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Mysterious Stranger (Advance, Contest)


"Tougher than you."
Title: Mysterious Stranger
Shippings: Advanceshipping and Contestshipping mainly, but others will come in later.
Rating: K+


Mysterious Stranger​

"...after that, there was silence."​

(Advanceshiping, Contesthipping mainly, but other ships might come into the story later on.)

Chapter one

Here we go again.

"And the winner is…"

That feeling of tension and the fear of that your name won't be called out.

"…by just a few points…"

Sometimes you just wish they would hurry up and call out the name already.

"…is May Maple from Petelburg city!"

Finally they called out my name; finally I can relax and breathe again. I walked up onto the stage as the judge handed me my fifth and final ribbon. It had a diamond shaped golden center piece with two strands of red silk ribbon stuck on the bottom of the golden center piece. It shined with hope and glory that I could even see my reflection on it. I smiled and saw my reflection in it and turned towards the crowd and held up the last ribbon I need to enter the Johto grand festival. The crowd clapped and cheered, some wolf whistled and other stood up and clapped.

It's been awhile since I felt so good of winning a ribbon.

Soon I left the stage and headed to my room. There I dressed into my normal clothes. I wrapped my green around my brunette hair and I zipped up my orange vest on. I slipped on my black shorts and tied my shoes on. I slipped my bag onto my hips and headed out of my way. I twisted the doorknob and pulled the door and let myself out of the room. As I closed the door I heard footsteps coming towards me. I closed the door and turned around and found out that it was only Harley, Drew and Soledad coming to greet me.

"That was a great battle dear" Harley said in his most girly voice ever.

"You could of lost you know if the guy you were fighting didn't went easy on you." Drew replied as he flicked his fringe.

"He went on easy on me?" I asked. "I think that's just another way of you saying that I was good and getting better." I teased.

"Well let's see when we all get to the Johto grand festival." Drew replied as he folded his arms.

"Anyway do you know how that guy that May versed?" Soledad asked the three of us.

"No. the announcer never told the name of the coordinator." Harley replied. "Anyway likes its matter." Harley added and soon continued. "What matters is, me winning the Johto grand festival." Harley laughed.

"Hmph." Drew replied as he flicked his hair once more. "Not while I'm here, you won't."

"Now, now." Soledad replied as she interrupted Harley's and Drew conversation of winning the grand festival. "Let's just have something to eat shall we?" Soledad added as she soon turned towards my direction. "Would you like to come with us May?"

"I'll come with you guys later. I have something else to do." I replied.

"Very well." Soledad nodded and soon the three of them left and I walked the opposite direction from them.


As I walked out of the contest complex the rain was pouring down on me. The rain drop crashing on the umbrella as I held it over my head and the splashes of water my feet did each time I step in puddles of water as I headed my way to my destination. The sky was grey and dull as cars drove past me, nearly wetting me just because of that. Wild Pokémon trying to find a dry place for the night as others danced in the open space as raindrops fell onto of them.

Soon I reached a building with a red roof with white walls covering it with a huge letter P on top of the roof, known as the poke center. I walked towards the building as the sliding doors opened as I entered. As I entered I saw Nurse Joy on the counter checking her list of Pokémon that needed her care.

"Hello Nurse Joy." I greeted as I walked over to her.

"Well hello there May." Nurse joy smiled. "How was the contest today?" She asked.

"Well I finally won my fifth ribbon." I smiled. "I can finally train for the Johto grand festival."

"That is great to hear May." Nurse Joy replied.

"Anyway." I said as I reached into my bag and grabbed out six poke balls. "Can you look after my Pokémon for the night?" I asked.

"Of course." Nurse Joy smiled again. "That's why I'm here for."


Soon night came and covered the sky and a blanket of stars covered and sky. I stared at the countless stars in the sky and sighed.

"Making me look at the sky like this reminds me of the days when I travelled with my friends." I sighed once more and walked out of the balcony and closed the glass doors behind me and rolled and pink silk curtains and sat myself onto the bed and wrapped my arms around my knees and buried my head behind them.

"I miss travelling with them. It was always so exciting. Everywhere we went." I told myself as I raised my head and turned to the side table near the bed. There sat my green bag. It was unzipped because I opened it to give me Pokémon to Nurse Joy. I got up and walked to it and I was about to zip it up when I say a photo just popping up on the side. I put my hand in and grabbed it and I was surprise to have a something like this in my bag.

It was a photo of Ash and I when I visited him in Sinnoh for the Wallace Cup.

This photo was two years old.

I flipped the photo and saw somebody's handwriting written and the back in black pen. Soon I realized it was Ash's.

"Together with my best friend, May."

Those words somehow felt comforting even though the words were written over two years ago. I placed the photo back into my green bag and crawled myself back into bed and slowly closed my eyes. Thinking of the words Ash wrote behind that photo.

"Together, with my best friend…Ash..." I mumbled before drifting to sleep.


"Okay" Dawn replied as she got the camera ready."Everyone is position?"

"Yeah, all ready!" Ash called as he waved his hands to tell that Ash and I were ready. Ash had his arm over my shoulder with my over his with both of use doing a peace sign with your fingers.

"Okay ready." Dawn replied as she started the countdown.

"Hey May." Ash whispered.

"What is it?" I asked as I trying to stay still.

"…3…" Dawn began.

"I'm really glad you came over here to Sinnoh." Ash replied.

"…2.." Dawn continued.

"Me too Ash." I replied still trying to wish Dawn would take the photo already.

"I will never forget this May."

"Me either." I replied.


"And I will never forget a friend like you May. Never." Ash added.

"Same goes here, Ash."

"Cheese!" Dawn replied as the pressed the button on the camera and a flash from the camera came and took the photo of Ash and I together.

And soon the photo came out from the bottom of the camera. Ash and I walked to Dawn and Brock to see the photo. The photo was Ash and I still in the same position as we started with the port behind us with the sun setting behind the hills of Sinnoh as the relaxing orange and pink colours of the sky spread across the sky.

Ash grabbed the photo after I had held it and Ash got out a black pen and wrote something on the back.

"Together with my best friend, May."​

"Here you have this May and keep it okay?" Ash replied as he handed the photo back to me.

"But there is only one copy." I replied. "Don't you want a copy as well?"

"Don't worry about that." Ash smiled. "I don't need one because I will never forget this moment with my best friend."

I didn't know what to reply after that. Instead all I could think was smile and I jus felt myself blush at the same time.


I woke up by the sun's rays peeking through the pink silk curtains. I stretched and yawn and took off the sheets on top of me and got dressed. As I was, I was thinking of the dream I had last night. It was more of a memory then a dream. That memory was when I visited Ash in Sinnoh for the Wallace Cup and we took a photo before I left back to Johto.

I walked over to my bag which was quietly sitting down on the side table. I unzipped the bag and grabbed the photo and flipped it and read what Ash wrote. I was about to put it back into my bag when I saw something else written on it.

"A friend that I will never forget."

I was surprised that after having something for that long that just then did I realize something new that I had never saw before. I returned the photo back into my bag and zipped it up and placed it back onto my waist and was about to head out until I heard a knock on my door.

I walked up to the door knowing it would probably be Drew or Harley, asking why I didn't turn up yesterday. I placed my hand on the doorknob and twisted it and pulled it towards my direction and was surprised to see who was at the door.

"Ash?" I asked in total shock. "What are you doing here?"

Ash didn't reply back and instead just blankly look into my eyes, like he never saw me before in his entire life. Soon after a few seconds of silence Ash soon replied back to me.

"Do…I know you miss?" Ash replied. "Because the only time I've seen you is when I versed you for the ribbon you won yesterday." Ash added.

"Do…I know you miss?" felt like glass had just been shattered and the sound echoing in my ears with the words just faintly playing in the background. My lips wouldn't respond, my body wouldn't move, my mind just didn't know what to do next.

And after that, there was silence.

End of Chapter
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"Tougher than you."
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Shippings in this chapter: Advanceshipping, slight Pearlshipping and Contest.
Rating: K+ (PG)

Chapter two

I didn’t know what to say right away. I wanted for somebody to pinch me to see this was real. Finally I meet Ash after two years and this is how we meet up again? by forgetting who I am? After awhile took in breathe and breathe out and replied.

“I’m so sorry about that.” I smiled as I played along. Pretending I never met Ash in my life. “You look like a very close friend of mine.” I added.

“Oh I see.” Ash smiled. “I wanted to congratulate you on the win yesterday. You were great.”

“Umm, thank you.” I blushed as I looked away from Ash’s face for awhile. “Doesn’t he remember me at all?” I asked myself. “Out of all the people in the world that had to forget their memory it had to be Ash.” Then I turned around to face Ash who had a worried look on his face.

“Are you okay Miss?” Ash asked.

“Please call me May.” I sweat dropped. “Anyway I wanted to celebrate my victory and I want to know you better. Mind if we talk more about each other at lunch?” I asked.

“Yeah sure.” Ash shifted his eyes. Thinking of how awkward of a person he uses to know asking him out for lunch. “Are you asking me out?” Ash added. “Because the way you’re asking it sure sounds like it.”

“WHAT?!” I replied in shock. Surprised at the same time Ash would ask something love-related. “No, of course not.” I replied. “Just a simple lunch between rivals. Sounds okay with you.”

“Okay that makes sense now.” Ash laughed. “Okay meet you at the café here in the pokecenter. Fine by you?” Ash asked.

“Yeah. That’s fine.” I smiled.

Soon Ash made his way away from me. After the conversation we had I wasn’t sure if I was glad to see him or not. I rested my back against the hallway wall covered in a pale yellow colour and felt my back slide down towards the cold tiles. I just stared down at the tiles at worked my way up to where Ash walked towards too. I heard footsteps coming towards behind me. I didn’t bother to turn around until I felt a gentle hand placed on my shoulder.

“Are you okay May?” Drew asked as he was kneeing down with his hand on his shoulder and look up to where Ash just walked to. “Was that Ash I just saw earlier?” He asked.

I just nodded to Drew’s question without even looking at him as I continued to gazed at the cold empty tiles I was sitting on.

“What was he doing here?” Drew asked once more. “I thought he would be at the Sinnoh Championships by now.”

“His forgotten…everything.” I replied as my voice turned into a whisper. “Harley, Soledad, me, you and him ever begin a Pokémon trainer.” I added.

“His forgotten everything?!” Drew replied in shock. “But how?”

I shook my head in a response telling Drew that I didn’t knew. I placed my hand on top of his. Even I disliked Drew around me; I needed somebody to comfort me and help me to what had just happened.


“Those his forgotten everything about us and him ever begin a Pokémon trainer?” Soledad asked in shock as she held her chopsticks in her hands.

“Yeah.” I muttered as I played with my food by using my chopsticks to move them around with. “Now Ash has become a Pokémon coordinator and like I need another rival.” I sighed.

“Ash as a coordinator?” Harley replied in his girly surprised tone of voice. “I thought I never see the day!”

“So your going to have a date with him to find out more?” Drew asked like he was jealous of some kind.

“It’s not a date Drew.” I replied. “I’m just having lunch with my former best friend to find out more and what happened in two years. The last time I saw him was back at the Wallace Cup.” I sighed soon after. “I have no idea how this could happen to Ash.”

“I don’t know.” Drew replied as he flicked his fringe.”Sounds like a date to me.”

“It’s not a date.” I repeated slightly annoyed. “It’s just a simple lunch with a old friend.” I replied as I stood up from the table.

“Where are you going?” Harley asked.

“To a friend.” I replied as I continued my way.


I walked away from the others and walked to Nurse Joy to receive my Pokémon off her. Then I walked over to the video phone and pushed in the numbers to the Hoenn grand festival. I knew she was there from a recent letter she wrote to me on about how Hoenn was so different from Sinnoh and Johto. I waited as the dial tone began to ring. Soon I heard a voice on the other end of the phone.

“Hello?” The voice asked.

I didn’t responded

“Hello, anyone there?” the voice asked again. this time I could tell it was Dawn’s voice I was hearing.

“Hey Dawn.” I finally greeted.

“Oh it’s just you May.” Dawn replied. “I thought it was just another of those prank callers I have been getting lately.”

“Well I see then.” I replied as I took in a breath and continued. “I want to ask about something.”

“What is it May?” Dawn asked.

“What happened to Ash?”


(going three person view for this)

The hospital was quite as the two friends sat quickly in the room as their friend was hanging to dear life. Sleeping peacefully like the accident had never happened. The young bluenette coordinator by the name of Dawn sat right beside her friend gripping on her hands hoping that everything was okay while another friend of hers, Brock laid his back against the white wall with his arms crossed, hoping to the same result as Dawn.

The young pokemon trainer’s old companion, Pikachu was sitting near the trainer’s shoulder. Placing his paws on his trainer’s shoulder, shaking it just slightly hoping he would wake up. The yellow mouse pokemon sighed as its ears slowing fell down. Showing how disappointed it was. The mouse pokemon walked to Dawn’s arms and snuggled into the coordinator’s arms and Dawn cuddled the pokemon back.

“This should have never happened Pikachu.” Dawn replied as her voice dropped into a whisper. “Why did Ash do something so foolish?” Dawn asked the Pikachu and looked at Brock. “Why?”

“This is Ash we are talking about.” Brock replied. “He would do anything for his friends.”

“I know that but…” Dawn replied as she looked at her friend. “…he knew it was dangerous.”

Soon Pikachu’s ears sprang up and soon the pokemon leaped out of the girl’s arms and to his trainer. Soon a smile grew on its lonely face as Ash’s eyes started to flicker. Dawn and Brock quickly surrounded the young pokemon trainer. Smiles also grew on their faces quickly as Dawn wrapped her arms around the trainer as tears of joy escaped her eyelids and down her cheeks. The young pokemon trainer quickly blushed and soon Dawn stopped the embrace and wiped her tears away.

“Ash!” Dawn smiled. “I’m so glad you’re alive!”

“Dawn?” Ash asked. “What happened?”

Dawn stood at a standstill. “You mean you don’t remember?” Dawn asked in a surprised tone of voice.

“No I don’t.” Ash sweat dropped as he looked as the side table and started at his bag, gym badges and a half pink and white ribbon lying quietly on the side table. “And I don’t remember getting does stuff there.” Ash pointed and the items on top of the side table.

“You mean you don’t remember any of that stuff over there.” Dawn pointed at Ash’s items.

“No.” Ash replied. “I really feel like into contests now Dawn.” Ash added. “But I really don’t remember that ribbon at all. Who gave that to me?”

Dawn just stood up and glanced at Brock over her shoulder. She too couldn’t believe that Ash wasn’t into gym battles but into pokemon contests and that he had forgotten that the ribbon he didn’t knew gave to him was a close friend of his, May. Dawn looked back at Ash who was looking back to her like a little child who didn’t knew what was happening around him.

“Do you know a pokemon coordinator by the name of May?” Dawn asked in a worried tone of voice.

“Who?” Ash asked.

Dawn’s eyes widen and slowly turned her back on Ash and walked towards the door and sighed and walked out in the most shocking disbelief she had heard in her life.


“So that what happen.” I replied in a low voice.

“Yes May.” Dawn replied. “I tried everything to bring the old Ash we both knew but he isn’t him anymore. He is just into pokemon contests so I thought maybe sending him there to Johto might bring a few things back to him.”

“Well, tell him to go to a different region.” I replied. “Because if he can’t remember me then might as well forget him as a close friend to me!” I replied as my voice rose slightly.

“May, we both know that you can’t do that.” Dawn replied, trying to calm me down. “Ash is a important person to you. Without him you might never be a great coordinator you are now.”

“I want to forget that he was in my life Dawn.” I replied. “I haven’t seen him for two years until now I forgot about him. Why stop now?”

“Because you care for him.” Dawn replied.

“Because you care for him.”

Those words didn’t leave my mind. Any friend would care for him but did I care more than a friend could? Did I love Ash more than a friend could possible do?

“We all care for him Dawn.” I replied. “After all we are friend with him. Even he can’t remember me at all.”

“Then start over.” Dawn replied. “Just like the first day you met.”

“Maybe.” I replied. “I could give that a try.”


I sat down on the pokemon center café table which had a great view of the waterfall near the pokemon center as I saw Wingulls flying past chirping in they own language. I took a sip of my drink and looked at the entrance as I saw Ash coming toward me. I looked back at the view thinking how I should start a conversation like we were never best friends.

“Hi there.” I smiled. “I’m glad you came.”

“No problem.” Ash smiled. “So you want to get to know me better?” Ash asked.

“Yes I do.” I replied. “your such a skilled coordinator that I just had to get to know you better.”

“I see.” Ash replied. “Anyway my name is Ash Ketchum, I just started begin a coordinator two years ago.”

“Well my name is May Maple.” I began. “I have been a coordinator for awhile now.” I added. “Anyway why did you knock on my door?” I asked as I took another sip from my drink.

“I just simple wanted to say great job on the win the other day remember?. I do that to all my rivals that I lose against.” Ash smiled.

“Wow, you are so kind of doing that Ash.” I smiled. “In fact I was wondering if you would want to stay here for awhile for my upcoming battles against Drew and Soledad.”

“Why not?” Ash replied. “I might pick up a few tricks from you.” Ash winked. “But after you win, I want a rematch.”

“Deal.” I replied in a taunt voice. “But don’t expect I will go easy on you.”

“You know, I should be the one saying that May.” Ash laughed.

I didn’t reply but instead I laughed with Ash. Even he couldn’t remember me, I was just glad that I was able to laugh with my best friend Ash, once again.

End of chapter.
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Sorry I hadn't reviewed until now but I've been busy.

Nice idea for a new story having Ash loose only certain bits of his memory and becoming a coordinator. Just wondering, has May been in Jhoto for the duration of the two years or did she travel somewhere else and go back as two years is a long time to be gaining ribbons for the Grand Festival as they have cut-off dates for the collection of ribbons.

Just one bit that I think could be worded better;

"You could of lost you know if the guy you were fighting didn't went easy on you."

Instead of 'went', it should be 'go' as it sounds better.

Some nice Advanceshipping flashbacks, only a tiny bit of one-sided Contestshipping for now. (It's just not what I like, nothing wrong with it.)

Nice to see that you kept Ash's personality even after he has lost his memory. Hopefully you will continue this fic, and good luck.

See Ya!

Chaos Out!


"Tougher than you."
Sorry I hadn't reviewed until now but I've been busy.

Nice idea for a new story having Ash loose only certain bits of his memory and becoming a coordinator. Just wondering, has May been in Jhoto for the duration of the two years or did she travel somewhere else and go back as two years is a long time to be gaining ribbons for the Grand Festival as they have cut-off dates for the collection of ribbons.

Just one bit that I think could be worded better;

Instead of 'went', it should be 'go' as it sounds better.

Some nice Advanceshipping flashbacks, only a tiny bit of one-sided Contestshipping for now. (It's just not what I like, nothing wrong with it.)

Nice to see that you kept Ash's personality even after he has lost his memory. Hopefully you will continue this fic, and good luck.

See Ya!

Chaos Out!

Thanks for the review chaos, on why May is in Johto again will be explained throught out the fic, anyway im glad i have a review. okay next chapter!

Shippings in this chapter: Advanceshipping, Contestshipping

Rating: K+ (PG)

Chapter three

The next day I woke up got dressed and did my natural thing I do every morning. As I was checking that I had everything for my battle I soon heard a knock on my door.

"Come in." I said as I wasn't looking at who entered but making sure I was all prepared for the battle.

"It's me." A voice called in which I soon realized that it was Soledad. "Have you heard the news?" She asked me.

"What news?" I replied as I zipped my bag and placed it on my waist.

"They moved the grand festival to the next city and they changed a few rules." Soledad answered.

"They did wha?" I replied in shock. "But why?"

