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Mysterious Encounter: a Special Shipping Story

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by chamo-chan, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Rated: PG (Possibly PG-13)
    PM List
    Latias 24
    Ames Don, The PokeGenius
    Phoenix Fire
    Ryan's Team

    Ages of the Main Characters:
    Yellow: 17
    Red: 19
    Mew/Indigo: ???/ Her false age is 7

    Mysterious Encounter
    A Special Shipping Story
    Chapter 1

    The Viridian Forest: a beautiful forest, peaceful, quiet. The forest is home to many Pokémon, living out their lives, as if nothing is wrong. Seasons come and pass every year in Viridian, bringing new life to the forest each time. The forest itself is beautiful, with the leaves of an emerald green hue on the trees and flowers blooming on the bushes. On this day, an unexpected visitor has entered the forest. A shining, blue bubble floats down into the depths of the forest, glimmering against the dim light from the sun passing through the leaves of the trees. The mysterious bubble lands on a nearby rock. At that moment, the bubble begins to shrink and a new figure starts to take shape. From the bubble came a small, furry creature with pink fur, a long tail, and big eyes; it is none other than the legendary Pokémon from which many legends speak of as the ancestor of all Pokémon, Mew. The small Pokémon looked around its surroundings, alert to any disturbances it may have to overcome. When it seemed safe, Mew began to float upwards and fly around the forest, but, It was unaware of the predator that was waiting for it in the bushes…………….
    “Wait!!! Chu-chu, you’re running too fast!”
    A girl wearing a straw hat and a yellow dress frantically yelled out to her Pikachu, Chu-chu. This girl is known as Yellow, a trainer known as “the Healer” by the renowned Pokémon Professor, Professor Oak. She, along with other trainers, have been recognized as some of the best trainers in the Kanto region.

    She finally caught up to the little electric mouse and picked her up. “Chu-chu, don’t run off like that again. It’s hard for me to catch up!” she said as she scolded Chu-chu. “…..It’s okay Chu-chu, I am not mad at you.” Yellow put Chu-chu back on the ground as they walked together through a meadow full of daises outside the Viridian Forest.

    Yellow was not like regular trainers though, she had a special power that enabled her to read the thoughts of Pokémon, and heal their wounds. There is a legend in Viridian City that states that every couple years, a child will be born with powers bestowed upon them from the Viridian Forest, and Yellow is one of those children with this special gift.
    “Chu-chu, why don’t we go into the forest for a while? Afterwards, we can go see Pika!” Chu-chu jumped with excitement as soon as Yellow mentioned the name. Pika is another Pikachu, just like Chu-chu. Pika has traveled with Yellow before, but he originally belongs to a trainer recognized as “the Battler” by Prof. Oak, his name is Red. Red is one of the strongest trainers around. He has accomplished many things, including winning the Pokémon League Championship. He also qualified as a gym leader for Viridian City, but instead, passed the position on to his old time friend and rival, Green.
    Pika and Chu-chu produced an egg while they were with Yellow in Johto, which hatched into a Pichu. Pichu is living with another trainer in Johto, but Pika and Chu-chu are still close.

    Yellow reached the forest and began to look around. She loved the forest as if it was her home. “Hmmmmm, come to think of it, I should see Red too…..” Yellow said as she was looking at the trees in the forest. She has formed a special friendship with Red, ever since she rescued him many years ago at Cerise Island, during a siege from the Elite Four’s Champion, Lance.
    Lance was just like Yellow, a trainer gifted with the powers of the Viridian Forest. After she defeated Lance, Red has become friends with her. Over the years, she became close to Red, developing strong feelings towards him. “I want to tell him one day…” She said. “I hope, he will understand……”

    Suddenly, Chu-chu jumped to her feet and began to listen closely, twitching her ears. “What’s wrong Chu-chu?” Yellow reached for Chu-chu and placed the palm of her hand on Chu-chu’s head, reading her thoughts. “………………………Oh no! C’mon Chu-chu, we have to hurry!” Yellow reached for her belt and pulled out a poke ball. She threw it and from it came a three headed bird Pokémon, her Dodrio named Dodosk.

