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Mysterious Stranger (Advance, Contest)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Midnightmoon6o2, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Shippings in this chapter: Advanceshipping.

    Rating: PG (K+)

    Chapter fourteen

    It’s hard to believe that within a few hours, the things you treasure the most can vanish within hours. With Ash disappearing with only two days left before the finals and Dawn hiding to share her rage with only herself. I had to know only count on my three closest friends now, Drew, Lyra and Mimi. We had our thickest and warmest clothes over us. We all held our hands together as we made our way to the west side of Mount Silver.

    I couldn’t let two of the most important people in my life go.

    Not ever.




    The two things my mind really focused on. Hall after hall, door after door. No sign for who I was really looking for. It felt like I was going nowhere and this running was completely pointless. Soon I was a figure in front of me.

    “Drew!” I called out. He turned around as soon I called out his name. “I need your help!”

    “Wait, what for?” Drew asked as he packing his things, ready to leave in a few days time.

    “Ash is missing and I can’t find Dawn either!” I panicked.

    “But why would Ash go away with the finals only two days away?!” Drew asked.

    “I don’t know, I don’t know!” I panicked once more as I repeated the same words in the same sentence. Soon I started to cry in front of Drew. “Dawn is missing because she found out that…”I paused. I was afraid that if I told Drew that Ash and I were dating I would lose him to. I continued to gaze the dull grey carpet below me.

    I don’t want to lose anymore of my friends.

    “…you two are dating.” Drew stated.

    “You knew?” I replied as I looked up at him.

    “I could tell already.” Drew told me. “I’m happy for you both.”Drew added as he tried to smile. I knew deep inside of me he was hurt. “Don’t worry. As a friend I will help you find Ash and Dawn.”

    “But thing is I have no idea where to find them.” I replied as I wiped my tears away.

    “Maybe we know.” A voice called from behind.

    I turned around and saw Lyra and Mimi together. Together and dressed in warm clothes ready to go outside. I could already tell by the way that they dressed that we were going to a very cold place.

    “Mount Silver.” Mimi replied. It was the first time I heard her voice so serious and determined.

    “Why up there?” Drew asked. “The west side of this mountain has one of the worst snowstorms you can ever imagine.”

    “I have a feeling Ash wants time on his own. Why he did it, I don’t know.” Mimi added as she brushed her long brown hair off her shoulders. “It’s the only place that would make sense to go. He knows it’s a place where his hard to find.”

    “It’s better if we all go together.” Lyra added.

    “And Kenny?” I asked.

    “It’s better if he stays here, with Dawn. So she has somebody to talk to and somebody can look after her. She isn’t herself right now.”

    “I know.” I muttered. I knew it myself already. Dawn running out of the room and hours later Ash goes missing. Could they be both connected? But Ash told me himself it’s better to leave Dawn alone to think.

    Did Ash have his own reason to leave before the finals?

    I had to know.

    We all had to know.


    At first the snow wasn’t bad but snow it got thicker within moments. We all held hands as we walked through the thick snow. My mind was a thick as the snow as many questions rose into my mind.

    Why would Ash go? Is he really up here? Is he alright? Why didn’t he tell me?

    So many questions without answers.

    And soon enough the four of us reached the cave Drew and I were in before a few weeks ago. We all decided it was better to stay here until morning where the snow would hopefully be calmer so we could continue the search for Ash. We gather all we need for a fire and hours past and Drew and Lyra were fast asleep. Only Mimi and I were still awake. Watching the cracking of the fire and gathering its warmth. I looked at Mimi’s face. It had a sense of worried and uncertainly.

    “Are you alright?” I asked.

    All Mimi replied was a simple sigh.

    “Maybe it’s best if I leave you alone.” I suggested.

    “Thanks.” Mimi replied in a soft low voice, nearly as soft as a whisper.

    I soon stood up and walked around in the deep cave. I decided to look around to past the time. The cave was quiet and the walls were wet and cold. It wasn’t dark since the roof of the caves had holes, so snow or rain could get in easily. I was at a dead end when I decided it was time to head back, maybe by now Mimi was back to her cheerful mood and out of her depression. It was around here when I heard heavy slow footsteps right behind me. It didn’t last long when I turned around.

    “Ash?” I asked “is that you?”

    “I’m not Ash. The name is Alex.” He replied. By the tone of his voice, he sounded older than me.

    “Two trainers?” I asked.

    “It’s been news between trainers and coordinators that two strong trainers, one girl and one guy lives up on the mountain and challenges anybody they see up there, nobody has ever beaten them. This rumor has been going for three years and these two trainers have never gone down that mountain."

    “And their names?” Soledad asked who I didn’t think she would be interested in Harley’s stories.

    “Many names but the ones I have heard often are the names of Amelia and Alex.” Harley replied. “But they never talk from what I heard so I don’t think that are even their names.” Harley said as he started to think about the idea. “But like if we are going up there. We are going there for the grand festival.” Harley cheered as his serious side quickly faded.

    “You’re one of the trainers that live on top of this mountain.” I stated. “Are you here to battle me?”

    “Like I said before. I don’t battle people that let their Pokémon dance on a small stage.” Alex laughed, but it sounded more of a mocking laugh to me. “I’m here to look for Amelia. She is missing.”

    “And why ask me where she is?” I asked in an annoyed sarcastic tone of voice.

    “Because you two are the same age and she has the same colour hair as you and me.”

    For somebody to have lived on a mountain for three years straight, without and warm clothes over him, I was still amazed he could still talk to somebody and have a decent conversation with them. To add with that, he is actually looking for somebody around my age with my same hair colour. While we were talking it felt like I was talking to Ash himself. Alex did have the same eye colour as Ash and Mimi.


    “I don’t know where she is.” I soon said right after. “Mimi was the one that dragged us here to look for my boyfriend, Ash.”

    “Mimi?” Alex asked. “Could it be?” He asked himself and soon ran off, towards where the others were sleeping.

    “Hey! Wait!” I called but Alex completely ignored my call. I chased right after him until we reached the others. Alex didn’t have a pleased look on his face.

    “Amelia!” Alex yelled right at Mimi. “Get up now!”

    Mimi didn’t responded and kept staring at the fire which was about to go out. She soon turned her head around. Her eyes had fear, pain and many more mixed emotions in them. Alex had anger, distrust within them. Their eyes could express and tell more of the story than their lips could describe.

    “Who…are…you?” Mimi asked. He eyes started it glitter as the water started to build in them.

    “Don’t play dumb, Amelia. Get up and let’s go.” His voice was so hard and demanding, it was terrifying to listen to. It strike fear to anyone. He walked right to Mimi and grabbed her arm. “Let’s go!”

    “Get off of her.” Lyra called out as she pushed Alex off Mimi. “She isn’t Amelia.”

    Alex just glared at the group and glared at Mimi the most and walked up the path until he reached me. He looked at me like he disliked me as well. But I had no idea why.

    “We will meet again, and when we do we are going to talk.” Alex replied before walked away from the group. The darkness at the end of the cave made him disappear and leavening the four of us alone once more. I turned around to face the others. I looked into Mimi’s eyes and saw fear in them. I never saw this side of Mimi before, the side where only fear existed, where your say doesn’t matter and where you’re alone and can’t get back.

    “S…S…Sorryy…” Mimi cried. Her voice was so full of fear that you couldn’t understand the words that came out of her lips.

    “It’s alright.” I replied as I knelt down and placed my hand on her shoulder. “It’s not your fault.”

    After that scene we all went to sleep without saying other word.


    Light shown through the holes from the roof of the cave, as I opened my eyes to find that the weather had slowed down. To add to that Mimi was gone. After what happened yesterday she must have went down the mountain for some time to herself. I woke up both Lyra and Drew soon woke up right after. Now that Mimi was gone we had to rely on Lyra to lead us up the mountain since she reached the top before. We all made our way to the top and were shocked to what we found out. Near the entrance was a huge bolder, so we couldn’t be seen the three of us hid behind the huge rock.

    There on the edge of the cliff was where Alex was standing. Next to him was Amelia, the girl Alex was looking for the night before. What was shocking the most was Ash was only a few feet away from them, he couldn’t even stand up straight.

    “Battle me!” Ash yelled. We could tell by the tone of his voice that he wasn’t himself.

    “We already bet you. What point do you want to prove?!” Alex yelled back.

    “I was only warming up!” Ash yelled even more. But there was something wrong with his voice. As if it sounded for a second it was about to fade out.

    “Get off this mountain Ash!” Alex yelled.

    “How…do you know my…name?” Ash asked back. He was now breathing heavily.

    Alex just stood there studded. He bit his lip like he knew the answer but didn’t want to tell Ash.

    Just like me.

    “Tell me!” Ash yelled. Now he was acting like a fool asking and forcing people to answer his eager questions.

    “Stop it Ash!” I yelled as I decided to be time to stop hiding from the bolder. Soon Lyra and Drew did the same.

    “May?” Ash asked. He had a red blush on his cheeks, we all knew it wasn’t because of embarrassment but because he had a high fever. “What are you doing…” Ash said before fainting onto the snow, our guess that Ash having a high fever was right. If we waited any longer Ash could get even worse if we didn’t do anything. We all ran towards Ash as I held Ash in my arms while sitting down on the cold snow. Drew send out his Flygon ready to leave the mountain as Alex watched. Amelia watched but soon couldn’t help it and run towards us.

    “What are you doing?!” Alex asked in a yelling tone of voice.

    “I’m helping my older brother!” Amelia replied.

    “Wha?” Lyra asked in a confused tone. We all wanted to know what was happening around us. “Who are you?” She added.

    “My name is Amelia Ketchum or you might know as Mimi.”

    “Mimi!” We all replied in shock. “But how?”

    “I will talk about this later. Right now we need to go before Ash’s fever gets any higher.”

    “Amelia…” Alex replied but didn’t seem to bother finishing his sentence.

    “Big brother.” Amelia replied as she turned around to face him. “When I leave this mountain, forget you ever had a little sister.” She added as she got out her pokeball. “Ever since we got up here you have become as cold as the blizzards here. You’re no longer the brother I once knew!” She yelled as she released her Ditto. “Ditto use transform on Flygon please.”

    “Dit.” Soon Ditto followed Amelia’s orders and transformed into a Flygon.

    We all got on. Drew, Ash and I went on Drew’s Flygon and Lyra and Amelia went on the other. As I held one hand onto Drew I thought that Drew could have left when Ash and I bet him in the grand festival. But why was he still here helping me?

    “Drew why do you still help me?” I asked.

    “I’ve told you before May.” Drew answered back as he looked over his should to look at me. “I’m a friend; you helped me in the past. I want to return the favor.”

    “Thanks again Drew.” I smiled as I look at Ash. I placed my hand on his forehead and his fever was still high. I was getting more worried by the second as we headed to the hospital. What if we didn’t head back in time?


    He has saved me so many times, since we first met back in Littleroot town to now. Three years ago was when I visited him at the Wallace Cup. Two years after that was when we met again here in Johto, only to find out that Ash has completely forgotten who I am to him.

    Five years has past all together.

    Five years since I met Ash.

    Five years to wait to tell him how much he means to me.

    And to lose Ash now?

    Would just be a waste of waiting for five years.

    They say good things come to those who wait, but they never tell if you how long they will stay or if they will go away again. What is the point of waiting if they will leave you once more? Why can’t they stay? Why can’t a fantasy like a happy ever after exist?

    “Ash…” I muttered as I held Ash closer to me. “I don’t want to lose you now.” I pleaded. “Please hold on. Do it for me.” I brushed his face with the back of my fingers and softly kissed his lips. “Do it for us.”

    End of chapter.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2010
  2. Pikachu30

    Pikachu30 Member

    Guess good things do come to those that wait. 3 chapters in one read-off in 1 night. and all having good revealings = an awsome conclusion to today! great work. but piplup isnt spelled pilpup btw =p
  3. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Sorry for begin away for nearly three weeks. internet problems, anyway for that i will post two chapters in one day, i hope that is okay, please don't kill me admins. *begs for forgiveness*



    Shippings in this chapter: Slight Advanceshipping and Pokeshipping.

    Rating: PG (K+)

    Chapter fifteen

    He didn't move.

    His eyes still closed.

    Nothing had changed since we came.

    I kept on waiting, hoping that when Ash woke up. I would be the first person he would see. I knew I should go and leave or take some rest but my body wouldn't let me leave. As if it was telling me to stay just a little longer. A little longer to see a small change from Ash.

    But nothing was happening.

    "You should get some rest now."

    But my mind continued to ignore commands that I should go.


    Nothing would change my mind.

    "If you don't get some rest, you will get sick as well. Ash will blame himself if you do get sick."

    "Amelia please." I continued to stay where I was. "I know I should, but I don't want to leave Ash, when I was in trouble Ash never left my side."

    "I'm just worried for a friend." Amelia added as she came to walk towards me. I continued to sit on my chair near Ash's bed. I didn't bother looking her to eye to eye.

    "Did you really battle Ash?" I asked. Creating a new topic as I still avoided looking at her face. I wasn't angry at her but I was so worried about Ash's health that I really didn't focus on anything else.

    "I didn't. Even Ash was yelling at me to battle him. I knew he wasn't himself. Alex did though. I told him not to but Alex didn't listen. Instead of helping Ash he decided it was better to battle him instead. I was just praying that you guys would come. I knew that when you reached the top you would bring Ash to a safer place where he can be taken cared of."

    "And why did you leave the mountain?" I asked once more.

    "I wanted to change. I wanted Alex to change as well. I knew before we went up the mountain that Ash was a well known Pokémon trainer. So I went down in search for him. I asked many people but from what I heard Ash stopped becoming a Pokémon master two years ago. So I went to the train station to go back to the mountain. There, I didn't expect you and Ash there or to find out Ash has become a Pokémon coordinator."

    "That explains a lot." I replied.

    "You go get some rest or something to eat. I will stay here and look after Ash until you come back." Amelia suggested.

    "Thanks." I answered as I stood up and looked right at Amelia into the face and nodded and soon left the room.

    As I left the room I gazed outside of the window. The sky was pitched black, as the sky remained silent. I didn't knew that I was in that room for so long that it was already night. Not to add that, traveling from the top of the mountain to the bottom did take its time because the time we reached to the hospital, the sun was already setting down. The stars were shining down as I saw a group of people on the ground. Looking like, they were mumbling to one another. I couldn't see their face but they looked familiar in a way that it was hard for me to explain.

    I walked down that stairs and soon made my way outside to the group of people I saw above. Now that I was closer to the group I recognized who I saw earlier. It was Drew, Lyra and a girl with short orange hair. Since Drew and Lyra were covering my view of the unknown girl I had no choice but to walk closer. When I was standing right behind Lyra and Drew, did I realized who the girl was.

    "Misty?" I asked in shock, surprised the three of them who didn't expect me to be out here.

    Misty looked different from the last time I saw her in Pallet town. Her hair was placed different. At the end of her hair, it was curled forward, showing a different misty than before. She had her winder outfit with her, wearing a light blue jacket with fluffy wool at the collar, at the end of her sleeves and at the end of the jacket, she was wearing black warm pants and brown boots with cream fluffy wool once more on her shoes.

    "May." Misty smiled. "Nice to see you again."

    "I thought you were with Ash?" Drew asked.

    "Amelia is looking after him for awhile. She told me to get something to eat as well." I replied.

    "I heard about Ash so I came." The gym leader soon came to and placed her hand on my shoulder. "And about you and him." She added, but it wasn't in a depressing tone, it was more of an encouraging tone instead.

    "Misty." I paused and soon continued. "Ash hasn't been himself since yesterday and the same with Dawn." I soon added. "Everything has been going downhill since then." I stared at the cold snow as I waited for Misty's response.

    "May." Misty replied as she lifted my head to face her and the others. "The May I knew is a happy girl, always positive. You shouldn't let things like this bring you down."

    "People change Misty." I said. "Ever since Ash forgot about me, I have forgotten who I use to be."

    "May…" Drew answered in a soft voice.

    "Come on Misty." I said as I turned around and about to head into the building. "Let me bring you to Ash."


    Misty's expression was shock was like mine when Ash forgotten about me and my rivals. Tears grew in her eyes as she slowly walked into the room with her hands over her mouth. Step after step took more and more courage and soon Misty made her way to Ash's bedside while Amelia looked up and saw the gym leader in such sadness. Misty reached out to Ash's hand and brushed her fingers tips down the top of his hand. Misty took a seat at the edge of the mattress and this time reached for Ash's face. More tears ran down the gym leaders face as she placed her hand on Ash's cheeks and rubbed them softly.

    "I never knew it would go this far." She told us in the room as she tried to smile as a few more teardrops fell from her eyes. "The accident was already bad enough to deal with. I mean, I don't want to see Ash in another coma." Misty soon added as she wiped her tears away.

    "Ash was in a coma?" I asked. Misty looked at me surprised that I didn't knew about Ash's coma. She knew it wasn't any use asking why I didn't knew, instead she started to talk about Ash's coma.

    "Right after the accident." Misty took in a breath and soon continued. "Ash was in a coma for a year. I had fewer battles in the gym because I visited Ash at least three times a month. Dawn didn't compete in the Sinnoh Grand Festival that year as well. Brock for once didn't flirt with Nurse Joy as much." Misty giggled at the idea of Brock not a flirty as much at Nurse Joy. "The doctors said that the fall made Ash into a serious coma and there was a chance that when Ash woke up, he could forget all about us. That is what made us so worried." Misty soon took her eyes off me and onto her best friend. "But instead of us, he forgot about you, your rivals and ever traveling in the Hoenn region. He couldn't even remember me visiting you guys when you were there." Misty looked back at me. "Didn't Dawn tell you anything about the accident?" Misty asked.

    "Dawn hasn't told us anything about the accident. Actually you are the only one that knows about it." Kenny replied as he entered into the room. "I've looked for Dawn everywhere. She isn't here."

    "Guess she left." Amelia sighed. "I hope she is alright."

    "I'm sure she is Amelia." Misty soon answered back as she pushed herself off the mattress.

    "You know each other?" I asked.

    "Amelia is the girl that battled me in the Kanto region about three years ago. It was a great battle, one I will never forget."

    "I only did battles to follow my brothers." She sighed. "Ash and Alex."

    "Ash is your brother?" Misty asked. This time she was the only one that didn't knew about Ash's siblings.

    "Yeah." Amelia nodded. "Ash is my older brother and so is Alex. When Alex and I where together we named ourselves Red and Leaf. You are the only person we told our names to Misty."

    "And why did you hide your names to others?" Lyra asked.

    "If we told our real names to everybody we battled. There would be no doubt Ash wouldn't want to see us. Alex and Ash were never close when he left with mom."

    I wanted to keep asking more questions but the look on Amelia's face told us to stop. Her face looked like the answers she was giving held deep painful memories that she didn't want to go back to. Soon one by one we left the room to get some rest. I was going to do the same until Misty called my name. "May."

    "Yes?" I asked as I turned around to face the gym leader.

    "I think you and Ash make a great couple. I'm glad he made a friend like you. I was so afraid that when I left Ash to become a gym leader that he wouldn't make such a good friend. I'm glad that my idea of that was wrong."

    "I'm glad that Ash made a good friend like you as well Misty." And soon I left the room with Misty tagging along.


    A new morning dawned as I entered into the room and saw Ash sitting up. He was already awake and sitting on his bed. He was looking an object placed in front of him. I took a few steps into the room slowly. My heart was beating fast, I could feel my hands losing grip and starting to sweat. Something was bad to happen.

    And I didn't want to know what it was.

    Ash heard me and looked towards my direction. The stare didn't last long as he went back staring at the object. I walked closer and soon knew what Ash was looking at.

    It was the photo we took three years ago at the port, where the event of the Wallace Cup was held.

    But how did Ash get it?

    I knew that this wasn't going to end well.

    "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Ash asked, without even looking at me.

    "If I told you earlier, you wouldn't believe me. If I told you later, you would ask why didn't I tell you earlier." I replied.

    "I would of believed you in any way May. Even it was late or early." Ash replied. "But why hide it from me, yet lie?"

    "Everyday, I wanted to tell you. Everyday, I knew the risks. Everyday got harder and harder to hold in. Everyday, I thought about you, and how you would react." I replied once more.

    "You were just protecting yourself. You weren't thinking of me." Ash soon added. Still, without looking at me at all.

    "That's not true!" I yelled. "You don't know how much I wanted to tell you that I was that missing girl from your past!"

    "Now…I don't know what to believe anymore May." Ash sighed. "I don't know if we should still be together."

    "Wha…What are you saying Ash?" I questioned. I had fear all over my face.

    "You held a secret from me, you lied also. I can't even believe a word from you or even trust you." He added. "We need to break up."

    "I…" I replied. I sighed and looked on the ground. "…understand."

    "I'm sorry May…" Ash told me but I was already out the room before I could reply to him.

    I didn't know where I was heading, I didn't care. I just wanted to run and run and never stop. I wanted to hide and cover more of my lies. After running for so long my legs started to lose balance, when I reached out the hospital was when they collapsed. The rain pouring all over my body. The sky was dull grey and didn't seem to get any lighter. I wanted to yell, scream, hit Ash after all the words he said to him.

    But I can't.

    Because I love him.

    I wanted to know so badly if he understood why I did all that. I wanted him to know that I did it for him and not for myself. I knew the risks.

    I knew he would act like that.

    I knew it yet, I didn't do anything to stop it.

    Instead of doing anything to help myself.

    I just cried.

    And cried.

    And cried.

    End of part one.
  4. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Shippings in this chapter: Pearlshipping, Advanceshipping

    Rating: PG (K+)

    Chapter seventeen

    I lay back onto my chair once more and stretched out my arms into the air and yawned. Thinking on how I would rather do battles than researching in books with the words so small you couldn't even read them. I never knew that Professor Oak had such old books around in his lab, which was mine now. I laid my legs on the corner of the table which had enough space to place my feet on, in front of me was a computer I should be using but after reading such a big old book, I couldn't really feel like researching anymore. I got out the old book and started to read once more but my eyes couldn't take the small text placed in the book and I soon threw the book behind me, not caring where it really crashed into.