"Well this contest hall was too small with a huge increase of people entering the grand festival this year so they moved it to the next town." Soledad replied.

"And how far is the next town from here?" I asked.

"Three days." Soledad replied. "and Harley and Drew are coming with us."

"And are we leaving now?" I asked once more.

Soledad just nodded. "Come down when you're ready. We will be waiting for you." Soledad added as she soon walked out of the room. I watched her walk out and then sat on the bed and sighed heavily and placed my hands in my lap.

"Can't believe they moved the grand festival to the next town." I sighed and lay on my back with my arms spread out on the bed. Soon my eyes caught something shiny under my pillow and stretch my arms to grab it. Soon I found it was the half ribbon I won in Terracotta town with Ash back in Kanto.

"But I really don't remember that ribbon at all. Who gave that to me?"​

Those words stayed in my mind. I remember Dawn telling me how Ash forgotten about me and the accident the other night.

"I know that but…" "…he knew it was dangerous."​

I quickly sat up with another statement Dawn told me over the phone the other night. She said those words to Brock before Ash woke up. I asked myself, "Does this mean that Dawn knew about the accident that left Ash forgetting about me?" "If she knew it was dangerous couldn't she prevent it from happening?"

Many more question popped into my mine that I stood up and held my hands on my head and just yelled trying to get them out of my head and then soon fell onto my knees. Soon I heard the door open and somebody put their hand on my shoulder.

"May?" Somebody called my name. I could tell it was a guy who was trying to contact me.

I looked up and saw it was Ash on one of his knees with a worried look on his face. I thought to myself on "Why was he here? Since he lost his memory I have been nothing to a stranger and a rival."

"What are you doing here?" I asked in a low voice.

"I heard somebody yell so I didn't think twice to go there and see if I could help and then I saw you holding your hands on your head like you want to forget something." Ash replied.

I couldn't think what else to reply after that. More questions entered my mind. I couldn't take it anymore and just closed my eyes and placed my head on Ash's torso and cried softly.

"Are you alright May?" Ash asked as he wrapped his arms around me. "Why are you crying?"

I couldn't reply a good answer even I did have one. Should I tell him? That he is my best friend and that he use to know me as well? That without you I might never become a coordinator?

Should I tell him that the ribbon he can't remember is us winning it back in Kanto?

Should I tell him that the other half is with me?

Should I?

Then I heard quick loud footsteps entering the room. It sounded like a group of people were coming into my room. I opened my eyes and found myself that my arms were around Ash's. I placed my head on top of his shoulder to see who came in. I saw it was Soledad and Drew that came in. I could tell on their faces why I was crying for but for some reason Drew had a weird look on his face. Like he didn't like me embracing Ash, I never saw a face like that from him before. I stopped hugging Ash and wiped my tears away.

"Sorry for making you guys worry about me." I slightly laughed as I was wiping the last of my tears away.

"It's alright." Soledad replied. "Just be glad Ash was here to help you in your time of need."

"Yeah..." Drew replied as he flicked his fringe and walked out of the room with an annoyed look on his face.

"Just don't act like that again okay May?" Ash smiled and then wiped a tear away from my cheeks.

For just that moment I thought I was facing the old Ash I knew and remembered, the one that not only cared for his Pokémon but his friends as well. I soon smiled and replied.

"I won't."


"That's so unfair." I replied as I crossed my arms with a jealous look on my face. "You got to meet Wallace and I didn't and to mention you not even a coordinator."

"Well that's life May." Ash laughed.

"I'm just glad you're not a coordinator but a trainer." I replied and soon sighed. "Imagine if it was the other way around?"

"I really can't imagine myself as a coordinator May." Ash laughed once more. "If I was life would be very interesting."

"Well I don't see it very hard Ash." Dawn interrupted as she entered my conversation with Ash. "You did end up with a draw with May so seeing you as a coordinator could happen. You might never know what life can throw at you."

"Still I prefer battles over contests any day." Ash replied. "Right May?"

"MAYY!!" A voice yelled that made me enter reality once more.

"Wahh!" I replied in surprise right after. I turned to my right and saw it was Ash.

"Looks like, somebody was day dreaming again." Drew replied as he was walking ahead of me.

I just softly growled at him.

"So excited for the trip May?" Soledad asked who was walking on my left side, right beside me.

"Yeah." I cheered. "Can't wait to hold that grand festival cup in my hands!"

"Keep dreaming honey." Harley laughed. "All you be holding is the guilt of losing to me." Harley laughed once more.

"You the one to talk." I replied. "After how many battles I bet you here in the Johto region." I added, acting like a pain for Harley to annoy him.

"That will all change when I win the grand festival dear." Harley added who was walking right beside Drew who had his Roserade following him. "I mean they changed the rules this year."

"They changed the rules?" I questioned. "What did they change?" I asked.

"That you need a partner for the grand festival and in the end you will verse you partner for the cup." Drew replied.

"And we get to wear fabulous clothes when we get there." Harley replied in a fan girly way.

"So who will I be partnered with then?" I asked myself as I put my finger on my chin and began to think.

"What about Ash?" Soledad requested.

I thought for awhile of Soledad proposal. I admired of how the three were acting like they never met Ash in their lives. For Drew and Harley it would be easy since they were never close to Ash, especially Drew. Soledad knew Ash a little more and I knew how awkward it is to talk to somebody that you know quite well but he doesn't know a single thing about you.

The world can be so mean at people at times.

"What about it May?" Ash asked. "I think it's a great idea." Ash smiled.

"Sure, why not?" I smiled.

I realized that if I want to be friends with Ash again and hopefully help him remember his memories I had to take this chance to do so. As a friend I had to. Dawn even send him over here with me so I can help Ash return to the normal dense Ash I knew and travelled with. All of my friends are counting on me.

"So that means I have to pair up with happy go lucky over here." Drew sighed.

"Don't worry gramps." Harley replied as he hit him in the back which I was guessing was suppose to be a pat in the back soon added. "I make sure we win." Harley smiled.

Drew placed his hand on his forehead as a sign of disbelief and replied with a simple sigh.

Like I said earlier, the world can be mean at people at times.


As the group was walking to the next town I looked up to the sky and saw that it was turning darker by the minute, the sky started the spread a relaxing orange and pink colour merged together as it was spread across the Johto sky. Soon the moon start to become visible to my eyes and the other soon realized that it was getting dark as well.

"I think we should camp here for the night." Soledad replied as she gazed into the night sky and then looked back on the group. "Harley you can make the tents, I will cook and Ash, Drew and May can go get some firewood. All good?"

I wanted to reply that sending me with Ash and Drew wasn't a good idea. I didn't know if this was a way so she could help Ash regain his memories about us or that she didn't plan to help Ash at all. As much I wanted to debate the idea in my head Ash, Drew and I made our way into the forest to gather firewood for the night.

As we entered the forest it felt like it got darker even more quickly due to not much light got into the forest. We got deeper into the forest and when we couldn't carry anymore wood and it was too dark to get anymore.

"Were lost." I muttered in fear. We are going to die here." I added. "Not to mention that we have been walking for age and my feet are soar."

And out of nowhere Ash grabbed a poke ball from his belt and threw it into the air and white light was released from it and landed on the ground forming into a shape of a huge Pokémon. When the light dimmed and soon faded I saw that Ash send out his Torterra. For what reason, I really didn't know.

"I thought if we all took a ride on Torterra out of here will be better than on foot." Ash smiled. "Because my feet are getting soar as well." Ash added as he climbed up onto Torterra's back.

I tried to climb onto Torterra's back but I slipped back down many times. Still I couldn't believe Ash had a Torterra or even a Turtwig. Soon Ash saw how hard I tried to climb and soon offered his hand to help me.

"Need help?" He asked.

I nodded and grabbed his hand as he dragged me up onto Torterra's back and soon I helped Drew up as well and the three of us rode on Torterra's back hopefully that we would find our way out. Soon we started to see light and we all thought it was the way out but instead it was just a huge lake with different kind of Pokémon surrounding it. There were water types swimming in the lake as others just came along to take a drink but what really caught our attention was the Illumine's and Volbeat's flying around the sky making up a beautiful sight.

As I watched a memory of mine reminded me of a similar sight. If was back in Hoenn where we helped a guy to get along and hopefully become his girlfriend, funny thing was that they had a Volbeat and an Illumise as their Pokémon. We tried many ways for the guy to ask the girl out. Once we even made Ash dress up as the girl he liked. It didn't end up very well. As I remembered that memory I soon giggled when Brock tried but ended up making Ash run away from him.

"What's so funny?" Drew asked.

"Just remembering a funny memory." I replied with still a smile on my face.

Soon I turned back onto the sight as saw Ash was staring at they Illumise's and Volbeat's. His look was like this was the first time he saw such a sight.

Even it wasn't.

"What's the matter Ash?" I asked as I tapped his shoulder.

"I don't know." Ash replied as he continued to look at the flying Pokémon. "I feel like I've seen this before somewhere, with somebody important to me." Ash replied. "But I never did this with Dawn though. These Pokémon where not common in Sinnoh."

I wanted to tell it was me that you saw that sight with and that you asked what was love and I simply replied that you will understand when you get older. That it was my idea to dress you as the girl to help the guy to get a date but instead you ended up running away from Brock because he started to have a crush on you dressing up as the girl.

So why can't I tell that you were never a coordinator but a trainer?

So why can't I?

I soon sighed and played along and toss my arms over his shoulder and placed my head on them.

"I'm sure you will remember whoever that person is and where you first saw this in time Ash." I smiled and soon unwrapped my arms around him. "But right now we still need to find a way out of here because I'm starting to get hungry."

"Okay then." Ash smiled. "Torterra lets head back to camp." Ash cheered.

"Tor!" Torterra replied as he moved quickly and made my land into Drew's arms. I couldn't help but to blush.

I wanted to stand up but Drew somehow wouldn't let me go. So I ended up lying in his arms until we reached back to camp. As we were making our way to camp I heard Drew mutter something or even whispered it to himself.

"Just stay. That's all I ask."

I felt confused to what Drew meant. Was those words meant for me or not?

End of chapter.
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I like the story so far, I think it was a good idea to make Ash lose his memory, I'm still a bit confused about what exactly happened to him but I'm sure I'll find out soon ^^
I only have one question: Where's Pikachu? I haven't seen him yet.
Anyway, you have a lot of grammar mistakes and you repeat a lot of words such as "soon" and "and" some verbs and such. Try to put more sinonims and except of the whole time and such and this and that, try to use commas, however I must agree that the last chapter had much less grammar errors as the first and second one ^^
Also the length could be slightly longer but that's okay ^^

And I was like OMG!! Drew's jealous at Ash X3 And the end ^//////^ Love it ^^
Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next chapter ^^ And don't forget to practice a bit on your grammar, the rest is fine for now ^^


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Thanks for the review panda. the reason why Pikachu isn't with Ash will be expained here in this chapter! enjoy!

Shippings in this chapter: Advanceshipping,

Rating: K+ (PG)

Chapter four

I couldn’t sleep that night.

I suspected that it was the events that happened that day like when I rode back to camp resting in Drew’s arms or that Ash was starting to feel his memories coming back to him when he saw the Illumise’s and Volbeat’s flying around the lake. I turned around in my sleeping bag so I could lie on my back and stare at the green colour tent roof Harley had trouble putting up earlier. Soon I decided that staring at the plain roof tent wasn’t going to help me sleep so I went outside to sit next to the campfire to stare at the warm flame burning lightly.

But I was surprised that somebody had already beaten me to that idea.

I saw Ash sitting down with his Buizel sleeping by his side as Ash poke a long snapped off branch into the brightly lit fire. I was curious why Ash was here all alone so I decided to take a seat beside him.

“Got something on your mind eh?” I began as I just took a seat next to Ash.

“Yeah.” Ash replied as he kept poking the twig into the fire.

“Was it about what happened at the lake?” I continued to ask.

“That and more.” Ash replied.

“More?” I asked once more.

“Ever since I lost my memory my past life has nothing but been a blur.” Ash continued. “I can’t even get along with my starter pokemon.”

Starter pokemon, I soon realized that was Pikachu.

But how? Those two were inseparable, like paper and glue. I felt confusion and felt curious at the same time. I didn’t know if I wanted to hear more or not. So I decided to say nothing and let Ash continue.

“We started of great but that quickly faded when I started entering contests. My starter pokemon, Pikachu just wasn’t interested and soon he gave up even trying to help me out so I decided that it would be better off if he stayed back home in Pallet town, with Professor Oak with my other pokemon.” Ash added as he pulled out the ribbon we both won back at Terracotta town.

“Have you ever wondered how you become a coordinator Ash?” I asked soon after I found the right words to continue the conversation.

“I have at a few times and wonder if I should of continued going after gym badges instead of ribbons but I just into them anymore. I don’t know why.”

“Ash.” I replied. “Do you hate forgetting who you really were?”

Ash didn’t reply at first and continued to poke the fire with the long branch and soon when the branch broke that was when Ash replied.

“Yes.” Ash replied as he threw the remaining part of the branch into the fire. “I hate it because I can’t remember who I use to be and remember that girl.”

“Girl?” I asked.

“Dawn says that girl was the one that helped me win this ribbon and introduced me into contests in the first place.” Ash replied as he looked into the ribbon as he was deep in thought.

“And what if you meet her?” I continued to ask.

“I would be so glad that I got to find her. At least maybe she could help me remember who I really am.”

Should I tell him now?

Should I tell him all about himself?

Would Ash believe me though?

Would he?

I looked at Ash and soon he looked back at me. I touched his cheek with the back of my fingers and slowly slide my fingers across them and looked deep into his auburn eyes.

“I’m sure she will appear to you in due time.” I replied as I took my hand away from his face and stood up and was about to walk back to my tent until Ash grabbed me by the wrist.

“When?” Ash asked. “Because I want to know who I am.”

“Soon.” I replied as I didn’t bother to look over my shoulder to see Ash’s face. “Soon Ash.” I repeated as Ash soon let me go and I continued to walk to my tent.

“Soon my friend.” I muttered to myself before heading back to the tent.


“Okay we are going here.” Soledad announced as he placed her finger on Mount Silver. “This is where the grand festival will be held.”

“But that place I heard is cold.” Harley complained. “My beautiful long hair will frizz up.”

“Well if you don’t go I have to thank you for making the competition less and making it easier of me winning the grand festival.” Drew replied.

“Keep dreaming rosy boy.” Harley argued. “I will find a way to keep my hair nice and smooth and beat you four at the grand festival.”

“That would be too much for somebody like you purple boy.” Drew added, teasing and annoying Harley at the same time.

“Hmph.” Harley simply replied.

“Anyway we are here at Goldenrod city, we will take the magnet train that goes to Saffron city which happens past Mount Silver, and so when the train stops off Mount Silver, we all get off and head to the contest hall.

“And I also heard that we should only stay on the east side of the mountain.” Drew added.

“Why is that?” Ash asked.

“On the west side is where horrible blizzards blow constantly and strong wild pokemon live.” Drew replied.

“And where two super strong pokemon trainers are.” Harley added.

“Two trainers?” I asked.

“It’s been news between trainers and coordinators that two strong trainers, one girl and one guy lives up on the mountain and challenges anybody they see up there, nobody has ever beaten them. This rumor has been going for three years and these two trainers have never gone down that mountain. “

“And their names?” Soledad asked who I didn’t think she would be interested in Harley’s stories.

“Many names but the ones I have heard often are the names of Amelia and Alex.” Harley replied. “But they never talk from what I heard so I don’t think that are even their names.” Harley said as he started to think about the idea. “But like if we are going up there. We are going there for the grand festival.” Harley cheered as his serious side quickly faded.

“Agreed.” Soledad replied as she folded the map. “Anyway we are taking the magnet train tonight so when we wake up it will be morning and we can all head to the grand festival.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” I smiled and agreed to Soledad’s idea. And soon I realized that Ash had disappeared from the group. I decided to look for him so he knew what was going to happen on how we were going to reach Mount Silver.

I kept on going until I reached out of the pokecenter and looked left and right as busy traffic drove right past me, making my hair blow different directions making it hard to spot Ash. Soon I decided to walk to the port located right at the end of the west side of the city and saw Ash looking at the sea in deep thought.

I was about to greet him until I heard him talk.

“Amelia and Alex. Those names sound so familiar to me.” Ash muttered to himself as he continued to gaze at the endless sea with dashes of different colours of the sunset.

“Maybe you should let your head rest.” I replied. “You have been thinking way too much lately.” I replied as I placed my hand on his shoulder. “And the grand festival is coming up; you shouldn’t try to think about things you can’t remember.” I smiled.

“Guess you got a point.” Ash replied as he faced my direction. “So anyway how are we getting to Mount Silver?”

“We are taking the magnet train to that leads to Saffron City.” I replied.

“Well we better head back to the others then.” Ash replied.

“Yeah we should.” I smiled.


(3rd person view flashback of Ash’s childhood)​

“You’re weak Ash! Your pathetic, why are you even trying to become a pokemon trainer?!”

“Because I want to become like daddy!”

“Why do you want to become like him? His bad Ash, a bad person!”


“Yes Ash. He left us. Bad people leave people that love them a lot!”

“His going to come back, Daddy promised us!”

“His never coming back Ash. What part of daddy not coming back do you understand?”

“All of it!”


“All of what?!” Ash asked in shock.

“You bag is over the limit, of course you have to pay all of it if you want to get on board.” Drew replied as he folded his arms. “Now either pay all the remaining money you have in your pocket so we can already get on or get left behind. Your choice really” Drew replied with his arms folded.

“Here” Ash sighed as he gave his money to the reception lady.

“Now let’s go shall we?” Soledad replied. “The grand festival isn’t going to wait forever.”

I kept my eyes on the time as I kept tapping my feet on the cream tiles under my feet as the magnet train was going to leave any moment. When the group was ready to get onto the train, I tripped over my feet from rushing towards the door of the train. Soledad, Harley and Drew already got in and so was Ash until he walked out and helped me onto my feet and just we were about to get on the electric doors slammed shut and started to take off.

“That’s just great.” I replied in an annoyed tone of voice. “This is why I take cruise boats and not trains.”

“You seem to be in trouble? Can I help you?” Somebody asked Ash and I as we both turned around to see where the voices were coming from.

The girl who wanted to help us was around our age. She had a red hat with a bulky top and a orange and yellow striped long sleeve top with a green skirt with long pale yellow socks and green and white shoes and her eyes were brown, nearly as similar to Ash’s.

“The name is Mimi.” Mimi greeted. “And I can tell that the train just left you behind.

“Well duh.” I replied. “If we wasn’t we would be on our way to Mount Silver.”

The girl stood there quietly and soon replied. “You’re going to take on the two trainer’s up there?”

“So that silly rumor is true.” I muttered to myself and was soon going to replied but Ash beat me to it.

“Nah, we are going to the grand festival up there.”

“I see.” Mimi replied. “Mind if I help you get on boarded the next train? You see I’m heading up there myself to watch the grand festival. It’s the first time a grand festival is help up it such a cold area.”

“Well as long we get up there before the rest get any funny ideas.” I replied.

“Agreed.” Ash added.

“Well the next train comes in fifteen minutes, why don’t we get to know each other more until then?” Mimi suggested.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” I smiled.


I watched over the cliff with worry as I watched this trainer holding by a branch with his sick Pikachu in his arms. I didn’t know what to expect since I hated pokemon and rather trade pokemon to travel around to new places.

“I’m going to help you Pikachu.” The trainer said to his pokemon as Pikachu struggled to maintain the extra electrical power within its own small body.”Don’t worry.” The trainer added as Pikachu released more sparks from its red cheeks. “Just hang on.”

Soon Profess Birch and I got a long rope out of his bag and threw the other end down to the trainer and Professor Birch and I held the other. The trainer quickly looked up.