    Yellow and Chu-chu hopped on Dodosks’ back and all three of them ran deeper into the forest. “Dodosk, please run faster, or else that Pokémon will not survive much longer!” They ran deeper and deeper into the forest, zooming past the Pokémon that were wandering around looking for food, until they reached an old boulder in the deepest part of the forest, where no sunlight could pass through the trees. This was a part of the forest that Yellow rarely ventures into, seeing as hardly any Pokémon would want to live in that secluded area. The boulder was covered in moss from being left untouched in the forest for so long, but the soil around the boulder looked like something has been digging there.
    Yellow looked around; she could see no sign of a struggle, nor could she see any sign of the creature that was calling for her help.
    “That’s strange, I heard the Pokémon’s voice coming from this direction, but where is it?” Yellow asked herself this question as she began to walk around the boulder with Dodosk and Chu-chu, hoping to find the location of the Pokémon.

    “Help……………….I can’t……………………mo….move….”

    “Huh, that was the voice.” Yellow said. She began to listen closely to the voice. It appeared to be coming from the boulder, but where is the Pokémon? Chu-chu began to twitch her ears rapidly until she picked up the sound of the Pokémon again.

    “Chu-chu, have you found it yet?” Chu-chu nodded at Yellow and pointed at a small den under the boulder. “Alright. I’ll see what is there.” Yellow knelt down and looked into the den. What she saw amazed her. The Pokémon that was calling to her was Mew! She looked at it closely and saw that it was covered with cuts and bruises and could barely move. “Mew must have been trying get help using the last of its strength.” Yellow said as she picked up the pink creature in her arms. “……………..Mew’s injuries are very bad. Chu-chu, Dodosk! We need to get Mew out of the forest, before its wounds get any worse!” Yellow placed Mew in her bag and hopped back on Dodosk with Chu-chu. They ran out of the forest as fast as they can, towards Viridian City. What they didn’t know was that the predator that has been stalking Mew had seen Yellow take Mew. It blinked once and disappeared into the depths of the forest.

    Yellow placed Mew inside a small basket at her home in Viridian City. The little Pokémon lay there, shivering as Yellow put some medicine on its wounds. “Hang in there Mew, you can make it through.” She thought to herself. The house remained quiet; void of any noise other than a clock hanging on the wall, ticking away as seconds and minutes go by.
    Then she heard a knock at the door. “Hey! Yellow! Are you home right now?”
    Upon hearing that voice, Yellow began to blush. She and Chu-chu raced towards the door and answered it. In the doorway stood a boy wearing a red jacket, with a hat in the same color. On his shoulders sat a male Pikachu, staring at Chu-chu. They boy in the door way was none other than “the Battler” and Champion of the 9th annual Pokémon League, Red.

    “Ummm, H-hey, Red.” Stuttered Yellow as she invited Red into her home.
    “Yellow, where were you? We were supposed to go to the city for lunch. Did something happen?”
    Yellow looked over at Pika and Chu-chu, who were cuddling next to each other, and then she looked back at Red.
    “Well, I did find something…”
    “What is it?”
    “I’ll show you…..”

    Yellow walked Red over to a small basket, filled with blankets. “I found this injured Pokémon in the Viridian Forest.”
    Red looked inside and jumped back. “Y-yellow! It’s Mew!” He himself has encountered Mew before in the past, when he first met another girl named Blue.
    Yellow nodded at his response and explained to him what has happened. “Mew began to call out to me, but I am not sure what happened to it…”

    Red looked at Yellow. Seeing her worried look, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for both the injured creature and his friend who was in conflict of what she could do to help Mew.
    Red finally sighed and put his arm around Yellow’s back. “It’s okay, for now, I’ll stay with you if you need any help taking care of Mew.”
    Yellow blushed and nodded; she was glad that Red is going to help her, because she could be with him.

    Yellow looked down into the basket, feeling sorry for Mew in its bad shape.

    “Hopefully, Mew will get better soon.”
    “Don’t worry, I’m sure it will.”
    While they sat on the couch in her living room, they were unaware of the dark looking creature lurking deep within the forest, still waiting for its prey………….
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  2. Latias 24

    Latias 24 Alt.name : Latiwings

    Hello, I like this story. Since I am not very good with grammar, I can't find any mistakes. It looks nice to me!
  3. Ames Don - The PokeGenius

    Ames Don - The PokeGenius Blazing Champion

    It's where were you, strike 1.
    Great fic, please continue and add me to your pm list please.
  4. Thank you for the correction, I already fixed it.
    Yes, you have been added to the PM list.
    I will post up Chapter 2 soon! Stay tuned.