    Soon the computer screen bright quickly and faded back to the normal bright settings any computer would have. I rubbed my eyes a few times before pushing the chair closer to the computer, seeing what had happened. I saw nothing really happened until I heard a familiar voice pop right out of the speakers while the video chat program opened up.

    "Hey Ashy boy, you there?" Gary asked in a teasing manner. Calling my name using a stupid name he came up with when I started my journey an around eight years ago.

    "Hey Gary." I greeted as I turned the webcam on so Gary could see me. Soon Gary did the same.

    "You look tried. Do gramp's old books tire you out?" Gary teased once more.

    "It's not only that, no new trainers are coming to get their starter Pokémon they like. Also looking after a three year old girl wears me out even more." I sighed.

    "You're a daddy now?" Gary asked shocked. "Didn't know you and Dawn were that…"

    "I'm not a dad." I replied slightly annoyed. I knew what Gary was about to say. "I found her alone a few days back and since then we have been trying to find her parents."

    "Anyway I didn't call for that. It's about an interesting sighting I thought you would be interested in." Gary said, creating a new topic.

    "If it's looking after sick Pokémon, count me out." I sighed, too tried to really put any thought in my last sentence.

    "No it's not that Ashy." Gary stated. "It's about a sighting in Petalburg woods, a boy who looks like a few years older than you has been sighted there and a legendary Pokémon, Celebi."

    "Alex is dead." I quickly stated, my laziness quickly faded away from me. "I saw it with my own eyes." Turning my attention away from Gary and onto the Wingulls's flying past the window.

    "I knew you would say that but I thought you be interested in the mystery itself." Gary soon answered after a few seconds of silence. "Knowing you, you always had a gift of solving old mysteries."

    "Thing is, I'm still trying to solve one right now." I replied, still avoiding looking at Gary.

    "And what mystery would that happened to be?" Gary soon asked right after.



    My eyes slowly flicked open; blinking a few times. My vision was blurry at first but faded away and saw who was looking down at me.

    It was May.

    I looked around me and saw we were flying on Drew's Flygon, away from Mount Sliver. I saw a figure still standing at the edge of the cliff, I knew it was Alex, who was cold as the blizzards up there and a heart as the rocks that formed the mountains. Soon snow fell down the mountain, colliding right into Alex.

    But he didn't move.

    He just stood there.

    Like he wanted the snow to collide with him.

    And have his own funeral up there where he couldn't be found.

    Or be remembered.

    "Alex!" I yelled, for the first time the hatred against my brother faded away. I actually cared for my older brother once more. I tried to reach for my poke ball's placed on my belt but my fever stopped me from doing it. "Alex!" I repeated once more. My friends around me thought my fever had now affected my mind by calling Alex's name more than once now. "I'm sorry!" I continued to yell. More snow fell down from the mountain as all of us just watched. I moved my attention to Mimi and saw in her eyes she wanted to cry but she was ignoring her emotions and tried to stay strong .I wanted to stare at everyone a little longer but my fever was taking over me again and I laid myself on May's shoulder. Knowing that I would be safe in her arms, after the times I saved her in my arms, I knew she would do the same for me.


    Knowing the fact that my brother was alive didn't leave my mind, I laid my back on the chair once more after having my conversation with Gary. I looked over at the window and saw grey clouds were coming in, creating an overcast look over the town. I soon decided to stand up and hang my white coat up and take a walk to town to get a few supplies. I walked down the stairs until I reached the door and grabbed the doorknob until I remembered somebody who should be come with me.

    "Raichu!" I called out to my first pokemon I ever had.

    "Rai?" The electric mouse asked as he walked out of one of the rooms.

    Raichu's evolution only happened a year ago. Around that time we had a battle where we tested the power of not evolving him, I asked once more and presented another thunder stone. I left him in one of the rooms here; the weather was like this, but only darker and duller. I walked in to only find he wasn't there, I looked around to find that outside was my new evolved Pokemon, Raichu. Testing and getting use to its new body.

    "Would you like to come to the store with me?" I asked Raichu.

    "Can I come to?" Lyn asked as she overheard my conversation with one of my pokemon.

    "Sure." I smiled. "Right buddy?" I winked to my electric type pokemon.

    "Rai!" Raichu smiled.

    I grabbed a red and black coat that Dawn told me once, she wearied when her and her mother when to Snowpoint city when she was Lyn's age. I grabbed my casual coat I bought in Snowpoint city eight years ago when I was competing in the Sinnoh ledge. When we were all dressed we head into town. I walked behind Lyn who was walking and holding hands with Raichu. Raichu was blushing by the embarrassment at first but soon joined in the fun. By the time we reached the store the clouds completely covered the whole town and looked like it was ready to rain any time. I looked around the store for the pokemon food area while I heard Lyn's and Raichu's voice in the background.

    When I got what I needed I headed to the counter and got ready to pay when I glanced to the transparent glass doors. There stood the girl I saw when I first met Lyn. She still looked the same from a few days ago, the pink and white cap, the black vest white a white singlet underneath, the blue mini shorts and the grey boots. Her eyes were more visible but I still couldn't tell the colour of them.

    "Rai?" Raichu asked, knowing once more I was spacing out again. I looked down and saw Raichu and Lyn.

    "Sorry about that." I smiled and sweat dropped and soon looked back and saw the girl was gone. "Who was she?" I asked in my own thoughts. Soon my question faded from my mind and focused what I came here for.


    "Come on Ash! Dance with me in the rain!" She smiled as the she dragged me out into the pouring rain.

    "But we will get sick here May!" I called out as we were both now soaking wet in the rain.

    "You have been looking depressed ever since we met a few weeks ago. As your official best friend here, I want to make you happy." May smiled at me as she kept holding my hand, forcing to dance like we were both insane. I had no choice but to dance with her. As the rain continued to pour over the two of us I started to enjoy my time with her.

    For once I didn't care about not knowing about my past or the missing girl I have looking for since I became a coordinator. For once I wanted to forget them and have fun, act like all of this never happened. I never felt so happier. I didn't know how long we were out but I told myself the longer I was out here, the better I would feel. Soon I felt unbalance and was about to fall to only know that May slipped on a puddle of mud. Since we were holding hands I soon fell right after her. I opened my eyes after the fall to only find out I locked lips with May. I could feel my face go all red as I lifted my lips away from her. I couldn't believe I just shared a kiss with my best friend.

    But I didn't get up straight away; I continued to gaze in her sapphire eyes. She didn't move or get up either. We just stayed in the place we liked. The kiss we shared, I didn't hate it but liked it, like I wanted to do it for a long time. My heart beat faster each second that went by.

    "I like you." My lips muttered without myself knowing and I quickly got off of May covering my mouth before more strange words came out.

    "I…" May replied but couldn't finish the sentence by the shock I told her. Soon she sat up, right next to me, with my back facing her.

    "I like you to." She smiled. "As a friend of course, that's what you meant right?" She told me, but I could hear a slight disappointment in her voice.

    We both sat back to back, on the mud as the rain was the only thing you could hear between us. Mixed emotions came into me, answers flashed into my mind all at once.





    They were the only words that kept on flashing in my mind the most. My lips were tangled in what word to reply back at May. I sighed I and closed my eyes to think and clear my mind. Soon the answer escaped out of my lips without me telling it to.



    "Dawny!" Lyn called out as she created a new nickname for Dawn. She came running up the stairs with Raichu tagging behind.

    "Lyn!" Dawn cheered as she embraced the young three year old girl in her arms. "Dinner is ready, so just go to Aunty Amelia for it okay?" Dawn told the young girl and Lyn obeyed as she and Raichu ran inside. I continued to walk up the stairs with my thoughts thinking about my past. I soon felt a warm hand placed on my cheek. My thoughts faded away and saw it was Dawn with a worried expression across her face. I knew what she was worried about was about me. "What's wrong?" She asked, making my guess correct, that what she was worried about was me.

    "It's nothing." Avoiding the question even more, I looked away from her.

    "Please tell me Ash." Dawn pleaded.

    "It's about May…I mean Alex." I replied as I corrected myself half way through my sentence. "Gary told me his been sighted around Petalburg Woods."

    "But isn't Alex dead?" She asked.

    "That's why I'm not raising my hopes up. Cause Alex is dead." I replied, my heartfelt more guilty and got heavier each time I told myself that my older brother was dead. Like I couldn't accept it that he was, I might hate him but after all, he was still my brother. I was about to walk past until Dawn grabbed my hand and held it tight.

    "You don't have to do this alone Ash." She soon came behind me and embraced me. "That's why I'm here right?" She asked as I felt that she placed her head on my back. I took her hands off my chest and turned around placed my hand on her shoulder.

    "You're here because I like you, because I love you Dawn." I told her. Soon I could see her eyes fill up with tears of joy and threw her arms over my shoulders.

    "I love you too Ash." Dawn cried as she dug her head into my torso. "That's why I came back, because of you."

    I didn't reply anymore and continued to embrace Dawn in my arms as she did the same. As I hugged Dawn my heart told me that I needed her.

    Because she needed me.

    "But what about me?" ​

    "May?" I thought to myself, the girl I was hugging that was Dawn had now became to May. My mind had now brought me into a foggy place, a place where I couldn't tell if it was reality or my imagination. The girl I was hugging was now May but the embrace didn't last long as she pushed herself away from me. I fell right onto the ground, everywhere I looked was white, even what I was wearing was a simple white shirt and pants, and May was wearing a simple white light summer dress.

    "Why can't you let me rest Ash?" May yelled right after she pushed me onto the ground. "Leave me alone!" she cried.

    "I'm the one that can't rest!" I yelled right back. "After all this time I'm still thinking about you!" I added.

    "What happened between should stop, forget about me, let the love you still have for me die!" May replied in a tone I never heard from her before.

    "My feelings for you...are still alive?" I asked to May, but it felt like it was a question more to myself.

    "Because mine are…" May replied right after, and as soon I closed my eyes and open I found myself embracing Dawn once more, like what I saw and heard never happened. I hugged Dawn closed to my heart.

    "The only feelings that are alive are Dawn's. My feelings for May are…" I thought to myself and soon continued. "…dead." I told myself once more but each time I did. They didn't feel right.

    Like I couldn't accept it.

    The truth between May and I.

    Are gone.

    End of chapter.
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    o_o Spooky and unexpected. i liked it XD great but it should have been instead of "had knew" it should be "had known" for past tense every time you said knew. thought that might help. Still great story though!
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    Thanks for the review, anyway here is chapter 18

    Shippings in this chapter: Pearlshipping, Advanceshipping

    Rating: PG (K+)

    Chapter eighteen




    The cliff above me grew smaller in size, my friend's worried faces fading from my sight. I could hear the wind rushing past me; it was so loud that I couldn't even hear my thoughts. Before everything about me was wiped from my mind, I heard a scream.


    May's voice called out to me. It was the same call my friends did.


    It was Dawn's voice this time.


    May's voice called out my name once more.

    And that was the last sentence before it all turned black.

    The last thing I could only remember.

    Was that voice.


    My eyes flashed wide open quickly as I looked around and saw I was in my room I was sharing with Dawn. I sat up and looked to my left and saw her sleeping peacefully in her pink night dress. I placed my hand on my forehead and felt myself sweating and gasping for air. What was once a dear memory of mine had now become a nightmare I don't want to go back to. I could feel my heart pulse beating as fast as if, it was in a race. Wanting to win something badly that as if, its life depended on it.

    I had never had a memory of myself falling from a cliff, I couldn't tell if was a dream or a memory, but my heart told my differently. That it was part of my past than a dream. The more I thought and relive my nightmare, the more I believed what my heart had to say.

    "But that happened eight years ago." I told my own thoughts. "I don't care about it now. Just when I was ready to move on."

    I moved the sheets that covered my body off of me as I walked out of the room, not wanting to wake up Dawn. I made my way towards the kitchen when I heard of a young girl crying. I knew who it was quickly and made my way to the door. I held the doorknob tight and pushed the door forward slowly. It was Lyn crying softly with her back facing the door with her Torchic who was trying to calm the young girl down.

    "Tor…" Torchic began, as if it was trying to say to the young girl to stop crying.

    "Lyn?" I asked as I walked into the room. "Why are you crying?" I sat next to her and brushed her long black hair.

    "I miss my daddy." Lyn cried. "And mommy too." She sat up and faced me. I could tell at her face she wanted to talk more, but her sadness of her missing her parents was too deep for her to say any more.

    "It's alright." I replied as I wiped her tears away. "We will find them soon."

    "Really?" Lyn asked.

    "Yes." I nodded. "Now get some sleep." I added as I patted Lyn in the head softly, hoping to raise her hopes a little more.

    "I can't." Lyn said back at me. "Every time I have a nightmare, mommy sings me a song."

    "Sing you a song?" I asked Lyn. I suddenly had a fear I was about to sing a lullaby to Lyn.

    "Please Ketchump." Lyn begged her blue sapphire eyes sparked that it was hard not to say no.

    "Okay." I sighed. "But don't except a good lullaby, I was never that great of a singer." I sweat dropped as I tucked Lyn into bed. When Lyn was ready and staring at me, waiting for what I would come up with. I remembered one lullaby that I never thought I would use again.

    "Goodnight Max." She began to speak as she hopped down from the boulders she was sitting on and gently patted her younger brother on the head as Max kept on sleeping.

    "Mommy." Max muttered while holding a bunch of crystals fused together in his arms.

    "Oh?" May questioned herself but didn't bother to answer as she soon looked up towards the night sky. She closed her eyes like as if she knew what she was about to do. She opened her lips and began to sing softly.

    "To do todo to do, tododo to do, tododo to do, to dodo do do..." Where the words May sang as I continued to stare at her while she sang that song. The words didn't made sense but I didn't mind, I just wanted her to continue to sing. Max continued to sleep while I didn't left my eyes off May. Never did I guess that one of my friends could sing a soft sweet song. We all looked at the night sky while May continued to sing the soft sweet lullaby that stayed in my mind for a long time.

    "To do todo to do, tododo to do, tododo to do, to dodo do do..." I began, embarrassed that I was even singing to begin with. I closed my eyes and continued on. When I was singing I felt as if I was back singing the song with my friends back in Hoenn, Brock, Max and May. When I sang I could hear May sing with me, as if I was back in that memory singing Jirachi back to sleep.

    It was hard not to forget such a voice.

    "Same…" Lyn muttered before she fell asleep.

    "Same?" I questioned myself, asking myself what Lyn's last word before she fell asleep meant. I ran my fingers through her long thick black hair as I heard footsteps enter into the room.

    "She has grown to you, hasn't she?" Amelia asked.

    I continued the stroke Lyn's thick black hair. Trying to find an answer to my sister's question. "Well I do feel sorry for her." I continued to stroke her hair, waiting to Amelia to reply.

    "My question needs a yes or no answer." My younger sister replied, as if she was demanding to know my answer and they have cut down to two answers.

    If either it was.




    "No." I didn't even bother to turn around and wait for a response.

    "You were never good at lying Ash." She soon added. I bit my lips at the true fact. I wasn't really good at admitting at things I wasn't good at. Each time I lied it was either it didn't last very long or that I give it away at contact. "I'm worried for you big brother." I could see her shadow leaning on the entrance of the door as the light from the other room shown in. "That when the day you have to give her back, it would be like giving your heart to a completely stranger. The lack of trust within that person. As if you deserve her and not the parents."

    "They gave her away, what parent in the right mind would give leave their child in the cold weather like that?" I questioned her.

    "My question is what were you doing out in that weather. Nobody was out that day, only you and Lyn. I'm sure whoever left Lyn with you knew you very well." Amelia replied right after before I saw her shadow fade from my sights.

    Never did I once thought about that, that whoever left Lyn with me could have been somebody I knew in my past. But with all my journeys and all the friends I made on the way, which could possibly be? Many names rushed into my mind at once. I held my head, as wanting them to rush out of my head. I closed my eyes praying that it would work.

    But it didn't.

    And once I opened my eyes my mind went blank. On the window sill sat the girl I saw when I first met Lyn. Although she was more transparent than before. My eyes could easily tell she was a ghost or maybe a part of my imagination.

    "Who…who are you?" I muttered with uncertainty, unsure if I was going insane or not.

    "An old friend." Her voice was cold and crisp. Cold wind suddenly blew right into the room, sending chills up my spine. "I have been looking for you." She added as another gust of cold wind entered into the room.

    "I don't remember meeting a person like you before." Still keeping my voice low and quiet so I wouldn't let anybody hear me.

    "You will soon." She winked and placed her index finger over her lips. Like she was telling me through sign language to keep quiet. Soon when another gust of cold wind came in, her body faded within my sights. Leaving me all confused to what had just happened.


    "I mean I don't know." I scratched my head and sweat dropped. Embarrassed to the fact I couldn't make my mind up to one simple question.

    "You're a funny person Ash." May laughed as I turned around to see that she was already on her feet. I looked up and saw May offering her hand to me. "Now let's both head back before we get sick." She smiled.

    I accepted the offer that May gave to me and grabbed her hand as I picked myself off the mud while holding her hand. Her hand was soft and warm and made me felt much better. Like even I did get sick, it wouldn't matter because May was here by my side.

    "What am I thinking about?" I yelled in my thoughts. "I shouldn't be thinking things like this! The grand festival is coming up in a few weeks. Romance is not part of that."

    "You alright?" May asked, not paying attention to the part we were still holding hands.

    "Fine." I lied. I lied to the fact that my mind was telling me all sort of questions and mix emotions that I felt like I could explode.

    "You're such a bad lair." May teased as we both continued to walk back to the poke centre. Annoyed that what May had said was true. I just tried not to show it to her.


    "Ce-rull-lean-nn?" Lyn asked as she tried to pronounce the town's name.

    "Yes, Cerulean City. We are going there today." I smiled and patted Lyn's head softly.

    "Why are we going there Ash?" Dawn asked as she brought the luggage in with Amelia tagging behind.

    "We need to return Lyn to her parents. To do that, we need to bring her to the police. The Cerulean police are one of the best at things like this." I replied as I walked over to Amelia and asked from my luggage off Amelia. "Let's give her back before it's too late." I sighed as Amelia gave my bag to me.

    "Are we coming back here?" She asked in the most cheerful tone. Like the first day we met. I dragged my luggage and knelt down to Lyn's height. I looked into her blue sapphire colour eyes and placed my forehead on hers and closed my eyes. I never felt such emotion come into me all at once as I felt something wet run down my cheeks. I opened my eyes with my answer.

    "Someday. You will." I smiled, trying to hide the sadness within me.

    "Me?" Lyn asked. "What about you?" She continued to ask.

    I wiped the tears from my face, trying not to make Lyn worry about me or anybody else. I smiled and patted her hair and smiled. "Come on, we will miss the bus at this rate." Avoiding Lyn's question. I stopped at the entrance and sighed. Lyn had only been in our care for a few weeks at yet, I had such an attachment to this strange child. Dawn walked beside me and placed her hand on my shoulder and gave a small peck on my cheek and whispered into my ear.

    "I'm here for you." And then she continued and called Lyn to walk side by side her and left myself and my younger sister alone.

    "This is the best for all of us Ash." I could tell in her voice she wasn't happy seeing Lyn leave us.

    "I know." I turned around to face her. "It's the best for Lyn as well."


    "Wow a wishing star!" Dawn cheered as she pointed at the sky where she saw the wishing star. "I've never seen one before."

    "You haven't?" I asked as I overheard Dawn's cheerful voice. I walked closer to her and added."I've seen a few over the years."

    "Then did you make a wish then?" Dawn asked as she looked over to me, taking her attention off the night sky.

    "Well I really can't remember." I began to think the times where I saw a falling star and actually wished right after.

    "Well make one with me." Dawn grabbed my hand and her fingers intertwined with mine. "I'm sure it will be extra special when you wish it with me." Her smile made me feel a little warmer inside.

    "Alright." I nodded and closed my eyes and began to wish. Many suggestions appeared in my mind. I wanted them all but I knew most of them wouldn't come true. I opened my eyes and looked over to my right and saw Dawn had just finished making her wish. "So what did you wish for?" I asked.

    "If I tell you, it won't come true." Dawn winked. As if it was her way of teasing me.

    "Then I won't tell you mine." I replied as I looked up into the night sky. The stars around the moon glittered more than the other nights. I felt Dawn tighten her grip as I looked back at her.

    "I'm sure it will come true." She smiled.

    "Ash?" A voiced called as they poked me a few times before my mind decided to wake up. I looked around me and saw Dawn right next to me and Amelia above me, with half of her behind the bus seat, still enjoying poking me. Lyn was still seated in her chair. I gazed out of my window and saw many different types of flowers located everywhere I looked. I knew where we were exactly.

    We were back in Cerulean City.

    End of chapter.
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    Nice touch for the story. and i have a little guess about whats going to happen but i'll try not to say it to see if im right XD anyways, going great except for some mispellings at parts. Anyways keep it up. even if i might be the only one commenting -_-
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    It's alright if your that only one making comments, im just happy somebody is actually commeting. XD i got 87 reviews on FF.net anyway. xD

    Anyway here is chapter 19 =D

    Shippings in this chapter: Pokeshipping, Slight Advanceshipping

    Chapter nineteen

    The sunset continued to descend under the hills of Cerulean City. There I stood on the hill with my oldest friend, Misty with Lyn, a mysterious child who ended up in my care for a few weeks now. I watched as the calming colour of orange and pink spread across the sky, as if was a canvas. I had Lyn in my arms, tried from the trip sleeping peacefully. Dawn and Amelia went to rest at the local poke center as I decided to take a walk with her.

    "So this is Cerulean Cape?" I asked as we both walked up a slight steep hill. The view of the whole city could been seen and the sunset view turned even more beautiful

    "Yeah it is. I come here around this time to think." We stood near the edge, enough to see the city without getting ourselves in danger. Misty turned around to softly pat Lyn's head as she continued to sleep. "Are you sure you want to give her back?" She continued to stroke Lyn's long black hair. "She seems attached to you so quickly within a few short weeks."