“Quick Ash, grab the rope!” Professor Birch called out.

“Okay.” He replied and soon climbed the rope towards the professor and I.

Professor and I dragged the rope to help the trainer up and cliff. When things started to look calm the trainer’s Pikachu released more of its extra electricity nearly hitting his trainer.

“Pikachu hold stay. It’s okay.” The boy trainer told his pokemon, trying to calm it down. “Pikachu…” the boy added in a sad tone as his only pokemon struggled to released himself from his grasp and soon bite his trainer in the arm. The boy held the pain as Pikachu released more electricity from itself. “Pikachu…” he repeated and soon his Pikachu realized what he had done to his trainer and looked up.

“I promise, everything will be fine.” He replied in a more slightly cheerful tone of voice.

“Pika pi.” Was all the small yellow pokemon could reply and his trainer just replied with a simple nod and continued it climb up the rope Professor Birch and I have begin holding for awhile and my hands were getting rope burns for dragging and holding the rope.

Wish he could hurry up already.

Finally the trainer and his Pikachu finally made it over the cliff and the boy made a sigh of relief with his Pikachu still in his arms.

Actually we were all glad we save him from potential death. I was too young to carry such a burden.

“That was close.” I replied while still breathing for air.

“Thanks you guys.” The boy replied. Soon his pokemon looked up.

“Pika pi.” It repeated. Like he was sorry for what he had done to him.

“Pikachu.” The boy began. “What da say we head back to the lab and get you all better?”

His pokemon didn’t say anything but instead started to lick the wound he inflicted on his trainer and soon looked up and simply said “Chaaa.” Like it was saying sorry if it could speak English.

“I’m fine. I know you didn’t mean it little buddy.” He replied.

And before I knew, three people it the same uniform, except for the talking Meowth said some kind of motto like they had memorized it from heart and never bother to change it. And then grabbed the trainer’s Pikachu out of his hand like feather, stick some thingies on its cheek and started to drain Pikachu’s electricity out of it.

My question was why would they do such a stunt? They do know there should be more pokemon like his?

Soon Pikachu felt better and put on a nasty grin and used an electric move on the bad guys named Team Rocket and blew them towards the sky.

All I can say is that is one cheap way of travelling. Soon after that Pikachu fainted onto the grass.

“Pikachu!” the trainer called out and ran to his pokemon and Professor Birch soon followed. The trainer kept on calling his Pokémon’s name until he was sure that it was okay .but I’m sure calling its name out once was already telling him it wasn’t okay because it didn’t responded and it already fainted on the ground.

As we rode to the lab in Professor Birch’s car I realized how much the trainer pokemon is meant to him. Soon I found his bag and saw a tag tied onto the zipper and read what it said.

“Ash Ketchum”

Finally I found out that the trainer’s name was Ash. I sat at the back like I didn’t care about what had just happened and shifted my attention to the passing trees and once I looked back at the trainer and his pokemon.

I could tell they were inseparable; they needed each other, like a soul and a sprit, like two people deeply in love. I didn’t shift my attention from the two until we reached the lab. I didn’t say anything to him as I continued to watch him hold his pokemon so close to his heart.

I thought to myself what it would be like to travel with him; I wondered will my look on pokemon change and my attitude. I didn’t know what overcame me but I felt like I needed to know him more, like he was going to change my whole life over.

As that memory of meeting Ash for the first time started to fade and reality started to sink in, I didn’t knew that after three years how right I was.

End of chapter.
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Nice chapter a good amount of emotion and plot development.

It seems that Ash hasn't completely forgotten everything they did together as he still remembers the ribbon.

Nice flash back to when Ash and May first met, I think that you got May's feelings just right.

Now that they have been separated from Drew and the rest hopefully there will be more shippy moments and Ash will slowly remember his past.

Keep it up.

See Ya!

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Sorry for not reviewing before, I was very busy with school.
Anyway, I liked this chapter and the part where Harley said that about his "beautiful" hair freezing there came tears out of my eyes from laughing so hard XD
Anyway, the grammar is better in this one although still the same mistakes by repeating things (especially the "and" I told you about before), however this may be a minor problem it can still be pretty annoying and it confuses a little. Anyway apart from that it was good ^^
I would like to point all the grammar mistakes but I don't know how to quote only a little part from a comment or how to quote multiple parts from a same comment ^^;
Nooooooes!!!! Pikachu was left behind TToTT Lol, the impossible was made possible XD
The part where May and Ash are alone really was sweet, it shows that May really does care for him ^^
Keep up the good work.
See you around ^^


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Shippings in this chapter: Advanceshipping, Contestshipping

Rated: K+

Chapter five

"May!" Ash called out before I nearly walked my way onto the boat with Max right beside me.

"What is it Ash?" I asked in confusion.

"I want to give this to you." Ash replied as he handed me a shoe box with a red ribbons wrapped around it.

At first I looked with disappointment since Ash gave me a show box for no reason at all but as soon as I unwrap the ribbon and took off the lid I saw new clothes plus shoes. I saw a green bandana, a orange vest that look liked it was long enough to reach my waist, black shorts with black socks, orange and white shoes with a black stripe across the toe area and a green bag that could sit along my waist.

I gave my gift to Max so he could see what Ash had given me and soon smiled back at Ash.

"Thank you so much Ash." I smiled as I went to hug him. "You the best friend I could ever ask for."

"Its okay really May." Ash replied.

"Hey look, Ash is blushing!" Max teased.

"Am not." Ash said as I stopped hugging him and he turned his back from Max but just so happened that Brock as near Ash as well.

"I dunno." Brock began. "You face is really red. Maybe you have a fever?" Brock teased as well.

"You guys!" Ash called out with an annoyed tone in his voice.

We just all laughed. Soon the horn of the boat called and soon told us it was time to head back to Petalburg. We got onto the boat and as it made its way away from Ash and Brock I thought to myself how far I have come since I first met Ash and how much he changed me since we first met.

I found out that Ash was a huge part of my life.

I wondered that if we didn't meet, would I be a pokemon trainer and go after gym badges like I wanted to start off with?

So many questions with such little answers, some maybe won't even have an answer.

"Ash." I thought to myself. "Thank you."


"Hey Mimi and May. I'm going to explore okay? I will be right back." Ash said before he was about to leave me and Mimi alone as I continued to gaze at the passing trees the magnet train drove past.

"Sure." Mimi replied in a cheerful tone and soon before I knew it, Ash already left us two alone. Soon I felt like Mimi moved closer to me. At first I felt awkward but soon didn't care less what she would do to me.

"You seem to be thinking of something deep. May I ask what you are thinking about?" Mimi asked in a formal manner.

"Just thinking of my past." I replied. "On how the person that helped me to be the person I am right now will never remember how grateful I am to him."

"That person happens to be Ash?"

I replied with just a simple nod as I still continued to watch more trees pass me by.

"I use to have a brother; he acts a little like Ash." Mimi said as she moved a little away from me and soon made me look away from the window and to her.

"What happened to him?" I asked.

"He is still around. But he acts different now. I don't recognize him as my brother now." Mimi replied.

"Did something happen that made him look at him like that?" I asked once again.

"It's not what happened in the past. It's what going to happen that made me look at him right now." Mimi replied.

The statement that Mimi replied back to me left me all confused that my mind couldn't think of anything to reply back but by the way Mimi was acting I think that is what she meant to do.

"It's not what happened in the past. It's what going to happen."

Those words didn't seem to leave my mind, no matter how hard I tried. What was Mimi trying to say? That something bad was going to happen to her and her brother? That something similar happened to a friend of hers or did this already happen to her other friends?

But I had a gut feeling that sentence was meant to Ash and I more that her life.


(3rd person view for Mimi's past)​

"I'm bored of waiting."

"That's nice."

"No, seriously."

"Like I said, That's very nice to know."

"That's it I'm leaving."

"Now where are you going now Mimi?"

"I'm going to find something to do that I bet you won't like."

(back to May's POV)​

I entered the cabin room and saw Mimi staring at the window as the sky was empty with clouds and with only the full moon placed in the sky with its bright white light lit up the room. Ash was at the bottom part of the bunk bed placed on the left side already asleep. I was planning to sleep on the bottom right bunk bed placed at the right side of the cabin until I saw Mimi just constantly gazing at the full moon.

I was confused why Mimi was looking at the moon like that since she was more of a cheerful and a person full of personality. Making me watch her like that made me worried. Even we only knew each other for a few days I still worried for her.

"You plan to sleep yet?" I asked as soon I decided to break the silence in the room.

"Soon." Mimi replied as she continued to stare at the scenery outside. Her voice was very soft and I nearly couldn't hear it.

I thought it was best if I just left Mimi alone to herself as I soon headed to sleep on my side of the bunk bed.


"Another five minutes." I complained as I pulled the sheets to cover my face praying that I would get that five minutes of extra sleep.

"Well okay you can just miss the grand festival and let Ash over here win." Mimi teased.

"There's always next year." I replied as I wanted Mimi quiet so I could get more sleep and soon I felt the blanket stolen from my arms and that's when my eyes fully opened and my mind woken up.

"Now now." Mimi began. "You shouldn't act like that. I mean this is your second chance at redemption of winning the Johto grand festival." Mimi added.

Then I heard footsteps enter the room and saw Drew, Soledad and Harley with Ash right behind. Everyone was looking at me in my pajamas. I could feel my face go as red as a Marcago in embarrassment.

"Wha…whaa…what are you..." I began to ask before Drew finished me off.

"We are here to get you out of here." Drew replied as he finished my sentence.

"Looks like somebody slept in." Soledad teased.

"Please, not you to Soledad." I sighed and soon the whole group just laughed.


"Can't believe you didn't give me a warning." I muttered in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Well I tried." Ash sighed as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well it was either me taking off the blankets really quickly or the prince charming method." Mimi stated.

"Wait you mean somebody kissing me so I could wake up?" I asked. "Do you really think that idea would work?!" I added.

"It was Ash's idea." Mimi teased.

"What?!" Ash replied in shock. "You just mention that idea just now!" Ash yelled.

"Just admit it Ashy boy. You wanted to do it." Mimi teased.

"No I didn't and don't call me Ashy boy!" Ash yelled.

"Can't believe I'm actually have to get use to this." Drew sighed.

"Now, now." Soledad sweat dropped as she tried to stop the arguing of Mimi and Ash. "Let's talk about that later. Right now we are here." Soledad said as she pointed up towards a two story house with its body structure built out of huge logs. "This place offers quiet decent contest outfits. I'm sure there are great outfits for everyone."

We all decided that we should buy decent warm outfits for the grand festival since we were at such a cold area. Harley helped Ash to choose a outfit while Soledad helped with mine and Drew just went hunting for costumes on his own and as Mimi just tried different costumes for the fun of it.

"You look great May." Soledad complimented.

"I don't know." I replied as I was so nervous coming out. "I haven't worn a dress since the Wallace Cup."

"Just come out already." Mimi replied as she dragged my arm out and soon followed my whole body and made me fall onto the floor.

I was wearing a gold long sleeve dress with a gold and orange stripe long skirt that reached the floor. I had piggy tales with orange ribbons to hold them in place and I had white gloves and cream high heels. I soon got up ready to yell to Mimi why she had done that but when I did got onto my feet Mimi was already on the other side and had just dragged Ash out of his changing room as well.

"Looks like my job here is done." Mimi smiled and acted like she had done a good thing to Ash and I when she hadn't.

"You never had a job role to begin with!" Ash yelled as soon walked to Soledad and I with the rest following.

Ash was wearing a black suit with gold tips at the ends of the sleeves and had a fancy white scarf wrapped around his neck. Harley was wearing a green suit with a purple bow tie wrapped around his neck. It didn't really look any different to the normal out going clothes he wears and I call costumes. Drew was wearing a white tux with a red rose placed in the top right pocket in his tux.

"Where's Soledad?" Drew asked.

"Right here." Soledad replied as she came out of the dressing room with a long ball room navy blue dress with sequences scattered at the bottom half of the dress.

"Wow." Mimi said as her jaw nearly touched the wooden floor. "Can't believe you're a guest judge for this year's grand festival."

"Well they did ask for something fancy." Soledad smiled.

As I was too busy glancing at Soledad's grand festival dress I didn't notice that Ash was right next to me. When I turned to my left Ash turned to my direction at the same time. I could see the blush grow on his face and maybe mine as well. Soon we looked away trying and soon Ash looked back at my direction.

"You look really nice in that dress." Ash smiled. "It's like we have matching pairs or something."

"Yeah." I nodded. "And you look quite nice in that tux Mr. Ketchum." I smiled.

Soon we both laughed at the compliments we both gave each other. Soon I started a new conversation between us when I got the idea.

"Who do you think you will be using?" I asked.

"Maybe Monoferno for the appeals." Ash replied as he was still thinking of who else he could use.

"Well I will Delcatty then." I winked.

"That sounds like a great pair." Ash smiled and soon I started to laugh with him.

When we both finished laughing I looked at Drew who was hanging around Harley and Soledad and he looked back which was more of a glare with personality. Like he didn't like what he was looking at. Soon he turned away and continued talking with Soledad and Harley. The way Drew looked at me was nothing I ever saw. He was acting a little similar like the time I rode in his arms back to camp.

"Just stay. That's all I ask."​

After all this time, I still couldn't think what he meant by that. Doesn't Drew dislike me? Then why did he say those words to me. My heart started to beat a little faster and started to skip beats when I thought of one idea.

That Drew was in love with me.

I placed my hand on my heart and it was beating faster than normal. Then I started to question my own feelings to Drew. Could this possible mean that I to, was in love with Drew?

I didn't knew what to do and soon walk upstairs of the building without getting any attention and sat in a dark corner covered with empty boxes. I sat there in that corner for what felt forever until I heard somebody coming up the stairs and towards my direction. At first I thought it was the owner but soon I found out it was Ash instead.

"What are you doing here?" Ash asked as he moved a few more boxes out of my way.

"Hiding my feelings away." I replied as I continue to look at the wooden floor. "From an important person to me."

"May…" Ash said with a sad tone in his voice. "Come." Ash added as he offered his hand to me when I decided to look up to him. He was smiling down towards me. I soon grabbed his hand and Ash soon pulled me up towards his body. We were so close we could let our noses touch if we wanted to.

Our bodies were like if they were glued together; our arms were like ribbons and were like it was wrapped around us like we were some kind of gift and our eyes were focused into each other's, forgetting that we had others with us.

"You know." Ash began, still in our same spots. "I never notice how blue your eyes really are." He said as his moved closer that it looked like we were kissing. "Their sapphire." He whispered in my ear.

Soon I rested my head on Ash's shoulder and closed my eyes and soon smiled.

"I'm glad that you notice that after all this time." I replied as a tear escaped my eye lids and ran down my cheek. I soon realized that Ash was starting to take more notice of me.

Was this a way of him starting to remember me?

I closed my eyes again and embraced Ash slightly tighter.

"I hope so." I mumbled.

End of chapter


"Tougher than you."
I thought this time that it was time for Drew to receive a bigger role in my fic, same with Harley and Soledad, in fact i nearly forgot about poor little Mimi until i read my chapters all over again. xD


Shippings in this chapter: Contestshipping, slight Advance

Rating: K+ (PG)

Chapter six

"Spotlight now Delcatty!" I called out as I threw my pokeball up into the air and soon a bright light collided with the ground and formed my pokemon.

"Del!" Delcatty greeted me.

"Infernape, time to shine!" Ash also called out as he released out his pokemon, Infernape.

"Absol let's go!" Drew called out as he released his dark type pokemon.

"Slowbro time to appear!" Soledad said as she was the last one to release her pokemon to the field.

"Why am I here?" Harley complained.

"Referee's don't whine." Drew stated. "Now hurry up and call out the rules of the battle so we can start."

"Fine." Harley sighed. "This is tag battle and you may only use one pokemon. The battle starts now." Harley added without any excitement in his voice.
The reason we were battling because we wanted to try out how it felt to battle with different partners. I wasn't really supporting the idea at first but later on I felt it was a great idea and plus we needed the training since the Grand festival was only a few days away.

"Okay let's go Slowbro with Psychic on Infernape!" Soledad commanded.

"Infernape, Detect now!" Ash yelled.

Infernape's eyes turned neon green and dodge the psychic attack like it knew where it was going to hit.

"Assist Delcatty!" I called out.

I really didn't know what move would come out, but since my team consist moves that Infernape and Absol were weak against I knew whatever came out would still do some damage. Soon Delcatty released a powerful silver wind attack from my Beautifly and attacked both Ash's and Drew's pokemon. Infernape didn't seem to be affected by much and only moved a few steps back while Absol gripped its claws deep into the ground, avoiding flying off the field.

"Night slash Absol!" Drew called out right after as Absol quickly moved up right in front of Slowbro and did a powerful slash right in its face.

"Counter with Ice beam Slowbro!" Soledad called out quickly.

Slowbro opened its mouth and released a chilling ice beam right into Absol's face and made it flew backwards and into mid air but landed on its four feet like nothing happened as ice flakes surrounded Absol showing it elegance. In a contest that would of reduced Soledad's points.

"Mach punch on Delcatty Infernape!" Ash soon called out after.

Infernape's speed was so fast I couldn't think of a counter attack or a move that could have intercepted it. Infernape punched Delcatty right into the face and I could tell that it did a lot of damage and if I didn't find a way to defeat Infernape soon, he will have already beaten me before me.

"Dig let's go!" I told me Delcatty and soon followed my orders and started to dig underground.

I figured out that if I made Delcatty dig underground I could at least keep me safe from Infernape's fighting type attacks.

"Okay use surf Slowbro!" Soledad called out as Slowbro soon created a huge wave and crashed right into Infernape and Absol.

"Now use dig!" I yelled and soon saw Delcatty appeared right underneath Infernape until Ash called out a move.

"Mach punch now Infernape!" Ash replied right after.

Ash's Infernape dodged my Delcatty's dig attack and once more used Mach punch on Delcatty making it fly back to its starting position.

"Shadow Ball Absol!" Drew called out and soon his Absol created a black ball with thin lines of purple surrounding it, looking like it was electricity that was surrounding the black ball. Soon the attack hit Slowbro badly from Absol's last attack.

I looked at Delcatty and saw it breathing out heavily and having a hard time standing on its feet. I knew that the next move I was going to take was a risk, but I had no other choice. It was either that move or accepting defeat.

"Assist once more Delcatty!" I called out in desperation.

Delcatty soon found its way onto its feet and used Morning Sun. The sun's rays fell onto Delcatty, restoring its energy while showing its beauty under the morning sun's rays. Delcatty was smiling after the move and was ready for another round.

"Thunderbolt on Absol, Slowbro!" Soledad commanded her Water and Psychic type pokemon.

Slowbro raised its arms and quickly put them down and as soon Slowbro did that a flash of lighting came out of the skies and hit Absol harsh. After the attack Absol was left paralyzed but it didn't last long and soon Absol fainted after the attack.

"Return." Drew replied right after and soon looked at Ash. "It's up to you now." Drew added.

"I know." Ash nodded. "If I could beat gym leaders back in my past then I can win this." Ash winked.

Drew looked a little shock to what Ash had told him about the gym battles. I remember what Dawn told me about when Ash forgot about his memory in the hospital that he knew he was once a pokemon trainer.

But did that mean that he remembered about how he got all his badges in the past?

While I was thinking I didn't notice that Ash told his Infernape to use the move Close Combat right on Slowbro, even it wasn't the best move on a Psychic pokemon it was just enough to knock out Soledad's Slowbro. After receiving super effective damage from Drew's Absol attack like Night Slash and Shadow Ball I knew that it wouldn't last any longer, even the attack was super effective or not.