    Here it is, Chapter 2:

    Mysterious Encounter
    Chapter 2

    “So…….what do we do now?” Red asked Yellow, still in disbelief of the presence of the legendary Pokémon Mew.

    Earlier that day, Yellow came across the tiny creature, badly beaten and struggling to keep itself from getting into any worse shape.
    “I’m not sure……………” Yellow thought to herself on what she can do to try to help the small, pink creature.

    Red and Yellow sat next to each other as Mew slept soundly in the small bed Yellow had set up for it. Pika and Chu-chu remained next to their trainers, waiting for their response. The air around them was tense, for they could not figure out how they can try to save Mew.

    “Still, who would do this to a Pokémon?” Red pondered in his mind. The wounds appeared to look like deep cut wounds, but with no clues yielding any information on Mew’s attacker.
    Yellow began to think for a while, when her face lit up as she found out how she could help Mew heal itself. “Wait! I can try to heal Mew!”
    Red jumped back a little at this idea that Yellow has suggested. “Hold on Yellow! You get tired easily when you use your powers. Are you sure?”
    Yellow began to think for a moment. She recalled many times she has fallen asleep from using her powers. Because her powers require her to use so much of her own mental energy, after using them, she does not have enough energy to keep herself awake.

    “Well…………..I have to try. Legendary or not, Mew is still a Pokémon.”
    With an enthusiastic face, Yellow walked up to the box where Mew lay and she breathed in deeply. She placed her hand over Mew’s head and closed her eyes. Red, along with their two electric mice watched as a faint, glowing aura appeared around the wounds of the Pokémon.
    “Usually by now, the wounds should heal up soon.” Red thought to himself. He has seen Yellow heal before, but never quite understood how she could heal them. He then remembered a time when he and Yellow were walking through the Viridian Forest; she explained how her powers worked.


    It was a beautiful day in the forest; Red and Yellow were both in the forest, eating lunch that Yellow has prepared for them.

    “That was delicious Yellow. You’re really good at cooking.”
    “Thank you Red…..” Yellow said, with her face bright red.

    Yellow looked all around her, spring was in full bloom. Many flowers were blooming everywhere, even some Cherry Blossoms, whose petals fell around them. Pokémon where pairing up, finding their own lovers. Yellow remembered that even her own Pikachu was in love with Pika.

    “Today has to be the day” Yellow thought to herself. “The day I tell Red how I truly feel about him….” She looked up at Red, ready to tell him.

    “Umm, Red, can I tell you something? It is important.” Yellow said.

    Red looked at her with a puzzled look. “Sure. What is it?”
    Yellow looked up at him, trying her hardest to get the words she was looking for out of her mouth. Finally, she shook it off and looked back up at Red.

    “R-Red, I………………I……I….L…lo...”

    But before she could finish her sentence, she heard a noise coming from the trees. It was a Weedle, being attacked by a flock of Spearow. The little worm Pokémon has no chance against it.

    “Red that Weedle is in danger!” She exclaimed.
    In an instant, Red and Yellow brought their Pokémon out; Aero, Red’s Aeorodactyl, and Freesk, Yellow’s Butterfree.

    “Aero, use Wing Attack to chase the Spearow away” At that command, the pre-historic monster lashed out at the Spearow, chasing them away.
    Meanwhile, Yellow and Freesk were able to get the Weedle off the tree. Upon closer examination, Yellow discovered multiple wounds all over its body.
    “Yellow……..It looks like this Weedle might not make it through.” Red said to her in a sad tone.

    Yellow acted quickly and picked the poor little Pokémon up. She closed her eyes and in an instant, the Weedle’s wounds were healed. She put the worm down and it scurried off into the forest.
    “……Yellow, how do your powers work?” Red asked. He has always had a fascination with her mysterious powers and decided to ask her.