    "Amelia told me that it will hurt even more if I continued to keep Lyn with me. I'm sure her parents are already looking for her." I replied as I brushed Lyn's hair away from her face. "I'll just treasure our memoires together. That's good enough for me."

    "You two look so related." Misty looked into my eyes and onto Lyn's face. "As if, you were made to be together." She turned her attention back to me. "We better head back to town and show her to police Jenny, she will know what to do after that." Soon she started to make her way down the hill until I thought of a question to ask her.

    "Do you think my life would have been better if I didn't lose my memory eight years ago?" I asked.

    "Ash…" I heard her make a few steps back to me as I turned around to face her. "The Ash I knew eight years ago hasn't changed since. You're still the caring person I adore." She placed her hand on my right cheek. "Maybe its best if you forget the things you want to find. I don't want to see my best friend suffering anymore." She grabbed my hand. Telling me we should head back to town.

    "My heart can't rest until I know who I use to be." I replied as I tighten my grip as we started to head down the hill together.

    "Well let's head a trip down to memory lane." She took in a breath and continued. "We met eight years ago. You stole my bike and your Pikachu ended up destroying it and I only joined you for you to pay it back. We travelled together with Brock and Tracey and you soon taught me important things to help me become a gym leader. Soon I got my bike back and I had to leave you to look after the gym while you headed to Hoenn with Brock and there you met May." She gazed over to my direction. "The person you fell in love with. You had fallen in love with her twice."



    "Is there anything you want to talk about Ash?" The young ten year old asked her oldest companion.

    "I know I should talk to Brock about this but he hasn't been god with this kind of stuff and also Mom would just ramble about how much I've grown on my journeys." The young pokemon trainer shifted his eyes on the floor.

    "Ash please tell me what's wrong." Misty pleaded over the webcam. "We might be a few regions apart but that doesn't mean you can't tell me anything about your problems." Misty added.

    "Well I'm planning to go back home and see everyone since the Ledge and Grand Festival is over, but I have been having weird feelings of the idea." The trainer looked back at his friend. "When I think about everyone, it's okay. It's just when it comes to May. I dunno." He scratched his head. "I feel weird each time I think about her and…stuff."

    "I think you like her Ash." Misty winked.

    "But of course. I like all my friends." Ash replied in a dense tone of voice.

    "As in love Ash." Misty ended with a giggle.

    "Love?" Ash blushed about the idea. "Well I had been thinking about her since I last saw her at the Wallace Cup, and the ribbon we share makes me think about her."

    "But the question is that do you care about her more than a friend?" the young gym leader asked her old friend.

    "I don't know. I guess so?" Ash questioned.

    "Ash, thinking about somebody everyday and having fears seeing them after a long time isn't something you feel every day." Misty stated "You love her Ash. I can see it in your eyes."

    "I…" Ash blushed once more as he heard his friends Brock and Dawn call out his name. Calling out it was time to leave to Kanto. "…guess I do." Ash smiled as he scratched his head. "Thanks Misty." He smiled at her once more as he chased after his friend who continued to call out his name.

    "Anything for a friend." She muttered as she turned the video cam off.


    "I doubt you remember that memory Ash." Misty added as we made it the the doors of the poke center.

    "I dreamt about that." I replied, breaking the flow of the conversation. "It was a few years back. I thought it was a dream but now…everything doesn't make sense." I sighed as I patted Lyn softly on her back.

    "Maybe you need closure." My friend suggested as I shifted my eyes towards hers. "It will be the best for you and May." He looked up the tall building of the poke center as I saw Dawn looking into the night sky. Not noticing that Misty, Lyn and I had made it back from the walk. "Especially May and Dawn."

    I looked up and looked at my girlfriend. The look in her eyes looked like it held something deep and painful. I could already imagine her already crying. I looked back at Misty as saw she was still looking at Dawn. "I understand Dawn but what is wrong with May?" I asked.

    "She called me the other day." She replied and soon looked back at me. "She wants to see you, for the last time."

    My heart jumped, skipped and ran faster for the first time in a very long time. Here I was again having a hard time to hear and accept her name. It had been eight years and yet I can't accept her in my life once more. Many events had happened in my life that adding the request of May wanting to see me again was too much for me to handle. "I can't see her." I replied. "I can't tell you why because I don't want you to worry about me."

    "It's about your mother isn't it?" she asked once more, another hard dealt question about my life. "She is part of my life too Ash. I'm affected as well."

    Before I could reply I heard quicken paced footsteps from inside the poke center. The automatic doors slid outwards as I saw my younger sister, Amelia run towards me with a worried expression all over her face. I knew that it wasn't good news. I looked into her eyes and saw tears about to run down her face. She collapsed onto her knees and soon quickly looked up to me and Misty. Soon the delayed tears ran down her face. she opened her mouth a few times and tried to speak but the emotions on her were too strong for her. Soon she wiped her tears away and soon she told me her message.

    "No…" I muttered. "That's not true!" I yelled.

    Amelia did a small nod and looked away from me and more tears slide down her cheeks. Misty placed her hand on my shoulders as I too, felt like I was going to cry. Then suddenly I felt a soft small hand placed on my left cheek, wiping my years away. I opened my eyes to find it was Lyn.

    "Don't cry." Her warm smile made me felt a little happier inside. Her eyes were half open, as if she was half asleep. She soon closed her eyes once more and her grip of her hand on my cheek dropped. I turned back to Misty and I could tell in her eyes that she would take Lyn back to the room. I gave Lyn to her and watched her walk into the building as I saw my sister crying on her knees on the ground. I knelt down and wrapped my arms around her. I felt Amelia cry even more as she soon did the same.

    "We need to go back home." She cried. She was crying harder and I knew she was starting to lose hiding her emotions. "I've told Dawn about it too and she said she will follow us when we get there."

    "Yeah." I pushed myself off her and placed both my hands on her shoulder. "Let's head home. Before it's too late."

    I looked up towards the sky and noticed the stars glowed brighter than normal. I heart raced with fear that tonight was the last night we could all be together. I have been so apart from my family for too long. I can't afford to lose any more people I care about so much.


    "Mom why are we leaving daddy, big brother and little Amelia?" the young five year old asked his mother.

    His mother continued to not reply to her son's question and continued to rush from cupboard to cupboard, filling in their luggage with clothes they need. The boy watched as he had fears that they weren't going back to his place. To a place where he couldn't see his family together again.

    "Are we leaving?" the boy asked once more. His mother zipped up their luggage and quickly grabbed her youngest son's hand as she rushed out the doors of her son's bedroom as the young five year old getting dragged into his mother's decisions. Soon both reached the front gate where a large black car awaited them. The young boy heard people calling his name, crying and screaming him, pleas that he had to know what was about. The boy quickly slipped his hand out of his mother's grip and ran towards back to the house where his older brother and sister awaited. His mother waited at the gate as she saw the three siblings embracing each other before it was too late.

    "Promise we will see each other again?" the young five year old Ash asked.

    "We won't let something like this stop us from seeing each other." Seven year old Alex replied with a smile.

    "Never." Amelia cheered, full of determination. The young boy looked back at his mother and saw that it was time to go. He looked back at his older brother and younger sister and waved with a small smile. Soon the smile grew as he waved to them as he raced to his mother. He looked back and waved for the last time as the both walked out of the black gate and entered the car, not knowing to the young boy's mind that, that was the last time they could talk to each other without lying.


    Too much has happened to me within these past months. A strange girl ends up in my care, I find about my news about my older brother, May wants to see me and now my mother. My mind raced with thoughts of what could of possibly happen to my own mother. I didn't get to speak with her since we left and that was only a few days ago. And now here I am, in a bus going back to see her. I watched as many other passengers made their way onto the bus, hugging and leaving their loves ones as others were greeted by them. I watched as a young five year old boy was greeted by his mother that looked like she had returned from her trip from another town. His smile was so warming and the mother's look on her face was so cheerful.

    Soon the image of my mother came into my mind, her warm smile and the caring sound you would hear out of her lips was so warming. I never told anybody that I missed my mother a lot after the journeys I've had. I have been gone for such a long time I never knew that how hurt and sad she would feel each time I would leave to a new region but I know that she is happy that I'm trying to fulfill my dream. Too bad I never got what I truly wanted. Soon I heard a call on my poke gears as I reached into my pockets to answer my call. The name shown on the screen was Dawn.

    "Maybe to say goodbye." I replied as I answered the call. "Hello?"

    "Ash!" Dawn called my name out quickly and in a panicked tone of voice. "Lyn is missing!" She told me, straight to the point. "I went to look for her now but she isn't here!"

    "What?" I quickly stood up which gave attention to Amelia. "I'm going to look for her now." I rushed down to the entrance of the bus and Amelia came chasing behind as I ended the call.

    "Where are you going?" Amelia asked as I glanced over my shoulder and saw a worried look all over her face.

    "Lyn is missing and I need to find her!" I called out as I continued to get out of the bus. "The bus isn't leaving yet and since Dawn just called me now I'm sure Lyn isn't far."

    "Okay then." She nodded. "I will call you when the bus is about to go. Please find her and come back, for mom's sake Ash." she looked at me, worried that she might lose me as well.

    I nodded as I raced to one place I knew Lyn would go. I raced down the dark path covered by tall thick trees that were scattered everywhere. The only source I could as light was the full moon brightly glowing above of me. I knocked all the braches and other objects that were in my way. Soon I made my way into a clearing and there sat a young three year old child. Staring at the moon, sitting so still and so peacefully. I took a breath of relief and walk towards her and sat right next to her. I knew she would be at Cerulean Cape since it was the only place we came a lot in the last few days.

    "You made us so worried Lyn." I watched her until she turned her head to me.

    "Sorry." She smiled and looked up to the moon once more. "My birthday today." She soon added.

    "Really?" I replied in a slight cheerful tone of voice. "How old are you?" I asked.

    She turned to me and smile as she showed me five fingers. "Four." She grinned. I soon added with a laugh and closed one finger down. She looked at her hand which now held four fingers standing and soon laughed as well.

    "Happy birthday then." I smiled as I looked towards the moon, thinking of what gift I could give to her. Soon an idea came into my mind. My thoughts gave me bad impressions of that something I treasure could just be a simple toy to her and lose it. But my heart told my otherwise, that she will treasure it as much as I would. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my half contest ribbon. I gazed at the golden center piece with only half my face could only been seen. "Here." I tapped her on the shoulder and showed her my half ribbon. "Hope you like your gift Lyn." I smiled, trying to convince her that it was just another ordinarily gift. She raised her small hands and grabbed the ribbon out of my hands. For the first time I would let anyone hold that ribbon other than me. I felt nervous and scared that she would treat it like a toy. After all she was four years old, not a eighteen year old, treasuring something he should of let go by now.

    I knew that if I gave somebody else the only thing that reminded me of May it would help me to get closure rather than speak to hear personally. "But why are you afraid to speak to her personally?" My thoughts questioned but soon didn't get an answer to. I watched as Lyn tried to look for her reflection by using the golden center piece that held a pink and white ribbon on the right side of the golden center piece that resemble the sun. She looked into my eyes and then back on the ribbon.

    "I give it back soon." She replied, breaking the silence between us. I didn't reply as I watched her admire the ribbon. Knowing that she would say that to me to make me feel better and happy.

    I looked at the moon and the stars as the glowed brightly. My thoughts started to run through my mind as my memories with May back to me.

    "Hi there." My contest rival smiled. "I'm glad you came."

    "No problem." I replied with a smile. "So you want to get to know me better?" I asked.

    "Yes I do." She replied. "You are such a skilled coordinator that I just had to get to know you better."

    "I see." I replied. "Anyway my name is Ash Ketchum, I just started begin a coordinator two years ago."

    "Well my name is May Maple."May began.


    "What about Ash?" Solidad requested.

    I waited for her response. Like she had to think deep about Solidad's suggestion. She looked at Harley and then Drew, she kept looking at him while Drew glanced over his shoulder from time to time, gazing back at her. She soon looked back at Solidad who was waiting for her answer.

    "What about it May?" I asked. I was eager to find out her answer as well. "I think it's a great idea." I added with a smiled.

    "Sure, why not?" May smiled back at me.


    Ash." May replied. "Do you hate forgetting who you really were?"

    I didn't reply at first. I continued to use a long branch to poke and play with the fire as it cracked from time to time. I continued to poke the fire as I thought to myself if I could tell her about my deep problems.

    "Yes." I replied as I threw the remaining part of the branch into the fire. "I hate it because I can't remember who I use to be and remember that girl."

    "Girl?" the brunette asked.

    "Dawn says that girl was the one that helped me win this ribbon and introduced me into contests in the first place." I replied as I looked into the ribbon, thinking to myself about how painful it was to forget the person who helped me get this ribbon.

    "And what if you meet her?" She continued to ask.

    "I would be so glad that I got to find her. At least maybe she could help me remember who I really am."


    "What are you doing here?" I asked as he moved a few more boxes out of May's way. I looked into her eyes and noticed she was crying.

    "Hiding my feelings away." She replied as I continue to look at the wooden floor. "From an important person to me."

    "May…" I said with a sad tone in my voice. "Come." I added as I offered my hand to her when May soon decided to look up to me. I was smiling down towards her. She soon grabbed my hand and I soon pulled her up towards my body. We were so close we could let our noses touch if we wanted to.

    I was starting to feel uncomfortable and was surprise that May didn't push us apart, like she liked begin so close to me. I looked into her eyes and they showed as if, they held such deep secrets. I felt sad to see her in such a sad mood that I decided to cheer her a little. Just enough so I could see her smile.

    "You know." I began, without moving. "I never notice how blue your eyes really are." I said as I moved closer that it looked like we were kissing. "Their sapphire." I whispered in her ear.


    "May…" I added as I sat right next to her. .

    "I came back here to win this year's grand festival for redemption. To find my old self that use to love contests. When I left Hoenn to come here for the first time I couldn't stop smiling. When I arrived to Sinnoh to compete in the Wallace Cup and lose to Dawn my winning streaks became rare that I can't remember the feeling of winning one." She said as I began a new topic. "But I always knew that one person back in a other region would be cheering on for me if he was here and say to never give up, but he wasn't. Even my rivals where here to help me cheer on, in the end they are my rivals, not my dearest friends I miss so much."

    "So I'm not a friend but I rival eh?" I asked in a sad tone of voice and I looked at her. She was looking at the scene outside. "I don't see you like that May. I see you as a close friend of mine." I added as I felt like I had just been rejected of becoming the best pokemon coordinator known to earth.

    "You're…different." She replied without looking back at me. "In a way I find too hard to explain to you." She answered back.


    "We better hurry." Dawn panicked. "She has a really high fever."

    "What about the semi-finals today?" Mimi asked. "May is too sick to enter."

    "The…finals are…"May began as she had a hard time to think and speak. "…will be on…tonight. I will be…fine by…then." She continued and soon lost her balance and fell onto her back.

    I saw in May's eyes that she wanted to sit up on her own but her body refused to do so. Mimi, Dawn, Drew and I decided it was best if we placed May on my shoulders since Drew wasn't feeling great as well. I soon felt May slowly and softly wrapped her arms around my neck as she slowly found the confidence in her the rest her head on my shoulders.

    "One day I will tell you…about you and me." She whispered in a low soft voice and closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep. I looked at her but before I could reply she was already asleep.

    "Are you trying to hide something from me May?" I asked. "I hope it won't hurt us in the end." I added as the five of us made our way out of the cave of Mount Silver.


    "I only gave them to you for only one reason." Drew stated and walked out of the hallway and onto the stage with Harley.

    "I know what three roses mean when you give them to somebody special to them." I added as I walked to her and stood beside May. Soon I looked at her. "It stands for I love you."


    "What if I was the missing girl from your past? How would you react?"

    I replied in silence as my mind tried to accept what May told me. Even it was a question I felt like she was that missing girl from my past, but is she saying true? Would May lie something so important to me? I took my time and soon replied.

    "I would be angry at you for not telling me earlier." I answered back.

    "But do you ever think why I would hide the truth from you for such a long time?" She asked as I could hear she voice getting louder but she soon calmed down. "I mean if I told you when we first met, you wouldn't believe me. I knew the risks that were involved each day that past. I mean imagine that pain I could be holding, imagine how hard it would be not telling you earlier. Have you tried to think how badly I would have wanted to tell you that I was the girl from your past?"

    "But did you ever think how I would deal with it? A person that really means a lot to me hides the truth from me a day longer. When I think about it now, it feels like you're only protecting yourself and hiding longer for not telling me." I replied back to her.

    "But the question is will you believe me? Will you trust me and will the friendship we share now will be the same after I tell you?" May asked.


    "May…" I called her name as I found her the the small room that was darker than the rest of the rooms around.

    "Go away!" She screamed in anger. Knowing that nobody would hear her since the room was further located than the rest.

    "No!" I yelled back. "I'm not leaving you like this!"

    "You kissed Dawn. You should be with her and not me." She began to cry.

    "Correction." I begun. "She kissed me."

    "I…I don't care!" She yelled once more. "You like her, not me." May replied as she soon found a way to calm herself down.

    I walked closer to her; not trying to think that she would push me away and run away from me again. I wiped all her wet tears away and brushed her brown fringe away from her face and clipped her orange clip on the right side of her hair.

    "Do you want to know what I said to you when we beat Drew and Harley in the semi-finals?" I asked in a calm manner. She didn't seem to have an answer so I continued. "I said that I like you." I smiled.

    I looked into her eyes and saw that the rage and anger within them faded away and she calmed down as her eyes glimmered with hope. I soon showed her three white roses I planned to give to her later. She looked at the roses and faintly smiled at first, but it grew quickly and she wiped tears from her face once more.

    "I…" She begun as she took other rose from my hands. "Love…" She added and took the last one. "You." she smiled and soon added. "Too."

    My heart relaxed that same words I told her weren't a waste of time and effort. I couldn't help but smile and laugh at the little. For the first time in a long time I didn't have any care about my past. I just wanted to share more beautiful and wonderful memories with her.

    The ones that I would remember and treasure forever.

    If I only knew that my most treasure memories ended up the most painful I would have tried not to love her again. I hugged my knees and continued to re-live my memories with her. Her smile and the cheerful sound each time she laughed was so heartwarming, and each time she won a round in a contest I felt I won as well. Each time I felt sad I knew that she would cheer me up, even it didn't last long I would be glad she was there with me.

    And her eyes just shined out of the rest. That time I looked into them for the first time the image of the girl became visible to me. The contest dress she wearied turned into a travel clothes, she wearied a red t-shirt with the top half black with a white mini skirt and black shorts that didn't past the knees. Her bandana became red and she had a yellow fanny-pack placed on her side. Her clothes might have changed for that moment but her eyes stayed the same.


    I closed my eyes and looked up at the night sky. I imagined that maybe; she could looking at the same sky I was looking at. It was hard to believe but I soon started to accept it. I didn't know what feelings I had for her but I knew that it was time.

    Time to let all go, I knew the words I was about the say was the last time I would say it to her.

    "May…" I muttered. "I loved you." I opened my eyes slightly. "I will promise I will see you, for the last time."
    End of chapter.
  9. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Chapter twenty two

    "Poetry, Poetry and..." I repeated to myself as I flicked book by book titled about poetry. Soon my eyes soon grabbed attention to a red thick book with no title. I flicked to a few pages and found more annoying poetry. I threw the book over my shoulders and sighed. "And more poetry." I looked at the huge bookshelf. "Isn't there anything here that doesn't have to do with poetry?" Silence filled in the room before I sighed once more.

    "Hey there Ashy boy!" Gary greeted me as he threw his left arm over my shoulder adding one of his untrusting grins.

    "If you are going to date my sister, she isn't here." I soon grabbed a thick book from the selves to only be disappointed it was another of Professor's Oak poetry books.

    "On the topic of dating." Gary began to think of a few ideas which I was afraid to know what they were about. "What about Dawn instead?" Gary suggested which by my guess was either a joke or him wanting to cheat with my girlfriend. I replied simply by slamming his face with the book I was holding. I could feel Gary had already fainted towards the ground.

    "I doubt that Gary." I turned around holding a box full of ripped up books with ripped pages and covers. "Now leave before somebody else wonders why you're here."

    "Ash!" I heard Dawn call from the other end of the room. Wondering what was Gary doing on the floor and me holding a box filled with such old poetry books. "What is happening here?" She panicked as she rushed to Gary's aid instead of mine.

    "He wanted to have an affair with you." I cut the story short. Dawn's face was filled with shock as she quickly stole the box out of my hands and threw them all over Gary. Never did I guess that Dawn had a quick temper. I could just imagine Gary muttering the word 'liar' to me and that he would do something horrible nasty to me when all the books he was under were removed. On the top of the books I saw a letter. A letter that seemed to been opened once already. The envelope was wrinkled and the lid of it was already wide open. As Raichu started to remove the books on top of my rival and Dawn going outside to calm herself down, I decided to grabbed the letter and read it where nobody was around. I walked into my room, which was slightly isolated from the lab. I lay on my back on the bed and began to read.

    Dear Ash.

    I'm writing this letter in tears. By the time you would read this letter, it would be already too late, the relationship between us, the night we share together. It is all over. What happened between us, it feels like a dream. All the good times we shared together, they were all too good to be true. Now you know that I was the girl you had been looking for ever since your accident. I bet you wished you never found out it was me, after the pain you gained by finding out. There are so many things I want to tell you but, after what happened between us and the pain we both have gained, I don't think you would like to find out. But there is one that you have to find out, sorry if I couldn't tell you in person about this. I truly hope you understand. That night you found a little girl with long black hair, she calls herself by her nickname, "Lyn." I bet you are still wondering who left her there. Well it was me.