"Doesn't this bring back memories?" Soledad asked me as she returned Slowbro back into its pokeball. I knew she was referring to me. Back in Terracotta town where it was Ash and I against the Terracotta ribbon. I was using my newly evolved Blaziken and Ash was using his Sceptile.

Could this mean that this battle would bring out the same result?

I looked at Ash and saw commanded his Infernape to use Flame wheel.

"Quick, dodge it by using Quick Attack." I quickly replied.

Delcatty quickly moved out of the way by using quick attack as a dodging move. Infernape's Flame wheel attack had just missed; if I had reacted any slower I would have already lost the battle.

"Once more Infernape!" Ash called out.

"Copycat Delcatty!" I called out; determine not to lose the battle.

Infernape opened its mouth and blew out blistering hot flames that engulfed its whole body, forming the shape of a huge wheel. Delcatty mimicked the same move too and soon both Pokémon where headed dead straight towards each other. I clutched my hand into a fist and tighten in tension of the finishing result.

If I will win this or end the same way back in Terracotta town.

When mine and Ash's Pokémon collided to each other and flare and smoke quickly rose and covered the field like the smoke was a thin sheet blanket. I waited until the smoke subsided from the field.

My eyes widen with shock and I saw the final result. Both Pokémon where still on their feet. They had burnt marks and scratches at different parts of their bodies, both where looking at each other's eyes like neither one wanted to give up. Soon both of them lost their strength to continue and both fainted onto the ground.

"Both Pokémon are unable to continue. This match ends in a tie." Harley added. Sounding like he was enjoy his job of referee.

"Great job Delcatty." I replied as I held Delcatty in my arms and gave a gentle hug before returning it into its poke ball.

"Same here Infernape." Ash replied as he too gave his Pokémon well deserved rest. Soon Ash walked towards me. "Great battle May." Ash added as he offered his hand for a handshake. "The battle we had reminded me of a battle I once had awhile back."

"A similar battle?" I questioned as I accepted the handshake Ash offered me.

"Back in Kanto, In Terracotta town." He replied back. "Where Brock told that is where I won this ribbon." Ash added as he pulled out the ribbon we both won in Terracotta town. "He said I won this with another girl, a girl very close to me. He said that she will be the one to help me remember who I really am and also." Ash added once more and took a breath and soon continued. "That I have to patience and understand whatever happens when I find out who she really is."

I didn't reply after that. I didn't seem to find any right words that would continue the flow of the conversation without revealing who I really was to Ash. As Ash walked back to the others I thought about Brock and what he had told Ash about whom he is. He knew that sending Ash here to Johto would be the only key they knew to restore his memory of who he really is. He knew that it would be hard on me to accept what had happened to him, so telling Ash to understand whatever happens when he finds out was a good thing to say to him.

I stood there for awhile and soon walked to the pokecenter where the others went but was interrupted when somebody placed their hand on my shoulder.

"Mimi?" I asked in confusion. "Where did you go while I was battle with the boys?" I asked.

"Went around and looking around." Mimi smiled. "Anyway that was a great battle." Mimi smiled once more. "And you should just stop thinking so deep and spacing out. It's starting to scare me."

"Sorry Mimi." I apologized and sweat dropped. "It's just so hard to act around Ash like we haven't met before. I can't act who I really am around him since he forgotten about me and the rest of the gang." I sighed.

"You know May." Mimi began as we started to walk towards the pokecenter and following the others. "I know how you feel as well. Acting around a person like you haven't met them before."

"Then you must know how it feels." I responded.

"Of course May." Mimi simply replied soon after. For once I was talking to Mimi's serious side. "You just want to burst out the words about who you really are to them but you know how the results are going to end so you have to hide it a little longer." Mimi continued as she looked up towards the sky and looked back at me. "I told myself that I should look at the good side of everything of the event."

"What's so good about having somebody so close to you forget all about you?" I asked with a slight annoyed tone in my voice.

"It's a good time to get to know them much better, to find out interesting stuff that you didn't know about them once." Mimi smiled and ran a little ahead of me and swirled around making her green skirt lift up a little and float and looked back at me."They may lose something they once had but they will always gain something new and that is what we must find out." Mimi winked added with a cheeky smile.

I couldn't help but to smile a little and agree to what everything Mimi had told me. I mean she was only a year older than me.

"Okay." I smiled. "I shall find something Ash has gained in his memory lost."

"That's great." Mimi cheered. "Be the one that he always told me of. The Princess from the region of Hoenn who doesn't know the meaning of giving up!" Mimi cheered once more as she

raised her arms into the air. "Anyway meet you at the pokecenter." Mimi added with a smile and ran ahead of me and to the pokecenter.

"Be the one that he always told me of?" I repeated the statement to myself. "Who is 'he' Mimi is telling me about?" I asked myself as I continue to walk towards the pokecenter.



It just falls from the sky and crashes on whatever surface it collides into.

It doesn't hurt anyone. But it sometimes hurts when gazed at.

It's dull colour, its depressing appearance, the way it makes the streets empty and by the way it crashes onto the window, like the sky was crying the pain it was holding for such an immense amount of time.

It cries silently without making a sound, so that nobody can hear it, or worry about.

Then why can't I do the same?

"May?" A voice called from behind as I sat on the edge of the mattress that was facing the window as my back was facing the door and the person that called out my name. I continued to gaze at the teardrops that smashed at the window's surface in front of me.

"You sure have been acting weird lately." The voice added as I heard their footsteps coming towards me. "You sure you're okay?" The voiced asked. I shifted my eyes to my left and saw a boy with lime hair with a slight concerned look on his face.

"I'm…fine." I replied as I shifted my eyes away from Drew and back at the scenery.

"May." Drew replied as he crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "We have known each other for a long time and I know you well enough to know when you're not okay." Drew opened his eyes and saw me still not looking at him. "As a rival I'm concerned about you, so is Soledad and Harley."

"What…would happen…?" I began as I slowly moved my head to face Drew. "…if Ash founded about me before I got a chance to tell him?" I asked as my question seemed more random and had nothing to do with Drew's question.

"Well if I was Ash." Drew replied and began to think and soon added. "I would be shocked and probably need some time alone."

"Do you think it's time for me to tell him about who he is and who we really are in his life?" I asked Drew once more.

"Do you think he would believe you?" Drew asked me. "Let's say a man around in his 30's came up to you and said that he was your father. Would you believe him?"

"No." I quickly replied soon after.

"Then change that scene to you and Ash and you play the role of the man in this case but you were saying that you were the girl in his missing memory. Do you think he will believe you? Remember you have only known each other for a few weeks. Actually we all have in this case."

"No." I sighed. "But I want to tell him already. So I can have my old best friend back!" I cried.

"His never coming back May." Drew replied. "I don't really know him that much but I know he is a good guy but no matter what we do, or even restore his memory I don't think the old Ash we both knew isn't coming back any sooner."

"Maybe we should just let Ash return to Sinnoh." I replied. "Since not matter what we all do. Ash won't be the same one we all knew well." I added as I stood up and began to make my way until Drew grabbed my wrist by the hand.

"But you're his best friend May." Drew quickly replied as he still held my wrist and slowly made his way down until we were holding hands. "As his best friend you would do everything to help him, I mean after how many times he helped you and the times you tell us that how grateful you are to him."

"So why are you helping then if you personally don't know him that much?" I asked.

"Because I'm helping a good friend of mine who, I'm very much grateful to." Drew replied with a grateful smile across his face as he finally stood up and still holding my hand.

I tried to hold my tears even more back but there wasn't any more room and soon water built in them and overflowed and ran down my cheeks as I went to embraced Drew and his held me in his arms.

It was the only good way I could think of to repay all the help he has given me.

End of chapter


"Tougher than you."
Chapter seven

"Hm, now which one did I have to get now?" I questioned myself as I read down the list of ingredients I needed to get as I looked into my basket. "I already have that." I told myself as I looked at the jar of unopened strawberries.

"Maybe you need this." A voiced suggested as I looked away from the selves of the poke mart and to the person suggesting the item.

The person that suggested the jar of honey was a girl. She has a huge white hat with a red ribbon wrapped around with a red bow placed in the right side. She had brown hair with her hair bending outward. She had blue overalls with red long sleeves inside. She had long socks with black placed at the edge and red shows to finish the whole outfit.

"I heard from Dawn that honey gives a better taste if you want to make poffins." She added.

"Thanks." I replied as I accepted the small jar of honey. "But how do you know I'm a friend of Dawn's and who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Lyra Peart and I'm also a friend of Dawn's. We met around two years ago in Sinnoh when the Johto festival was held there." Lyra explained.

"That means you know Ash as well?" I asked.

"Yeah." Lyra nodded.

"At least he knows you." I muttered and soon sighed.

"Why is that?" Lyra asked me soon after. I was slightly surprised as I thought that she didn't hear what I had just said.

"Well it's that Ash has forgotten who I am, my rivals he has talked to and seen and him ever been a pokemon trainer." I replied. "And we all have to act like we never met before." I added and soon sighed disapprovingly.

"Oh my." Lyra replied in shock as she covered her mouth at the same time. "Do you think he remembers me?" She asked.

"You could come with me later and find out." I suggested as I held the basket a little higher. "And maybe help me make some poke blocks?"

"Sure and maybe I could talk about something about Ash and I where when I was back in Sinnoh." Lyra winked.

"Sure thing Lyra." I smiled but was more curious than glad since I wanted to know what Lyra wanted to talk to me about.


(3rd person view for Lyra's flashback)

"How long do we have to wait the others to come?!" Lyra complained as she and Ash sat on the dry hard rock cave floor.

"Just wait a little longer." Ash replied as he had his back lying on the ground with his hands behind his head, acting like if it was a pillow."

"You seem very relax about the situation." Lyra complained.

"I've been in these situations before Lyra." Ash replied as he soon decided to sit up. "I have been travelling longer than you." Ash added.

"By the way..." Lyra said and thought for awhile. "You have been to Johto before right?" Lyra asked.

"Yeah." Ash nodded. "I haven't been there for a long time."

"Well do you know a coordinator by the name of May Maple?" The young pokemon trainer asked. "She has quite a name back in Johto."

"Yeah I do." Ash replied. "We met back in Hoenn in Littleroot town."

"Wow, you even been to Hoenn?!" Lyra said in shock as she quickly stood up. Surprised that Ash had been to so many regions. "But anyway that's not where I'm aiming this conversation to." Lyra quickly added as she took a seat closer to Ash and looked into his eyes like she was gazing at something hard. "I'm asking if you love May." Lyra asked.

"Of course I do." Ash smiled. "I love all my friends."

"That's not what I mean." Lyra replied as she sweat dropped and face palmed herself. "The love I'm talking about is the one is where you get jealous when you see May near another boy, the one where you feel happy then normal when she is near you, the one where you feel disappointed when she loses a contest, that feeling of when she hasn't come back you feel so worried that you want to look for her when you know you can't and you feel like the whole world is crumbling to pieces when she is leaving and not returning for a very long time!" Lyra yelled after her long rant. "That's the love I'm talking about Ash."

"That love…" Ash replied with a slight blush on his face and shifted his eyes away from Lyra's. "Well I do feel kind of angry when she is around Drew for a long time, I do feel sad when she loses a contest and I sometimes blame myself when she loses, I do tend to worry when she's gone and hasn't contact the rest of the group for a long time and I feel sad when she was leaving back to Hoenn." Ash added as he looked back at Lyra's face. "Is that the love you're talking about?" Ash asked.

"Yes." Lyra nodded. "And also when you're in love, your heart beats faster than normal and you always question yourself why it's doing that." Lyra looked at the cave ceiling and looked back at Ash. "When it comes to questioning about if we love that person, we are the worse judges at that. Our answers are always muddled up and isn't always that same, you're afraid that you are wrong and that person you love so much doesn't like you as much as you love them."

"Love sounds so complicated." Ash replied in a confused attitude.

"But if you a person so much, it isn't." Lyra added.


(back to May's POV.)

"I see." I replied. "So you're saying that Ash could have had a crush on me before?" I asked as we headed into my room I was sharing with the others. "I find that very hard to believe Lyra." I laughed. "Ash wouldn't know what love meant even it hit him in the head like a rock." I laughed once again.

"Maybe." Lyra thought. "But when I talked to Ash that one time it sounded so different, even I did only know him for only a few days." Lyra added as she helped me put some of of items into my yellow backpack. "What about you?" She asked me.

"What about me?" I asked as I took the last item out of the plastic bag and into my yellow backpack.

"Do you like Ash?" Lyra asked me.

My heart started to skip beats and beat faster, like the same time I asked myself if I was in love with Drew. My body wouldn't move and my mind couldn't think of any words to reply back to Lyra.

"I don't know what you are talking about." I quickly replied as I felt my face just went red for some odd reason.

"I see that your face is bright red. That means you like him." Lyra teased. "I beat you two did such interested things at the night together back in Hoenn." Lyra teased more.

"WHATT??!!" I quickly yelled in shock after what Lyra said. "Ash and I didn't do anything like that!" I added. "How could you say such words?!"

And right after that Lyra and I saw Ash standing at the door that also had a red blush on his face from the embarrassment.

"I don't even know May that much and yet you're saying stuff like she is my girlfriend or something Lyra." Ash replied and slightly laughed after.

"Just teasing." Lyra laughed. "You two act like you actually did." Lyra laughed once more. "Just look at your faces."

"Now your acting just like Mimi." I sighed. "Like one isn't enough."

"Who is Mimi?" Lyra asked.

"She was a girl we met back in Goldenrod city in Johto when the train left May and I at the port." Ash replied. "Since we got here she hasn't been around but she does turn up." Ash included as he walked closer to us girls. "And what are you doing here?!" Ash asked slightly annoyed.

"I went up Mount Sliver." Lyra replied in a disappointed manner. "On the west side where everything is so cruel and harsh." Lyra added as if she was ready to cry and as Lyra sat on the soft carpet floor.

"What's the matter?" I asked as knelt down and placed my hand on her shoulder.

"I lost." Lyra simply replied. "I wanted to see if the rumor was true. So I went up there by myself. After beating the champion I thought maybe I was strong enough to face the two trainers I heard about. When I got up there the blizzard was bad and so was the fog. You could see the place but it was very hard to do so. Soon I saw a trainer up there. He had no jacket or anything. He was staring at me like I was his enemy or something. Soon he held a poke ball in his hand and released a Pikachu. I knew that trainer wanted a battle so I did."

"What happened after that?" Ash asked.

"I only defeated three out of his six pokemon. But his Pikachu knocked most of mine out. When I lost he just glared at me once more and smiled at me in a bad way and laughed a little. The trainer even said go home you useless trainer." Lyra cried. "He was just so mean and strong. I was so…useless!" Lyra cried more as she started to wipe her tears away.

"That's not true Lyra!" Ash called out loud so that Lyra could stop crying. "I know you well enough to say that isn't true. You even beat Lance. You're a strong trainer Lyra. I know you are!"

"Thanks guys." Lyra smiled. "But when I went up that mountain there was something missing." Lyra added as she went back on the topic of the trainer on top of Mount Silver. "There was only one up there when there was suppose to be two."

"One only?" I asked. "But the rumor says there should be two."

"I know." Lyra added. "Maybe the other one went down for supplies?" She suggested.

Ash soon stood up and began to make his way out of the room as I helped Lyra up to her feet when I saw ash already at the door.

"Where are you going?" I enquired.

"I feel like I want to go up that mountain." Ash replied. "But I know I can't since the festival is starting in only two days."

"If the grand festival wasn't held right now I would come with you." I added.

"Yeah." Ash nodded. "If only." Ash said as he looked at me. "Anyway tonight can you come with me? I need to greet a friend you might know."

"Sure." I nodded as I saw Ash nod back at me and made his way out of the room.

"I wonder who this person I might know of that Ash also knows of." I questioned myself as I helped Lyra to calm down a little more.


The night sky was cloudy as Ash and I walked out of the pokecenter and down a path away from the red and white building. Tiny flakes of snow fell down from the fluffy night sky but wasn't enough to cover the dry ground and wild grass placed all over the area. Even we were at a mountain it was only the west side that took most of the snow. I embraced myself as I wished my long pink and green winter coat was a little more warmer and when I looked in front of me I saw that Ash stopped and looked my way.

"You seem cold." Ash asked. "Do you want to hold my hand and walk closer to me?" Ash asked once more.

"S..Sure." I replied as I grabbed Ash's hand and walked more closely to him.

We continue to walk down the jagged path as we walked past homes and shops that where was closed and a few houses with their lights still on. We continued to walk when we past the buildings when a sudden strong gust of wind blew right into my right side of my body which nearly made me lose my balance until Ash held me in his arms.

"You sure are tired tonight aren't you?" Ash smiled.

I just nodded slightly from me begin held in Ash's arm and the cold wind blowing from behind.

"Hey look over there!" A voiced called from afar. "It's Ash and May!"

"Who could that be?" I asked as I soon felt warm enough to talk properly.

"Don't you know who that is?!" Ash laughed. "She told me you both met at the Wallace Cup."

"You mean its…" I suddenly replied but was interrupted when I saw the person I knew come up to Ash and I that was still embracing each other.

"May!" Dawn greeted as he joined and embraced Ash and I which made the hug into a group hug.

"Hi Dawn." I smiled. "I would love to hug you but it's really cold."

"I know." Dawn smiled. "Kenny wouldn't stop annoying me on how far we had left to reach the poke center."

"Heard that Dee Dee." Kenny teased as he finally reached up to the rest of the group.

"Kenny, after two years you still haven't stopped calling me that stupid nick name!" Dawn yelled.

As I watched the two bickering I notice that Dawn was wearing a long red dress with a thick scarf nicely wrapped around her neck with pink buttons placed lower down at the dress. She had very long white socks that looked like there were her pants and she still wore her pink boots. And the boy she was arguing with had brown hair with a warm dark green coat that was nearly similar to mine.

"Hey who are those two love birds doing. Are those your friend Dee Dee?" Kenny asked.

"We are not love birds!" Ash and I said simultaneously.

"That is what everyone says." Kenny laughed at.

"Of course they aren't." Dawn sweat dropped. "Right?" Dawn asked in a worried manner.

"I'm too young to think of girls." Ash sweat dropped.

"And I got a contest to win!" I added.

"Not while Kenny and I am here." Dawn added to the conversation as she talked back into her normal tone of voice.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We mean that Dawn and I are entering the Grand festival this year." Kenny answered for me.

I felt like my jaw had dropped down and hit the ground hard. Dawn and Kenny thought I was speechless in a good way when I wasn't. I couldn't believe what I had heard from Kenny's lips.

That him and Dawn where entering this year's Johto grand festival.

And that it could not cost me a ribbon in this time but winning the actually grand festival.

End of chapter.


"Tougher than you."
Shippings in this chapter: Advanceshipping, Slight SapphirePearl and Contestshipping

Rating: K+ (PG)

Chapter eight

“Garchomp and Venasaur?” I questioned Ash as I sat up from the bed and got a bowl of berries for Ash and I. “Sounds like an interesting pair.”

“Well that’s the plan right?” Ash asked me as he watched Munchlax followed me back to the bed.

“I guess it will do.” I replied as I handed Munchlax a bowl of bulk berries as I went back to lay down with a bowl of berries for Ash and I so share. “Slow down will you now? I don’t have many left Munchlax.” I told my never ending eating pokemon.

“Munch!” Munchlax nodded and went back to where it normally came out of.

I continue to gaze at what was in front of my eyes and that was ceiling above me. The room consisted of two double beds place at the left and right sides of the room and in between was a television big enough for the people to watch from and a huge window with a beautiful aqua colour sea. My mind still couldn’t grasp the concept that Dawn and Kenny was against Ash and I from winning the grand festival this year. After I lost the Aqua ribbon to Dawn I wasn’t myself even I acted normal in front of my friends, to the fact I lost to somebody that had been a pokemon coordinator for shorter than I have was just embarrassing that I was surprised Drew or Harley didn’t mock me about my lost.