    “Well, you see, when I hold or touch a Pokémon, I close my eyes to concentrate. I think over and over in my head ‘please get well soon’, and then, the Pokémon is healed.”
    “Why does that work so well?”

    Yellow began to think for a while, and then she began to speak. “I really don’t like seeing a Pokémon injured like that. I want them to be strong and healthy, so when I tell them to get well soon, they understand that I want them to be healthy. That is when their wounds heal up.”
    “I see……” Red looked up at the sky. “It’s getting dark now Yellow, shall we head back?”

    “By the way, what did you want to tell me Yellow?”
    “……….I’ll tell you some other time Red……..” She said with a disappointed tone.
    “Okay then Yellow.”


    “Come to think of it, what was she trying to tell me that day?” Red uttered these words under his breath.
    He looked up at Yellow to see how she was doing, but almost immediately, something was not right.
    Mew’s wounds were not healing at all, they remained the same. It was almost as if Mew’s psychic powers were too strong and began to block off Yellow’s healing ability.
    “Yellow, something isn’t right, Mew is….”

    All of a sudden, Yellow collapsed from exhaustion. Pika and Chu-chu rushed towards her, curious on what has happened to her. Red ran towards her as she began to fade out of consciousness.


    “……………………Huh?........What happened?”
    Yellow slowly came back to consciousness. She looked around her; she is in her room and was lying on her bed, with a wet cloth over her head and Chu-chu standing over her. She petted Chu-chu and thought back at what happened; she realized that she has used up so much of her energy trying to heal Mew that her body could no longer keep her awake.

    “I wonder where Red is….Where are you Red?”
    Before her question was answered, she saw Red coming into her room.

    “Hey, you’re awake!” Red said as he walked up to her. He smiled at her; Yellow began to blush.

    “Red, were……..you the one who put me in my bed?”
    “Yes. You were shaking and your body felt cold, so I placed you in bed so that you can rest up again.”
    “Oh, thank you Red.” She said, “Wait! What happened to Mew?”
    Red chuckled a little and placed his hand over her shoulder. “Mew is okay, Pika is watching over it right now.”

    Yellow smiled as Red began to rub her shoulder, trying to help her calm down. “I guess Mew is fine…..but, I wonder why my powers were not working on Mew?”
    “I don’t know Yellow, but since you have been out-cold, Mew seems to have been healing up well.” Red assured her. He explained to Yellow that after Yellow passed out, the wounds began to heal themselves.

    “Okay then……….Ugh…….My head is throbbing right now…………” Yellow held her head up with her hand.

    “Don’t worry Yellow; I’ll make sure that Mew is fine.”
    “Thank you…………Red…………………” As she said these words, Yellow drifted into sleep.

    “Sweet dreams” Red said, before leaving the room and shutting off the lights.

    “Yellow……….don’t over exert yourself.”

    It was already nightfall, and Pika lay asleep on the floor next to Mew’s make-shift bed, unaware that the pink creature was beginning to awaken……………..
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  5. Ames Don - The PokeGenius

    Ames Don - The PokeGenius Blazing Champion

    Damn, she almost said it! Why does mother nature has to ruin this?
  6. Here is Chapter 3:

    Mysterious Encounter
    Chapter 3​

    Red stood outside the door to Yellow’s bedroom. He thought about what just happened only a few hours ago. Yellow passed out from exhaustion after trying to heal Mew. He knew that Mew was powerful, but he was completely unaware that Mew’s own power could drain Yellow’s energy so easily.

    “I want to help her, but, what can I do to help her take care of Mew?” Red thought to himself.
    “I could always help her in making sure that Mew is safe, but, what if it is attacked again?”

    He still could not figure out why anyone, or anything, would want to attack Mew.

    He recalled seeing Mew that day while its wounds were still very bad. “The wounds looked so savage, almost as if whatever was attacking it had the intention to kill.” He thought. “I’m sure once Yellow wakes up, she can try to find out if Mew remembers how its attacker looks like.”