    Her name isn't Lyn as you have read before. I'm her mother and her father, is you Ash. Her full name is Ashlyn, Ashlyn Maple. A few months after we broke up did I only found out we were having a child together. I wanted to tell you but Dawn said it was best if we didn't talk to each other. I even told about us having a child together but she told me that I was using our child to gain you back. I could tell in her eyes she was about to cry and not wanting to accept of letting you go. I wanted to tell you every time Drew and I would past the Kanto region for our contests. But events such as Dawn blocking me off, or if Dawn wasn't there you would be out of your lab either doing research or visiting your mother. It soon took me nearly fours years to be able to drop your child there with you. It was the only way I knew for you to spend time with her without Dawn knowing.

    Now you would be thinking if what I'm writing now is true. They are true and the time we spend together in Johto can prove that for you. I can tell that Dawn would probably not tell you and about my pregnancy with Ashlyn. I don't think she ever will until you ask her. Please don't get angry with her by not telling you and about our child. She has her reasons behind it. Like my secret about, me begin your missing girl from your past. I want to say this for the last time.

    I love you. I hope you haven't forgotten that.


    I dropped the letter to the ground, my body lying still from what my mind had read off the paper. After the night we shared together, never did I guess it would lead me to becoming a father. I grabbed my pillow and covered my face. Not knowing how to face everyone or myself even. Memories of meeting Lyn rushed into my mind suddenly, leaving myself in more confusion that I had expected.

    "And her parents?" She asked as she grabbed a brush from the benched and brushed Lyn's hair.

    "I looked around for them, but I couldn't see them." I sighed.


    "Mommy and Daddy need me. I have to go." Lyn stated. Soon she turned towards the door and jumped to reach the doorknob.

    I sighed and walk over the Lyn and placed my hand on her shoulder and knelled down to her height which made her turn towards me. "It's raining. Mommy and Daddy will be more worried if you became sick because of the rain."

    "But they will be sad without me." Lyn pleaded.

    Lyn cute little voice couldn't help me but to smile and rubbed her long black hair. "They will be sadder if they find out that your sick. Do you want mommy and daddy to worry about you and find out your sick?


    "Then can you stay here until we find your mommy and daddy?"

    "Okay Mr. Ketchump." Lyn smiled. Telling she couldn't pronounce my surname right. I sweat dropped at the original nickname and smiled and soon laughed. Lyn soon laughed with me. Soon we both stopped and Lyn had a curious looked on her face. She walked closed to me and rubbed my hair around. "Your hair is very thick Mr. Ketchump." I smiled and rubbed her hair long black hair as well.


    "You're a daddy now?" Gary asked shocked. "Didn't know you and Dawn were that…"

    "I'm not a dad." I replied slightly annoyed. I knew what Gary was about to say. "I found her alone a few days back and since then we have been trying to find her parents."


    "Lyn?" I asked as I walked into the room. "Why are you crying?" I sat next to her and brushed her long black hair.

    "I miss my daddy." Lyn cried. "And mommy too." She sat up and faced me. I could tell at her face she wanted to talk more, but her sadness of her missing her parents was too deep for her to say any more.

    "It's alright." I replied as I wiped her tears away. "We will find them soon."

    "Really?" Lyn asked.

    "Yes." I nodded.


    "So this is Cerulean Cape?" I asked as we both walked up a slight steep hill. The view of the whole city could been seen and the sunset view turned even more beautiful

    "Yeah it is. I come here around this time to think." We stood near the edge, enough to see the city without getting ourselves in danger. Misty turned around to softly pat Lyn's head as she continued to sleep. "Are you sure you want to give her back?" She continued to stroke Lyn's long black hair. "She seems attached to you so quickly within a few short weeks."

    "Amelia told me that it will hurt even more if I continued to keep Lyn with me. I'm sure her parents are already looking for her." I replied as I brushed Lyn's hair away from her face. "I'll just treasure our memoires together. That's good enough for me."

    "You two look so related." Misty looked into my eyes and onto Lyn's face. "As if, you were made to be together." She turned her attention back to me. "We better head back to town and show her to police Jenny, she will know what to do after that." Soon she started to make her way down the hill until I thought of a question to ask her.


    "Ash!" Dawn called my name out quickly and in a panicked tone of voice. "Lyn is missing!" She told me, straight to the point. "I went to look for her now but she isn't here!"

    "What?" I quickly stood up which gave attention to Amelia. "I'm going to look for her now." I rushed down to the entrance of the bus and Amelia came chasing behind as I ended the call.

    "Where are you going?" Amelia asked as I glanced over my shoulder and saw a worried look all over her face.

    "Lyn is missing and I need to find her!" I called out as I continued to get out of the bus. "The bus isn't leaving yet and since Dawn just called me now I'm sure Lyn isn't far."


    "Please stop crying mommy." Lyn pleaded. I soon took my hand away from her face as I discovered another secret. I looked at May's face and Lyn. Why didn't I notice it before?

    "You're her mother?" I asked. May replied with a simple nod. "Then that means you dropped her off to me that night?" I continued to ask eagerly but didn't receive a response. I was about to repeat my question until I heard Amelia scream our mother's name. I looked at May, hoping she would give my answer but I couldn't wait any longer.


    "Lyn." She replied in confusion. "Why are you sick?" the four year old asked my sick mother.

    She laughed slightly and stretched her arm out to pat and run her finger through her long black hair. "You look like the granddaughter I always imagined to have, if only that was true." She smiled.


    "When you see dad, say hi for me okay?" My voice dropped to a whisper. I suddenly felt weak as I found it hard to continue speaking. I soon stood up and continue to walk away from my mother's grave with Dawn tagging along by holding my arm until I felt a small soft tug on my pants. I turned around to only find it was Lyn wearing a white dress with a black ribbon tied around her waist and with piggy tails in her hair with white ribbons holding them in place.

    "Don't go." The look in her eyes showed me she was about to cry.

    I kneeled down and patted her hair and showed her a small smile. To show there was nothing for her to worry about.

    "But I have too, but before I go I have to give you something." I looked into my bag and pulled out a Teddiursa wooden figurine. Lyn's eyes shined with excitement. While May's and Drew's faces were left in confusion. "I found this with all the trophies I won in Sinnoh when I was out travelling. I can't really remember what this was doing in that pile but I know it's something important to me back then and still is now but I thought it's better if you have it and look after it for me." I winked at the young four year old. "Promise you can look after this for me. Think it as a late birthday gift okay?"

    "Okay." She smiled at me with excitement as I handed her the wooden figurine

    They all faded from my mind as soon I heard footsteps enter into the room. I could tell who it was just by the pace of them. The sound of the footsteps soon stops, I peeked using the small gap of the pillow to see feet with black heels. There was only one person here that wearied black heels. She knelled down and picked up the letter, only to place it at the side table near the bed. We had a few minutes of silence between us until she spoke.

    "I'm guessing you knew already?" she asked without a confident tone in her voice. The pillow was still on my face, refusing to look at her with all the mixed emotions I was having.

    "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked her. "Why didn't you tell me that May was pregnant with my child four years ago!" I threw the pillow off my face to talk to her. I felt a sudden sting of anger towards her. "Four years without begin a proper father to my daughter! How could you keep that away from me?"

    "I didn't want to lose you..." Her voiced began to trail off.

    "I don't want Lyn to go what I went through." I sat at the edge of the mattress. "To be raised without a father!" I soon stood onto my two feet quickly. Still furious about the secret Dawn had hid from me for four years.

    "I was just protecting you from getting hurt again!" She yelled. "I love you Ash and I don't want anything bad to happen to you." I could sense in her voice that she was about to cry.

    "If you really loved me then you should have told me as soon you knew. You should have known better that I would never leave you because I love you Dawn!" I made my way to the entrance of the door. I looked over my shoulder and saw Dawn still standing there, the same spot to where he had come in. "I'm going ahead to Petalburg. My daughter needs me." I walked out of the room, leaving Dawn behind. Even though it was painful to leave my girlfriend in that state I needed to think to myself away from her after what she hid from me and I wanted to be a father to Lyn. My mind had accepted that May and I would never be together but my heart told my differently. I tried to convince myself that I didn't want to become a third party and be the reason of May and Drew's breakup. After all we were in love with each other four years ago. Everything can change within that time. Even feelings to each other can fade away like the event had never happened.

    "Ash please wait!" I knew who it was already. I continued to refuse to see her as I waited at the edge of the port.

    Lining up for aboard the cruise. I was wearing my usual casual clothes. I was wearing my light blue jacket with the end of the sleeves tipped in dark blue. I had a long white zipper going right through the middle and I was wearing grey jeans with a pair of new red sneakers. The top half of my jacket was dark blue with two black lines going across my chest, one nearby my shoulders and the other was slightly lower. I also had a new cap with the back half red as the front was white with a blue poke ball design centred in the middle. I decided to leave my lab coat back at the lab since I had told the other professor's I was off on a holiday, to calm myself down before returning to my job. I brought my usual team back with me. All of them were back in their balls place in my bag which the strap was across my chest as the bag itself laid on the right side of my hip. It had a white and dark blue colours place on the front.


    "Ash!" Dawn called for me. I looked up to her and saw her coming towards me, riding on her Togekiss. I didn't want to be any ruder to her so I decided to wait for her to land. When she did she came up running to me. She took a breath in before telling her message to me. "You forgot this." She flashed two tickets to the Hoenn region. "I need to go with you." She replied, unconvinced with her last statement. She spoke once more before I could even reply. "I know I shouldn't lie about your daughter and I know you need your space. But this is the last boat that leave to Hoenn, the next one leaves in two days. May asked me to arrive early so I could help her with the wedding plans. But once we get on I promise to stay far away from you until you're ready to face me again as your girlfriend." Dawn soon bowed in front of me. Treating like I was some kind of god or something. "Is that alright?" she soon lifted her body up and faced me.

    "Sure." I grabbed one ticket from her hands and showed it before getting aboard and soon enough I was aboard the cruise boat and like Dawn promise she was nowhere to be seen, keeping her promise of giving me space to myself before facing her and accepting her as my girlfriend once more.

    I made my way to the end of the boat, where my hometown started to fade from my sights and the endless ocean began to engulf the same town. Water type Pokémon rested on the calm parts of the water as flying type Pokémon flew over them. It was such a calm sight to see. I had Raichu by my side as we both waited for something interesting to happen.

    "What is this?" A voice called from behind. The voice was a guy so I knew it wasn't Dawn. I gazed over my shoulder and saw it was a guy, around my age. He wore a black jacket, nearly similar to mine but had no zipper going down in the middle. The ends of his sleeves where a crimson red and he worn violet cargo pants, his shoes had the same colours as his jacket. His hair was lavender purple and his long hair just touched his shoulders. His eyes had a dull grey colour to them as he stared at me like he had issues with me. I tried to go through my memory banks as I felt like I knew him. But nothing came up. "I never expected for you to evolve that rat of yours." He slightly mocked at his statement. I knew he was talking about my Raichu.

    "Do I know you?" I asked the boy. I still tried to remember who he was. My best guess he could have been some sort of angry rival of mine back in my travels as a pokemon trainer.

    "You got to be joking? You don't remember me at all?" he gave a serious annoyed look to me. Soon I saw Dawn passing by with her Togekiss by her side. Showing no intension of to see me. She soon saw the boy with the lavender hair as well. Which made her stop in her tracks. The boy looked over his shoulder and saw Dawn. He turned his back on me and faced her. "I see your still travelling with this idiot here." He pointed towards me with his thumb over his shoulder and soon looked back to Dawn who was slightly annoyed but you really couldn't tell by her expression on her face. "And I see you had a new haircut as well and I'm glad you got rid of the miniskirt you always wear in Sinnoh." He placed his hands in his pockets.

    "It was a dress jerk!" Dawn replied in anger. "After all these years you still haven't changed!" She added with Togekiss trying to calm her trainer down."And why are you here anyway?" she pointed at him with her left hand as her right was placed on his right hip.

    "Because I can." He replied in an arrogant tone. He looked at Dawn's Togekiss. "And I see you still have this weak little Pokémon." He looked back up at her. "You never did have strong pokemon."

    "Why you little..." Dawn grinned her teeth together. I knew how mad she could get and I knew it was best just to watch rather than help. She grabbed out Togekiss's poke ball. "Let's battle right now!" She yelled.

    "It's your lost." The boy sighed as he threw his poke ball into the air. The light collided with the ground to form one of his Pokémon, Drapion.

    "It's more like yours. Take the stage Togekiss!" Togekiss came onto the battlefield with a confident smirk on its face.

    "Wait." The trainer remarked. "Let's make this battle more interesting by making a deal." Dawn just crossed her arms. Annoyed that her battle with the boy was delayed but she seemed to agree with the boy's idea. "If I win, I will join you like you asked earlier but if you win, I won't."

    "Why can't you just come?" Dawn whined. "And it's not fair that if I win you won't come."

    "That's the deal little trouble some girl." The arrogant trainer slightly mocked. "I just want to have fun by defeating you in a battle."

    "You were always so heart less!" Dawn screamed. "Okay let's go Togekiss. Let's start off with Aura Sphere!" She pointed towards Drapion.

    "Intercept with Cross poison!" the boy yelled as the huge dark and poison type pokemon ran towards the ball of aura and soon destroyed it with a powerful poison type attack, simply by forming its arms in a "x" position and releasing it's power. The ball of aura vanished into tiny sparkles, nearly acting like glitter. Both pokemon started each other in the eye. Refusing to be defeated so early. Raichu and I sighed.

    "This isn't good." I muttered to myself. "I hope Dawn wins." Praying that my last statement would come true, hopefully.

    End of chapter.
  10. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Sorry for the super late update. for my absent i will update with two new chapters. i hope i don't get in trouble. ^^;


    Chapter twenty three

    “Aura sphere again!” the flying type soon flew up high into the sky and opened its mouth. A blue neon sphere soon appeared in its small mouth. I watched as Paul made no move until the blue sphere was heading towards Drapion’s direction.

    “Dodge it!” Paul commanded his poison type. I watched as the two battled each other. The more I watched the more the boy with the lavender hair became familiar to me. The boy’s Drapion quickly shifted to the right. Making Dawn’s move useless as it smashed into tiny fragments of aura as it hit the wooden deck. “Now poison sting!” he remarked as his Pokémon opened its mouth wide and release numerous amounts of tiny strings covered in poison.

    “Safeguard quick!” Dawn called out with her voice raised up high. Her flying type soon cooed its name out gently and a light transparent blue aura shield covered its body. The tiny fragments of poison string clashed into Togekiss but it didn’t seem to affect it much. Only enough damage taken to her was landing onto its feet.

    “So I’m guessing that safeguard made the move slightly useless as it lessens the chances of status ailments to affect the user.” I looked down to Raichu. My long time partner nodded saying that I was right in what I said. “Shows how much I study these days doesn’t it?” I chuckled. I soon gave my attention back to the battle.

    “Sky attack Togekiss!” Dawn pointed up to the skies as her opponent continued to not command any moves. Its body began to glow a bright white colour as it flew more up towards the clouds. Still, her opponent didn’t call out a move. “Now!” Dawn added as Togekiss flew down quickly from the skies and aiming to release its power on her opponent.

    “Hyper beam now Drapion!” the trainer called out unexpectedly. The Pokémon opened its mouth wide open at released a intense powerful beam attack at point blank range as Togekiss was nearly compete in landing her attack. Togekiss was pushed back and crashed into the ground. Drapion was unable to attack as Togekiss struggled to stand onto it own two feet. Dawn cheered for her flying and normal type Pokémon to not give in. I continued to watch as two of the most powerful moves had just done a head to head clash to each other.

    “Hyper beam is more powerful than Sky attack. So I guess that’s why Togekiss’s Sky attack wasn’t powerful enough to intercept hyper beam.” I sighed and placed my hands onto my waist. I looked down to Raichu. “I think we are going to have a friend travelling with us.” I sighed once more. Disappointed that I had to travel with a heartless man. I glanced back and saw the boy’s Drapion able to regain movement as Togekiss still had trouble standing onto its own feet. It shook and trembled as it struggled to stand onto his two feet. The young boy smirked as he pointed out to Dawn’s Pokémon.

    “Hyper beam once more!” he called out. I was shocked that he was such a powerful move once more aimed at Togekiss. Once was enough as Togekiss was unable to even stand onto her own feet. If she endured other hit Togekiss wouldn’t be able to battle or fly for weeks. I glanced down at Raichu and he nodded. I knew he was thinking the same as I was.

    “Stop Drapion with thunder Raichu!” I called out which gained the attention of both Dawn and her opponent. My Raichu called out its name as it released a powerful electric type attack right at Drapion. It landed a direct hit onto Drapion. Stopping his attack aimed at Togekiss. Suddenly his name came into his mind as soon his looked me in the eye. “Stop this battle now Paul!” Silence grew between us.

    “So you do remember me after all.” He returned his Pokémon back into its ball. “So I guess I won since I would until you interrupted my battle.” He replied in his normal cold tone of voice. He walked up to Dawn who was next to her flying type who was back onto her two feet. “After this event thing your inviting me to, I’m gone. Happy?” I watched as I saw one of Dawn’s happiest smiles in a long time.

    “No words can express how happy I will be when you’re gone.” She continued to smile. “If only the invitation didn’t say invite one guest than I would never have to see your horrifying face ever, I mean just look at your eyebrows.” Dawn teased with her smile turning into a cheeky and teasing smile. I could just tell the two of them were going to make my journey to Hoenn interesting. Paul growled back at her.

    “I swear the next time I see that plastic face of yours I will melt it with one of my Pokémon’s flamethrower so I don’t have to see that disgusting smile of yours and hear your squeaky voice every time you open your mouth.” Paul gave one of his usual very annoyed glares. I had never seen people exchange death treats like that. Soon after their exchange of treats Paul walked off as Dawn helped her flying type Pokémon. Still laughing at her statement to Paul. I soon walked up to Dawn which surprised her slightly as she never imagined me begin so close to her after our argument back at the lab.

    “So I’m guessing he doesn’t know about us.” I placed my bag down onto the deck and pulled out a hyper potion. The top was white as the rest of the bottle a transparent pink, same went with the nozzle. The medicine inside kept moving every time I moved it. I kneeled down and pressed the handle and came out the medicine that would help Togekiss’s wounds go away. Togekiss whined a little but she knew it was for her own good.

    Silence grew quickly between us as I continued to heal Togekiss. I found it a hard time near her since the fact that she hid from me that I had a daughter still hadn’t sunk in yet. Also my ex, May didn’t inform me either when she came to visit at the hospital. But even what happened I still couldn’t stay angry at both of them. My heart began to skip a few beats the more I got into it. An image of May came into my mind. Her warm cheerful smiles and her stunning sapphire eyes flashed into my mind. A scene of where she was wearing a light summer white dress with a straw hat on top with a bright yellow bow place at the right. We were holding hands as we walked down the beach as the sand went through our toes as the water just slightly touched our feet. The sky spread a warm summer sunset scene as we were soon running down the beach smiling and laughing. I could hear her laughter echoing in the background.

    As soon as I started to enjoy myself with May around her image soon faded into Dawn. My girlfriend. She was wearing the same outfit as May but instead of running we were walking down the beach with a cloudless spring night sky above us. We were both smiling and both having a great time. And my heart pulse beat faster and faster each time I was closer and longer with either of them. The sound of me dropping the hyper potion woke me up and returning me back to reality. I blinked a few times and saw Togekiss fully healed and Dawn with her worried look on her face.

    “Ash?” She asked. I replied with silence. I looked at her and May’s face flashed in front of me and then returning back to Dawn. I quickly moved back as my mind gave me random flashbacks of my good times with May and Dawn. I had no idea what was happening to me as I ran right past her and into one of the cabins that left the door open. I really didn’t care who it was. I would just think of some random excuse when they came in and found me in their room and not them. I was hitting the wall hard, unable to understand what was happening to me. I even felt tears running down my face which I never would expect I would shed.

    Soon footsteps filled into the room as I quickly turned around. Ready to face the owner of the cabin room and thinking of a good excuse on why I was in their room and convince them I wasn’t a robber or anything else.

    “What are you doing in my room?” Paul placed his hands into his pockets. Giving one of his annoyed stares. I could still tell he was still annoyed after Dawn teasing him.

    “Um, I got lost?” I asked, but I felt that wasn’t going to do the trick of convincing him.

    “So you got so lost and you’re crying about it?” he pointed towards the door. “The door is right there idiot.” He stated with a harsh tone in his voice. “Can’t be that hard?”

    I wiped my tears away quickly. Still embarrassed that an eighteen year old professor is crying about two girls. Two girls that I have a hard time to accept since I would someday, have to turn one down. My heart sank down even lower about the concept and walked past Paul and reached to the entrance of the door until I heard him call my name out.

    “It’s about Dawn and you, isn’t it?” he questioned as he turned around to face me. I soon did the same. Surprised that he was talking to me without the usual arrogant tone in his voice. I looked away annoyed.

    “And why do you care?” I glared at him with the corner of my eye.

    “It’s just I never seen you so down and weak before.” He continued to stare at me with no concern. “I can tell it’s not about you begin a trainer Professor Ketchum.” He faintly grinned, but it was hard to tell if it was a grin at all or my eyes playing tricks on me again. “It’s about your feelings.”

    “And since when did you become a love expert?” I pouted with my arms crossed and took my attention away from him. “Please don’t tell me you have been hanging around Brock all this time?” Paul glared at me so I knew it was a no. “And so what about my feelings? Let me deal with my relationship with Dawn alone.” I looked away from him.

    “Dealing with your problem alone?” he asked in a surprised manner. “You? Ash Ketchum? wanting to deal with his problems alone?” The way he told me that statement like he was about to laugh but I knew that was something impossible for Paul to do. “Somebody must have hit your head hard to think of something like that. I knew you as the caring type that cares about friendship all the time and saying I should do the same.” Paul really didn’t seem to like saying that last statement of his.

    “Well I did fall down a cliff six years ago.” I muttered and sighed. I looked back and saw a small expression of shock on his face but it was hard to tell. He closed his eyes, crossed his arms and continued to speak.