I was afraid to lose to Dawn again. I was afraid that she might be the one that will make me question myself why I’m even a coordinator to begin with. I turned to my side and my face pointing towards Ash’s who was also lying on his back with his hands behind his head. Looking like he was thinking as deep as I was until he turned towards my direction.

“Hey.” He began. “What’s the matter? You look like something is bothering you.”

“I’m scared Ash.” I replied. “I’m afraid that there will be a time where we will have to face Dawn and Kenny.”

“You shouldn’t be.” Ash replied. “You’re the one of the oldest coordinators here with the most experience at begin with. You shouldn’t let one lost get you down. And even we lose this grand festival there’s always next year.” Ash added as he tried to lift my spirits.

“But that doesn’t mean it will make any difference. It’s the skill that makes everything happen.” I replied. “I lost to Dawn before; while we battled she used moves I could never think of, combinations that I could never think could work. She is much better than I am Ash.” I replied as I sat up and looked at the huge window placed in the middle of the room and behind the television. “I’m starting to lose hope of winning a grand festival at all.” I sighed.

“May…” Ash added as he too sat up next to me.

“I came back here to win this year’s grand festival for redemption. To find my old self that use to love contests. When I left Hoenn to come here for the first time I couldn’t stop smiling. When I arrived to Sinnoh to compete in the Wallace Cup and lose to Dawn my winning streaks became rare that I can’t remember the feeling of winning one.” I said as I began a new topic. “But I always knew that one person back in a other region would be cheering on for me if he was here and say to never give up, but he wasn’t. Even my rivals where here to help me cheer on, in the end they are my rivals, not my dearest friends I miss so much.”

“So I’m not a friend but I rival eh?” Ash asked in a sad tone of voice as when I looked at him he was looking at the scene outside. “I don’t see you like that May. I see you as a close friend of mine.”

“You’re…different.” I replied. “In a way I find too hard to explain to you.” I answered back.

“Ever since I lost my memories I didn’t feel like facing the world anymore and wished that when I close my eyes, this would be all a bad dream.” Ash replied as he looked towards me. “But, when I met you, that all changed because I had a friend like you, May. You made me change the way I felt about myself” Ash added as he soon sighed. “Even I will never be my old self at least I won’t look at the world the same why I did before I met you.”

“And Dawn?” I asked. “How much does she mean to you?”

“She a very close friend to me.” Ash blushed and looked away from me. “But she has being acting strange around me lately and I have being having a hard time talking to her.”

“You love her don’t you?” I asked out of nowhere, discontinuing the flow of the conversation. My voice soon became depressed and a sound of a whisper after that.

“Love is too complicated to talk about now the grand festival is tomorrow.” Ash replied as he tried to avoid my question and avoid eye contact with me.

“That’s not what I mean.” I replied as I looked into Ash’s eyes. “The love I’m talking about is the one is where you get jealous when you see Dawn near another boy, the one where you feel happy then normal when she is near you, the one where you feel disappointed when she loses a contest, that feeling of when she hasn’t come back you feel so worried that you want to look for her when you know you can’t and you feel like the whole world is crumbling to pieces when she is leaving and not returning for a very long time.” I replied as I repeated the words Lyra told him a few years back.

Ash’s eyes got larger with shock on how I knew what Lyra had told my once as he quickly put his attention back to me. He acted like he knew that does words were meant for me and not Dawn or that he supposedly had a crush on me. Like I was acting like Lyra and this was the first time he had heard those words for the first time in his entire life. A blush quickly spread across his cheeks once more, for what reason I had no idea.

I moved closer to Ash until the sides of our bodies touched. I was wondering why Ash didn’t move back and push me away or even look away, but he didn’t and instead he let me rise my hand and brush my fingertips through his thick black hair as I continued to gaze into his auburn eyes. I moved my eyes until our foreheads were touching. I could still see the blush on his face. I soon moved my hand out of his hair and slowly make its way to his cheek. I felt it on how dry they were, like he cried recently. I felt water starting to build in my eyes once more.

“Why did you cry?” I asked in a very soft voice. “Tell me.” I simply demanded in a soft voice.

“I…” Ash replied as he closed his eyes and held my hand which was still on his cheek. “I want my old life back. I want to stop seeing my friends so sad. It’s all my fault why they are the way they are now.” Ash stopped and soon continued as he opened his eyes. “But how did you know?”

“Because I cry for that same reason as well.” I replied as I felt water run down my cheeks. “If only this was a dream, my life would be much happier. I could finally stop pretending.” I added as more tears quietly ran past down my cheeks.

“Our life.” Ash added as we both look into each other’s eyes and saw a shadow puppet that was playing out fake lives.

Soon we moved out faces even closer until we both closed our eyes and felt our lips touching, our tongues meeting at times, the warmth of our bodies touching and the tears we were both felt run down our cheeks. For that moment I felt like time stopped and let us both enjoy the moment, like it finally stopped watching my dreams go pass by and gave my wish.

But it was such a short wish.

We both opened our eyes and we didn’t say anything afterwards and I decided to make the first move by standing up and walking out of the room and made my way out of the pokecenter.

As I laid my back against the white cement wall outside of the pokecenter I thought of what had just happened. I looked on the neglected path on which Ash and I walked together to met with dawn and Kenny, I felt like the whole scene was happening all over again when I saw Dawn walking back to the pokecenter. Her face quickly replied with a worried state as she quickly ran towards me as my back slide down the cement wall of the poke center.

“May!” Dawn called out as she ran towards me.

I wanted to reply but my lips wouldn’t call out those words and felt like I was talking to myself or that me acting like a deaf person that could only hear its own voice talking.

“Why are you acting so depressed?!” She asked.

“I can’t take it anymore Dawn!” I cried as I laid myself into her arms. “Let’s just tell him already!”

“You know the reasons as well as I do, why we can’t do that.” Dawn quickly stated. Sounding like she was my mother. “Even I want to tell him but I know I can’t.”

I soon got myself together and wiped my tears away sat up with my back against the wall.

“At least you know about this only a few weeks ago. I have been holding this for more than two years.” Dawn included.

“Dawn.” I began as I felt my old self coming back. “What did happen in the accident that made Ash forget his memories?”

Dawn looked away from my and quickly stood up and made her way into the red and white building.

“Give me some time to gather my broken self and I shall tell you.” Dawn spoke to me as she didn’t look to me as she walked into the building leaving myself and the cold weather all alone.

“If this is a dream please wake me now.” I demanded as I wished on something I knew would never happen.


“No!” A young girl screamed as I immediately woke up and saw myself facing the wall with myself lying down in bed.

Mimi who was sleeping right next to me quickly got up and ran to the girl’s aid. I quietly turned my body so I could face to where I heard the scream. I covered most of my face using the blanket that was keeping my warm with only my eyes could be only seen so that I could make the people believe I was still asleep.

“What’s wrong?” Mimi asked the young girl which soon turned out to be Dawn.

“I had a nightmare of Ash’s accident.” Dawn replied as I could hear her breathing heavily.

“Again?” Mimi asked.

“No.” Dawn quickly stated. “I haven’t had a nightmare like that since Ash’s accident.” Dawn added as she placed her hand on her forehead. “I must have dreamt it again when May asked about the accident.”

“You know she has the right to know, I mean she is his friend.” Mimi responded.

“I know but I can’t tell her yet.” Dawn answered back as she turned her attention towards Mimi. “She won’t forgive me if I told her. I don’t want to lose another friend.”

I continue to lie on the bed with half my face covered with sheets as a thought how bad the accident must have been that it will end up me hating her. Even I was afraid of battling her, I could never hate her. I mean an accident is a accident.

Or was it?

I quickly shook my head to get such thoughts out of my head. I had to focus on the grand festival and how Ash and I could through the appeals. As my thoughts mention the word Ash my focus on passing the appeals quickly went to the kiss Ash and I had earlier. I asked myself why I did that or why Ash didn’t do anything to stop that kiss.

I was worried that event could cost us passing the appeals as my thoughts went back on what I was supposed to be focusing on. If I knew Ash well enough he would be having a hard time sleeping now or tomorrow we would have a hard time talking. Before I could read Ash like a book but now if I could read Ash now the words would be burled out and I would be having a hard time reading it.

My best decision was to sleep all my thoughts and see what tomorrow was going to throw at me. I also decided that I should just stop worrying about telling Ash about who I am in his life and just enjoy the moments I had with him.

After all, I wasn’t just the only one who wants to tell somebody about a long lost hidden secret.


“Welcome to another fantastic grand festival!” Vivian cheered as the crowd cheered making us all in the backstage nervous. “Are you ready to see another unbelievable grand festival?!” Vivian asked the crowd in a loud voice.

“Yeah!” The crowd cheered in their loudest voices.

“I forgot how noisy a grand festival can be.” I sighed.

“Second.” Drew added.

Drew and I were waiting for our partners to arrive. Even Dawn and Kenny hadn’t shown up yet. I was worried about that if Ash didn’t come soon I wouldn’t even make a appeal.

“You nervous?” Drew asked me.

“You?” I questioned Drew.

“No.” Drew quickly declared.

“Typical.” I muttered as I glanced over to the hallway and saw Dawn and Kenny with Harley behind them running towards us.

Dawn had a really elegant ballroom dress as it was a much different change to her pink contest dress. She had a yellow dress with an orange belt wrapped around her waist. The bottom half of her dress started to separate as white dress underneath could be seen. Her hair was placed much higher as her ponytail was curly instead of straight. Dawn’s partner, Kenny was wearing a cape and what seems to be a suit you would normally wear if you going Toro, Toro to a Tauros as he had dark green suit with yellow shoulder parts placed on his shoulders with a black belt to finish the whole outfit.

“Where’s Ash?” Kenny asked the group.

“We thought he was with you guys.” Drew replied. “Well this is his first grand festival. He must of acted like a Torchic and run off.”

“Ash isn’t a person that runs away from his dreams!” Dawn complained. “You know ash longer than I have. You should know that.”

“Dawn.” Drew began. “Yes I knew him longer than you and Kenny have but that doesn’t mean I know him very well.”

“Hmph!” Dawn simply replied in an annoyed tone.

“Now let’s welcome Dawn and Kenny to the stage that comes from Twinleaf town in Sinnoh!” Vivian applauded.

“That’s us!” Kenny praised in a confident manner. “Let’s go Dee Dee!” Kenny added as he ran towards the entrance.

“That’s really starting to get old!” Dawn complained as she tagged behind Kenny as they both ran into the stage ready to make their appeal to the judges.

I watched as the two used their pokemon. Dawn was using her Empoleon as Kenny was using his Floatzel as both did outstanding combinations. I was watching until somebody tapped me on the shoulder.

“Here, Have this.” Drew said as he gave me a red rose with no thorns. I was surprised that Drew had given me a rose once again.

“You haven’t given me a rose in a long time.” I replied.

“Is it too late to start?” Drew asked.

“No.” I smiled.

“Anyway you should look for Ash. I want to battle against you in the finals.” Drew demanded.

“Don’t worry you will.” I replied in a determined tone of voice as I placed the rose behind my right ear as I soon was about to run out of the hallway to find Ash when I nearly forgot to say something to Drew.

“Good luck!” I cheered as I waved my hands into the air to gain their attention.

Both of them looked shocked since they both knew as much as I did that I had never cheered them up before the appeals.

“You never said that to me before.” Drew replied as he started a new conversation between us.

“Is it too late to start?” I asked as I repeated the same words Drew had just told me earlier.

“No.” He smiled as I smiled back and went in search for Ash.


I ran down the halls and checked every room I ran pass as I saw a small corner television in one of the rooms and saw other coordinators making their appeals. I was sure that Drew and Harley was going to make their own appeals soon which made me even more determined to find Ash, wherever he was. I was glad this time Ash and I where one of the last coordinators to make out appeals. I soon found myself out of the contest complex and looked to my right and left where Ash could be. I couldn’t remember the last time I was so annoyed with Ash showing up late.

“Ash Ketchum you better show you face here soon!” I yelled hoping that would make Ash appear out of nowhere.

Soon I heard footsteps coming towards the complex. Soon I saw the person I was after and was shocked to find Pikachu on his shoulder. He was wearing his costume with Pikachu with a cute little yellow bow tie around his neck.

“I didn’t know you had such a loud voice.” Ash replied as held his ear showing that he heard my loud call of his name.

“Why do you have your Pikachu with you?!” I asked in shock.

“I decided maybe I should bring him with me. I want him to be in the grand festival this year.” Ash replied back.

“But I thought you two didn’t get along.” I asked once more.

“Well that’s what I thought when I asked Professor Oak back in Pallet town but he said that Pikachu missed me a lot.” Ash said back to me as he patted Pikachu in the head. “Right buddy?” Ash smiled.

“Pika!” Pikachu smiled.

“Anyway what happened about last night…” Ash responded. “Sorry.” Ash apologized.

“It’s all right.” I smiled. “But right now we have to hurry to make out appeals or we won’t get in!” I panicked as I grabbed Ash’s hand and made him run with me back into the contest complex.

“Slow down!” Ash called out but I had to ignore it since I really wanted to get into the appeals.

“No time!” I soon responded as I saw Drew and Harley walk out of the stage showing me that they had finished their appeal. Ash and I heard Vivian call out names onto the stage and she acted like she was about to call us off the list of showing our appeals. Soon she turned towards the entrance and saw Ash and I running onto the stage.

“Well let’s welcome our last two coordinators to show us their wonderful moves!” Vivian started. “May Maple and Ash Ketchum!”

“Okay time to shine Inferna…” Ash started but was interrupted when Pikachu jumped down from Ash’s shoulder and on to the stage.

“Guess it’s time to depend on luck.” I whispered to myself. “Delcatty take the stage!” I called out as my pokemon was released from its pokeball.

“Now what?” Ash whispered to me as the Solidad and her crew of judges and Vivian and the crowd waited for us to make a move.

“I will just use Assist and you use one of Pikachu’s moves that will go good with it.” I whispered back.

“You rely on luck too much.” Ash replied.

“Like we have a better plan.” I whispered back. “Now Delcatty, use assist!” I called out.

“Delcatty!” my prim pokemon called out as it summoned rain onto the field.

“Thunder Pikachu!” Ash called out in a slight worried tone. Acting like he didn’t know what he was doing.

“Use shadow ball into the thunder!” I called out to Delcatty.

Both pokemon followed our orders and as soon thunder hit Delcatty’s shadow ball and soon broke into a huge fire work display. The crowd cheered on how much they seem to like the display but we knew we had to wrap up the appeal soon.

“Run around in a circle while using volt tackle!” Ash called out.

“Assist Delcatty!” I called out as I was relying on luck once more. Soon Delcatty used Silver wind right into Pikachu’s volt tackle tornado making it slowly turn smaller and as soon it was gone small sparkles floated in the air showing Delcatty’s and Pikachu’s beauty and power.

“All right!” Ash and I both cheered as we both high fived each other. In my excitement I went to embrace Ash but was interrupted when we heard the crowd cheer on how much they loved our appeal.

“What combinations!” Vivian praised. “Now to our judges!” Vivian added on as she pointed towards the panel of judges.

“Remarkable.” One of the judges commented.

“A beautiful display of electric moves and luck.” Nurse joy complimented

“I haven’t seen such combinations like that. Relying on luck shows how much you trust each and how big your friendship is to each other. Fantastic job.” Solidad praised as she stood up and clapped and soon the other judges and the crowd applauded the two of us.

“Thank you!” Ash and I said simultaneously as we waved our hands into the air with huge smiles on our faces.

As I waved to the crowd on how glad everybody liked Ash’s and I appeal I thought to myself on what Solidad told the both of us.

“…shows how much you trust each and how big your friendship is to each other...”​

I never thought for one second before that what Solidad was true. I never thought that while hiding my true self to Ash that we were starting to trust each other and start a new bond of friendship between us.

“Maybe starting all over isn’t all bad.” I thought to myself as Ash and I walked off the stage to join the others.

End of chapter.


This is my first post in about a month in which I was planning to review ealier.

Some really nice Advanceshipping moments especially in the last chapter so far. The development of the shipping scenes seems to be good in terms of Advanceshipping, but I find that at times the Contestshipping is thrown in as an after thought and that May seems to be having a deep conection with Ash and then suddenly it is a Contestshipping scene and what happened previously is all forgotten and that she only has feelings for Drew, maybe you could put more doubt into May's thoughts.

I don't like Drew but there must be continuity between a character's thoughts between scenes, wheather it be with Drew or Ash, May must have some confusion in her mind.

Still a very good fic and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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Rating PG

Chapter nine

Ash and I soon came running into the waiting room with all our rivals waiting for the results to come in. Dawn was the only one that came to Ash and I with a huge smile across her face as she came to embrace me in a friendly way.

"What an appeal you too!" the young blue hair coordinator cheered for Ash and I. "I could never think such combinations." Dawn added with a smile.

"Thanks." Ash and I both replied.

"Now for the results!" Vivian called out as her face was shown of the television above us place on the wall. Soon blue cards appeared on the screen and choose their spots as each blue card started to flip showing on the other side on which coordinators who was going into the next round. I held my hands like somebody else was holding it and tightened by grip, praying that I would advance into the next round.

One by one they showed how was going to advance, Drew, Harley, Dawn and Kenny had already got into the next round as their faces were already shown on the screen. I wait patiently for Ash and I to get in since there were only four spots left. I closed my eyes and started to pray and opened my eyes much later and saw Ash and I had advance to the next round.

"Yes!" I cheered. "We all made it!"

"Alright!" Dawn cheered as we both did a high five together. Soon I turned around to Ash with Pikachu on his shoulder. "Right Pikachu?!" I smiled.

"Pika!" Pikachu replied as he leaped into my arms. Even Pikachu was a pokemon he to still had a heart, I knew he was just as badly affected when Ash forgot who he was. I thought to myself why Pikachu didn't greet me when we first saw each other back earlier. As much he wanted to greet me he knew he had to play along like the rest of us in the room.

"I'm glad we all got in." Kenny added as he raised he voiced slightly higher so the group could focus his attention on him.

"More like good for us and not for you rookies." Drew replied. "We have been doing this longer than you have so don't expect you going to beat us easy."

"It's the skill that counts here, not experience." Kenny replied.

"This is like watching children fighting." Mimi complained as she entered the room as she turned to Dawn, Ash and me. "Do you know who you are fighting up against yet?" Mimi asked the three of us.

"They should show the results right now." Ash replied to Mimi as we quickly looked up at the television ahead of us as we heard Vivian's voice called out of the television.

"Here are the results!" Vivian called out into her standing microphone as she showed the result of who was against whom in the next round.

Once more the blue cards move around the screen and soon took their places. When every card was still each card started to flip over showing which coordinator was up against whom. Ash and I saw our faces show up first and soon followed was Drew and Harley. The four of us turned around so we all could face each other.

I felt my heart wanted to burst out of my chest. I placed my hand over it to calm its beat down. Each time I look or let my mind think of Drew my heart starts to race.

"I can't do this." I whispered to Mimi as I turned around and faced the door.

"What do you mean?" Mimi asked as she whispered back to me.

"I can't explain it well but I think I'm afraid to verse Drew in the next round." I replied.

Mimi grabbed my arm and we both walked to the entrance of door, leaving the others talking among themselves.

"Afraid?" Mimi asked. "Drew has been your rival for more than two years and now you decided you're afraid to fight him?"

"Back then I never felt this way before." I replied.

"That means…" Mimi thought to herself and soon added. "You like Drew so much that you are afraid to verse him next round."

"I…" I replied but was interrupted when Mimi soon continued.