    It was already forty-five minutes past midnight, and Red was getting drowsy. He walked down the hallway until he reached the stairway of the house leading to the living room. He walked slowly down the stairs, past many photographs of Yellow and her uncle, a fisherman who was currently living in the Johto region. He was careful not to make a sound that could wake up his sleeping friend. Red got out a blanket from the closet in the opposite end of the room; he planned to stay for the night at Yellow’s house. He looked inside the box to make sure that Mew was still asleep; It was stirring in its sleep, but at least Mew’s wounds were healing up nicely, as the deep gashes in its body were almost completely closed up and hardly visible. Red walked towards the couch next to the box and set up his own make shift bed. Pika was still asleep next to Mew’s box. Pika was guarding Mew, making sure it did not wake up, but Pika must have been tired and decided to fall asleep next to the box instead.

    Red smiled and patted Pika on his head. “Good night Pika.” He lay down on the couch and began to close his eyes. He drifted into sleep, but he was not aware that Mew, who was asleep only a few minutes ago, has woken up……

    The sunlight shone through the curtains in the living room, lightening up the room in a dazzling bright light. Red was beginning to wake up, but before he could open his eyes, his Pikachu jumped onto the couch and began to wave its arms in an up and down motion, trying to wake his trainer.

    “Ugghhhhh…..Pika? What’s wrong?” Red asked in a drowsy tone.
    The electric mouse Pokémon pointed at the box where Mew was sleeping in. Red looked inside the box, Mew was gone.

    “What?! W-where did it go?!” Red jumped to his feet and put his red jacket back on. He reached for his hat, but he found that his hat was gone too.
    “What the heck is going on?” He thought. Suddenly, he remembered Yellow, still asleep in her room, not knowing what has happened yet. “I have to go wake her up!” Red exclaimed as he ran up the stairs towards Yellow’s bedroom.

    He was almost out of breath when he reached her room. In an instant, he pushed the door open and was surprised by what he saw: Yellow was with Mew and Chu-chu, playing with them while Mew was wearing Red’s hat.
    Red was dumbfounded, not able to say anything.
    “Good morning Red!” Yellow stated. “I was just about to go wake you up.”

    “Ummm, Yellow, how long have you been awake?”
    “Since around six or five in the morning. I heard a noise coming from downstairs, so I went to investigate. I looked into the living room and saw Mew floating above you.”

    Red felt a bit embarrassed that he failed to notice that Mew has woken up around the same time that he fell asleep.
    Red walked up to Mew and took the hat off of Mew’s head and placed it back onto his own head.

    “How come you didn’t wake me up?” Red asked.

    “Well, I knew you must have been tired from taking care of me yesterday, so I wanted to let you sleep a little while longer so that you could rest up.” Yellow replied.

    Red looked around Yellow’s room; Mew was now playing with Pika and Chu-chu, teleporting from one end of the room to the other. Pika and Chu-chu were frantically trying to catch up to Mew. Mew on the other hand, seemed to be amusing itself with the two Pikachu’s labor, chuckling at their efforts to catch it.

    “Mew seems to have healed up very nicely Red.” Yellow said as she watched the Pokémon play amongst them.
    Red looked at Yellow and stared at her, wondering if she was alright. Yellow noticed this and stared back into Red’s eyes. Both of them stood there for a while, before realizing what they were doing. They looked away from each other and blushed.

    “Yellow, I was wondering, do you think you could ask Mew if it remembers who attacked it?”

    Yellow thought about this for a moment, she was still unsure if even reading Mew’s mind would drain her energy too.

    “Well………I could try. Maybe Mew can also tell us why it was in the Viridian Forest in the first place.”

    Yellow approached Mew cautiously. “Excuse me, but, could you tell us what happened to you in the Viridian Forest”
    Mew looked at Yellow with a puzzled look on its face.

    “…………………..Sure, I could tell you.”

    Both Red and Yellow jumped back as soon as they heard those words come out of Mew’s mouth.

    “Wait, You could talk?!” Red yelled out.

    “Of course, if I couldn’t, you two wouldn’t be able to hear me talking to you right now, right? I thought so, score one for Mew and zero for the two humans!!!”

    They both looked at Mew for a while as it danced over its apparent victory over both of them.

    “Hahahahaha! Seriously though, I should answer your previous question too, huh? Well, you see, I love to travel around the world, looking at the many wonders this place has to offer. I have always enjoyed watching the land change every time I wake up from my sleep.”

