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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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The Meddler

Never Forget
Mystery of the Reaper Returns

Welcome to Survivalism! This season we will be on a mansion on an island. You will see how long you can survive each other. What they don't know, however, is that a serial killer only known as The Reaper is among them. At first they are unsuspecting but as time goes on they will realize that The Reaper is among them, and their trust for each other will be determined.

1. Obey all SPPF Rules and all Games Section Rules
2. Don't flame/bash/spam
3. Role playing is allowed and encouraged. Don't go overboard, though. Also, don't do anything too drastic like blow up the mansion. Some things, like getting into a relationship with someone, is ok.
4. You can vote if you don't have a character in the game, but please don't RP if you don't. I may allow one person or so later on depending how the story goes.
5. Please don't rush me. Would you rather wait a day and have a better scene than getting it one day before?
6. Your vote needs to be justified, otherwise it won't be counted
7. You can change your vote for now. I'm still contemplating this rule.
8. During the Immunity phase of the game, you cannot vote for your own character to get immunity. Sorry, I just don't want a 10-way tie every time.

How the Game goes
So, once twenty people have signed up, I will post an Introduction/Day Scene. Then everyone will vote for who you want out. Then there will be the Night/Elimination Scene. Once The Reaper is caught, instead of being eliminated, he/she will stay on the island. The Reaper will then run into someone, picked by RNG, and that person will be killed. Then, everyone will vote for who gets immunity. The game is over once whoever gets immunity is attacked by The Reaper.

Mansion Workers
;236; Netrizen: The Host
;053; Rick: Owner of the Mansion
;122; Ray: The Butler
;311; Plus & ;312; Minnie The Maid/Medic Sisters

The Sign-Up Form
Species with Smilie:
Personality: (Have fun with this. The funner you make it, the more fun I'll have typing up scenes, the more fun you'll have reading them, and the more fun you'll have RPing.)

The Contestants (20 is my goal. I'll see, though. It could change.)
:611: Griffen SURVIVED
;169; Xavier
:547: Eros
;471; Iris
;418; Briner
;054; Dr. Quacks SURVIVED
;065; Steve
;478; Erika SURVIVED
;175; Crack Da Egg (Crack) is The Reaper
;135; London
;024; Enriko 'Feelgood' Savagio
;325; Joey SURVIVED
;200; Carisa
;063; Alexandra
:552: Felix
;253; Henry
:522: Blitz
;182; Brandy
;192; Maya the Destructor
;009; Silver

Division 1: ;236; Netrizen
;471; Iris
;135; London
;169; Xavier
;325; Joey

Division 2: ;053; Rick
:611: Griffen
;063; Alexandra
;200; Carisa
:552: Felix

Division 3: ;122; Ray
;065; Steve
;054; Dr. Quacks
;182; Brandy
;192; Maya the Destructor

Division 4:;311; Plus
;253; Henry
;175; Crack Da Egg
;478; Erika
:547: Eros

Division 5: ;312; Minnie
;009; Silver
:522: Blitz
;024; Enriko 'Feelgood' Savagio
;418; Briner

Episode 1 - Welcome Home
Night 1 - Carisa Is Executed
Episode 2 - Shadow With No Doubt
Night 2 - Xavier is Executed
Episode 3 - Flight Of The Vultures
Night 3 - Enriko is Executed
Episode 4 - Pandemonium Express
Night 4 - Brandy is Executed
Episode 5 - Book Ends
Night 5 - Blitz is Executed
Episode 6 - Thunder & Lightning
Night 6 - Maya is Executed
Episode 7 - All The Smiling Faces
Night 7 - Crack is The Reaper
Episode 8 - ...And The Cracks Begin To Show
Night 8 - Eros is Executed
Episode 9 - House of Flies
Night 9 - Alexandra is Executed
Episode 10 - Obsession
Night 10 - Iris is Executed
Episode 11 - Where The Page Ends
Night 11 - Henry is Executed
Episode 12 - Liars & Thieves
Night 12 - Silver is Executed
Episode 13 - Alimentacion
Night 13 - London is Executed
Episode 14 - Absolute Hero
Night 14 - Steve is Executed
Episode 15 - Think On Your Sins
Night 15 - Briner is Executed
Episode 16 - Behind The Mask
Night 16 - Felix Is Executed
Episode 17 - No Glory
The End

Original Game made by The Fad
Link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?426904-Mystery-of-The-Reaper
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♥ Ace ♥
Name: Xavier
Species with Smilie: Crobat ;169;
Gender: Male
Personality: Unlike other Flying types, Xavier likes ice. He gets along with Poison, Flying, Ghost and Ice types. He gets along with Crobats, Articuno and Noctowl especially well. He hates Froslass, Mamoswine and Beartic. He will usually attack Bug or Grass types on sight, and try to eat them. He once ate a Volcarona :D He can make his wings all ghostly, making only his head and feet visible. He can stay up for extended periods of time.
Occupation: Fighter, Gladiator, Night Guard