"That's bad then." Mimi added. "What if you beat Drew and Harley, Dawn and Kenny and you had to verse Ash? Would you back out? Are you afraid that there will be a time where you have to verse Ash?"

"I know but…" I replied right after and thought to myself. "I'm such a coward!" I cried as I ran right out of the waiting room.


Night soon covered the area as I sat on an old hollow tree trunk place near the edge of the river. Since the grand festival was held on the east side of Mount Silver, water could still move like as if it was on ground. I hugged myself for warmth with my arms while I was wearing my pink and green coat.

"You shouldn't be out here at this time of night." A voice called to me and I soon recognized it was Drew's.

"Like you care." I replied in an arrogant tone.

"Anybody would worry about you after you ran out of the contest hall like that." Drew added.

"Well I'm sorry I made you worried." I said right after in a sarcastic tone of voice as I moved my eyes to his direction. "Just because I acted like that doesn't mean I will go easy on you tomorrow."

"Am I only going to be seen as your rival only?" Drew asked me, a question that didn't relate to my last statement. "Well?"

I stood up and closed my eyes and opened them soon after with my answer.

"If we ever had a relationship together Drew." I began. "I think our rivalry is in the way for us to have a proper relationship." I added.

I turned around and started to make my way back when I saw Mimi running away from the pokecenter. She kept looking left and right like she didn't want to be found. She kept on running not anywhere on the east side but the west side.

"That's Mimi!" I called out to Drew and I quickly turned around to face him. "We have to follow her!"

"You sure change the way you act to people pretty fast." Drew muttered as I grabbed his hand and quickly followed Mimi to the west side of the mountain.

We tried to not move quickly through the snow or make too much noise since that it would make Mimi notice Drew and I. Soon Drew and I were heading into the west side of the mountain. The wind picked up quickly and the fog got thicker as well, we could see Mimi still ahead of us, like she knew the place well that the weather didn't seem to affect her at all. The weather got harsher that I soon felt onto my knees and saw Mimi running ahead until the fog and wind made it hard for me to see her anymore. I felt Drew's hands on my waist as he helped me get onto my feet once more.

"It's too dangerous to go any further!" Drew yelled as it was hard to hear him if he was talking in his normal tone of voice as he pointed towards a cave. "That's victory road!" Drew added. "It either leads to the elite four or the two trainers' right at the top."

"What about Mimi?" I called back. "What if she went up to verse the two trainers, we need to help her!" I added as I ran into the cave with Drew tagging along behind me.

"May, I'm more worried about you!" Drew called out as I looked back and saw like he should have kept that last sentence of his to himself.

"You care for me?" I asked in a confused tone. "Cause I…" I added until we heard quick footsteps right behind Drew and I.

"Feelings are for the weak." A determined voice called above us as Drew and I turned around to face the sound. "Are you here to challenge us?"

The girl that was demanding the question to us had a brunette hair, teal top, red skirt, white hat with half a pokeball designed and place in the middle of the hat, long white socks and red shoes. I admire that she could wear such a summer outfit in an area like this.

"Answer me!" She demanded. Her voice had the tone like she has queen of the area.

"Answer us before we do." Another voice added in but was more of a boy's tone of voice.

The boy how added in had a red hat with his black hair covering most of his face with only his right eye visible, with the front with white and a gold medal piece stuck on the top right of his cap. He was wearing a red vest with the shoulders that had white and a black singlet and blue jeans with shoes to match.

"I don't want to wait any longer." The boy added as he placed a poke ball in his palm.

"We are not here for a battle!" Drew demanded. "We are here to look for my friend's friend, Mimi!"

"Looks like we got our answer." The brunette smiled with a cheeky looked place on her face.

"But that doesn't mean we would let you go." The boy laughed. "We challenge anyone we meet face to face."

I looked around me. There I was about to face one of the strongest trainers in Johto with wild weather right at the entrance and my partner was going to be my opponent tomorrow in the semi-finals in the grand festival. I sighed on the fact that my life was getting much worse, like my love life wasn't bad enough.

"Wait." The girl added. "I know these two."

"You do?" the boy in the red cap asked.

"I have heard them with the last trainers we fought. They are coordinators, not trainers. They are not worth our time."

"True." The boy added. "Coordinators are a poor excuse to be called pokemon trainers." The boy ended with a slight mocking laugh. "All they can do is make their pokemon dance on a small stage, Its entertainment, not coordinating."

"Since your coordinators we will let you pass." The girl added. "Now leave before we change our minds."

"Why you…" Drew muttered while grinding his teeth together. "Mocking us like they're the best."

I grabbed Drew's hand and looked deep into his eyes.

"This isn't the time to raise your temper up Drew." I said. "Be glad they are letting us go, Lyra only got to beat three out of six of the boy's pokemon. Two of them are much harder." I suggested.

Drew nodded back in a response that he agreed to what I had just said and looked back at the two trainers mocking the two of us because we were coordinators and not pokemon trainers. Soon he looked back at me and nodded once more as a sign that it was time for us to leave.

"Hey you two!" the girl's voice called us as we looked over our shoulders to see what they want from us. "Good luck." She replied as herself and the boy disappeared right in front of us.

We both looked at each other with confused looks on our faces. Soon I looked at the weather ahead of us. The weather didn't look like it had calm down at all but instead had got much worse.

"We can't head back in this kind of weather." Drew suggested.

"But the others will worry about us." I quickly added.

"Well it was your idea to come into this place. I just came because I… you dragged my here." Drew replied with a slight blush across his face.

I didn't reply but instead sighed and sat on the dry, cold cave floor. I knew he was right and we didn't have a choice but to stay in the cave for the night. I placed my hand into my green bag placed on my waist and grabbed a pokeball and there it into the air. Soon the bright light hit the ground, forming the shape of my pokemon, Blaziken. Soon Drew knew what I was doing and send out a few of his pokemon in search of object we could use to help lit up the fire. Soon Drew came back with handful of objects and I soon told my Blaziken to use Fire blast to create fire to keep Drew and I warm.

Soon the sun set behind us and night came upon us. The weather didn't change as the wind howled and enter the cave at times. My eyes were starting to close as I blinked many times to stay awake but soon I couldn't help it but to lie near the fire and close my eyes. I couldn't sleep well since my hair was in my face but was solved when something moved it out of the way.

But I was too tried to open my eyes that know who it was or what did it.

If it was either the wind or Drew.

But my heart told me it was my long lasting rival, Drew. That helped me to sleep that night much better.

End of chapter.
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Shippings in this chapter: Pearlshipping, Contestshipping, Advanceshipping

Rating PG (K+)

Chapter ten

“Ash, do you love me?” I asked in a soft voice.

“May?” Ash replied. “Why are you asking me this?” The young pokemon trainer replied to me.

“Please give me an answer.” I begged. “I can’t hide my feelings towards you anymore.”

“I…” Ash began but was interrupted when a young girl with long blue hair came into the conversation out of nowhere.

“Tell her.” She simply demanded.

“May.” Ash began as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “I can’t love you anymore.”

“No…” I replied as my voice turned into cries of help. “Why?” I cried as I covered my face with my hands. Soon I lifted them away and saw Dawn and Ash gone from my sights as the fog around me got thicker. “Ash!” I yelled from the top of my lungs. “I’m the girl from your past, the missing girl you have been searching for; I’m the girl that has been in love with you for such a long time!” I yelled as I soon descended to my knees and cried a few more tears. And soon saw Ash ahead of me with holding Dawn’s hand. With the fog so thick it felt like they were hundreds feet away from me. The fog got thicker as I saw Ash’s face clearly for only a few seconds .he mouthed a few words to me that I didn’t get and his eyes started to water in them and soon faded from my sights.

“No….” I stated as I got onto my feet and ran to where Ash and Dawn were but as I did I felt like I was running around in circles since the scene wasn’t changing at all. “Don’t go please!” I yelled as I closed my eyes and when I opened them once more I found out I was out of a depressing nightmare and into reality.

I found around me that Mimi, Lyra and Kenny where looking down at me, I would guessed that I was lying down and must of heard me screaming help in my terrifying nightmare. I turned to my right and saw Drew right beside me. He had a slight worried look on his face but it still had the arrogant look as well.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I replied with a slight nod. “Did you guys hear anything?” I asked as I sat up and saw two people enter the cave with a blanket over their heads.

“No we didn’t.” Lyra replied. But those words felt they went in one ear and out the other as my eyes and my mind kept in focus of the two strangers that entered the cave and walking their way towards us. My eyes widen in shock as I found out it was Ash and Dawn holding hands like in my dream.

Was it already too late?

Was I trying to turn two ways at once?

I wiped my eyes quickly before anyone would notice. Soon I stopped when I saw Kenny’s face looking a little annoyed with Ash and Dawn holding hands.

“Sorry we took awhile.” Ash apologized. “We got kind of lost on our way here.” Ash smiled and soon saw me on the ground. He released his grip from Dawn’s and knelt down to me. “You okay?” He asked me.

I had the answer already in my mind but my lips wouldn’t move to say them. I tried many times but nothing came out. I placed my hand on my head as I started to get a heavy head and my sight was going all blurry. I saw Dawn knelt down beside Ash and placed her hand on my forehead.

“We better hurry.” Dawn panicked. “She has a really high fever.”

“What about the semi-finals today?” Mimi asked. “May is too sick to enter.”

“The…finals are…”I began as I had a hard time to think and speak. “…will be on…tonight. I will be…fine by…then.” I continued as I lost my balance and fell onto my back.

I tried to sit up again but my arms lost the ability and strength to do so, I felt my friends help me onto my feet and Ash carry me onto his shoulders. My arms soon gained slight energy to wrap them around Ash’s neck. My head got heavier and rested itself on Ash’s shoulder. I could feel my body and mind to drift off to sleep and my lips found it to move and speak words I didn’t know why I said them to begin with.

“One day I will tell you…about you and me.” I whispered in a low soft voice and closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.


I woke up once more in the room I was sharing with the girls. My head felt much lighter and I regain my vision. I looked around and saw the scene outside the window and saw it was still around morning.

“What happened?” I asked myself. “How did I get in here?” I added as I sat up and looked around me.

“Ash brought you here.” Dawn stated as she entered into the room. “You had such a high fever. We were all worried about you.”

“Sorry.” I smiled. “I didn’t mean to make you guys worry about me.”

“It’s alright. You’re okay now. That’s all it matters now.” Dawn smiled as she turned her back on me and was ready to leave me alone to get more rest.

“Dawn.” I questioned. “Why were you and Ash late and holding hands?”

Dawn still had her back facing towards me and I heard nothing for awhile that came from her lips. Her hands tighten and she looked over her shoulder.

“Can I tell you something?” She asked.

“Sure.” I nodded.

“I don’t know how to say this but…” the young coordinator added and soon continued. “I think im love with Ash.”

I felt like my heart had just beaten its last pulse. Like a gap between the sky and earth has been created between Dawn and I. I wanted to yell that she didn’t deserve him or that you had to do something with him forgetting his memory and for that she didn’t deserve Ash but me. I grabbed the sheet that covered my body and clenched my fist, like I was using the sheet as a stress ball. I looked down and saw tear drops crashing onto the sheets.

I was crying once more

I soon made myself stop and looked at Dawn. She has a confused reaction across her face. I knew that I shouldn’t be acting like this, that I should be happy for Dawn and that Ash would be in good hands with Dawn and that I shouldn’t be so selfish.

“I’m happy for you Dawn.” I replied as I forced myself to smile.

“Thanks May.” Dawn warmly smiled to me. “I’m going to go now. You should rest more for tonight.”

I nodded and watched Dawn walk out of the room and close the door behind her. When I knew she was gone I wiped my eyes to make sure I wouldn’t cry once more.

“I’m so stupid!” I cried as I slammed the the lamp onto the carpet, luckily it didn’t break. Items from the side table also fell onto the floor. I saw two most important objects, two that I didn’t expect to see.

A half pink and white contest ribbon.

And three red roses.​

I stood up and knelt down and ran my fingers down the stem of the three roses and felt no thorns. And I ran the back of my fingers down the gold center piece of the Terracotta ribbon. I soon decided to pick up both items and held them close to my chest.

“Who would have guessed?” I smiled and looked at both items in my hands. “These two people would care for me so much.” I looked at the three roses. I felt the soft red petals together forming such a beautiful flower. I thought deep and long as I looked at the roses.

“May do you know what it means when a boy gives you three red roses?” Mother asked me.

“What does it mean mommy?” I asked.

“They stand for “I love you.” She smiled.

“Drew…loves me?” I questioned myself. “Should I believe such a myth?” I thought. “This is Drew. He really never showed me any deep feelings for me.”

“And do you know what it means when you share one half with other person?” My mother added.

“What?” I asked.

“Well if that person keeps it until you meet again that means that you are very important to that person and he remembers everything you had shared with them.”

“Well Ash did keep it. He kept our memories until the accident but after that he still kept it find the missing girl because she is important to him.” I answered myself and soon a smiled grew on my face.


It’s coming back to me.

The tension of fear building up inside of you.

The sweat and negative thoughts building up into your mind. Making you want to quit and back out.

And making you live with the guilt for the rest of your life.

I don’t want to go through that again.

I opened my eyes and saw myself standing the the hallway and in front of me was a rich red curtain covering the entrance, hiding the contestants like myself. I walked over quietly and made a gap big enough for to peek and see what was happening around me. I saw every seat in the stands full with people in every age; from young to old. I even saw Mimi looking around herself and wondering when the event was going to start. Soon I saw Vivian enter the stage from another entrance. From the moment she walked on the crowd cheered her name and a few wolf whistles. I closed the gap and walked away and laid my back once again on the wall.

“Not again.” I told myself. “I’m getting nervous all over again.”

“Same here.” Drew added as I saw him walked down the hallway with Harley behind him. Soon he turned to me and soon asked. “Glad your okay because I really want to battle against you.”

“Typical Drew.” I thought to myself and smiled as I sweat dropped in response. Soon my mind thought of a question that I wanted to ask Drew. “Oh by the way.” I begun. “Why did you give three roses yesterday?”

“Why do you ask?” Drew asked.

“It’s well you normally give me one and…” I replied as I felt my face go red in the embarrassment my question I was about to ask. “You do know what three roses mean when you give them to somebody?”

“Well…um…I…” Drew answered back as his face went red also by the questioned I asked. Harley just stood behind with his back turned. My best guess he wanted to hear what we were talking and mock us later. “I do know what it means May.” Drew soon replied after thinking of a response for a long amount of time.

“Did you give them to me for the reason?” I asked once more.

Another blush quickly went across his face as he shifted his eyes away from mine and his scratched his head. I knew he was trying to avoid my question. I stopped leaning on the wall and got really close to Drew that we could see the colour of our eyes.

“Well?” I asked and I soon found out how close I was to Drew and also shifted my eyes away from him. “Sorry.” I apologized. “I shouldn’t pressure you about things like this.” As I turned around to find Ash, I saw him already there with Pikachu on his shoulder. He had a surprised and shocked look on his face. I was guessing that he had heard what Drew and I had talked about. He saw me looking towards him and quickly wiped it away with one of his warm smiles. I waved back and smiled back at Ash, and soon after I looked back at Drew who was following Harley who was already making their way to the stage. Drew looked over his shoulders.

“I only gave them to you for only one reason.” He stated and and walked out of the hallway and onto the stage with Harley.

“I know what three roses mean when you give them to somebody special to them.” Ash added as he walked to me and stood beside me. Soon he looked to me. “It stands for I love you.”

“I love you.”​

It felt like Ash said those words for me only. My heart skipped a few beats. I felt feelings like I did with Drew. I just wanted to smile and embrace Ash.

“I love you too.” I replied.

“You love me?” Ash asked in a confused manner.

“I mean I love you that you are my partner.” I smiled as embarrassment covered my face with a blush of red. “Now let’s go and get into the semi-finals!” I cheered as I tried to forget what I just told Ash.

“Yeah.” Ash smiled as he grabbed my hand and made me stop in my tracks as I looked into Ash’s eyes. “Together.”

“I…I…” I replied but my mind couldn’t think of anymore words to finish my sentence. Ever since Ash forgotten about his old self I was beginning to find a new side of him, he started think think about love which I never saw in him before, feelings to other people close to him and determination to find the missing pieces of himself, more than I ever saw him when I was travelling with him once before in my early days of coordinating.

“They may lose something they once had but they will always gain something new and that is what we must find out."​

“Guess Mimi was right in the end after all.” I thought to myself as I smiled back at Ash and we both walked onto the stage.


End of chapter.
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I haven't had a review in awhile. is my fic that bad that nobody reviews anymore?

Shippings Advanceshipping

Rating PG

Chapter eleven

“Glaceon Ice Beam now!” I commanded as I pointed towards Drew’s Flygon.

“Use Flamethrower at that ice beam Flygon!” Drew replied to his dragon and ground type pokemon.

“Needle Arm onto Garchomp Cacturn!” Harley called to his own pokemon.

“Intercept with Dragon Claw Garchomp!” Ash yelled.

Glaceon opened its mouth as a teal colour ball started to expand in its mouth and within seconds it quickly flashed into a thick teal beam aiming to Drew’s Flygon as it opened its own mouth and released a scorching fire type attack. Both moves collided and created sparks when the both ran into each other. Soon both of our pokemon couldn’t take it and stopped their attacks and both just glared each other in the eyes, I even heard Glaceon growl at Drew’s Flygon. Both our points when down but it wasn’t a lot for us to both worry about.

After that Harley’s Cacturn started to gain speed as it was ready to land a melee attack on Ash’s Garchomp. Cacturn got so close but Ash’s Garchomp still didn’t use Dragon Claw on him yet. I wanted to yell at Ash so wake him up to do at least something.

“Now Garchomp!” Ash yelled. “Use it now!”

Ash’s Garchomp lowered its arms and released it and collided with Cacturn’s needle arm attack. Both where pushing each other forward and back with the arms still together, soon Ash’s Garchomp found the power inside and pushed Cacturn back. Reducing Drew and Harley’s points and making Ash and I in the lead.

“Alright.” We both cheered.

“It’s not over yet.” Harley added with a confident tone in his voice. “Sandstorm!”

Soon out of nowhere a sandstorm quickly covered the stage. It didn’t seem to bother any other pokemon other than my own Glaceon. It was so strong that Glaceon had a hard time to keep its own eyes open.

“Flamethrower again Flygon!” Drew called out.

Flygon opened its mouth once more and released a powerful flamethrower right at my Glaceon. I could heat Glaceon scream of pain when the fire attack landed on her.

“Glaceon!” I cried. “If this keeps up, Glaceon won’t last long.” I thought to myself and I turned to Ash and he looked back.

“It’s best if you use Hail so at least Glaceon will be able to attack.” Ash suggested.

“Yeah.” I nodded and looked back at Glaceon. “Hail now Glaceon!” I commanded.

Glaceon soon flicked its eyes open and was surprised when Harley’s Cacturn was about to use Fire punch on Glaceon. Glaceon quickly slide to dodge the attack and was now right side by side, right next to Garchomp. Soon Glaceon used the attack and hail replaced the viscous sandstorm that once covered the stage. Drew and Harley looked like that didn’t mind their pokemon getting hit by the hail falling onto them.

“Protect Cacturn!” Harley commanded.

“And now use Earthquake.” Drew added.

A light transparent shield covered Cacturn as Flygon flew up into midair and was quickly going to land onto the ground.

“Glaceon jump onto Garchomp’s back!” I quickly called out.

“Now run up to Flygon and Cacturn using Dragon Claw quickly!” Ash added as he knew that Flygon was about to use Earthquake on both our pokemon.