    Upon hearing this, Yellow asked the pink creature. “Wait, so you are not always awake?”
    Mew stopped its ranting for a while to answer her question.

    “Well DUH! Of course not. My Psychic energy is too powerful to maintain while I am this world. For me to conserve my energy, I could only stay in this world for about 2 months before I have to go back to my own dimension.”

    “So, you don’t live in this world?” Asked Red.

    “Geesh! You two ask waaayyyy too many questions for humans! Alright, Alright. To answer your question, yes, I do not live in this dimension. I live in another dimension. I stay in that dimension not only to conserve my energy, but also to keep myself safe.”

    Mew stopped for a moment and looked outside the window, staring at the outside world.

    “I think you two already know this, but humans are greedy creatures. They only seek to become more powerful. Some even wish to use the power of the Legendary Pokémon to achieve this feat. That is why I stay for the majority of my time in that dimension.”

    “But Mew, not all people are bad.” Stated Yellow “We helped you and we have no intentions of keeping you”

    “Yes, I know, and I would like to thank you for all your help. At least you two are not like that brown-haired girl I encountered a couple years ago. She tried to catch me and sell me off as a pet!”

    Red was attracted by Mew’s statement and remembered when he encountered Mew a few years back. “Wait, are you talking about Blue?”

    Red was referring to an old friend of his, a girl named Blue. She was strange for a trainer, seeing as she, along with another friend of hers, was kidnapped by a man who called himself The Mask of Ice. Later on, they found out that The Mask of Ice was none other than the Gym leader of Mahogany Town, Pryce. Blue was given the title “The Evolver” by Professor Oak because she has evolved almost all of her Pokémon.

    “Don’t worry; I’m pretty sure she won’t go after you again.” Red assured Mew.

    “………Hey, weren’t you there too?”

    Red froze up at the question. “……Yes, but I was trying to stop her.”

    “……………Alright then, I’ll let that one slide for now….” Mew said as it glared back at Red.

    Yellow felt the tension between the two and decided to break the tension.
    “Wait, weren’t you telling us something about staying here for 2 months?”

    “Oh yeah!! Well, as I was saying before being rained down by questions, I could only stay here two months. That is why I was in the forest; I use the forest as a means of getting back to my own dimension. Well, you know what happened afterwards.”

    “Mew, do you know who attacked you?” Yellow asked, as she was still concerned for its safety.

    “Yes, it has been chasing me ever since I got here about one month and two weeks ago. I just call it ‘The shadow creature’. I was planning on leaving early so that I could avoid it, but I think it found out and attacked me while I had my back turned. I would have died if it wasn’t for the little female human. But I am afraid I can no longer return to my dimension in the forest.”

    “Why? Did the shadow thing do something to your powers?” Red asked with great concern.

    “Yes, it blocked out my powers, so I can no longer use the Viridian Forest as a way to get back. It has done the same thing to all of my escape points. The only way for me to return now is to go find my last escape point, which is located on Mt. Silver in the Johto region.”

    Red and Yellow both looked at each other, then back at Mew.

    “Mew, why don’t we escort you up to Mt. Silver?” Red said.

    “Yeah! You will be safer with us and we will make sure that the shadow thing doesn’t come after you again.”

    “Well, I don’t know.” Mew said.
    After a few minutes passed, Mew had decided on what to do. “Alright, you two could come along with me. I’m sure we’ll be safer that way.”

    Red and Yellow both smiled and said to Mew “You can count on us!”

    Mew smiled back at them and patted their heads with its tail

    “Good! Wait, what are you two called anyway?”

    Red stood up and introduced himself. “My name is Red, and this is my friend, Yellow.”

    “Okay. Red. Yellow. I will remember that.”

    As they all began to talk with each other in Yellow’s room, they failed to notice that the Shadow Creature that attacked Mew was still watching them……………..
  7. Latias 24

    Latias 24 Alt.name : Latiwings

    Shadow creature...scary...nice chappie!
  8. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire scream your self

    Oh my God that is such an awesome start!!
    Please could you add me to the PM list I want to see how this turns out.
    PS could that shadow ceature possibly be oh I don't know...Darkrai!!??