    “That really does explain a lot. On why you didn’t remember me earlier.” He opened his arms and looked at me, straight in the eye. “That’s why I didn’t notice you before. You’ve changed. Your not the persistent pokemon trainer I called my rival back in Sinnoh.” He paused and soon added. “Do you want a little recap on the old days of you begin a pokemon trainer?”

    “Not now Paul.” I muttered. I really wasn’t in the mood to receive anymore insults from him. But I felt he just ignores my reply.

    “You were an annoying trainer that told that I need to respect and give friendship to my pokemon. I needed to praise them and respect them. I also needed to treat every pokemon the same and never keep my feelings and troubles to myself.” He looked at me seriously. I knew that what he had just said to me was about my life. “It’s funny that a few years ago you would be telling me this, and now I am. Hmph.” He did a small ‘Hmph’ sound at the end of his sentence as he closed his eyes and looked back at me. “Just relax and stop stressing out.” He walked right to me as I walked out of his room backwards. Soon I was out of his cabin room. “It really doesn’t suit you.” He soon gave one of the annoyed stares and slammed the door right in my face.

    “I forgot how rude he can be.” I sighed as I looked around me looking for my own cabin. As I finally found my cabin room and open the door leading into my room, my eyes fixed themselves on Dawn. She was laughing and playing with her pokemon around her with Raichu as well. Looking at her made me felt warm inside and happy. Then my mind played more tricks as the same pose Dawn was doing copied itself and turned into May. Soon both noticed me watching at them. Their pokemon faded away as thick fog and cold wind entered into the scene.

    “Ash?” Both girls asked as their voice echoed around me. Both girls looked at each other and soon returned at looking back at me. “Who will you pick?” their voiced echoed into my mind as the fog and wind subsided and died down as my vision of May faded and remained Dawn playing and having a good time with her pokemon. Like both of them or my vision never existed. I entered into my room and closed the door behind me. I laid my back onto the door and felt my back sliding down onto the carpet. I took my bag over my shoulder and was about to throw it at the bed in front of me until a photo slid out.

    I looked around my room and saw it was plain open. All there laid was a double bed placed in the middle with the bathroom door on the left side of the room with many portholes placed on the wall were the bed laid. I focused my tension back to the photo that ran out of my bag. It was me and May at the port of the Wallace cup. With my arm over her shoulder and hers over mine, both of us doing a peace sign with the cheekiest smiles anyone could imagine. I turned the photo over and saw a few words written in black pen.

    “Together with my best friend May...”
    “...A friend that I will never forget.”

    I knew it was my handwriting because I noticed my handwriting but in the bottom right corner I noticed something new.

    “Together with my best friend Ash…”
    “…a friend that will always live in my heart…”
    “…no matter what heads out way.”

    I knew that those words were written by May. I ran my fingertips over the words she wrote but how did I notice this now? Back at the hospital I never saw her write this. Perhaps she wrote this when I wasn’t around her. Before she left me for good.

    “May…” I muttered. “What are you really trying to say to me?”


    Here you have this May and keep it okay?” I replied as I handed the photo back to May.

    “But there is only one copy.” She asked. “Don’t you want a copy as well?”

    “Don’t worry about that.” I smiled. “I don’t need one because I will never forget this moment with my best friend.” I looked at her and saw a faint blush of pink across her cheeks. I was confused why she was acting like that but it really didn’t bother me that much since I just wanted to spend as much time with one of my many close friends. I looked over my shoulder and saw the boat blowing its horn loud as it was giving its final calls to its passengers. I looked back at May and noticed how sad she was. I felt sad that she was leaving as well but I didn’t want to show it to her. I placed my hand onto her shoulder. “Hey, don’t feel down May.” She looked up to me. “I’m sure we will meet again.” she smiled back at me.

    “Yeah!” she cheered as she released herself from her depressing state. “I’m sure we will see each other real soon!” she placed her hands onto her waist and gave a pout look on her face. “But you promise me that you will visit me okay?” she crossed her arms, waiting for my answer.

    “Of course May!” I smiled back at her. “I’ll try to get Dawn and Brock to come with me when Dawn and I are finished with our major events here in Sinnoh.”

    “That’s great to hear.” May softly chuckle. “I can’t wait Ash!”” she quietly fan girl to herself. “I have to show you the Bell tower in Johto and the Whirl Islands. They are such great places to visit!” the boat blew once more breaking me and May’s travel plan of Johto. May looked at her boat back to Johto and looked back at me. She grew a gloomy expression onto her face. “Just make sure you come okay?” she asked sadly. Like she didn’t seem to believe me that I would come and visit her in Johto.

    “Promise May.” I grinned at her. Soon I felt somebody running into me and embracing me. I couldn’t help but lie in shock and already imagine my face glow a bright red.

    “I’ll wait for you.” She laid her face onto my torso. I could feel her soft body hugging me tighter slightly. Like she didn’t want to go back home. I wrapped my arms around her as well.

    “I promise you I won’t make you wait for long.” I held her closer to me just a little longer until it was time to let her go. Something I felt was a wrong thing to do since I could feel my heart strings being pulled. Telling me to call her back and come back to me. I didn’t understand why but letting her go back to Johto felt like a huge mistake.


    My eyes quickly flashed opened as my dream I just had, faded and vanished leaving me in my room with my trusted partner Raichu. Sleeping on the other side of the bed in a ball like position. I looked around my room and saw how pitch black my room was. I threw the covers off me and made my way to the porthole and saw the small glow of the moon, giving slightly light, just enough to see where I was going. The sky was dark and the stars shined brightly. Enough to tell me it had just pasted midnight. I changed into my light grey shirt and grey-brownish cargo pants and made my way outside. My mind was in too much confusion to head back to sleep straight away.

    The night had a rich navy blue spread across the sky as the millions of stars were scattered everywhere, all glowing at different rates. The wind stay silent as there was no signs of anyone awake. I laid my arms on the rails as I watched the water currents pushing against the edge of the boat slightly and then fading away. “Just like my dreams, it comes into my mind and when I want to ask what is happening around me, they fade away.” I sighed right after. I looked to my left and saw Paul looking for his room key in his bag. I wondered what he was doing up so late but it didn’t bothered me. I had a few ideas that there was some kind of event downstairs to do with Pokémon of some sort. I sighed and looked back at the water until a question came into my mind. I turned around back to face Paul who had finally found his room key and was about to enter until he saw me.

    “What do you want now?” He asked, slightly annoyed. I could tell he wasn’t in the mood to talk with me again.

    “I just wanted to ask why you want to travel with Dawn and me. I mean you could always turn the offer down when Dawn asked you to come with us.” I asked my old rival as I walked up to him. “So why do you want to come with us?” I repeated.

    “To have fun.” He said in his most un-excited tone of voice I had ever heard from him. I knew he was lying.

    “I find that hard to believe.” I grumbled. Annoyed he wouldn’t give me his real reason on travelling with Dawn and me.

    “Well it’s because of the battle pyramid; you know Brandon and his three Regis?” He asked. looking at me and waiting for my response, like he wanted to make sure I haven’t forgotten the pyramid king, known by the name of Brandon.

    “I remember him. Did he move to Hoenn now?” I asked.

    “For now.” He entered his key into the hold of the doorknob. “He found some new ruins over there around Sky Pillar. He wants to do some research over there. But he is going back to Snowpoint soon.” He twisted the key to the right and the door soon flashed wide open.

    “But you can do that without coming with us. I mean why do you want to travel with the people you hate?” I continued my streak of questions.

    “Well I had to deal with you didn’t I back in Sinnoh right?” I felt annoyed at him after him saying those words to me. “I think I’ve learned to deal with annoying people such as yourself.” He soon took his first steps into his room. He soon turned around. “But I want to come with you guys because I wanted to enjoy myself.” I still couldn’t accept that Paul wanted to have fun then train his Pokémon.

    “I still can’t believe you want to have fun. Are you sure you didn’t hit on something hard on the way here?” I asked. Still not convinced in what Paul was telling me. “I mean you falling in love is probably something that would never happen.” I slightly mocked him.

    “I’ve fallen for somebody before but that was a while ago.” He stated with an annoyed tone in his voice. He soon placed his hand on the door.

    “This is just getting more and harder to believe.” I mumbled. I decided to tease Paul just one more time before I went back to my own room. “So who is she?” I grinned cheekily.

    “Like I’m going to tell an idiot like you.” We both heard Dawn walk out of her room like she was searching for her Pokémon of something she had lost. I had just noticed how close our rooms had seemed to be. She soon looked at both of us. Paul shifted his attention away from her as Dawn titled her head on confusion and shrugged and went back into her room. Then he gave a glare at me right after. “And I honestly don’t care if you believe me or not.” And once more, like earlier. He slammed the door right in my face. I growled at him on how rude he could be to other people. I looked back at Dawn’s room and thought to myself for awhile. I turned back at looked at Paul’s room.

    “Could it be?” I thought to myself. “Could Dawn be the girl Paul was talking about before?” I felt nervous to myself quickly. I tried not to think about that concept but it didn’t leave my mind until I reached back into my rooms, under the sheets and lying on my back and dressed back into my PJ’s. My feelings were hard for me to figure out as the idea of Paul having a crush on my girlfriend as just plain impossible. My mind began to thought that concept over and over again as my heart gave me a worse idea ever.

    That Paul could be still in love with my girlfriend, Dawn.

    End of chapter.
  11. Midnightmoon6o2

    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Chapter twenty four

    I felt a nice cool breeze enter from my cabin’s room porthole as I sat up to find it was already morning. I could hear Wingull’s and Tallow’s singing and calling out their names to one another. I looked around and saw Raichu was already awake and going through my bag. I scratched my head in confusion on why Raichu was going through my bag. I got up to my own two feet and walked up to my long time partner.

    “What are you doing buddy?” I asked as I kneeled down to his height. Raichu looked back at me and showed me a contest ribbon. It was the Terracotta ribbon I won back eight years ago. I hadn’t laid my eyes onto it since I broke up with May. Every time I would look at this ribbon when I was feeling depressed the pain and anger of breaking up with May would come up again. The ribbon was placed in my Pokémon’s palm. Raichu was handing it closer to my face I looked back at my pokemon in total confusion. “Why are you giving this to me? I thought I told you to never show this in front of me again?” I was about to put the item back in my bag until Raichu grabbed my wrist.

    “Rai rai.” He shook his head. Refusing that I would return the ribbon back in my bag. He grabbed the ribbon out of my hands and placed near his heart. Now I had no idea what he was trying to say to me. Raichu sighed and walked up closer to me and placed the ribbon near my heart this time.

    “What are you trying to say to me Raichu?” I asked. Still in confusion.

    “Raichu.”Raichu sighed and turned his attention back into my bag as I continued to hold the ribbon in my hands. Soon he pulled out a green bandana with a white pokeball design placed in the middle. I never recalled myself ever putting anything that belongs to May in my bag. Then he got one of my research notes and a pen and ripped out a page from my book and drew what seemed to be a love heart. He threw the pen back in my bag and grabbed the ribbon out of my hands once more and put the ribbon in the middle of the love heart. “Rai Rai!” he pointed at his drawing and at the ribbon.

    “Are you saying that…” I blushed at the idea. “No Raichu!” I got up quickly. “I’m not in love with May.” But Raichu looked unconvinced. “It’s true! Believe me!” But something inside of me said a different story. I blushed even more and felt embarrassed and grabbed the drawing, the ribbon and the bandana and stuffed them deep in my bag, hoping that I wouldn’t have to see it again. I glared at Raichu. He had a cheeky smile across his face. “Some friend you are.” I growled.

    Soon I heard my pokegear ring from inside of my bag. I sighed and quickly looked for it. I soon pulled out a navy blue pokegear and flashing on the screen was my little sister’s name and a photo of her poking her tongue at me under her name. I knew she wasn’t happy of Dawn and me leaving her without telling her. I pressed the green handset button and placed the pokegear as far from my ear. A video soon came up to hear. I knew she decided to call me via video call.

    “Where are you?!” Amelia screamed in anger. “Please tell me you left to Hoenn without me?!” I didn’t decide to answer and let her continue. She soon growled. “Oh, how could you!” She complained like a little child. “Why did you leave me here all alone?”

    “I needed to see my daughter. Amelia soon calmed down after what I had just told her. She blinked a few times before speaking again.

    “Ashlyn is your daughter?” I replied with silence. With gasped and covered her mouth. “Wow.”

    “Yeah.” I looked down at Raichu and he looked back a little disappointed that I didn’t know about my child earlier. I looked back at my sister. “Dawn and I are going to Hoenn to see her.”

    “And what about the wedding?” Amelia asked me. “Are you going to go?” I thought to myself for awhile.

    “I think I might not. I will do some research in the Petalburg woods. There have been sightings of a boy and Celebi there which is unusual because Celebi doesn’t appear unless it senses danger.”

    “Is that the only reason big brother?” I could feel another blush grow over my face. I shifted my attention away from her. I asked myself why was I acting nervous and embarrassed every time anyone would ask about May and me.

    Could it possibly be?

    That I was still in love with May?

    “I…” my mind was left speechless.

    “So it’s true then.” Amelia turned turned her voice into a serious manner. “You’re still in love with May.”

    “No!” I yelled. “That’s not true!” I refused to accept what my sister had just told me.

    “The mind might forget the person you loved but the heart never forgets the feelings you both shared and still have for each other.” Amelia said one of her deep messages. Like she was some sort of love expert. “You can keep telling your mind to deny your feelings for May but your heart can’t.”

    “I…” but my mind failed to finish off my sentence. “I…don’t know anymore.” I looked down on the carpet and deeply thought to myself. My mind kept on asking me more frustrating questions like ‘Is it true? You still love her?’ or ‘you can’t still be in love with her. She is getting married soon!’ I looked back at Amelia. “Look, just try to come here as fast as you can okay? It feels better to talk to you personally. You’re the only person I can talk about these things.”

    “I’ll try big brother. After all, we are the only two left around here.” And soon Amelia ended the called and I dropped the pokegear onto the carpet as I sat down onto the floor. Thinking to myself. When she told me that we were the only two left, the rumor that Gary told me that my older brother Alex could still be alive came into my mind. But I soon shook that idea off since I knew he was dead. After all I saw him die in front of my own two eyes.

    “No…I can’t. It’s not right.” I muttered to myself as I hid my head behind my knees and as I wrapped my arms around them. “No…” I repeated. I soon looked up and saw Raichu picking up my pokegear to see if it was alright. He looked back as I opened my hand up, asking for the pokegear. Raichu titled its head in confusion but gave my pokegear to me. I looked at my wallpaper and saw me and Dawn happy together. She was on my back, having a piggyback ride. She had one of her warm happy cheeky smiles that would always make me laugh. I opened up the menu and looked through my contacts and searched up one name.

    May Maple.​

    I finally reached her name and placed my thumb over the green handset button. I stared at her name and the photo attached to it. It was quiet an old photo as it was taken the day before she left back to Johto after competing in the Wallace Cup. I finally found the confidence to press the button and placed the pokegear near my left ear. I heard the phone ring a few times. I had a few guesses that she wouldn’t be home, maybe shopping for the engagement party but those ideas smashed when I heard a soft sweet voice from the other end.

    “Elo?” Ashlyn asked from the other end of the phone. “Who is dis?” I laughed at her cute accent. “Mr. Ketchump!” Ashlyn greeted with excitement. I laughed a little more as she guessed who she was speaking to.

    “Hi Ashlyn.” I greeted. “How are you?” I asked.

    “Good. Mommy and Daddy are buying a huge cake!” My daughter replied but I felt slightly disappointment about the concept of May and Drew together but I quickly shook those feelings away. “But they want a white yucky cake. I want a chocolate cake. Yucky white cake.” I laughed at her once more.

    “Well do you want me to buy you a chocolate cake for you only?” I asked. I knew that I wanted to do something nice to my child.

    “Yes please!” Ashlyn cheered. I could hear May calling out her name in the background. “With lots of chocolate chips okay?” She continued to cheer.

    “Okay I will.” I scratched the back of my head that I had to come and see her with a chocolate cake with heaps of chocolate chips. Soon I heard May’s voice once more but more clearer. I could tell she was coming towards Ashlyn.

    “Honey?” She asked. “Who are you talking to?”

    “Mr. Ketchump!” Ashlyn continued her cheerful mood to her mother. “He is going to buy me a chocolate cake with lots of yummy chocolate chips. No yucky white cake!” I laughed once more.

    “Could I…talk to him honey?” I heard an unconvinced paused near the ‘Could I.’ part. I could hear an ‘okay’ from Ashlyn as she handed the pokegear to her mother. We didn’t say a word to each other for at least a minute.

    “Hey.” I began as I broke the silence between us. “Long time no chat.”

    “Yeah.” Soon we started to go back to the habit of not saying anything to each other. But I soon thought of a few words to say to her.

    “Could you…um…pick us up at the pier?” I asked. I could May do a little gasp of surprise in the background.

    “You’re coming today?!” she asked in a surprised manner. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

    “It was kind of unexpected. Like the secret of you not telling me that Ashlyn was my daughter.” I sense a sting of anger within me. “Why didn’t you tell me back at the hospital?”

    “You never knew until now?” May seemed to be as shocked and surprised like I was when I found out I had a child with May. “I figured maybe Dawn wouldn’t tell you for a few days but four years? Well that shows how much she really loves you.” She seemed slightly depressed of saying of how much Dawn loved me.

    “I’m really lucky to be loved by someone like her and once by you.” I covered my moth by the last words that escaped my lips. I could hear silence from the other end of the phone.

    “Well then…I might tell Ashlyn about her real father before you get here. At least I can do that for you.”

    “Is Drew okay with all of this?” I asked.

    “Yeah his okay with this, he has treated Ashlyn like her own daughter.”

    “Well we will be there in a few minutes. Could you bring Ashlyn with you guys when you guys pick us up? I mean before I go do my research?” I asked the mother of my child.

    “Research?” May asked me in confusion. I knew she wasn’t up to date with my current lifestyle.

    “Well I’m a Pokemon Professor now and I’m going to research about the weird stuff happening at the Petalburg woods.” I told May as I recapped her what I had become in the last four years.

    “Wow, I never thought that you would become a pokemon professor. I mean you always told me how much you wanted to become a pokemon master.” May’s tone of voice seemed to have a little more confidence as we were starting to get use to talking to each other again.

    “That dreamed died eight years ago. When I saved Dawn from jumping down a cliff. Where I lost my memories.” I heard the horn blow from the outside telling me that we were heading to the pier very soon. “I’ll tell you more when we get there.”

    “We?” May quickly said, acting like she was afraid that I was about to end the call now.

    “Yeah, Dawn, me and Paul.” I stated.

    “Paul? Is that your new boyfriend?” May teased. “Tsk tsk Ash, I never imagined you as a playboy.” She giggled soon after.

    “Wha?!” I was shocked in what May told me. I knew she was teasing me but I hated when people who tease me that I was gay.

    “I’m not a playboy!” I complained over the phone. “You of all people…” May continued to laugh as I heard Drew calling out May’s name within the background. The horn blew once more as I heard a loud knock on my cabin door.

    “Hey idiot, hurry up!” Paul called out in his usual arrogant tone of voice. I knew he wasn’t in the mood to wait any longer. “Don’t hurry up and I will leave with your girlfriend!” Paul said in his attempt to scare me that he would go off with Dawn which somehow affected me.

    “Don’t’ you dare leave with Dawn, Paul!” I put my pokegear away from my mouth a little as a yelled at Paul. I soon returned to speak with May. “I have to go now May. See you soon.” I pressed the red handset to end my call and stuffed my pokegear into my jacket’s pockets and grabbed my bag off the floor and threw it over my shoulders with Raichu tagging behind me. I quickly opened the door and saw Paul. He looked like he was going to knock on my door once more. He seemed a little surprised that I got out of my room so quickly after he said he was going to run away with my girlfriend.

    “That was quick…” He placed his hands back into his pockets. He looked at Dawn’s room which I soon did as well. I heard the door getting unlocked and out came out Dawn. When Dawn walked out I saw she was in a new outfit. She was red clips in her hair, the same type that she would wear back when we were travelling together in Sinnoh. She was a red dress that just reached her knees with a black ribbon placed nicely on her waist. She also had a light black jacket on with black boots with the toe area tipped white. With knee high socks. Also she seemed to return in wearing her beanie with the white beanie with a red pokeball design in the middle.

    “Wow, you look great Dawn.” She quickly turned her direction to Paul and I. I looked at Paul as he continued to watch Dawn as she smiled back at me and swirled around, lifting her dress a little. He looked at me and was surprised that I was staring at him on why he was looking at my girlfriend for a long time.

    “Could you stop looking at me like that? Your starting to creep me out.” He took a step away from me.

    “Could you stop looking at Dawn like that again? You’re starting to creep me out and giving me bad ideas.” I slightly growled.

    “Like I care about what you think.” And he soon walked past me and accidently bumped shoulders with Dawn who didn’t seem to notice him walking past him until their shoulders collided with each other. They looked at each other for awhile without saying a word to each other and soon Paul continued his way. Dawn watched him walk away from us two and she soon came up to me and held my hand.

    “Now we better get going. We will reach Petalburg soon.” She smiled at me. Her joyful smile made me smile slightly at her, reducing my anger at her as well.

    “Yeah.” I nodded as we both walked out way to the front of the boat, watching and waiting to reach our destination.


    After my conversation with both my sister and May, the three of us reached the pier. There waiting for us was May, Drew and Ashlyn. The three of them all had different expressions on their faces. Ashlyn had the most excited smile I had ever saw on any person. Drew on the other hand seemed annoyed that we were coming and May, she was in the middle. She slightly had a joyful smile and an unconvinced expression on her face.

    I knew that this was going to be an interesting greeting.