Garchomp quickly ran up and soon its feet started to leave the ground as its claws started to glow white. Garchomp stretched its arms out and held them in a “X” position, like if was about to use X-scissor. And before Cacturn could reply with an attack Garchomp had already attack it with a powerful Dragon Claw. Cacturn got strikes right at the chest. Cacturn tried to stand on its feet but couldn’t hold the pain and soon fainted. I could hear the crowd go “Oooh, Ahhh” at each move we decided to take. Even Vivian couldn’t help but to join and add ad few of her comments behind.

“Jump into the air and use Ice Beam right at Flygon.” I added.

Glaceon jumped into the air and was once again read to unleash a powerful ice beam attack when suddenly Drew told his pokemon to use Shadow Claw right onto Glaceon. Flygon’s speed was faster that mine own so it was the first one to strike. Glaceon was falling onto the ground but before it did, Glaceon was able to release Ice beam before it did. My eyes filled with water when I saw Glaceon hit the stage hard. I saw how hard Glaceon tried to get up but soon fainted. Now it was a one on one battle with Ash’s Garchomp and Drew’s Flygon. I looked up and saw Drew’s Flygon had ice covered on its left wing. Flygon soon decided to land on the ground since half its wing was covered in ice.

“It’s up to you know Ash.” I muttered as I returned Glaceon into its pokeball.

“I promise I won’t let us…I mean you down.” Ash smiled.

“Thank you.” I replied and added a smile at the end.

“Now then.” Ash begun. “Let’s win this by using Dragon Claw once more!” Ash told his pokemon.

“Do the same Flygon!” Drew added.

As both pokemon ran up to each other I looked up onto the clock and saw the timer had just got into two minutes and that the points were dead even. Fears started to enter my mind that we weren’t going to pass and beat Drew and Harley. Two of my most powerful rivals I have been fighting against since I started this career. I looked back and saw both pokemon fighting hard; it was more of a test of strength rather who was going into the next round.

“Flamethrower right into Garchomp’s face.” Drew commanded.

And right after that Flygon obeyed to Drew’s calling and used the fire type move right into Garchomp’s face which made it close its eyes, that gave the advantage to Flygon and right after Flygon used Shadow Claw right onto Garchomp, both moves reduced our points and with only under a minute left.

“Garchomp!” Ash cried as he saw his dragon pokemon as it got hit badly. “We can’t lose now!” Ash called out to his pokemon, encouraging it not to give up. Lucky it worked and it made Garchomp determined not to lose.

“Dragon breath now Flygon.” Drew commanded his own pokemon.

“Dodge it and use Sword Dance.” Ash added.

Flygon used Dragon breath right after but Garchomp dodged the attack and soon started to spin in circles showing he was using Sword Dance. I looked upon the clock once more and only had thirty seconds remaining and our points were still behind. I looked into Ash and saw how focused he was.

“What are you up to Ash?” I asked myself and watched the battle once more.

“Draco Meteor!” Ash yelled to Garchomp as it had just finished using Sword Dance. It opened its mouth and soon created a reddish orange ball, Garchomp aimed right at Flygon and the ball headed its way but since it was slow flygon could easily dodge the attack, so Garchomp used one of its claws to hit the ball and made smoke cover the area. Most of the crowd laughed and some went quite.

“Stupid. “ Drew mocked.

“Really?” Ash asked in a confident tone. “Now Garchomp, do it once more!”

Flygon looked around its area but couldn’t see Garchomp around and neither did I. Soon Garchomp appeared right above Flygon with a reddish orange ball in it mouth and soon used Draco Meteor right into Flygon’s face. The smoke got thicker and the timer went off, telling the four of us that the match was over. Everybody in the stage waited for the smoke subsided and when it did all of us were shocked with the result.

“And the winners are Ash and May!” Vivian called out to the crowd. Soon the crowd cheered right after Vivian called out the winners.

“We did it…” I smiled and looked at Ash. Water grew in my again, but they weren’t tears of sadness, but joy. I finally was able to get into the semi-finals. I looked at Ash and he gave a sigh of relief that we got into the semi-finals. We both knew how hard the battle was against Drew’s and Harley’s pokemon. I embraced Ash in joy and started to cry tear of joy.

“We did it.” I cried in tears of joy and soon looked right into Ash’s face. It had a huge smile on it as well.

“Yes we did.” He smiled. “Together we will get into the finals.”

“Yes…Together.” I smiled as I quickly gave him a quick peck on the cheek, hoping nobody would see it. I smiled and soon saw that a red blush across his face. It was only now did I realize that my heart had found its source to beat a pulse everyday with a reason with each one. My confidence suddenly grew in me; I had my old self once more. I didn’t know how long it would last but I thought it was time to use it while it lasted. I mouthed a few words which expressed how I felt towards Ash. I could see Ash reacted with shock but soon smiled. He mouthed words back and smile with me.

Soon we stopped embracing each other and walked onto the stage with Drew and Harley. Harley looked a little annoyed but Drew had a smile on his face, not a happy one but a satisfied one instead, like he enjoyed battling. The last time Drew and Ash battled against each other was early back in Hoenn.

“Ash.” Drew begun as he got his hand out in a position of a handshake. “I haven’t had a battle like that for a long time. I was glad I was able to battle with you, even we lost, I was glad all of us gave it our all.” Drew added.

“Yeah.” Ash replied as he accepted the handshake. The crowd cheered once more as the four of us looked at each other with acceptance that the battle we all witness was a great one indeed.


I gaze at the endless night sky, its colour stretching many miles far from me. Its stars in many shapes and colours scattered across the thick night blue sky, the wind gently blowing across my face and through my hair. I had a smile across my face. It didn’t seem to fade away since Ash and I got into the semi finals. I was in the room I was sharing with the rest of the girls, I was all alone as the other girls were somewhere around the poke center. I heard a knock on the door which interrupted my admiration of the night garden in front of me. I turned around and saw Ash. I was confused why he was here since we didn’t have any plan until tomorrow morning.

“Ash?” I asked in confusion. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to know what you said to me earlier.” He replied.

“I said thank you.” I smiled.

“Oh…” Ash said in rather disappointment.

“Why did I say anything wrong?” I asked.

“I just want to talk to you about something and someone.” Ash stated as he stood by the door. “It’s about Dawn.”

“Dawn?” I asked. I thought to myself if it was time to spill my secret with Dawn and tell him that she liked him too. But instead I decided to keep quiet about it.

“I had been having deep feelings about somebody close to me. And I don’t know how to say it to her.”

“Feelings? As in love?” I asked in confusion.

“Ah…umm. Sort of like that.” Ash quickly replied as he looked at the hallway making sure nobody could hear the conversation.

I laughed and soon added. “So who is the lucky girl?” and soon Ash came next to me and sat by my side. He pulled out a white rose from behind his back. The white rose sparkled with glimmer of hope and happiness.

“Would you believe me if that girl was you?” He asked.

I couldn’t help but to grow a blush right across my face with embarrassment. My heart was beating so fast I felt it was ready to beat right out of my chest. My best guess it was ready to catch up with reality. I couldn’t think or speak any words to reply, I wanted somebody to pinch me if this was a dream.

“Yes.” I stated. “I believe I am.” I smiled as I closed my eyes and soon opened them and out I was all alone once more. “Guess it was a dream after all.” I sighed and looked outside. “I dream way too much.” Soon a heard a knock once more on my door, I looked over my shoulder and saw it was Ash. I sighed that my dream was coming true and that this was going to be a long cycle of rejection.

“Hey.” Ash greeted. “Great job with Glaceon.” Ash complimented.

“Same with your Garchomp.” I replied. “I didn’t know you raised your pokemon so well.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot to ask. What did you really say earlier?” Ash asked.

“I said thank you.” I replied in an annoyed tone.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Fine. Just tried.” I lied. I was annoyed that Ash asked me the same question even the first one was only in a dream.

“Well you better rest. You know who we are up against tomorrow.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Goodnight Ash.” I replied.

“Same to you.” Ash replied as he walked out of the room and I followed only to close the door behind him. We waved to each other as he went to his room. When I closed the door I heard a soft object fall onto the floor. I turned around and found a white rose lying on the floor. Just like my day dream earlier. I picked it up and it had the sparkled with glimmer of hope and happiness, like in my dream. I could smell its pleasant scent. I closed my eyes and soon open them and saw the white rose still placed in my hands.

Then suddenly I thought back at when Ash and I advanced to the semi-finals. I quickly opened the door and looked down the hallway and saw Ash was gone. My best guess he went into his room.

“I said thank you.”​

My mind thought the words I said towards Ash. If I said thank you, then what did Ash say back to me?

Did he say thank you as well?

Or was it the words I thought was impossible for him to say?

End of chapter
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I just wanted you to know that there are probably more people reading your fic than you think. I think it is very well made, even though you seem to make some grammar mistakes a little too often, like here:

“We did it…” I smiled and looked at Ash. Water grew in my again, but they weren’t tears of sadness, but joy. I finally was able to get into the semi-finals. I looked at Ash and he gave a sigh of relief that we got into the semi-finals. We both knew how hard the battle was against Drew’s and Harley’s pokemon. I embraced Ash in joy and started to cry tear of joy.

It should be "tears of joy" if i'm not mistaken, and saying "joy" twice in the same sentence sounds a bit too repetitive.

There were other mistakes too, and you should look for them and fix them if you have time.

Aside from the grammar mistakes, the story is excellent, and I really hope you finish it!!! :)


Nice story you have going on here. though the grammar mistakes are... few...? besides those, pretty good anyways. keep it up!


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thanks guys. i should have more faith in me. anyway im in a rush right now, so if accidendly do a double post, i will fix it when i get home.



Shippings in this chapter: Advanceshipping. Contestshipping, Slight Pearlshipping

Rating: M?

Chapter twelve

"Pilpup use Bubblebeam!" Dawn called out to her water type pokemon.

"Pil!" Pilpup replied as it opened its beak and started to spin its body around in circles released a huge amount of bubbles.

"Dodge and use Secret power Glaceon!" I commanded to my newest evolved pokemon.

Glaceon replied and started to run up to get speed and soon it's body started to glow pink and with the speed it gained by running up before, Glaceon landed a powerful melee attack right on Pilpup. Pilpup slid on the ground from the attack and soon got up quickly but had a hard time to stand up. I knew right after than secret power just didn't did damage on Pilpup but also paralyzed it. Dawn's points decreased with only four minutes and fifteen seconds remaining.

Glaceon and I didn't waste any more time and I soon called out to Glaceon to use the move Ice shard right at Pilpup while it was still paralyzed after the last attack we did on it. Pilpup covered its face as Ice shards landed on it. Now the timer had just under four minutes left as Dawn's points decreased even more.

"Roll into the water!" Dawn quickly replied, knowing that her Pilpup was in trouble.

"Pil." Pilpup nodded as it forced its small body to roll into the water.

Glaceon landed where Pilpup once was and glared and waited for Pilpup to come out as our friends waited for the next move by the stands. Soon Pilpup jumped out of the water and that was sign that Pilpup was cured from paralyzed we landed on it. Dawn called out to Pilpup while it was still in midair to use whirlpool while Glaceon got into a position as if it was ready to pounce on Pilpup. Pilpup opened its beak once more and released a huge whirlpool, I was amazed on how Pilpup could control such a huge whirlpool and its water control as well. Soon Pilpup moved its arms forward towards Glaceon and soon the huge whirlpool was heading our way.

"Mirror coat now Glaceon!" I yelled.

"Glaa." Glaceon simply replied as its body started to glow an orange aura around it.

The whirlpool made a direct hit on mirror coat. Glaceon withstand its power and returned towards Pilpup with the power times two, dealing even more damage. Pilpup's whirlpool attack went straight back to it and the small water type pokemon bounced back to its trainer, Dawn. Pilpup quickly got up and it didn't look very pleased. Dawn called out it to use bubble beam once more as it was running towards us. The attack landed on Glaceon before I could think a move to either dodge it or intercept it. My points went down as I looked up at the clock and only saw that 3 minutes was nearly up.

"Shadow ball Glaceon!" I called out.

"Spin and dodge Pilpup!" Dawn quickly replied.

Glaceon opened its mouth and released a ghost type attack that had the colours of black and purple on it and shaped of a ball and right at Pilpup's direction but Pilpup jumped up and spin and dodge the attack, like Dawn told it should do.

"Great move." I complimented Dawn as I looked down and saw a puddle of water. "But now I will take that water!" I called out. "Secret power!" I added.

Pilpup landed right on the puddle of water and Glaceon once more and landed a direct attack on Pilpup. I chose to use secret power on water since it could include sleep, if not, it was just like using tackle. Dawn lost even more points as the countdown of two minutes begun. Dawn called out to Pilpup to spin in the air and land on the ground. Pilpup agreed and spin in the air before landing onto the stage once more.

"Shadow ball once more!" I told my Ice type pokemon.

Glaceon followed my orders and released shadow ball into the air and Glaceon jumped and hit the ball with its own paws to gain more speed and power.

"Destroy it with Bubblebeam!" Dawn added.

"Pil!" Pilpup replied as it released more bubbles to eliminate Glaceon's shadow ball. A few of the bubbles soon surrounded my Glaceon and started to attack it.

"Now use peck!" Dawn added.

"Dodge it!" I quickly stated. "Now use Ice shard!"

"Use Whirlpool as a shield!" Dawn yelled.

Pilpup quickly used whirlpool of avoid getting hit from Ice shard. The move work and ice shard didn't land at Pilpup at all. I lost a few more points as now the timer showed there was only less than a minute left. Dawn commanded her only water type to use whirlpool once more and ride on it. I told my Glaceon to use Shadow ball on it but Dawn told Pilpup to jump off quickly. Soon the ghost type attack hit the whirlpool without Pilpup on it. Water lifted up from the stage covering where Pilpup was and before I knew where it was Pilpup came through it and use Bubblebeam right on Glaceon. I continued to lose more points as there was only forty five seconds left on the clock.

I repeated my words as I told Glaceon to use shadow ball, hoping my plan would work. Dawn countered with making Pilpup use peck on the attack. I smiled as my plan had worked .the ball spread into a thick wall of purple as I knew Dawn and Pilpup would stand there, thinking of what to do next.

"Ice shard!" I quickly demanded.

Soon shards of ice came through the wall and I heard Pilpup voice which told me it was a direct hit. Dawn's lost points from the attack with only thirty five seconds left. We both complemented each other and soon Dawn made the first move of using whirlpool once more. I knew that one more move would do the trick, so I commanded my Glaceon to use mirror move, but this time I saw Glaceon struggle and soon Glaceon gave up and both Pilpup and Glaceon got hit. Both pokemon landed at our feet as the timer stopped. We both looked up and saw the results. Vivian called out the name of the winner.

And the name that was called wasn't mine, but Dawn's.

Dawn had a huge reaction when she won, like she couldn't believe that she beat somebody who had been doing coordinating longer than her. Glaceon sighed in disappointment and I walked over to her and patted it to cheer Glaceon up.

"It's alright." I started. "You did great."

And soon we both said congratulation each other and I soon left the stage to get changed. As I walked into my room and sat on the chair and started to cry, I kept telling myself that I should be glad that Dawn won but inside of me told me differently.

"It should if been me." I muttered and soon thought for awhile. "I shouldn't be thinking like this." I told myself as I wiped my tears away. "I shouldn't think so selfish. Dawn won it fair and square."

"You did great out there." A voice congratulated me. I looked over my shoulder and saw it was Ash standing near the door with Pikachu on his shoulder.

"Did you hear what I just said?" I asked.

"All of it." Ash replied. "But it's alright to think like that. I mean when we lost sometimes we feel like it should have been us that should have won." Ash added as he placed his hand on my shoulder. "Don't be so mean on yourself."

"Even since I went to Johto by myself, winning contest started to become a blur to me." I stated. "So I thought coming here and seeing you and Brock might give me the confidence I need to start winning again."

"May." Ash begun as I looked and turned around to face him. "I still think you're great even if you win or lose."

"Really?" I asked as I stood up as a felt happiness and joy growing inside of me that I couldn't hold it anymore and soon embraced Ash. "Thank you." I added. "I'm so glad I have a friend like you around."

"I'm glad I have a friend like you around as well May." Ash added as he embraced me as well.

I opened my eyes and looked around and saw I was in bed. Lyra and Dawn were fast asleep in their own beds. I saw Mimi walk in ready to sleep as well. She had a curious face on why I was awake.

"You okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine." I replied as I stood up from bed and got my pink and green coat from the coat hanger.

"Where are you going?" Mimi asked.

"I'm going to get something to eat." I replied as I opened my yellow backpack and pulled out two instant noodle packs. "I will be back soon. Don't wait for me." I asked to Mimi and she soon replied with a simple nod and went to bed as I walked out.


"Here." I said as I handed Ash a mug of instant noodles who was sitting outside the pokecenter on a bench.

"Thanks." Ash replied as he accepted the mug as I soon sat right next to Ash. "You know this is my favorite food."Ash said to break the silence between us.

"I know." I replied in my thoughts and soon broke out and acted like I never knew. "Really?" I asked in shock, pretending I never knew. "It's my favorite food as well." I smiled and soon silence grew between us once more. I soon decided that maybe this was a good time to ask or tell Ash about his past and that I was the missing girl from his past. "Ash, can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" he asked back.

"What if I was the missing girl from your past? How would you react?"

Ash replied in silence and looked up at the starry night sky, with each star glowing at different rates, some brighter than the others while others started to fade away and disappearing into the thick blue night sky. Ash soon looked back and me before replying to my question.

"I would be angry at you for not telling me earlier." Ash answered back.

"But do you ever think why I would hide the truth from you for such a long time?" I asked as I felt myself getting angry but soon calmed myself down and continued. "I mean if I told you when we first met, you wouldn't believe me. I knew the risks that were involved each day that past. I mean imagine that pain I could be holding, imagine how hard it would be not telling you earlier. Have you tried to think how badly I would have wanted to tell you that I was the girl from your past?"

"But did you ever think how I would deal with it? A person that really means a lot to me hides the truth from me a day longer. When I think about it now, it feels like you're only protecting yourself and hiding longer for not telling me." Ash replied back to me.

"But the question is will you believe me? Will you trust me and will the friendship we share now will be the same after I tell you?" I asked.

Ash didn't reply right after and silence grew around us once more. I had enough with talking with Ash and made me upset. If only I had the courage to tell him I was that girl we were talking about. He doesn't know the fear that grows inside of me each day. He doesn't know that what I'm doing isn't for me but my friends as well. They knew that sending Ash to Johto was their last option.

They wanted the old Ash as much as I did.

I soon started to make my way into the pokecenter when I heard words coming from Ash's lips.

"My question is do you know how it feels to live in a world you don't know that you once knew?" Ash asked.

That question made me stop in my own tracks and made me close my eyes and sighed afterwards. I soon open them once more with my answer.

"Yes." I replied and walked into the white and red building.

As I walked into the building I didn't hear any footsteps or word begin muttered through his lips. My best guess was that he was thinking more to himself about the conversation we just had. I walked a few steps more until I was near Drew's room. I saw the door was open and peeks through and saw a bag full of items. I pushed the door more and saw Drew was already packing his stuff. I knew what that meant.

"What are you doing?" I asked. Just making sure that my answer in my head was wrong.

"I'm going back home." Drew replied back to me as he zipped his bag up. He looked at me and saw that I felt sad for him going. I knew I shouldn't act like a little girl and his father leaving. Normally I was happy when Drew was leaving.

But this time it was different.

"Can you please not go?" I asked which was more of a beg than a question.

"Not go?" Drew asked in confusion. "Why?" He added as his threw his bag over his shoulder.

"Because..." I begun and thought for awhile and soon answered. "I need you."

"May..." Drew asked but the question soon faded. "What happened?"