  9. Don't worry, I put you up on my list.
    As for the creature.....................that is a secret. :)
    Thank You.
  10. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    chamo chan
    its razor again
    pls add me to your PM list
  11. You will be added.
    Thank you for reading.
    I will see when Chapter 4 is up, hopefully, after Christmas.
  12. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

  13. razorsfire

    razorsfire Is a school prisoner

    any news about Chap 4 yet?
  14. And without furthur ado, Chapter 4:

    Mysterious Encounter
    Chapter 4​

    It was new day in Viridian City, as the sun was barely rising on the horizon. The city itself was relatively quiet. Everyone was still asleep; they were resting in bed, still exhausted from the previous days’ activities. The Viridian Forest, on the other hand, has begun to awaken from the darkness of the night. In reality, the forest is always alive; the Pokémon that reside in the forest never seem to rest. They constantly live their lives out while humans sleep comfortably in their homes. They do everything the usually do even in the day; they look for food, they go in search of water, they scurry about, hiding from potential predators, and they live as if it is always daytime. In fact, some might say that the forest is just like a living being; it has a body, a mind, and a spirit all of its own doing. Although the peaceful cycle never seems to be interrupted, that was not the case two days ago, when a Pokémon of superior power entered the forest.
    A girl in a yellow dress, wearing a straw hat, was waiting for her friend outside her home. Yellow has packed some belongings in a pack, which was mounted on her Dodrio’s back. Her fishing rod, her pokeballs, as well as other objects were packed neatly.

    “I wonder when Red will show up.” Yellow asked herself. All of her Pokémon were out, playing amongst each other. She watched them play and run around; all of them anxious to go out on another journey. “It’s been a while since we have gone on another adventure, hasn’t it?” The trainer’s Pokémon looked back at her and gathered around her feet. “Oh? Don’t worry; we’ll leave as soon as Red comes.”

    The girl’s Pokémon just looked at each other for a while, before they went back to playing with each other. Yellow enjoyed watching her Pokémon play, she loved how much fun they had being with each other and with Yellow. She watched as her Butterfree, Freesk, began to fly up into the air, twirling around and showing off to its friends. Her Omastar, Omask, was getting jealous of the butterfly’s movements an attempted to shoot it down with a water gun attack, but it missed and Freesk resumed to its previous antics.

    Yellow giggled a little, petting Omask on his shell. “Don’t worry; I’m sure that Freesk was only kidding.” The Shellfish Pokémon calmed down and sat next to his trainer.

    “Hey, Yellow!!”

    Yellow froze up and looked down the path leading to her home. Red was coming up to her, riding his bike with Pika on his shoulders. The Kanto Champion halted before reaching Yellow, letting her Pokémon avoid being trampled by the bicycle wheels. “It’s okay guys, don’t be scared.”

    Red dismounted his bike and walked up to Yellow, who was a bit flustered about his sudden arrival. “Red, you’re early!” She said.

    “Well, I wanted to get going as soon as possible. Besides, if that Shadow Creature comes after Mew, we may not be ready to face it just yet.”

    “I guess you are right...”

    “Hey, by the way, where is Mew anyway?”

    Yellow looked back at her house and smiled.
    “Mew was curious about my home since it’s the first time it’s been inside a human’s house. Or at least, that is what Mew said.”

    Red sighed with relief, knowing that the little Psychic Pokémon was safe inside Yellow’s home.

    “Although,” Yellow continued, “Mew could be a handful, despite it being so nice.” She started to recall some events the night before, while discussing the preparations made about the trip to Mt. Silver.

    “Well, it looks like I made myself clear on the plan, right guys?”Mew looked up at Red and Yellow, folding its arms and waited for their response.

    “What? Did you two not hear me?! The plan?!” Mew was getting annoyed with their silence.

    Finally, Red spoke, “Well, Mew, I think the idea is kind of strange…”

    “Red does have a point,” Yellow responded “This plan is strange, and I don’t know if it will work out the way you planned it too Mew.”

    The tiny Pokémon looked at both of the trainers and started to rant.
    “How can you possibly even think that? This plan is full-proof; I will travel right next to you and look around for any signs of the Shadow Creature. My powers can sense when it is approaching, so you guys wouldn’t be attacked from behind. When I detect the creature, you guys can come in and give it a good thrashing! Then for sure! It will leave me alone; I can get back to my dimension and finally get a good rest! How is that not a good plan? Tell me the truth! I want to know!”