    The three of us got off and greeted them. Ashlyn was the first to come greet us as she ran towards me. When I saw her running towards me I kneeled down on one knee and she soon came up to me and embraced me. I would of fell onto the wooden deck if she came up running to me any faster. I noticed that Ashlyn was wearing a red simple dress with a Torchic inspired headband on her head with two Torchic plushie placed on the sides of the headband. Dawn giggled as Paul was confused on who Ashlyn was.

    “Daddy Ketchump!” I couldn’t help but laugh and at the same time happy that she called me her daddy. I could hear Dawn giggled and Paul doing a faint smile, but my mind convinced me that my eyes were doing tricks again on the idea of Paul actually smiling. My daughter stopped the embraced and looked at me. “Where is my chocolate cake Daddy?” I looked at both Dawn and Paul and found out that they were confused.

    “I forgot about it. Sorry Ashlyn.” I apologized. Soon Dawn kneeled down and showed Ashlyn her famous sweet pink poffins.

    “I forgot as well Ashlyn darling.” Dawn smiled and joined on convincing that she forgot about the cake. “Here have this instead. In Sinnoh their called poffins. You might know them as Pokeblocks over here in Hoenn.” Ashlyn reached out her hand and held the pink poffin in her hands. She raised it to her lips and nibbled the sweet treat slowly and ate it up quickly as soon as she liked it. We were all shocked on how fast Ashlyn ate the treat. I could tell she must have got that from her mother or even me. I soon laughed afterwards.

    “Wow, you sure are hungry.” I continued to laugh as I brushed her long black hair. Ashlyn soon turned back to Dawn.

    “Do you have anymore Dawny?” my four year old daughter asked adding one of her cute puppy eye stares.

    “Sorry.” She sweat dropped. “I need to make some more. That was my last one.”

    “Aw.” Ashlyn sighed in a disappointed manner. Soon May and Drew walked closer to us. Drew picked Ashlyn from the ground and held her in his arms. Ashlyn was happy to see her Drew as she hugged him as well. “Daddy Drew!” She cheered. Drew softly smiled. I looked at May as she offered her hand to help me back onto my two feet.

    “Welcome back Ash.” She greeted with a warm smile as I accepted her help. She soon helped me back onto my two feet. I thought it was best to introduce Dawn and Paul to everyone since I knew it was a good way to start a good conversation within the group.

    “Thanks May.” I replied as I pointed at Dawn and Paul. “Anyway this is Dawn and Paul. Paul is the guest we invited over here. I hope you guys don’t mind.” I scratched the back of my head. Dawn waved at the group as Paul just simply ignored me.

    “Hey there.” Drew greeted both Dawn and Paul. “It’s nice to finally meet you Miss Berlitz and Mr. Hayden.” Drew greeted politely. “I hope Ashlyn didn’t cause any trouble back in Kanto.” Drew apologized but I didn’t seem to be convinced.

    “Nah, it’s alright.” Dawn smiled. “Ashlyn was so much fun to look after.” Paul tapped her on the shoulder and whispered a few words into her left ear. Soon Dawn whispered back in response and Paul’s eyes widen in shock and soon looked at me and then made his way to me.

    “Ashlyn is your daughter?” He mumbled. The tone in his voice still was unconvinced that Ashlyn was my daughter.

    “Yeah. It’s a long story.” I sighed.

    “Playboy.” He glared at me and walked off next to Dawn, who he seemed more comfortable to be with. Which I was happy since I hated Paul standing near me.

    “Anyway.” May began a new conversation within the group. “I’ll lead you guys to the poke center. That’s where you three will stay until the party. Is that okay?” She asked. We all nodded. “Okay! This way!” May turned around and led the way off, like some sort of thing a band leader would say and do. We all sighed and sweat dropped and agreed it was best just to follow her. As we followed May to the poke center I wonder to myself how May’s family was doing. I hadn’t seen any of her family members in such a long time and I thought it was best to see them first before going to the poke center.

    “Hey May.” I asked. The whole group looked back at me. “Is it all right if we could see Max and everyone else before we head to the poke center?” I asked. May looked up towards the sky and saw that it was still bright and showed no signs of the sun setting yet. She looked back at me and nodded.

    “Yeah that would be great. Max and Mom would be happy to see you again.” she cheered. “I’m sure Max would love to battle against you.” She smiled as she pointed the direction to her home. “This way peoples!” and she began to lead us off to a new direction.

    “Wait, she is the daughter of Norman, the gym leader of Petalburg City?” Paul asked in a surprised manner. Now everyone looked back at him.

    “Yeah.” Drew replied. “When she started her journey she was meant to train to become a gym leader but decided she wanted to become a pokemon Coordinator instead. Soon when her dad got sick she decided to become the gym leader until Max was old enough to take over her role. But Max is still training to be one so May is the gym leader for now.”

    “What?!” Dawn nearly jumped out of her boots. “May is a gym leader now?!” Drew just nodded. I was shocked to found out that May was now a gym leader.

    “This place is just full of surprises.” Paul sighed.

    And Paul was right. Ever since we got here we were faced with every surprise we never would imagine would exist. Which truly made the journey back to Hoenn more interesting then we all anticipated.

    End of chapter
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    Thankyou Pikachu. i know there are some mistakes in there. next time i will try to fix them up.
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    Chapter twenty five

    Soon we arrived at the Maple's resident. The place remained the same from what I could be able to recall in my mind. Instead of heading inside the home we headed to the gym. The gym had a martial art look to the building. The fence was made out of huge rocks placed together well and the stairs were thick and hard to get over. The walls looked like it was made out of stone as well but was made out of the usual stuff old temples homes would be made out of.

    "This is my gym." May recalled proudly. She slide the door open and inside was Max looking after a Slaking.

    Max looked much older from the eight year old boy still in my mind barley. My guess by the looks he was around sixteen. He still had his glasses but the lens was much smaller. His sea green hair was now touching his shoulders. He had a lime green long sleeve shirt with black jeans. We were all shocked to see Max, especially May.

    "Max?" May question in shock. "I thought you would be in Unova by now?"

    "I was." He grinned as his niece came to greet him. Max picked her up in his arms. "The Unova ledge is a month away from now so I thought I might as well come and visit you, Mom and…" Max's reply was interrupted when he saw me. He dropped Ashlyn and made his way towards me. "Ash?" He asked. "Is that really you?"

    "Yeah. The one and only." I could hear Dawn chuckle a little.

    "You look so old." Max teased. I gritted my teeth together.

    "Annoying as ever." I muttered.

    "Like you." Paul muttered to himself.

    "Don't start Paul." I muttered back at him.

    Soon a heard sounds coming into the room. Thing was they weren't the sounds of footsteps. The far door at the end of gym opened and soon came in was May's father, Norman. In a way I didn't expect from him.

    He was in a wheelchair.

    The front tips of his hair were a slight pale white. He still worn the same maroon jacket I remember him from. Everything else remained the same other than him having grandpa glasses and in a wheelchair. I wanted to ask what happened but my gut told me I rather not find out. He made his way to his children and granddaughter. He gazed at me annoyed and I can't blame him why. Drew offered Dawn and Paul to enter into the house and May helped Max and Ashlyn out of the gym.

    Soon I was all alone with Norman. He moved closer to me without saying a word to me. And in a flash he grabbed me by my jacket with a fierce look in his eyes.

    "How dare you do that to my only daughter!" He yelled as he released his grip on me. I regained my balance soon after. "Breaking up with her and then to find out she was having a child with you. Your disgusting Ash." He soon added. "And I thought I could trust you with my daughter eight years ago!"

    "Before you rub in the all mistakes I've done. Let me explain what you missed out in the last eight years!" I paused and continued. "I fell off a cliff eight years ago to save my best friend from dying. I told May not to leave the house on that night to protect her. I was in a coma for a year. A soon decided to become a coordinator and then met up with May once again. I fell in love with your daughter again and soon discovered she was the missing girl I was looking for. Then we broke up after and now discover that the girl I found in the rain was my own daughter. my mother dies from a long life illness and I've come back to raise my daughter." I took a breath after my long ramble. "Now tell me if you can repeat that I'm horrible person!"

    Silence grew between us.

    "You forgot to add your still in love with my daughter." I blushed quickly. He turned around from me. "I'm sorry if I said you were a horrible person Ash." He looked out of the window. "I admire that you came back here to be a father to my first grandchild but is that the only reason you came back here to Hoenn?" He turned his chair back facing me.

    "I don't understand Norman." Norman's words left me in confusion.

    "Dense as ever Ketchum." Norman laughed at my so called denseness. "If you don't love my daughter no more than show up on her wedding day. I want you to make the speech at the reception. I want you to wish May and Drew a happy life together." I didn't reply. "If you truly don't have any more feelings for my daughter than you will do this for her. Think this of a way to rest us in peace." He turned his wheelchair away from me and made his way back to the back door of the gym until a question popped into my mind.

    "What if I don't show up?" I asked.

    "Then it proves to me you're the same man I knew eight years ago. The young ten year old that loved my daughter for everything she was. No matter what bickering you two did together you would always forgive her because you loved her."

    And those were the last words I heard from Norman for the rest of the day. I sat down on the floor of the gym. Norman's words floated in and out of my mind.

    "You forgot to add your still in love with my daughter."

    "…want you to wish May and Drew a happy life together."

    "…rest us in peace."

    "Then it proves to me you're the same man I knew eight years ago."

    "…loved my daughter for everything she was."

    "…because you loved her."​

    I held my head together. All his words affected my so much. I couldn't stay in the gym any longer and just slid the door wide open and ran out of the building. I could hear Dawn calling out my name but I continued to run. I didn't want to hear anyone else telling what to do, or what feelings I had with May. I could feel the rain beginning to pour over me but I didn't care. I wanted to keep on running. Running away from the problems I had to face. I wanted to hide away from them because I knew when I come back I have to face against them and there was no more running away. I soon stopped and soon saw where I was.

    I was at Petalburg woods.

    Lighting flashed in the skies and the thunder roared. The wind made the leaves swayed from left to right and every pokemon I saw scattered to shelter. I knew I had to head back but the problems I had to deal with repelled me into the forest. I made my way through the forest. The deeper I went the little the source the light around me would become. I saw on a wet log and dug me face behind my knees.

    I hate my life.

    "How come every time I want to do something right, it comes out the other way around?" I looked at my palms. "Maybe I should of died when I tried to save Dawn from that cliff eight years ago."

    "Please don't say that Ash." a sweet voice called my name. I looked up to find out it was May. All soaked up and wet from the rain. "If you did I don't know how I would of deal with your death."

    "At least I would be with my parents and Alex!" I quickly stood up onto my two feet in response. "At least I wouldn't have to ruin your life and everyone around me!"

    "Ash please stop!" I felt May embrace her arms around me. Her voice sounded like it was about to tear up. "Don't you ever say you want to die! Ashlyn needs you." She looked right into my eyes. "I…I still need you."

    "She's right. We need you. Everyone you know needs you."

    "Alex?" May stopped hugging me as I looked around me in search of where my older brother's voice came from. "Alex is that you?" I called out into the thick forest. "Please show up if that's you. Alex!" I felt May tugging my arm to calm me down.

    My emotions had let me down once more. But my heart still kept me calling him out.

    "Alex I'm sorry!" the flashback of the night I saw Alex getting killed by the avalanche haunted into my mind. "I'm sorry if you thought dad loved me more. I never wanted you to think that! He loved us all the same. I'm sorry if I treated you bad when told me that you were my older brother on Mount Silver. Alex please come back!" I soon felt May released her grip and a soft hand was placed on my right shoulder. I looked over my shoulder and was shocked to see who it was.

    "Alex." I felt myself ready to tear up.

    "Yeah. That's me." He faintly smiled at me. "You were always a little sook. Do you remember the time I bet you in that battle at Dad's place? You lost and you began to cry so hard that-" but I stopped him when I decided to hug my older brother. He wrapped one of his arms onto me. "I'm sorry for begin such a jerk back then. I should have helped you off that mountain when you were sick. I wasn't a very good brother to you and Amelia ever since dad past away in that accident."

    I wiped my tears away and distanced myself away from Alex. I looked up and saw Celebi beside him. I looked back at my brother.

    "How did you survive?" I asked.

    "Celebi was near the mountain when I got hit by the avalanche. She saved me and teleported me here, in Petalburg woods." I looked up at the grass type pokemon.

    "Thank you so much Celebi."

    "Celebi!" she cheered. I looked back at May and saw her smiling back at me. It reminded me a question I forgot to ask her.

    "May." I turned around to face her. "Why did you come here in the woods in this kind of weather?"

    "Shouldn't I ask you that question sooky?" May teased. I could hear Alex chuckle behind me. "I came here to look for you. Don't you know how worried I— we were?" May had a faint blush on her cheeks. "I mean why did you run out of the gym like that? All broken up and stuff."

    "Your dad told me a few words back at the gym." He words began to re-run in my mind. "I really don't want to talk about it."

    "Ash stop making us worry about you on a regular basis." Alex told me from behind. "We are your family. At least talk to us when you have a problem." I looked back at my brother.

    "You want to hear it? It's a long story." I asked. making sure Alex was ready to hear my long story ahead.

    "I have the time." He softly grinned at me. I glanced over my shoulder to find out that May was ready to help out.

    "Alright then." I paused and continued. "It started after your accident…"


    A few days had past after my confrontation with Norman and the discovery that my older brother was still alive. Amelia had finally arrived and couldn't stop crying tears of joy all over Alex. May and Drew were always in town since the wedding was coming in a matter of two days. I was able to spend my time with Ashlyn and be a proper father to her. Caroline, May's mother welcomed me back with a huge feast the first night I came here. I sat out in front of the gym with a concern I had in my mind.

    It was about Paul and Dawn.

    They were rather close in the last few days. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the sounds of Norman's wheelchair coming towards me with Ashlyn on his lap, taking a right on his grandpa wheelchair. After all she was only four. He seemed more relax and less frustrated with me after out huge talk a few days ago.

    "What are you doing here Ketchum?" Norman asked.

    "Thinking to myself as usual." I sighed. Ashlyn hopped off Norman's lap and went to embrace me.

    "What are you thinking daddy?" she asked in her normal sweet tone of voice.

    "I'm thinking of that chocolate cake I still own you." I grinned. Ashlyn cheered.

    "Yay chocolate!" Ashlyn did a small dance in happiness. I could just see in the corner of my eye that Norman was smiling.

    "Ash." he asked me after Ashlyn's little dance. "Let me tell you something." He moved his wheelchair beside me. "I got paralyzed and was stuck in this wheelchair right after a tree in the Petalburg wood fell on me. The doctor told me I could still of been able to walk if I told my family I was heading out there." he looked at me. "What I'm trying to say is that if you don't tell your problems to the people that care for you, you will make a mistake that you won't be able to fix."

    "My problems can't be fixed because I've ruined the solution to them." I sighed.

    "Don't talk rubbish Ash. You know you're better than to give up without trying. What happen to the persistent pokemon trainer that never gave up on his dreams?"

    "Dead with his parents." Silence grew between us. "My father died out in an accident at sea. That's why my mother left Alex and Amelia with my aunty when I was only eight. We moved to Pallet and never talked to them again. You see Alex and Amelia are only my half brother and half sister. They were never my mother's real children. I was her only child." I paused and soon added. "My mother died from a bad illness that was too late to be cured. I begged her that I wanted to stay and look after her but she force me to head to Johto where May and her rivals were."

    "I'm sorry to hear that Ash. I now understand why you want to be a good father to my grandchild. You want her to have a father." Norman moved in front of me and pointed at my heart. "I'm happy to still see the old Ash Ketchum in there." and soon he made his way back to house, leaving Ashlyn by my side. I looked at my daughter. She was already asleep on the steps. I picked her up and laid her in my arms as I walked back to the house. Thinking of the words Norman had told me.

    "I'm happy to still see the old Ash Ketchum in there."​

    "Guess his right." I added a smile and headed back into the house.

    End of chapter.
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    This chapter is sooo effing hooottttt. why? read and i will explain at the end of this chapter. im still fangirling about it now. weeeee


    Shippings in this chapter: Advanceshipping

    Rating: M


    Chapter twenty six

    "And I now present you as husband and wife…" I grumbled to myself that I would hear does words soon tomorrow. "Why am I so worked up about the wedding I mean I'm not even-" but my train of thought was discontinued when I felt Ashlyn tugging down on my jacket.

    "Daddy?" She asked. Her sweet soft voice always seemed to calm me down in times like now. "Why do I have two daddies?" She asked.

    I knelt down to her height and patted her head. I knew that May hadn't thoroughly explained the fact that I was here real father and not Drew.

    "Is it bad to have two daddies?" She asked once more. Adding another answer before I could reply to her first one.

    "Of course not LynLyn." I replied. Giving her a new nickname at the same time. "You should be happy you have at least one." The thought of my own father came into my mind.

    His face was already faded in my mind. I could barley remember what he wore that day when he left us for the job to become one of the Elite four in Unova. Mother always told me that his hair was similar to mine, my determination to win and help others was from him and every time I smiled she would see my father for just that moment.

    I miss them so much.

    "Daddy stop crying." She placed both of her small hands on my cheeks. I didn't notice that while thinking of my parents ended up with tears on my face.

    "Daddy? A familiar voice asked from before. I held Ashlyn in my arms and stood up, turning to face my friends.

    "Lyra, Misty and Gary. How nice to see you all again." I greeted with a smile. I felt happy to see them again. I haven't seen Lyra since I was in the hospital and Misty since Cerulean. But Gary, well even though we are friends he always found ways to annoy me.

    "Wow. So I was right back then." Gary teased.

    "Long story guys. But I can't be bothered to explain it all over again. I mean I did the same to Alex." I sighed.

    "Alex, who is this Alex guy?" Lyra asked in confusion as she looked from left to right to find my older brother.

    "I think that can wait. We have a wedding to attended remember." Misty reminded the group. She soon looked at me. "So that explains why she was so close to you. You were her real father after all." Misty giggled. "I never thought I would see the day Ash Ketchum will be a father. I mean you were so immature back then…"

    "And still are." Gary bumped in. I growled at him.

    "Am not!" I complained. The three of them chuckled. "Anyway." I paused and continued. "I have to bring Ashlyn home. See you guys at the pokecenter then?"

    "You bet Ash!" Lyra winked. "And also I want to battle you when we get there. After beating Misty here I feel so confident to battle anyone!"

    "Then I suggest you battle Alex then. The man you nearly beat on Mount Silver." I laughed as I made my way to the Maple's resident.

    "Wait, his your brother?" Lyra complained. I could hear her continued to ramble on but Ashlyn and I were too far to listen what else she had to say.

    Minutes later after my confrontation with Lyra, Misty and Gary once more, Ashlyn and I made back home. Everything seemed the same as we entered into the home. Caroline was cooking meals for dinner with Dawn helping out. Dawn noticed me looking at her. She did a cute smile at me and waved but was called back to cook as she nearly burnt tonight's roast. Ashlyn and I looked at each other and laughed. We walked past one of the windows and noticed Paul trained his old favorite, Torterra in the backyard. He knew we were watching him but he didn't seem to care. We also passed Drew in his room with his Roserade by his side, getting groomed by his trainer. I didn't bother to stay long and made my way. Soon we reached the living room where Max and Norman were watching the news. I dropped Ashlyn on her feet and Ashlyn went to greet her grandfather. Max jumped out of his seat and went to greet me.

    "Ash, Ash!" He repeated my name twice cheerfully.

    "What, what?" I called back in confusion. He seemed to still have that annoying charm he did back in Hoenn.

    "I need to ask you a favor." He seemed be begging at me rather than a favor. "I want to ask May if I can take her place to finally be the gym leader. I've done my training and everything but I'm scared that she might not think I'm strong enough." He looked down on the carpet and straight back at me. "I've even asked Dad for permission and he said its best to ask May."

    "But why are you so afraid of your own sister?" I asked. I could hear Raichu and Ashlyn playing together in the background.

    "She really likes her job recently. I don't want to make her sad when I tell her I want to replace her. Also she seems really good at it. I'm afraid I won't be up to her standards." Max replied slightly depressed.

    "And that's where you want to ask me to help you out by asking her instead of you?" Max nodded. Soon I heard Raichu calling out in pain. Max and I looked back and saw Raichu running away from Ashlyn. It looked like Ashlyn was pulling Raichu's tail a little too much causing Raichu to run away from her.

    "No Ashlyn, don't chase after him!" Max panicked as he chased after her niece. Leaving me to go after May and ask if she would want to step down and let Max be the full time gym leader of Petalburg city.

    I walked out of the room and walked passed many rooms but was stopped when I heard noises from a battle in the next room ahead of me. I slid the door to the left and saw May was battling a new opponent with her Beautifly.

    "Arial Ace to finish him off Beautifly!" May called out.

    "Zippo dodge it using Fly and then finish her off with Flamethrower!" Her opponent called out to his pokemon.

    The Charizard used all the speed he had in him but Arial Ace was too quick for the flying and fire type pokemon. Charizard quickly fell back onto the ground but was able to get back onto his feet quickly. As soon May's opponent pokemon was back on his feet he called out to use Flamethrower at Beautifly once more. May had no time to response quick enough and Flamethrower was a critical hit. It did so much damage that it made her bug type to flutter to the ground.

    "Here is our chance Zippo! Use Dragon claw to finish Beautifly off!" the brunette boy commanded his pokemon. Charizard roared in response on got to its wings and headed straight to Beautifly.

    "Morning sun now!" May called out in desperation.

    "Beautifly!" the bug and flying type pokemon called its own name out. She soon flew up in mid air and casted a bright morning sun. It was so bright that it made Charizard to stop its move and cover his eyes from the bright move.

    "Now Solarbeam!" May added and her pokemon responded by unleashing a powerful grass type attack right at Charizard. I was shocked on how quickly Solarbeam was released.

    "She must have used the light she got from Morning Sun to turn it into a Solarbeam attack. Impressive." I muttered to myself.

    The Solarbeam was a direct hit on the fire type starter and KO the pokemon. May's Blaziken lifted his flag on May's side to announce she was the winner of the battle. The young boy sighed and returned his pokemon back to its ball. As the boy walked up to May I soon got a better view of him.

