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Mystery Dungeon pics

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Jirachibow, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

    Jirachibow's Sprite Emporium

    I've now reopened my Fan Art Request thread,I have uptdated it,enjoy:D

    Here are some backgrounds I'll use:

    I have pokemon sprites #1-125,if you have more mystery dungeon sprites feel free to share some with me.

    Example when finished:http://i10.*******.com/29or8ue.jpg
    Now I am making Pkmn Pokepets.
    Example:[​IMG][​IMG]Also shiny ones take long and normal ones are faster.
    Now I am making D/P pokepets!
    or the new style:[​IMG]
    Here is a form:
    Your name:
    pokemon's nickname:
    Sprite1 or 2*:
    *I mean because there are 2 sprites for each pokemon*
    *For new Style* Pick a border style:http://www.spriters-resource.com/nintendo/pokemon/pkmndp/dp_textboxes.png
    Now making Neon pokepets(Inverts)example:[​IMG]
    Now doing D/P trainer cards.http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/dptr.html
    This is the form:
    Pokemon behind trainer(optional):
    Trainer sprite:
    *Pokemon sprites can also be shiny.*
    Here is an example of a D/P trainer card:[​IMG]

    *NEW*Making Pokemon Game Box Art

    *COMING SOON Mystery Dungeon 2 Pics

    Follow the same form for Mystery dungeon 1 pics

    These are Pikachu Masta's backgrounds:[​IMG]
    Also new Pkmn dungeon trainer cards![​IMG]

    He is now unavailable.

    Don't forget to give credit.

    If you would like to work at this shop please PM me.
    Now Open.

    Credit to Spriter's resource for Pkmn Dungeon sprites.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
  2. anthony253520

    anthony253520 The One And Only

    can u get me a battle scene from pokemon mystery dungeon in lugia's dungeon on the 99th floor where u fight him have him be there and moltres,zapdos and articuno 2 spaces in the front of him and lugia says " Why...... Why have u come here........ For some reason I wish not to be disturb....... and for that reason we must fight......." if u can't get teh place use kyogre's resting place
  3. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

    Sorry,I only have those backgrounds,but I could show you more backgrounds I have.

    Last edited: Oct 1, 2006
  4. Elite 4

    Elite 4 Pokemon is for nerds

    Hi can I have one.

    I want one with this backround, http://i10.*******.com/2n155ra.jpg

    Could you put Machop, Chicorita, and Absol in it? And put the word Team Faith at the bottom. Thanks!
  5. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

    Here you go Elite 4:http://i10.*******.com/2qdsj1x.jpg
    Don't forget to give credit.
  6. Elite 4

    Elite 4 Pokemon is for nerds

    It didn't work.
  7. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

    Here,does it work now?:http://i9.*******.com/4702hp0.jpg
  8. Sir Marly

    Sir Marly Mega Sceptile Fanboy

    I get my sprites from pe2k.com and I have less backgrounds then you
  9. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

    Welcome aboard![​IMG]
  10. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

  11. Sir Marly

    Sir Marly Mega Sceptile Fanboy

    Could you put my name on the first post and say that I'm taking requests?
    Here are some of my backgrounds [​IMG]
    I have those too
  12. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

    Ok,I put your name and backgrounds on the first post.:)
  13. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

    Are there any requests?[​IMG]
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2006
  14. Sir Marly

    Sir Marly Mega Sceptile Fanboy

    come on we're bored and Jirachibow the shop says closed
  15. Jirachibow

    Jirachibow #1 Munchlax Fan

    What? It was ment for yesterday srry.
  16. Sir Marly

    Sir Marly Mega Sceptile Fanboy

    I now do Md trainer cards [​IMG]
  17. Sir Marly

    Sir Marly Mega Sceptile Fanboy

    come on people request I'll give you an extra something
  18. Shiny Venusaur

    Shiny Venusaur The Prodigal Son

    can i have an md team?

    Water feild
    with Veunsuar,Feraligater, Jolteon, Pigdyot,Arcanine, Scizor
    and then have Venusaur in the middle big one

    thanks in adv.
  19. Sir Marly

    Sir Marly Mega Sceptile Fanboy

    here ya go [​IMG]
  20. PokemonMasterBen

    PokemonMasterBen I Am Ben Uchiha

    Can I work here also? I have a link in my sig where you can find all the pokemon duengon pokemon

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