"I nearly told Ash who I was to him." I responded. "I asked what would happen if I told him and he said he would be angry." I looked at the ground and wiped my eyes. "Is not telling Ash not who I am a bad thing? Am I beginning to be a bad friend to him and to the others by lying for the right reasons?" I asked as I felt water run down my cheeks and was about to wipe them away when Drew dropped his bag and walked to me and held my hand and stopped me.

"Sometimes people do the wrong things for the right reasons, but that doesn't make them a bad person." Drew replied. "Guess I should stay awhile longer until the grand festival is over. I think you still need a friend around."

"Thank you." I replied as I embraced Drew and soon Drew did the same to me.


"Ahhh, my hair is in a mess!" Dawn panicked as she quickly grabbed a brush and brushed her hair even more.

"Dawn there really isn't any need to panic." I sweat dropped. "We are meant to make our pokemon shine, not ourselves." I added.

"Still." Dawn quickly replied as she was too focused making herself look good than listen to me.

"That's Dee Dee." Kenny teased. Dawn quickly looked at him and growled at him. I laughed at how the two treated each other. Kenny laughed as well and we both soon decided to leave and wait for her in the hallway. I patted my head and soon found out that I forgot to put my ribbon on my head. I told Kenny that I would meet with him later as I walked back to get my ribbon I left in Dawn's room but was it interrupted when I heard Ash and Dawn talking to each other.

"You look unhappy." Dawn asked in a much calmer tone than the last time I checked with her.

"I had a talk with May last night about the missing girl in my past. After we talked I felt guilty because I think I made her sad." Ash responded back.

"I know May well enough to say that she isn't that type of person to be angry at somebody for a long time." Dawn replied back.

"And it made me think what I said to her. It made me think if she said the same back to me." Ash said as he begun a new conversation.

"What did you say to her?" Dawn asked.

I peeked through the small gap of the door and saw a blush right across his face.

"Would you say the same words to me if I was in May's position?" Dawn asked in a more serious tone of voice.

Ash didn't reply but instead had a brighter blush across his face, brighter than the last one.

Soon my thoughts started to wonder once more and remember when I first met Ash for the first time in Johto.

"And Dawn?" I asked. "How much does she mean to you?"

"She's a very close friend to me." Ash blushed and looked away from me. "But she has being acting strange around me lately and I have being having a hard time talking to her."

"You love her don't you?" I asked out of nowhere, discontinuing the flow of the conversation. My voice soon became depressed and a sound of a whisper after that.

"Love is too complicated to talk about now and the grand festival is tomorrow." Ash replied as he tried to avoid my question and avoid eye contact with me.

My mind felt fresh as the memory started to fade from my mind. I remembered that Ash had a small crush on Dawn and Dawn had strong feelings for Ash.

And what about me?

Was there any room left in Ash's heart for me?

"Dawn I care about you a lot but do you have to ask a question like that right now?" Ash asked.

"Yes." Dawn replied as I saw her look towards Ash's direction. "I'm feeling that I'm starting to lose you Ash."

"You will never lose me Dawn." Ash replied to make Dawn fade away from the negative thoughts she was thinking as he grabbed her hand. "Now we should head back to the others." Ash suggested.

"Sure." Dawn nodded. "But before that, what you said to me, I want you to prove it to me."

"Prove whaa..." Ash questioned but was interrupted when Dawn laid her own lips right onto Ash's. Ash had a shocked expression on his face that instead of surrendering into the kiss he broke it my placing his hand on Dawn's shoulder and pull her apart from his. He pushed her so hard that it made him fall onto the floor with his back leaning on the wall. "Dawn!" Ash yelled in shock. "What was that for?" Ash added.

"Oh my!" Dawn said as she covered her face in shame. "I'm so sorry Ash!" Dawn apologized. "I...I didn't mean that. I'm so sorry." Dawn repeated.

Ash continued to sit on the floor with still a shocked reaction on his face. It soon turned into a serious look as he pushed himself off the floor and looked right at Dawn.

"I'm sorry too." Ash replied back as he walked out of the room and soon bumped into me. I fell onto the floor and so did Ash. Dawn heard the sound and soon came over and saw Ash and I on the floor, facing opposite to each other. I didn't know what came over me but I didn't have the time to face or talk to Ash and I quickly got up and ran away from the two. I heard Ash call my name but I didn't care because I felt my heart burning with rage.

"He kissed her, he kissed her!" Were the words that ran through my mind as I ran into an empty room that I never saw before. I looked around and saw another door and tried to open it was a pulled the door knob so hard that my hands started to go red.

"I can't face him right now." My thoughts said as I tried to open the door. "Why am I acting like this?" I asked myself. "I never acted like this before. Why now?" I asked myself as I kept on questioning myself into more confusion.

"May..." Ash called my name as he found me the the small room that was darker than the rest.

"Go away!" I screamed in anger. Knowing that nobody would hear since we were far away from anybody else.

"No!" Ash yelled back. "I'm not leaving you like this!"

"You kissed Dawn. You should be with her and not me." I cried.

"Correction." Ash begun. "She kissed me."

"I...I don't care!" I yelled. "You like her, not me." I replied as I soon found a way to calm myself down.

Ash walked closer to me and held my hand and wiped my tears away and smiled. He brushed my fringe and fixed it and clipped my orange ribbon onto my right side of my hair. I wanted to push Ash away so I could keep running away and ready to deal with my problems by myself. But my heart told me not to. Soon when Ash finished putting the orange ribbon into my hair he looked into my eyes.

"Do you want to know what I said to you when we beat Drew and Harley in the semi-finals?" Ash asked in a calm manner. I didn't have anything to reply so he continued. "I said that I like you." He smiled.

My rage and anger of Ash begin kissed by Dawn faded away so that I couldn't feel it anymore. My heart started to race and skipped a few beats at it. I stopped crying and I smiled right at Ash. When I stopped I saw him holding three white roses. I got out my hands and accepted one of the roses.

"I..." I begun as I took other rose from Ash. "Love..." I added and took the last one. "You." I smiled and soon added. "Too."

We both laughed and smiled and looked right into each other's eyes.

"Sorry for the way I was acting." I apologized.

"It's okay. I can understand." Ash replied as my held my hand slightly tighter. "We should go now."

"Yeah." I nodded. "Together."

Ash laughed slightly and soon I joined afterwards.

"Together." Ash replied with a warm smile as we both walked out of the room and ready to fight against Dawn and Kenny.

Together at last.

End of chapter.


"Tougher than you."
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Rated: PG (K+)

Chapter thirteen

I close my eyes and hear the roar of the crowd cheering me on. I open my eyes and see the stage was already set. In front of me was my best friend and rival, Dawn with her partner Kenny and next to me was Ash. The person I cared about the most and deeply enough to say that I love him. I didn't want to think when I would confess who I am to Ash at that time. Even confessing that I liked Ash made me feel better and regain myself to think more clearly I still needed to find the courage inside of me to confess to Ash one more secret.

Also not only that, the fact that I was about to verse against my best friend scared me. I closed my eyes once more and remember the words my friends told about me. That I shouldn't be afraid to fight against my friends. As long I do my best. That is all that really counts.

"SpotlightTyphlosion!" Dawn called out as she threw her fire type's pokeball into the air and a white light was released from it and landed onto the stage with fire surrounding it and soon the white light formed into Dawn's fire type pokemon.

"Breloom let's go!" Kenny called out soon after and he two did the same as Dawn and soon two pokemon where standing right in fro not Ash and me.

"Who are we going to send out?" I whispered to Ash.

"Oh yeah, we didn't really discuss about this did we?" Ash sweat dropped.

"Thanks for the news flash Ash." I replied in a sarcastic tone and soon looked at Dawn's and Kenny's pokemon. "They both have strong pokemon. If we lose at least we given all we got. Right Ash?" I winked.

"Yup." Ash replied with a nod. "Let's see what we can do together." Ash added and soon continued. "Staraptor time to shine!"

"Munchlax take the stage!" I called out as I threw my pokeball into the ground and soon Staraptor and Munchlax where on the field.

"Mach punch Breloom!" Kenny called out.

"Quick attack Typhlosion!" Dawn added.

Both attacks that Dawn and Kenny released were too fast to be intercepted or dodged so both our pokemon where hit, and soon after both Staraptor and Munchlax got their balance back and it was our time to attack.

"Metronome Munchlax!" I commanded.

Munchlax waved his fingers in the air as they both started to glow. Soon Munchlax had a transparent screen over him. My best guess it was the move counter but it was useless if no physical attack landed on Munchlax. I looked over to Ash and nodded to say it was his turn. Ash nodded back and called out to Staraptor to fly into the sky and quickly landed on Munchlax, treating Munchlax like a bowling ball and Typhlosion and Breloom where the pins. Staraptor did what Ash told it to do and hit Munchlax and was heading right into Dawn's and Kenny's pokemon.

"Use the power from Staraptor and use it for Focus punch!" I yelled.

Munchlax arms started to glow and before we all knew it, Munchlax landed a powerful focus punch on both Typhlosion and Breloom, reducing Dawn's and Kenny's points with four minute mark was nearly up.

"We aren't giving up that quickly!" Kenny replied. "Sunny day Breloom!" He added.

"Now both use solar beam!" Both Kenny and Dawn commanded.

The weather around us got hot quickly and then bright light fell from the sky and onto our pokemon. We could both hear the scream both Munchlax and Staraptor made when the powerful grass type attack hit our pokemon. Our points went down bad which made both Ash and I worry.

"Metronome once more Munchlax!" I called out. Hoping a move will come out that would help us win this round.

Munchlax waved his fingers once more and soon when the move was over, Munchlax slammed his fist onto the stage. I knew this was the move Earthquake. Now I waited for Ash to do his move.

"Aerial Ace on Breloom, Staraptor!" Ash added.

Staraptor did a front flip in the air before landing a powerful speedy flying type attack. Within moments of the attack Breloom fainted right in front of our eyes. I was surprise that one attack knock out Breloom.

"But how?" I questioned myself, out loud.

"Well I thought for a moment that this was a gym battle. I remember that Breloom is half grass and fighting. Both types are weak against flying. So any flying type attack will do massive damage on Breloom." Ash answered.

"You still have your pokemon trainer in you, I see." I smiled.

"I told myself that is one thing I won't lose." Ash smiled back and looked back on the stage. Dawn's Typhlosion was still regaining its balance from the last attack Munchlax landed on it.

"Ash!" I called out.

"I got it!" Ash replied back. "Brave bird now!"

Staraptor called out and soon gained enough speed to hit land a direct hit right on Dawn's pokemon. We both thought that would do the trick but Dawn's pokemon was still standing.

"I don't go down easy. Remember I learn from the best." Dawn winked. "Flamethrower on Munchlax!"

"Jump on Staraptor now!"

"Wait…what?" Ash replied in shock.

"Trust your girlfriend will you?" I smiled and added a wink.

"Like I have a choice." Ash sighed and soon turned serious. "Let's finish this. Brave bird!"

"Focus punch!" I added.

"Flamethrower right at them Typhlosion!" Dawn called out.

The scorching flames from Typhlosion mouth landed right at us, but that didn't stop us from the attack. I could see Staraptor suffering from the attack. I couldn't take it anymore and plus we were running out of time. I told Munchlax to jump off Staraptor as the bird finally falls to the ground from the intense attack. Dawn didn't see Munchlax jumped off of Staraptor so we used that to our advantage as well. By the time Dawn did notice Munchlax wasn't with Staraptor it was already too late. Focus punch landed a direct hit on Typhlosion. The timer ended right on time, just when Typhlosion fainted from the attack.

"The winners are Ash and May. Congratulations!"

"We did it!" I cheered as I embraced Ash.

"Yeah." He smiled back.

We both looked and saw Dawn and Kenny heading our way. I could tell were both disappointed but they tried not to show us by hiding by placing a smile over it. Dawn offered her hand for a handshake and Kenny did the same. Ash and I nodded at each other and accepted the handshake. We could all hear the cheer of the crowd cheering on how much they enjoyed the battle.

"Looks like you fulfilled the promise you made to me back three years ago at the Wallace Cup." Dawn began.

"Yeah." I nodded. "I'm glad you didn't go easy on me." I smiled.

"But next time I will win." Dawn teased.

"Okay then." I teased as well and Dawn and I both laughed together.


"Come on, smile will you?" Ash smiled as we walked together in the park. Holding my hand as well.

"I just can't believe I have to verse you in three days from now. I don't know if I can fight my own boyfriend by that time." I replied in a worried tone.

"We can worry about that later." Ash smiled as he placed his hand on my cheek. I knew he wanted to cheer me up.

"I'm so glad you are with me Ash." I smiled and placed my hand over his and closed my eyes and soon opened them once more. "Wait…Does Dawn know about this?"

"Well I'm not sure about that or Drew." Ash sighed and scratches his head. "But can we just stop worrying about people knowing about us? Let's just have a good day out together okay?" Ash smiled.

"Okay." I replied and quickly gave him a peck on the cheek. "First let's get some steamed pork buns. I heard they are great around here."

As Ash smiled in response I went into my thoughts and thought for a brief moment. I never saw Ash so happy with me before. Ever since we met he seem sad about that he forgotten who he once was but now, he doesn't seem to mind. Ever since I met Ash again my hopes of winning and achieving my goals were I once again, able to be seen. They weren't as blurred as they once were.

I was also even happier on that day because nobody would see us together. Dawn and Lyra went out shopping for the day, Kenny was training with Drew and Mimi was exploring herself around the east side of Mount Silver. Everything was going to plan. I couldn't think of anything that could have gone wrong. I knew that today was our day to enjoy each other's company and forget about the Grand Festival for just one day.

After ordering my meal we both decided to sit at a bench together, watching young trainers training and having a great time together. Scenes like that reminded me on how far I have come since that day back in Littleroot town.

"Mm, this is sure great." I began as I took a bite into my meal. "I always wanted to try a flavor like this." I turned to my left and saw Ash looking at me. Already I thought to myself that he was acting out of character already. He grabbed out his hand and placed it on my face and made it turned towards his direction. "Ash?" I asked as our lips were so close it looked like we were kissing.

"What happened yesterday. I wanted to hold out and resist for today. But just looking at you, I can't hold on much longer." Ash replied as he looked into my eyes deeply. "I mean… can I?" He asked.

Yesterday we confessed that we liked each other, also it was the day we defeating Dawn and Kenny and advance to the finals and know we will fight against each other to win the Grand Festival, With all the things we are going to go through. I guess whatever he was planning to do; I will allow him to do it. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I saw that Ash had just taken a bite from my steamed pork bun. My jaw nearly dropped to the ground, instead of what I thought was a kiss ended up on my food instead.

"Mmm, it really does taste good. I think I will buy this flavor next time."Ash said with half my meal in his mouth.

"No fair." I replied in a slight annoyed tone. "Your bite nearly took all of it."

"Well watching you eat it made it more appetizing." Ash smiled. "Now, come on. I'll buy you another one." Ash laughed.

"And make sure you buy your own." I replied in an annoyed tone of voice. As soon we both decided to go and buy another round of pork buns I felt a soft tap on my shoulders. I looked over my shoulders and saw Dawn and Lyra. I knew that they must have finished shopping in town.

Something I didn't expect.

"What are you two doing here?" Lyra asked.

"Eh?" I replied. Having no idea how I would explain Ash and me sitting so close to each other or spending time with each other.

"You two are going to verse each other to win the Grand Festival and you're enjoying each other's company?" Dawn asked, in a slightly higher tone of voice than normal.

"Is it bad to hang with one of my friends before we have to fight each other?" Ash asked.

"It's not that, it's that you're sitting very close to each other." Lyra asked as she looked at us, with her face near our faces that it started to feel uncomfortable. "Are you two dating?" She asked.

"What make you say that Lyra?" I asked trying to hide the blush that had already spread across my face.

"Yeah." Ash smiled as he two tried to hide his blush on his face as well.

"Well first, Ash you have got your arm around May's shoulders and secondly and bite on that pork steam bun are both different." Lyra replied.

"Wow, she is good." I replied in my thoughts. "Well just because of that doesn't mean we are dating, right Ash?" I added as I looked over to Ash. Hoping that he to, would play along.

"Dating?" Ash asked. "Depends what you mean by dating." Ash asked.

"As in boyfriend and girlfriend silly." Lyra added with one of her cheeky smiles.

"I'm just hanging out with May as friends. We're not dating." Ash smiled. Hoping that smile would convince Lyra.

"Yup, that's right." I added in with a smile. "No dating, whatsoever."

"Fine I'm convinced." Lyra sighed. "I mean, Ash isn't the type of person that thinks of having a girlfriend before his career." Lyra laughed and looked over her shoulder. "Right Dawn?"

"Uh, yeah." Dawn smiled, but right after she had a worried and nervous look all over her face.

"That's right." I thought to myself once more. Dawn told me that she liked Ash. If I told Dawn that Ash and I are dating now. There is no doubt it could be the end of our friendship.

Like I need another problem to face, I still needed to tell Ash about his past and that I was the missing girl he has been looking for. Soon Lyra called Dawn and herself to go back to the pokecenter and when they were far enough we decided to go back to the way we acted before Lyra and Dawn came along.

"I'm worried about telling about Dawn about us." I began.

"Same here." Ash replied as he looked towards the sky with his arm over my shoulders. "I'm afraid that Dawn won't be friends with us anymore if we do tell."

"I don't want Dawn to hate us. We don't mean any harm." I replied.

"I know but sometimes Dawn takes things the wrong way if you don't have good enough reasons or explain things well." Ash sighed as he looked over to me. "Now let's go get those steamed pork buns and have a nice walk together to forget about this okay?" Ash replied as he stood up and offered his hand.

"Alright." I agreed as I took Ash's hand and we both walked together.


The light of the moon glow in the room. I sat up and looked at my pokeballs, decided who I should use against Ash. I placed them back into my green bag and look at the photo of Ash and me back at the port of the Wallace Cup and the ribbon we share. I tighten my grip on the ribbon.

I never knew how much that ribbon meant to me until that day.

Soon I heard panting of a young girl. Their footsteps pace was faster than walking so I knew that she was running. Also it was getting louder so I had no doubt she was coming into my room. The noise stopped when she reached the entrance of the door. She had her rich red dress on. She long socks and pink boots on, her white thick scarf that had lost its shape and form and was just lying down on her shoulders. Her beanie was out of place but she didn't seem to care and her hair was everywhere and her eyes were sore from crying. She had a depressing look all over her face.

"Dawn?" I asked.

"How could you!" She yelled. "You told me you didn't like him!"


"Stop lying May. You're dating Ash now, aren't you?" Dawn yelled. I never saw Dawn in such angry mood that she was starting to scare me. I decided it was best not to say anything at all. "Why?" She cried.

"I…always liked Ash since we first met back in Hoenn." I whispered to her as I looked down on my bed and quickly look up with rage built in me for some unknown reason. "He doesn't deserve someone like you!" I yelled and quickly covered my mouth in shock that I said something like that to Dawn.

"…and what reasons do you have to be his girlfriend?" Dawn questioned in a yelling tone of voice.

"Stop this now." Ash told us both in a calm manner as he walked into the room and stood right in the middle of us. "Don't you find it silly fighting over me?"

"Sorry." I replied. "I didn't know what went over me."

"But why her Ash?" Dawn asked in a much calmer tone.

"Choosing somebody to like isn't in the head, but in the heart." Ash replied as he looked right at Dawn. "We didn't want to tell you about us dating because we were afraid that this would happen. We don't want to lose a friend like you Dawn." Ash added.

Dawn didn't reply straight after but instead ran out of the room. I quickly got up and wanted to follow her but Ash grabbed my hand when I was about to run past him. He looked at my face and I knew straight away that it was best to leave Dawn along. I wrapped my arms around Ash and placed my head on his torso. He knew as well as I did that we didn't want to lose our good friend.

End of Chapter