    He wore a hat similar to Lyra's but the hat was light violet with a pale yellow strip wrapped around his hat with a small red and white pokeball design placed at the left side of his hat. He wore a sea green shirt with only two of his yellow buttons tied up showing a white singlet underneath. He had red arm warmers placed on both of his wrists. He had yellow pockets placed on his sea green shirt with a loose brown nap sack around his waist. His cargo pants were dipped in a deep sea blue with the left side of the pants slightly higher than the other. And his shoes were a mix of purple, black and red.

    After looking at May's defeated challenger did his name came to my mind.

    "Richie?" I asked as I entered into the room finally. Standing right beside May. She seemed surprised to find me right beside her. "Is that really you?" I asked.

    "Wow, Ash. You still remember me?" He asked in a surprised manner. "And wow, look at you. You look so different since we last saw each other back in Kanto." Richie replied with a smile.

    "Wait you two know each other? Just how many people did you meet on your travels?" May asked in confusion.

    "Hehe. I have so many I've lost count." I laughed.

    "Typical Ash." May giggled. I stared at her after laughing myself and watch her laugh at me. I never notice how cute her smiles were and how sweet her laughter was. I smiled at her slightly but I didn't think she noticed.

    "So is she your girlfriend Ash?" Richie whispered to me. I felt my whole face go red.

    "She isn't my girlfriend!" I complained. "Why does everyone ask that?" I muttered. Still having my bright red blush all over my face.

    "Just teasing Ash." Richie laughed. He soon looked at May. "You really are a great gym leader May. I might have lost but it just tells me I have to be stronger to beat you to become a pokemon master." My mind flashed a string of disappointment when Richie had mentioned the words 'pokemon master' right in front of me.

    "You still want to be a pokemon master Richie?" I asked. I tipped my hat over my face to hide the expression I suddenly felt.

    "Don't you Ash?" My old rival asked me.

    "Things have changed the last eight years Richie." I sighed. "Becoming a pokemon master. What was I thinking back then? I was such an idiot back then."

    "And your giving up just like that?" Richie yelled at me. "I may not know what happened to you in the last eight years Ash but the last time we met, you wouldn't stop until you got what you worked so hard for. What happened to you?"

    "It's too complicated for somebody like you to understand. Somebody who still keeps on dreaming something that doesn't exists!" I complained.

    "How dare you Ash. You have changed so much in the past eight year that I don't think you're the same friend I made back then!" He gritted his teeth together and clutched his fists together. "You just now become a complete weakling and a coward. Giving up everything you work so hard for!" I suddenly felt like hurting Richie on what he had told me. I felt like just getting a huge mallet and hitting him with it many times. But we went through a lot and he was my friend. That was the reason I didn't try to hit him even though my feeling inside of me really wanted to.

    "Stop it you two!" May quickly wrapped her arms around me. Somehow her holding me in her arms calmed me right down. But the way I felt to Richie didn't. "Please stop Ash. This isn't you. Don't let your past get you so worked up right now." I closed my eyes to relax even more and thought it was best to say sorry to Richie but by the time I opened my eyes once more. He was gone. I knew I should go and apologize but May was hugging me so tight that I couldn't. I soon looked back at May. I didn't notice how close I was to May.

    Our eyes were looking right into each other. Our noses where touching. Our arms were wrapped around each other. And May's lips were locked onto mine. I could feel my face glow a brighter red and the fear that Drew or anyone could walk right in. soon the feeling of that night came back in me. That night before we broke up.

    I started to make my hands up her back and to take her pink and white cap off and she ran her fingertips through my thick black hair. I began to start kissing from her lips down to her neck. We made our way to one of the back rooms of the gym that nobody seemed to come in. we continued our kissing as we laid our backs against the wall and slowly slid down it and onto sitting on the floor. May had already knocked off my hat was had already unzipped my sky blue jacket and was lying already on the ground. May's cap was lying right next to it. Then my hands knocked off May's pink bag that was always seemed to be with her all the time. My fingers soon started to take off her black vest and I threw it somewhere on the floor. Soon I was on top of her and she was making her hands underneath my shirt. Asking for me to take it off. Which somehow ended on the ground quiet quickly. I did the same by taking off her white singlet and ended upon the floor as well.

    She was starting to kiss from my lips down to my neck and wrapped her arms around my chest, which had nothing on. Since my shirt was already on the floor. I began to kiss from her neckline down to her chest area and my hands were playing around with her black bra in the attempt to take it off until myself conscience came back in.

    I didn't realize that I was having a passionate moment with May that if we continued we would have a lot of things to explain to each other and everyone else. But what happened next didn't make any of what had happened better.

    "I…I love you." I quickly got off top of May and covered my face with my hat. Hoping and wishing my hat was so big it would hide my whole body away from May. But it didn't. Instead I felt May wrapped her arms around my body from behind.

    "I…I…love you to Ash Ketchum" I could hear how scared and unconfident she was with saying those words. Like she was afraid that when she said those words something bad would happen.

    "Whaaa?" I turned around to face her. "You still love me after all these years and what I've done to you?" I still realized that my blush was still all over my face.

    "Well after what we been through right now. I realized that I still love you Ash. I'm sorry for everything." I could tell she was ready to cry. I soon kissed her on the lips softly.

    "It's okay May. You don't have to say sorry anymore. I forgive you because I love you." I somehow felt more relaxed and confident to say those three words to May now that she admitted that she loved me to. Soon we heard knocking on the door and quickly panicked. May quickly grabbed her vest and singlet while I grabbed my jacket and shirt off the floor and hid under an old table with an old white tablecloth covering it that was in the room.

    "Sis? Now where did she-" but was interrupted by an object.

    May and I soon realized what that object was.

    We forgot to get our hats.

    I could see Max's shadow pick up our hats together. I could imagine him looking at them for a very long time. May and I hugged each other. Hoping that the worse wouldn't come.

    "What are May's and Ash's hat doing in an old room like this?" he asked to himself. "Maybe Ash finally asked May if she could step down so I can become the gym leader now. And they must have talked in this old room for some privacy. And they must have left to do something else and forgot their hats. That's must be it!" Max said in his cheerful tone of voice. "I will give this back to them back at the house." We could hear Max already at the door ready to leave. "I wonder if May is happy about her stepping down for me. I hope she isn't mad at me." And those were the last words we heard from him as he left the room finally. May and I came out underneath of the table.

    "Max wants to become the gym leader now? Is that why you came to see me?" she looked at me.

    "Yeah I was until we got a little distracted." I laughed and May blushed a bright red and tried to hide it with her clothes. I laughed even more. Soon May stopped hiding her face from me and laughed with me as well. As soon we stopped May looked at me, smiling.

    "I'm so happy to be with you again Ash." she grabbed my hand and held it tight.

    "Same here May." I smiled back and held her hand tight as well. Finally able to be able to smile with the girl that I was able to convince myself I loved more.

    End of chapter


    Last minute authors notes.

    Was that hot or not? a shirtless Ash with only his pants on and May with only a black bra and demin mini shorts on. oh god, someone draw it for me. so hot. <3 <3 <3

    Anyway this isn't the last of Richie. he is coming back. the next chapter will be split into two parts and then the epilodge. yes, around three chapters to go. lets all get our tissues now shall we? lol.

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    Second last chapter. hopdully i can write the last chapter and the epilodge soon.

    Also i had never wrote a sad pearlshipping moment. ahh, i cried. T_T


    Shippings in this chapter: Pearlshipping

    Rating: PG (K+)


    Chapter twenty seven: Let our hearts lead the way: Part One

    I thought that maybe, we could of. Yet it never happened. But why, I don't understand. It's so confusing, we were so close, everything was going fine, and now it's all over.

    So many excuses entered my mind right now. It happened so fast that it feels like I've lost my memory all over again. Its feels like I have to start from scratch again. I feel defeated. It's that feeling I would always get when I would lose at any pokemon ledge, that horrible feeling of defeat. That feeling that you know you could avoid it but you didn't, that you could have been better but you didn't train enough and that you could of stopped begin hurt over and over again but you let it slip through your fingers and now you have to live with the grudge for as long you learn to forget the memories that caused you to get that grudge in the first place.

    It hurts, so much.

    "Passengers heading to Unova please aboard the ship now. This is the last and final call to all passengers going to the Unova region!"

    It really hurts. It really does.



    "Where are you going now?" May asked as she placed her black vest back onto her.

    "I need to find Richie. I need to say sorry to him." I replied as I pulled my white zipper up to the top of my jacket. "What I did to him was completely wrong."

    "I understand." She crawled onto her knees searching for her last clothing, her pink bag. "Now where is that-" but I cut her short when I dropped the bag to her head height to show her I found her bag. She sweat dropped and got back to her knees and accepted the bag out of my hands. "Thanks." She smiled.

    "I have to go now May. Richie might of left by now." I rushed to the door and slid it to the left and was heading out until I heard someone call my name out.

    "Ash." May called from behind. "I love you." She mouthed. She knew that if she told me she loved me with sound we would be in such trouble. I mouthed the same words back to her and made my way out of the gym and in search of my old friend. Richie.

    Night had already fallen over the small town and finding Richie had become even slimmer. Also the fact that Misty, Gary and Lyra were at the pokemon center with Lyra waiting to battle me I really didn't want anybody else to delay me. The stars started to become more visible as the night went longer. The stars began to become more crowded as the night laid silent. It felt like hours in search of him that I had just given up in finding of him. I rested my mind on a calm beach. I had never noticed it before but I was glad I did. I needed to think to myself on the things happening all around me.

    "You just now become a complete weakling and a coward. Giving up everything you work so hard for!"

    Coward, weakling and giving up too easily. That the new me ever since the night. What's the point changing into someone I can't even remember? There is no point.

    "And your giving up just like that?"

    I've lost everything. My childhood past, my interest in pokemon battles, my journey in Hoenn, forgetting May and learning the truth of my family. I learnt all this a little too late. Giving up is my only option.

    "You have changed so much in the past eight years that I don't think you're the same friend I made back then!"

    Agreed. I had to stare at you for a whole gym battle just to remember who you were. Before I even entered into the room I couldn't even remember your face. And now here I am, looking for you. To say sorry.

    "Okay I'm crazy now. I'm starting to talk to myself." I scratched my head as I watched the waves go back and forth for the millionth time. Watching the water touch the sand and the tips of my red sneakers. I looked at saw the full moon at its brightest I had ever seen it at. I grabbed my head and closed my eyes.

    Everything that had happened to me in the last eight years. Were the most painful and yet most wonderful years of my life. I met new and old friends, fell in love and found new things about my past.

    But why did I have to find about them in such painful ways?

    Why did I forget my memories?

    Why me?

    "Why pick me of all people?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. It felt like I was blaming the moon for everything that was happening to me, like it was the moon's fault that this was happening to me. "Tell me!" I yelled. Demanding for answers, even though I would never find them, yet receive them from anyone.

    "Ha, silly Ash. Yelling his problems at the moon." A familiar voiced called from the background. I turned around and found who it was. "I wonder who taught you to do such a silly thing."

    "Richie…" I soon decided to calm down and apologize but Richie continued to talk.

    "You know Ash." He began. "You were such a happy kid back then, always smiling and always caring for your pokemon. We only met for a few days but I felt like I knew you since forever!" He raised his arms in the air and then put them behind his short brunette hair. "I could tell you were afraid at your first ledge and not only that, you kept your problems to yourself. You never wanted to tell anyone because you were afraid that you would worry them." He looked at me. "You still do that Ash. That's one thing even amnesia can't take away from you. Your heart." He grinned at me. One of the old smiles he always gave to me back at the Kanto ledge.

    "Look Richie, sorry from earlier. I didn't mean to yell at you like that." I sighed.

    "Forgiven." He winked at me. "I could tell your weren't yourself the moment you walked into my battle with May." He bent down and looked for a smooth oval shaped pebble in the sand. "How can I possible be mad at somebody I haven't seen for eight years? It doesn't make any sense." He threw the pebble with his right arm. The pebble made two bounces on the water before sinking.

    "You know Richie. It's nice to finally talk to you again. I finally have somebody I could talk about my problems." I sat down onto the soft grainy golden sand. Richie soon picked up another pebble from the sand.

    "What about Misty and Brock? Aren't you close to them?" He asked as he spun his arm in a circle shape multiple times, warming up his right arm.

    "I'm close to all my friends. It's just I don't like talking guy stuff to a girl and Brock well, he gets distracted too quickly." I laughed slightly.

    "Look Ash. As a friend I'm here to help you out. If there is something you want to talk about, then a friend like me is what you need." He winked as he threw the pebble to the ocean. It bounced twice again before sinking once more.

    "Well then." I paused and took in a breath before adding. "I'm having an affair with a woman who is getting married tomorrow." Richie choked and fell to his backside, dropping his new pebble onto the sand.

    "Who, what where?" Richie asked in a shocked manner. Rubbing his head after the fall. "You're having an affair with a woman who is getting married tomorrow? Since when did this become a new hobby of yours Ash?"

    "Hm, I think I didn't explain that right did I?" I chuckled. "The girl I love is May, and after we 'talked' we soon found out we still love each other, but the thing is she is getting married tomorrow and I have a girlfriend still." I explained.

    "Wow." Richie nearly jaw dropped. "Complicated."

    "Tell me about it." I laid onto my back at looked up the million of stars gazing back at me.

    "I heard of a saying my mother told me when I was young. That if you love someone, set them free." He opened his arms wide into the air. "But I always thought to myself, if you love them, won't you fight for that love? If you want to be together you would fight the love you share so you can be together until you grow old!" he laid onto his back onto the sand. "Love is so complicated." He turned he head to me. "How did you ever get into the game of love?" He asked.

    "Dunno." I placed my hands behind my head. "It just happens I guess. You can't pick who you want to fall in love with or when."

    "Well then." Richie got up. Sitting down on the sand and once more looking for a pebble. He soon showed it to me. "What will it be? Will you let the love of your life free or will you fight for your right to be together?"

    I replied in silence. Richie was right. There were so many sayings in love. Should I set May free and let her marry the man that loves her so much, the man that raised my daughter for three years. The man that was there since we broke up.

    Or should I fight the right to be hers once more, the right to be able to love her without holding anything back. To show her I still love her after all these years. The woman that my heart beats for.

    I got onto my feet and accepted the pebble Richie had offered to me. I took a breath in and threw the pebble with all the power and strength I had in me. The small rock bounced five times before sinking into the deep dark blue ocean.

    I knew quickly and the best answer to that question.


    At the pier, with bloodshot eyes, crinkled clothing and a sore heart. Did I really do what was best for us? Best for me? Was my answer right? Or was it completely wrong that I failed? I dug deep into my pockets and pulled out a golden ring with a sparkling emerald stone as the centerpiece. It shined in the setting sun of Hoenn and sparkled with such joy. I clutched my fist with the ring in my palm.



    I said my goodbye to Richie and asked him to explain to Lyra that I wasn't able to battle her right now. I had to set my heart straight and my mind up. I walked into the Maple's resident and noticed as I entered into the building that most of the lights were out. I was heading back to my room when I noticed something bright. It was the light escaping May's room. I could here two people talking. Two girls talking about something serious. I hid in the spare room in front of May's room and listened to the two girls talking.

    "What do you mean you can't come tomorrow to the wedding?" May asked in such confusion.

    "I remembered that…I have some family issues at home. I'm sorry I can't make it May." It was the voice of Dawn. But why was Dawn leaving? She was so excited coming to May's wedding and now she's leaving? "This is for the best May. I promise I will make it up to you the next time I see you. I promise!" she added one of her unmistakable cheerful tones, but I knew she was pretending to be happy. I saw more light getting out of May's room. I peeked through the small gap of my door and saw May at the entrance and Ashlyn sleeping on the bed with Dawn leaving her room. Heading to our room we were both sharing. As soon May closed her door, I made my way out and followed Dawn.

    "Dawn. Is that true?" I asked as I entered into I room. I was shocked to see her first luggage was already packed up and near the door. Showing what she told May was true.

    "Yes Ash. I'm leaving tonight." She placed more of her spare clothes into her second pink luggage. She didn't seem to be very happy as she had her back facing towards me.

    "Buts its past midnight! And plus you never told me we were leaving tonight! If you told me then I could of packed my own bags and-"

    "I'm going back home alone Ash." Dawn's words stopped my question. Did my ears hear her right? She's going home alone?

    "What, I mean, Dawn!" I replied in confusion as I walked closer to her. She was still in her same position. Her back facing me and packing more clothes into her bag. "What's wrong with you, are you sick? Do you have a fever?" I placed my right hand on her shoulder but Dawn quickly turned around and knocked my hand off her quickly.

    "I'm leaving you Ash! That is what I mean!" She yelled. There was a hint of anger and frustration in her eyes and in her voice that I never heard from her before.

    "But why Dawn? I don't understand!" I complained. Leaving me in more confusion than I first started with.

    "I'm such a fool…" she began a new conversation. Refusing to answer my questions. "To ever love you when I knew your heart beat for somebody else…" I noticed tears running down her face. "I'm such a fool at love." Her voice had already broken up. I walked up closer to her but she rejected it and took steps backwards, away from me. "When I saw you with May back at the gym, I knew it was all over. The illusion of us ever getting together was a lie!" she yelled.

    Looking into my eyes. I knew the words she had told me were no joke. She pulled off the ring on her left hand and walked closer to me. The more she walked to me, the more she cried. She grabbed my hands and placed the ring in the middle.

    It was the ring I gave for her eighteen birthday. It was a gold ring with an emerald stone in the middle. It still had the shine on it the first time I saw it in the shop. When I saw that ring the first person I thought of was Dawn. She closed my palm together and pushed my hands down. She continued to hold my hand with the ring in my palm with more tears running down her face.

    "May is so lucky to love a man like you Ash." she looked up to me. "I'm so happy to be loved by I man like you." She continued to cry and placed her hands onto my cheeks. "I love you Ash Ketchum."

    And in that moment we shared our last kiss. That kiss felt like it was the first time I kissed her. The first time I loved her. When I first kissed her back then, it was filled with such joy, happiness and love but now, it felt so painful and sad. I couldn't help but shed a few tears that night; after all it was out last kiss together. She stopped and turned around to zip up her last unpacked bag. She soon grabbed both bags and walked right up to me, side by side.

    "Ash, thank you." She began. I didn't bother to reply. My emotions were in the way to reply to her. "Thank you for ever letting me love you, and for you to love me. You made me so happy." She looked up at me but I turned my attention away from her. She said no more and left me in that room, all alone.

    I finally felt how May felt that day we broke up. Sad, depressed, gloomy, miserable, heartbreaking, unhappy, disheartened, down and despondent and many more.

    So Dawn's choice was to let the love of her life free. Was that going to be my answer as well? Was I ready to accept that I might let May go through it all over again? All the pain and suffering that I gave her that day. The haunting memory that would live in her for many years to come. Was I really ready to do that all over again? Could I do it?

    My mind had no response to that.

    Instead I just kept on crying that night. I couldn't remember a day where I cried to hard and for so long. I turned off the light and headed to one room, a room that was far away from the others. I lifted my right hand and knocked as hard I could that night. I heard the doorknob unlock and twist. The door moved back and I saw a half asleep brunette. Her eyes widen in surprise to see me in such a state.

    "Big brother!" Amelia cried out in surprise. "Wha…What happened to you?" My lips couldn't reply back at my own little sister. Just my tears continued to run down my cheeks. She turned around to wake up Alex. "Big brother Alex, wake up, Ash needs us!"

    "At this time of the night but-" but my expression on my face stopped his question to Amelia when she saw the state I was in. he didn't ask anymore and let me in and let me sit on his side of the bed. "Hey, stop that." He asked softly but I couldn't. Even my mind screamed for me to stop my heart couldn't stop the pain, the bleeding wound that Dawn gave me when she left me.

    "What happen Ash?" Amelia asked. She was right in front of me, on her knees and on the carpet and looking up at me with Alex by my side.

    "Dawn left me…"My lips barely pronounced. I was surprised I could even talk after the pain I was in. "She's gone."

    After that, there was silence.

    Chapter twenty seven: Let our hearts lead the way: Part one, End.
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    Chapter twenty eight: Let our hearts lead the way: Part two​

    May's POV

    And there I was, at the beginning of that road and looking at the man I love so dearly. He was looking handsome as I always remember. Just like the first time we met back eight years ago. And there he stood, waiting for me. I began to walk with my daughter by my side.


    I looked at myself at the long body length mirror. I was in the room where I was getting dressed into my beautiful wedding gown. The gown was longer that the height of my body. My dress had a slight gold tinge to it. I wanted something different to do usual classic white wedding dress. My dress was strapless and had small white roses around the top of the dress. I dragged the dress out of the box and saw the rest of the outfit. It had a strong gold silk ribbon placed nicely around the waist area. And also there were creamy peachy roses starting from the waist down in a spiral direction, going clockwise. Each rose got bigger and bigger the further they went down the dress.

    I turned back to face the mirror once more and held the dress in front of me. Pretending I was wearing it. I carefully put my dress on one of the tables in the room and went back to the box, I just noticed that there was a veil; it had a gold ring with that white transparent material around it. I took off my pink and white cap and placed it on top of my head. I grabbed a brush and brushed my long brunette hair carefully.

    "I can't believe it. I'm getting married today." I chuckled at that idea. I took off my veil. "But what about Ash…" I held the veil close to my heart. "I wonder if he is okay with all of this." I felt like crying once more but I was interrupted when I heard a few knocks on my dressing room door.

    It wasn't Ash or Drew. It was one of his rivals that Ash had told me about him. He said he watched us when Dawn, Zoey, Ash and I entered in the Wallace Cup. He soon opened the door and I knew who it was. It was Paul.

    "Your May right?" He asked. He wasn't in any suit. He was in his usual street clothes that I always saw him in. he was leaning against the entrance of my door.

    "That's me." I replied in confusion. I walked up to the strange boy. "What do you want?"