Gamer Extrodinare
Name: Galaxia "Galaxy" Zenfyre
Species with Smilie: Kirlia ;281;
Gender: Female
Personality: Galaxy is a Kirlia of all-knowing, praticlly writting out the worlds rules. She is very dreamy and faraway, not able to focus on one particuler thing. She is luna from harry potter She is able to read out the stars and see what they mean, and is very interested in stars and planets. Also she loves shooting stars, point one out to her and she'll automanicly make a wish that comes true. So, in short, point out shooting stars to Galaxy if your on her good side, don't if your on her bad side, cuz' she'll make you pay.
Occupation: Astronomer & Fortune Teller

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Name: Eros
Species with Smilie: :547: Whimsicott
Gender: Male
Personality: Eros has an Obsession (yes the capital o is needed) with his hair(the fluff). Always trying to keep it clean and well groomed. As long as his hair is all right he is a nice, though somewhat self-centered guy. But woe betide anyone/anything who/which ruins his hairdo, because he'll go in a true frenzy when that happens (he once burnt down an entire forest because a leaf fell on his hair, but the fire burnt his hair which he then doused out of rage, but the water soaked his hair so he tried to kill the ocean. Which obviously didn't work.) He recovers rather quickly of those frenzies though. But even as of today he still has a certain dislike for the ocean.
Occupation: Modern artist

Flame Mistress

Well-Known Member
Name: Iris
Species with Smilie: ;471; Glaceon
Gender: Female
Personality: Iris is an eccentric yet outgoing character, who is also very charismatic and attractive. However, she isn't exactly the kindest Pokemon in the world, enjoying making fun of others (though not essentially humiliating them) and being sarcastic. She is quick-witted and intelligent as well, often taking notice of strange things before others, and even though she is quite eccentric, she is still able to deeply focus on something, and if she does so then she turns into a stranger. However, one thing that comes with being eccentric is an abundance of creativity; combined with her being an Inventor, she is always brimming with ideas.
Occupation: Inventor
Name: Briner
Species: Buizel ;418;
Gender: Male
Personality: Briner is a roudy country boy, he is very full of himself and has all his rodeo awards to back up his claims. He is outspoken and often says more than he should. Briner cares alot about othrs but often hurts there feelings. He isn't the smartest, but he has strength and agility to be proud of, which he is.
Occupation: Stable boy


much more beastly
Name: Dr. Quacks
Species with Smilie: ;054;
Gender: Male
Personality: Quacks may be a genius, but he's a bit... strange to say the least. He's quite random and will shout out random things at any given...NOODLES!...time. Despite this, he is a genius, and can be a bit of a nerd. He's not very social and prefers his shodow over real people (literally, he named his shadow James and does everything with it). He is very forgetful and is constantly losing things.
Occupation: Physicist
Name: Steve
Species: ;065;
Gender: Male
Personality: Steve is your basic mad scientist. He has an obsession with chemicals and love to experiment with them, curious to find out what would happen. Using his psychic powers, he can conduct chemical experiments wherever he wants, so you would probably not want to go near him. When he is angry, he will use his knowledge of chemistry against you. He isnt very social and is often seen talking or giggling to himself, unaware of his surroundings.
Occupation: Scientist
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Well-Known Member
So far they look good, except, RiG, you forgot the Gender. (You know, because Steve could be a boy's or girl's name. XP) Accepted!

Also, a closer combination of Males and Females will make the Game better, too.

I'll update the OP (Opening Post) later!

Thanks Skiyomi for approving this fairly quickly!
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Name: Erika

Species: ;478;

Gender: Female

Personality: Erika may seem like a rather calm, sophisticated rich-girl, but she knows how to hold her ideals high and suppress others. Being a freelance detective, she has an instinct that there will be death and mysteries to solve wherever she goes; thus, she always informs whoever she's staying with that somebody will die tonight :)P). She's not the kind of person whose ideals or theories you should challenge, as she will most likely mentally harass you. She's very knowledgeable about the world, but considers it a tool to prove her superiority. She is better than you in every shape and form. She's seen a lot of death to not be afraid of it by this point. Some other stuff about her is that she adores chopsticks, and uses them to eat almost anything. She may or may not use them as a weapon.

