungeon (Hidden)' started by Shrike Flamestar, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Prelude

    Prelude Prelude

    You get partners by going around. The Pokemon battle you and may choose to become a partner...I think...
  2. metabee14

    metabee14 The Silent One

    I don't know. My totodile is at level 26 and hasn't evolved so does my charmender.

    Maybe it can if you let them hold a special item or you have to go to a special place.
    But maybe because you are transformed from a human into a pokemon you can't evolve. And possibly you are not the only one out there.

    This is just something that came in my mind.
  3. LordGek

    LordGek Guest

    Actually the moves are the shiny CD thingies, the blue orbs are like one shot "wands" for lack of a better term (unless there is a way to use them more than once that I've missed?).
  4. Takuya

    Takuya Guest

    Those blue balls are like tools to use on wild pokemon.

    Some of the effects are:
    the opponent switches places with your partner
    the opponent gets blown a few squares away
  5. Kradd_J'hawn

    Kradd_J'hawn Guest

    That B button problem isn't a problem at all.... B button is lot a like TCG... It is used to run!

    This game is a lot like Azure Dreams =\ But I always dreamed to have a Pokemon game like Azure! ^^

    Btw I just completed 2 missions... I'm learning Hiragana and Katana but I not an expert... So Can you tell me what to do to go to the 3rd misson?
  6. Takuya

    Takuya Guest

    Talk to everyone in the town.
    Whiscash included I think...
  7. Kradd_J'hawn

    Kradd_J'hawn Guest

    Thnks but I needed to rescue other pokemon... It's a lot difficult playing japanese games.... I just know few Hiragana... I'm trying to find a guide... =\
  8. Dark Venusaur

    Dark Venusaur Banned

    I have a question it might be stupid but please dont flame me but how did you guys get the game so early
  9. munchlaxboy

    munchlaxboy Catching up on XY

    i ordered pokemon mysterious dungeon blue on eBay. I can't wait till it comes, which will take about a week.
  10. munchlaxboy

    munchlaxboy Catching up on XY

    you have to go to this place with an asteroid. it asks you if you want to evolve. say yes and you will evolve. of course, your pokemon has to be at the right level, which they are.
  11. LordGek

    LordGek Guest

    Also remember, as other folk have said, you can evolve until AFTER you've beaten the main storyline quest (beaten up Ray).
  12. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Please don't bump topics
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