    "I have to leave. My hosts aren't here. Sorry." He apologized like he didn't mean it and turned around to walk off until I grabbed him by the shoulder.

    "Wait!" I asked. Hoping he would come back. I needed to ask him something before he could really leave. "Are you close with Dawn?" he glanced over his shoulder. I had a fair idea that was his response to my question. "Anyway, I need to speak with her. We didn't leave on good terms. I want to talk to her before I get married." He turned around to face me.

    "Let me see." He grabbed out a black pokegear from his grey bag. I stood by him to see if he did have Dawn in his contacts. The poke gear's screen lit up and soon showed Paul's wallpaper. It was just plain black. Soon a message appeared on the screen. It was a message that told you if you had any missed calls or text messages.

    He had ten missed calls and five texts messages. All from Dawn.

    "I don't know how people get my number." He sighed and deleted the list of his missed messages and calls.

    "I don't know why people even bother adding you onto their contacts." I muttered to myself. Paul clicked on Dawn's number and placed his poke gears onto his ear. Waiting if Dawn would pick up. A few seconds he took the gear away from his ear. "You try." He handed his poke gear to me. I accepted it and clicked on Dawn's number once more. It rang around about three times before I reached her voicemail.

    "Hi, this is Dawn Berlitz. Sorry if I can't answer your call right now. If you want to speak with me later on, please say your name and number and I promise to call you back. No need to worry!" And her message stopped and soon followed a click sound, a sign to tell me that I had to leave a message now.

    "Hey Dawn. I'm calling you via Paul's phone. Look we didn't leave on good terms last night. I really hope you will talk to me again. I don't want to ruin out good friendship. Please call me back." And after that I ended my call and handed back the poke gear to its rightful owner. "Thanks Paul."

    "Yeah, yeah." He put his poke gear back into his bag and pulled out a letter. "Your friend gave this to me." I accepted the letter and Paul turned his back and made his way out of the building but soon stopped. He looked over his shoulder. "And can you guys stop treating me like a message boy? It's really annoying me." And he made his way out of my sight and I made my way back into my room.

    I opened the letter and saw it was from Ash.

    Hi May, It's me Ash.

    I've been thinking about us lately. I think it's best if I set you free and return you back to Drew. I love you but I think we were never met to be. I promise to be a good father to Ashlyn. I will visit you guys in Petalburg a few times a month.

    I will always hold the great times I had with you. The ones I can remember back in my pokemon trainer days and the new ones I gained when I was a coordinator and as a Professor. I promise this time I won't forget any of them. Promise!

    I love you, that's why I'm letting you go. That's how much you really mean to me.

    Love, Ash Ketchum​

    "No." I placed my back against the back of the door. I held the note in my hands tightly. So tight that I was starting to rip the note Ash had sent me. My back was sliding down the door and stopped when I reached onto the carpet below me. Tears began to form and run down my cheeks.

    Was this really for the best? Just when I found out I love him still, he sets me free, like a little bird. To be free and live the way I want. Then it struck me.


    I took my steps one by one. Each step was harder than the other. I had never felt this nervous in my whole life. Ashlyn was holding my left hand with the most gorgeous four year old smile.

    "Don't be shy mommy!" Ashlyn cheered for me. "Daddy is waiting!" I smiled at her and brushed her fringe away from her eyes.

    "Okay." I smiled right back at her.


    I remember that day so well. I was in the hospital and I had just given birth to my first child. Ashlyn Maple. I had colourful flowers on both of the side tables near my bed. I had heaps of pink balloons with the words on them, "It's a baby girl!" also I had heaps of congratulation cards near the flowers. The nurse soon came in holding my daughter. She was fast asleep and was wrapped in a baby pink towel. She laid her near my head and I watched her sleep right beside me. Soon I noticed strange marks under her cheeks. They were in a shape of a 'z'. I soon noticed Drew walking into the room. He grabbed a chair and sat next to me. He softly rubbed the back of his fingers across my daughter's soft cheeks.

    "She is really beautiful." He smiled. He looked up to me. "Just like her mother."

    "Yeah." I stretched out my arm and held placed her hands on top of my fingertips. I softly rubbed them and noticed how soft they were. "She also has his hand. Just like her father."


    I soon heard soft weak taps on my door. Only one person could knock like that. I wiped my tears away and stood up, took a few breaths and opened the door. In front of me was my daughter Ashlyn and Drew.

    "Drew, don't you know it's bad for a bride and a groom to meet before they get married." I panicked.

    "I don't believe is superstition." He flicked his lime green fringe away from his face. He looked at me right after. "So why were you crying?"

    "I…I wasn't!" I lied. He hit me hard. After staying together for four years he could read most of my moves easily.

    "It's Ash isn't it?" He spoke with slight disappointment. I didn't bother to reply. "This isn't going to work May." He knelt down to Ashlyn's height and looked right into her eyes. "Every time I look at Ashlyn, the image of her real father comes into my mind. Her looks, the ways she acts and the way she talks. She is like a female version of Ash." he hugged Ashlyn tight. Ashlyn had her usual innocent face and hugged her stepfather tight as well. "Please forgive me Ashlyn. Daddy has to go away for awhile now."

    "Why Daddy?" she titled her head in confusion. Drew placed his hands onto her cheeks.

    "Because there is only one real daddy out there for you." His eyes started to shine. It was that common sign that he was getting hurt the longer he stayed here. Near me and Ashlyn.

    "But I want two daddies." Drew and I nearly laughed at Ashlyn cute comment. "Not one."

    "But your real daddy is the man that your mommy loves a lot. More than me." I soon noticed a tear had just run down his cheek. "Remember that Daddy Drew loves you a lot. I'll visit from time to time. Don't forget me." He stood up and wiped any tears from his face that have escaped out of his eyes. He looked at me right after. "I'm setting you free May. That's how much you mean to me. I don't want to trap you in a relationship where you won't be happy." I ran up to him and hugged him. I hugged so tight that I felt like he could explode any minute.

    "I'm so sorry Drew. I didn't mean to-" but Drew stopped me when he pushed me softly away from him. "Drew please…" His looked down onto the ground with his long hair, covering his expression on his face. I walked closer to him and did a soft kiss on his lips. I also felt like crying since I never imagined Drew would leave for good. I wrapped my arms around him again. "I love you."

    "You only love me as a friend May." He wrapped his arms around me. "You always did." I couldn't reply back. He stopped our embrace and grabbed my left hand. On my fourth finger laid our engagement ring. It had a white ring to it with a beautiful sapphire stone in the middle, surrounding with small diamonds. His hand shook as he pulled off the ring from my hand. He placed my ring into that same hand. He lifted up his left hand in front of me. "Do it."

    "I…can't." I knew he want to pull off his ring that I gave to him. "I can't do it." I couldn't hold my tears any longer and soon burst and escaped down my face.

    "Do this for me May. Please." I looked up and saw that he couldn't stay with me any longer. It felt like he was doing this for us. To make us both happy. "Ashlyn needs her father."

    I raised my hand and reached out to Drew's ring. I placed my fingers on top. This was finally it. Once I take this ring off the relationship between Drew and I will be over. I looked at the ring for awhile and soon into Drew's eyes. I took off the ring while looking at him. I looked back down and placed the ring in that same hand. I knew he was crying but he was hiding the tears back.

    "Thank you." I whispered. I knew Drew heard those words. He turned around and made his way to the door but Ashlyn stopped him by hugged him tight.

    "Daddy don't go, DADDY!" Ashlyn called out as loud as she could as she started to cry quickly. Drew took her off him and made his way, away from me and my daughter. "DADDY!" Ashlyn cried once more. He glanced over his shoulder.

    "Remember daddy loves you Lyn, and May." He paused and soon continued. "Ash is heading to Unova. If you hurry you might be able to catch him" His faintly smiled and made his way. Far from our sights as I held Ashlyn close to me. Stopping her from chasing after Drew.

    Ashlyn kept on crying. After all he was her father for the first four years of her life. He never left my side. Even when I pushed him away from me at times or when I felt anger I would yell my problems at him, yet he stayed with me.

    He loved me so much that he set me free. Just like Ash did.

    I turned Ashlyn around to face me. I wiped her tears away. She soon calmed down but she still felt sad that her stepfather had just left her.

    "Stop crying now." I rubbed her cheeks with my hands. "It's time to find your real father."


    The horn of the cruise ship blew once more and the man called out for the last passengers heading to Unova to aboard the ship. I held my daughter's hand tight and ran down the pier and to the boat. Hoping if it wasn't too late. I looked left, right, back and forward but he was nowhere to be found. The sun began to set behind the hills as the boat made its last call and started to move. I felt my heart shatter like glass as I watched the boat slowly fade away from my sights.

    That was it. Drew left me and Ash was gone. I knew there was no point heading to Unova. There were so many towns to begin with. It would take days to get a next ticket to that region and it also would take days to get there. Ash could be anywhere by then. I fell to my knees with my hands covering my face as I began to cry. Ashlyn kneeled down and hugged me. To make me feel that everything was going to be alright, when it wasn't.

    I soon heard the sound of a few bags dropping down the the cement. The sounds of sneakers making a sudden stop. I looked around and just guessed it was just another trainer, shocked to miss their boat to Unova. I soon felt Ashlyn making her away from me, running away.

    "Daddy!" She called with excitement. "We found you!" she continued to speak with such joy in her voice.

    I quickly wiped my tears away and turned around. It was him, it was really him. Ash.

    The man that my heart beats for.

    "Ash!" I called out and ran towards him. Embracing him when I got there. He had a confused reaction on his face, wondering why I wasn't at my own wedding. He hugged me back and a few seconds later I looked up at him.

    "Whatareyoudoinghere?" He asked quickly with confusion in his voice. I chuckled and kissed his passionately on his lips. I knew that kiss answered half of his question.

    "I'm here because I love you silly." I winked and laughed afterwards. Ash laughed right after. He soon felt his daughter tugging down on his brown cargo pants. He smiled and picked her up and into his arms. He soon placed his hand into his jacket's pockets and pulled out a ring. It had a gold ring base with millions of emeralds stones on it. "Isn't that Dawn's ring?" He shook his head, telling me I was wrong.

    "It's yours now." I blushed. "LynLyn can you help me raise mommy's left hand?" He asked. Our daughter nodded with a cheeky smile and raised my hand for me. As she held my hand Ash slipped the ring onto my fourth finger, where a ring would always be placed. Ashlyn let go and I held my hand out and stretch out my fingers. Looking at my new ring. Soon I had the same idea. Ash switched arms since carrying his daughters was hard work.

    Now my plan would work.

    I grabbed his left hand and pulled out Drew's ring. It too had a gold ring with a line of emeralds in the middle, going all the way around. I placed the ring on his fourth fingers as well. Ash blushed on what I had just done.

    "Ah, I'm not us to having a ring on!" He shook his arm in the air multiple times. Ashlyn and I laughed at him. "This is a girl's item." He complained. He acted just like the ten year old Ash that I love back then and still loved.

    "Get use to it honey." I teased. I continued to laugh.

    "And don't call me such embarrassing names." He tipped his hat over his face. To hide his blush over his face.

    I grabbed his hat and quickly kiss him on the lips, hiding our kiss by using his hat. His blush glowed even brighter. I knew he wasn't use to kissing in public. I laughed even more as Ash put his red, white and black cap back onto his head. He soon laughed with me. When we all stopped he smiled at me, a warm and loving smile that I missed from him. I picked up his bag and was going to ask to come back home with me until I felt him holding my hand. I turned around and saw that Ashlyn was holding his other one. I smiled back at them. Finally my troubles were over.

    "Let's go home." His tightened his grip on my hand slightly. I did that same back. I nodded.

    I could finally smile at a brighter and happy future. With the people that love me so much.

    And with the man that loves me.

    And with the women that loves him back and loves him just as much.

    Let our hearts lead the way: Part two, End.
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    Midnightmoon6o2 "Tougher than you."

    Yayyy the Epilogue. =3 sorry if it's short.


    Epilogue ​

    (Dawn's POV)

    Sometimes I wished I had lost all my memoires. So that I can forget everything we shared together, the pain I've gained while we were together and the love I still have for you. But we all know it too well that dream of mine will never happen. At least I wouldn't have to see you suffer like that. Who knew that regaining all your memories was one very painful journey and along the way you found new things about yourself that you never knew before. Life is just full of surprises. It's just-

    "Ouch!" I cried as I fell onto the carpet floor. I rubbed my painful spot right after that crash, my head. I opened one of my eyes and saw I had bumped into another passenger when I was thinking to myself once again. It was a habit I had to learn to stop or at least control. I got onto my knees and help the person I bumped into by gathering their luggage together. When I did that successfully I turned around to the passage that just started to get on their feet. The person that I just helped out was somebody I didn't expect. "Paul?" I replied in total shock.

    "I should have known it was you." He grumbled. I handed his bag to him. We both got onto our feet. "Can't you see where you're going. Is bumping into other people something you like to do?" He asked with a slight annoyed tone in his voice.

    "Look, I'm sorry." I apologized as I clasped my hands together, the same position people would do with their hands when they pray. "I was just thinking to myself and-."

    "Save it for somebody who cares. I got to find my seat." And just like that he turned around from me, looking for his seat on the train. I crossed my arms, frustrated at him. I had never met with such an annoying man in my life.

    A year had just passed since I broke up with Ash. Even though I still love him with my whole heart and soul we still can be able to be friends, just like we use to be back in Sinnoh nine years ago. He taught me a lot in my journeys so he was still a very important person to me. Ash finds me his best friend, well in fact he says that all his friends are his best friend and he has no favourite.

    Typical Ash.

    Ash and May had invited me back to Hoenn. Its was their daughter's fifth birthday and Ashlyn asked herself if I could come. Even I spent a short time with that cute adorable child, she finds me as her second mother. The thought of begin loved like that made my heart jump a little. Is this what mother's feel when their child calls them their mother for the first time in their life? Hm, maybe something similar perhaps?

    "Let's see." I pulled out my ticket from my pocket and looked for the words that would tell me where my seat was. "Seat 27." I looked around me. I was still at the front half of the train. I continued to walk down until I saw the number twenty-seven above a empty chair. Normally I ask for a seat by myself without anyone beside me so I could just throw my bags at the other seat beside me.

    But that wasn't the case.

    "Please tell me you got the wrong seat?" Paul asked with his arms crossed. I shook my head saying he was wrong. "Just my luck." He took his bag off my seat and laid them in front of his feet and soon after gazed his attention the scene outside. The train began to move out of the station and out of the city. After a while of silence he spoke to me. Something I didn't expect from him. "Your invited to his kid's birthday right?" He asked.

    "Yeah." I softly replied. I wasn't use to talking to somebody I haven't seen for awhile. A year ago we talked a lot but it didn't have that normal flow of conversation where you would as a question and reply straight away. Paul and I would wait for a few seconds before replying. "Are you?"

    "Yeah. I don't know why though, I never liked hanging with him." He continued to watch the trees zoom past. Silence grew among us again. I heard a few sounds of the train running over the tracks before he spoke again. "So are you still with him?"

    "And why do you care?" I asked.

    "I didn't know that asking questions became a crime now." He replied once more, still refusing to look at me. I thought that getting mad at him by asking a simple question was stupid. I took a breath in and soon relaxed before answering his question.

    "We broke up, its better that way." A sting of sadness and disappointment came back to me. "I loved him but I knew that he still loved May."

    "And you're the little fool whose hoping that one day you will be back in his arms. Am I right?" I felt like I was hit with a pile of bricks. Why did that statement hurt me so much? What was Paul saying right? Was I still hoping that Ash and I will end up together once more? I shook my head quickly to get that horrible idea out of my head. The sound of a train entering a tunnel filled up the cabin and painted the windows black as Paul continued on. "Thought so." The train escaped the tunnel and the old classic country landscape filled up the windows. "Why do you do that?"

    "Do what?" I replied in a confused manner.

    "Hoping for the best, even though you know there is a small chance that what you want won't happen?" he glanced over his shoulder.

    "I guess that's what I learn from Ash." I faintly smiled. "To never give up."

    "But I'm sure he didn't teach you to be a fool. To ignore what's happening around you and let them pass you by." He turned his face towards me. "You can't be that dumb can you?" my face flushed with anger.

    "I'm not dumb!" I yelled and waved my arms in the air numerous times. "You take that back you as-" but Paul stopped me by putting his hand over my mouth.

    "You're pretty dumb to complain and yell like that. You yelling like that is, like admitting that you are dumb. Do you honestly think I actually mean that?" I paused as Paul took his hand away from my mouth. I blinked at him blankly and he just sighed. "Never mind." He sighed. "I take back what I said about you not begin dumb." Then I suddenly felt a certain eagerness to ask Paul something that I felt like I should have asked a long time ago.

    "Paul." I began. "Are you concerned about me?" I felt like he jumped up a little right after I asked him that question. "You never talked to me like this before." He didn't bother to reply and went back the landscape, watching more countless trees and rocks zoom past the train's window. I pulled out the invitation from Ash and May. There was a picture of Ashlyn holding a chocolate muffin in her hands with her Torchic by her side. I looked back at Paul.

    He was an interesting man. I always thought of him like that ever since we first met. He always looks so stressed and angry at nearly everyone. He hardly talked with anyone without making them feel upset towards him. But when he did talk it always seemed to be the truth and so honest, even though his says it in a harsh way. He isn't a liar. I guess he talks to people like that to help them improve, maybe because that person reminds him of himself a lot? I continued to look at him. He didn't seem to notice at me starting at him so blankly.

    Every time he would talk to somebody else. He would be angry and frustrated but when it came to me, it was a completely different story. He would still have that arrogant tone in his voice but he wouldn't have the yelling tone towards me. Why dose he treat me so differently?

    "So are you going to Ashlyn's fifth birthday party?" I asked. Bring a new topic into our conversation.

    "It would be rude if I didn't." And just like before, he replied to me without looking back at me. It felt like he was counting on how many trees the train had already passed. Just to pass the time quicker. "But I'm going to take a long route over there. This train is going to pass a town where I've heard has a lot of rare and strong Pokémon. Ever heard of Meteor Falls?" I shook my head in response that I have never heard of that place. "Hmp, typical." He shrugged.

    Then I wondered. I needed to catch Pokémon of my own and I somehow felt I needed to travel in a new region once more. I had travelled through the Hoenn region once, but it was mainly rushed. Not like when I travelled with Ash we went through nearly every house in nearly every town we would come across, every forest Sinnoh had to offer and met nearly anybody we would help. It was such a fulfilling journey. And I wanted to do the same but this time, with a new companion.

    "Can I come with you?" I asked. Why I did was something like that was something needed to clear myself on.

    "What for?" He asked in his usual arrogant tone of voice. He turned around to face me in such shock.

    "I want to travel through Hoenn again but this time with you." I winked. "I think you're not that bad of a person that you made me believe back in Sinnoh. So whaddya think?" He didn't respond. "come-on, give me a chance to prove to you I'm not as useless as I made you to believe back when we were ten." And once more, he didn't reply. I sighed. "Please?"

    "Just don't get in my way." He crossed his arms and looked away from me.

    "This is going to be so exciting." I cheered to myself.

    After that I finally understood why I asked myself to join Paul. I wanted to forget about my feelings to Ash, my anger I had against May. I wanted to rub away the painful guilt I had inside of me and the depressing memories I still had inside of me.

    "But we are still going to Ashlyn's birthday right?" He nodded as he pulled out a novel from his bag. I guess looking out at the scenery outside was getting a little repetitive. I soon heard my poke gear ringing.

    I looked at the bright flashing screen. On it was a picture of Amelia, Ash's younger half sister. I had just recently received this poke gear from Lyra who sent it to me by mail. She didn't have time to visit me back in Twinleaf since she was busy getting ready for the Sinnoh league. The last time I heard from her is that she is dating a guy by the name of Jimmy. I always knew she had an interest in love but I never knew it took her awhile to actually start dating. I answered the call and placed my pink poke gear near my ear.

    "Hey Mimi." I had got use to calling her by that name. "What is it?"

    "Nothing much." She replied in her usual bubbly voice. "Just wanted to know if you are coming to my adorable niece's fifth birthday?"

    "Of course I'm coming. I treated Ashlyn like she's my own daughter." I smiled. Ashlyn always knew how to bring a smile on anyone's faces. You just had to smile at that young five year old.

    "That's great. I'll tell Ash that right now." I felt like she was about to hang up the phone but I quickly stopped her.

    "Wait!" I called out. "How is everyone over there?"

    "Well Alex has just been invited to become a battle frontier brain, Max is now the gym leader at Petelburg and Misty is helping him out. May's dad, Norman is starting to learn to walk again by therapy. Ash is training is team really hard since Cynthia has just invited him to be part of the elite four in Sinnoh and May is expecting another child."

    "Wow." I gasped at the many new events that had happened in just one year. "And what about you?"

    "Nothing much really. Just staying here, deciding what I should do next." Amelia sighed. "Well, I've been thinking lately to hold a trainer school back home. Do you think that's a good idea?"

    "That would be a great idea. You can teach children around Ashlyn's age to learn about Pokémon."

    "Okay then. I'll ask my brothers as well. Anyway see you here in a few days okay?" She asked. I could hear the excitement and cheerfulness in her voice.

    "No need to worry. Paul and I will be there." I replied back and disconnected the call. I looked back at my new travelling companion, Paul. He was still reading the book he had got out earlier. "So what are you reading?" I asked.

    "One hundred and one ways to deal with annoying children." He glanced at me. "This book is really useful. I might use some of their tips they have in here." I felt my blood boil. I knew he was talking about me.

    "Arghh!" I grabbed by beanie from my head and pulled it down in anger. After that I quickly put it over his head.

    "No book can tame a girl like me!" I replied in anger. "Just learn to deal with it Mr Paul Hayden!"

    "Hmp, I think I can manage that at least." He took off my beanie and threw it at my face. "But can you do deal with me?" I placed the beanie back on top of my head.

    "I think I can manage." I sighed.

    End ​

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