    “Well, the problem is that a legendary Pokémon can’t be seen out in public.” Red explained to Mew. “If they see you, some trainers would want to capture you. Remember what you said earlier today?”

    Mew remained silent and looked down on the floor before floating on Yellow’s bed, burying its head in the covers of her bed.

    “I’m sorry you two. I was just getting excited…”

    Yellow felt sorry for the tiny creature. She walked up to Mew and picked it up in her arms.

    “It’s okay, Red and I will still help the best we can! We just need a better plan for this trip, that’s all.”

    Mew smiled at her and floated back up into the air. “Alright then! I think I have an idea on what to do.”

    “Really, what is it?” Red asked, but Mew just looked back at him and giggled. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”


    Red and Yellow both were starting to get worried about Mew’s decision on the matter. “I really hope Mew isn’t going to do anything rash….” Yellow thought to herself. At that moment, the door slammed open. “Ladies and Gentleman! Mew has arrived!”

    Red and Yellow turned around and saw Mew, wearing a small T-shirt with a flower print, some blue shorts, and a pink baseball cap with a brand name on it.

    Red stared for a moment and started to talk. “Mew, by any chance, was this the plan you were talking about last night?”

    “Yes indeed it is! If I can disguise myself as a human, then no one will suspect that I’m a Pokémon!”

    Yellow turned away, trying her hardest not to laugh at Mew’s attempt to disguise itself. Red shook his head hand looked back up at Mew again.

    “Mew, putting human clothes on won’t disguise you well enough.” He stated “You are going to need more than that to trick anyone…”

    Mew looked at the battler and started to laugh. “Oh, no, this isn’t the full disguise. I just need these clothes before I actually disguise myself.”
    At that moment, Mew’s body started to glow. The Pokémon’s body was changing its shape; Mew’s tail was shrinking away into its body, until it disappeared completely. Its legs were elongating, taking on the form of human legs. Mew’s arms started to take on a human shape as well as the body and the head. A blinding light covered the entire body, causing the two trainers to look away. The light dimmed away, and the trainers looked back at the area. To their surprise, in Mew’s place stood a small girl with pink hair and light-blue eyes, wearing the same clothes that Mew was wearing earlier.

    “See, told you I had a plan!” She said as she strutted around, testing her new body, “Wow, walking around like this is fun.”

    Red and Yellow stared in disbelief about what they have just witnessed. “So this was your plan the whole time, wasn’t it Mew?” Yellow asked.

    “Of course. Did you actually think I would be stupid enough to go out in that lame disguise?” The girl said as she glared back at Red.

    “Well, Mew,” Red continued, but he was soon interrupted by the girl. “Oh, I don’t think you should call me Mew while I am like this.” The Pokémon girl explained, “I will need an alias, to protect my identity, but what should I use.”
    All three beings though about a good name, a name that could conceal the girl’s identity.

    Yellow opened her eyes and stood up with a smile of content. “How about the name Indigo? It suits you well; besides, your hair is more of an Indigo color than pink.”

    The girl thought about it for a while. “Alright then, from now on, when I am in this disguise, I will be called Indigo! I like that name Yellow, thank you.”

    Red looked at the sky and realized that the sun was coming up fast. “We should probably head out now guys. Before that Shadow Creature finds us.”
    “All right then, let’s go, to Mt Silver!” Indigo said.

    Red hoped on his bike and Yellow climbed on Dodosk’s back, helping Indigo up on his back. All three of them headed westward, to the Johto region.

    “……..So, they finally made their first move…” In the limbs of a nearby tree, the Shadow Creature had witnessed the entire scene play out, it snickered and started to climb down the tree. “I shall see to it that Mew will not be alive for very much longer. As for the humans, they shall perish with the Legendary Mew.”
    In a flash, it jumped of the trees, taking the form of a black colored Pidgey with white glowing eyes and began to follow the group towards Johto.

    The REAL action begins in chapter 5.
    So please wait.
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    It's good, and I'm not seeing any grammatical errors. Keep it up!


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