Occupation: Freelance detective (if that makes sense)
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Name: Crack Da Egg (Crack)
Species with smilie: ;175;
Gender: female
Personality: Crack is dazed and confused, and doesn't seem to know who she is or where she is, but within her she has a secret power: RANDOMNESS! Like sometimes when she's talking she blurts out random... CUPCAKES... words. This doesn't seem to help her, as she is always regarded as a lunatic, and she might as well be one. You can never tell when she's asleep, as she sleeps with her eyes open, so she often dozes off if she's not interested in what's going on. Even though she is cute and irresistible, when you get close she reveals her insanity. She likes fluffy bunnys, trees and wigs. She doesn't like metal. Her dream is to one day participate in The Hunger Games. The only thing that can make her sane is Harry Styles. If there is a loud noise, she destroys the source of it. Crack likes short sentences. Every Easter, Crack goes into some kind of frenzy and eats all the chocolate she can get her hands on, even if it means stealing. Crack is terrified of shiny things and mirrors. When Crack touches someone, she starts foaming and then curls into a tight ball and slowly rolls away, leaving a trail of saliva on the floor. Despite all of this, if you manage to become friends with her without touching her or getting scared off by her insanity, you will always be happy. She agrees with anything anyone says.
Occupation: Actress. But then she's always cast as someone with mental disorder...
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The Pokemon Director
Name: London
Species with Smilie: ;135;
Gender: Female
Personality: London is seen as a classy and sophisticated young woman by her family during the day...but she lives a party girl lifestyle by night. She is the craziest out of her friends and always leads them into trouble with her wild antics. She doesn't have any life goals except to keep the partying going with her friends. She knows how to be calm down when needed though, she can't afford to lose that fortune waiting for her.
Occupation: Professional Hier to her family's fortune
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The Meddler

Never Forget
Name: Enriko 'Feelgood' Savagio (Just call him Enriko, his friends and clients call him Feelgood)
Species with Smilie: ;024;
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a drug dealer. He deals drugs of any kind to people, but mostly weed. He is extremely uncontrollable and mentally unstable. One minute he's laughing and another minute he's crying. Despite this, Dr.Feelgood is mean, selfish and addicted to money for a different reason, he loves to burn money. Despite all this, he is a wealthy cocaine addicted businessman, even though he is highly unstable and has major mood swings.
Occupation: Drug Dealer


I Crush Everything
It's back? Neato. Well, let's see if this lasts any longer than Fad's.

Name: Joey
Species: ;325;
Gender: male
Occupation: bouncer
Personality: Having years of experience splitting the grittiest of bar fights, Joey's all about stopping any nonsense. If there's any scrapping between anyone that looks like it'll turn ugly, he'll be there to break it up. Joey can generally handle keeping things together with just his physical skills, which are pretty potent for a spoink (he's pulled a primeape off a nidoking once, they both regretted messing around in his bar), but on the rare occasions that's not enough, he'll resort to his psychic abilities, which are even more forceful. Joey is always seen with sunglasses, often with his arms crossed. While he doesn't tolerate folks messing around, if nobody is fighting, he's usually a pretty chill guy, with a mild sense of humour, though not everyone wants to get close to him due to his tough appearance.
Reading back I've noticed how horrifying my grammer is.

Also, looks like an interesting cast so far with only 13 registrations.

Squiddly Dee

∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋
Name: Carisa
Species with Smilie: Misdreavus - ;200;
Gender: Female
Personality: Carisa is a complete and total brat, who is snobby, intolerant, and extremely prone to tantrums. She hates it if things don't go her way, and will bawl and throw a fit when they don't. She loves nothing more than to play tricks on others. Well... she may love one thing more than that: Sweets. She loves sweet things, whether it be chocolate, pastries, or anything else of the like, and will do anything, no matter how low she must stoop, to get her hands on hem. She doesn't care a bit about other Pokemon, unless they treat her like the angel she believes she is. She also has a rather large superiority complex, classifying everyone as her "servants," "minions," "inferiors..." you get the point.
Occupation: Carisa is a fashion designer, but she designs only for herself, believing that she is the only one who deserves to wear clothes such as hers. How does she make a living, you may ask? She merely steals money from her parents, who are very rich and successful.
Im posting mine Monday...if there is room...


Master of Sand
Name: Alexandra
Species with Smilie: Abra ;063;
Gender: Female
Personality: Alexandra is very shy and often times extremely quiet. She will flee at the first sign of danger and often will never accept a challenge. However, she has been training up her skills so she can overcome her shyness. If you REALLY get to know her then she can be kind and sweet and very enthusiastic. However, no one has seen it as they have scared her off. If you truly make her angry then she will not flee. Instead she will try and fight, which mostly turn into her getting her butt kicked but that doesn't stop her from trying.
Occupation: Office Clerk

Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member
Name: Felix
Species with Smilie: :552:
Gender: Male
Personality: At Night he is a Jewel Thief and steals only from the richest. He is not a super thief but not a stupid one either. He will spend some of his reapings on the Black Market for almost anything. During the day though he is one of the richest of the rich. Now because he is a thief you would think he would hoard all the money for himself, right? Think not he is in fact the most philanthropic trillionaire on this side of the pokemon world. Now the money he does spend on himself is for the most exquisite foods and clothes money can buy. He will only buy house furnishings and other miscellaneous items he deems worthy of his high opinions. Many of you may be comparing him to robin Hood right now but in fact he is quite different. Much of the money he donates goes to companies and organizations he secretly started himself. Only about .05% of his profits go to someone other than himself.
Occupation: Jewel Thief(by night) and Banking Firm CEO(by day. The Banking firm is the only business that he publicly owns.)
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