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Mystery At The Lighthouse! (013)


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That huge Dragonite was so awesome. It had a nice whale song, and it kicked the crap out of Team Rocket. I hated that stupid limey, Bill. He was better as a Kabuto.

My favorite bit was Brock and Misty dancing to Dragonite's song. Not a fan of the pair, but it was such a nice moment ^_^


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The giant Dragonite was epic, although I don't get why they don't mention it later on... that would be cool. It's weird that they never try to find it or anything, or do they know what it was?


I found it funny that Ash took it so personal that all of his Pokemon practically fell in his lap...he should appreciate that! That means he makes Poke'friends easy :p I still can't believe that the writers made Dragonite seem like a legendary Pokemon. I mean, why would they want to confuse people like that? Plus, why the heck is it so big? It must have drank some toxic wastes :p

I give this episode a:
Man, Ash must have really felt wimpy when he saw Gary's Krabby next to his. Imagine how big that thing would be as a Kingler. Also, it must have scared the **** out of Ash when he called Oak and saw him eating, just after Krabby was sent to him.


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This was the first ever Pokemon anime episode I have ever watched.
Nice to see Bill's appearance. He's cute. :p
I'm kind of disappointed that the Dragonite didn't really show up, though.


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My favorite Kanto episode of all time since it gives us some interesting moments that I'd never have expected in this anime. The mood in this episode was cheerful in the beginning but then it got eerie and deep towards the end as Bill was introduced fully. I'm glad they showed Dragonite although it was very large for it's kind. I do wish Bill would appear again since his British accent was adorable. 10/10 :p
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The giant Dragonite was very strong, it was cool to see it...

And Bill was very smart, he was great...

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This was the first full episode I ever saw. I loved it all. The krabby, the giant dragonite, and getting to see Bill made it very memorable.


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This was back in the day when even semi-legendary pokemon like Dragonite were treated like rare, mysterious, all-powerful, uber-Gods. Now with DP you've got them sitting in Pokemon Centers in the middle of a crowd like they're nothing :p.


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It was great seeing a Dragonite for the 1st time (even though I had no idea what it was yet lol). Other than the comical portions with Krabby, didn't really like the episode all that much.



Bleh, one of the more boring episodes of the first season. I wished they had gone with the "fused with a Pokemon" thing with Bill. Hearing a Clefairy talk with a British accent would had been hilarious.

Interesting how Misty complains all of Ash's Pokemon ... followed...?... him. Big talk from a girl who would later catch three Pokemon who "followed" her. I believe Charmander and Squirtle were the only ones that Ash befreinded instead of battling and capturing them.

One thing I wanna know, when Ash battled Krabby, what happened in the Japanese version after it snipped up Ash's stick? The scene cut was a little sudden, looks like something was removed there.

Oh and as goofy as it was seeing the writers try to show off Dragonite as a "mysterious Pokemon", it's even funnier when you account the very next episode mentions Dragonite when Ash scanned Raichu.

"...enough to render a Dragonite unconscious."

And of course the Mewtwo plaque on the door. Yes, a man-made Pokemon is on a door that looks like it was crafted decades ago. I lol'd.


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I didn't like how fancy they made Bill in this episode. He wears really fancy clothes, while his game counterpart dresses casually and hates formal things. It's kinda weird that anime Bill and game Bill are so different.

When I first saw this, I had no idea that the big Pokemon was a Dragonite. I thought it was some sort of monster. It kinda scared me a little.

The parts with Krabby at the beginning were funny. I loved it when it pinched Ash. And the sound Krabby makes...it sounds like it's saying, "cookie cookie." ^__^
I was sad to see that Ash couldn't carry Krabby with him.


Was this the episode where TR saw Dragonite? I always thought that Dragonite was a legendary Pokemon from that episode.


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I thought this was a VERY good episode.

We got Bill, Team Rocket, Dragonite, Krabby, the fossil Pokemon, a mention of Gary, the introduction of Pokemon transportation/storage, and a hilarious scene with Professor Oak. I enjoyed how both Oak and Bill had cooks taking vacations, too.


Poor Kingler or Krabby in this case. It had so much potential and it was wasted. It's a damn crime that it still hasn't had much time to shine outside of a round in the Pokémon League. Anyway, Bill wasn't interesting. he just wasn't. I wonder why we never got see the humongous Dragonite again.


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This episode did make Dragonite seem like a legendary Pokémon. It had an amazing debut. Apart from that I didn't really find this episode too great. It was funny to see Ash's Krabby compared to Gary's. It's weird how Pokéballs can just teleport...

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The Krabby part was so funny! Too bad Kingler lost that firey attitude when he spends a lot of time at Oak's. Also good to see Ash's very first team.
Not all of Ash's Pokemon just followed him. Pikachu was his starter. He caught Butterfree, even though he didn't battle for it. He caught Pidgeotto in the normal way. Bulbasaur was given, but he had to battle for it. Charmander and Squirtle followed him.

Dragonite made a cool debute. And nice how Ash was worried about Professor Oak eating Krabby. Cool episode, 10/10.