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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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~~~~ Division 3 ~~~~
;122; It looks like we're all here.
;192; Hooray!
;182; Buy me books!
;054; Your face is ringing! Please leave a message after the beep.
;065; *is experimenting with chemicals*
;122; *spoken with sarcasm* Such a normal division.
;054; BEEP!
;182; Hello. I'm Brandy. Please buy my books.
;192; Nice message!
;122; *one of his eyes twitches*
;065; *the chemicals in his test tube explode* Interesting.
;122; Ok. Let's get down to business.
;054; Of course.
;122; So, we have our first event tomorrow.
;182; What is it?
;122; We're not sure yet. We still have to decide that. The other division leaders and I will decide by tomorrow.
;065; Go for chemistry experiments.
;054; Ya! James and I could win!
;182; Who's James?
;054; My shadow.
;182; Hmmm....... interesting.
;192; I hope it's not purple.
;054; It's black.
;122; I hate to interrupt this discussion, not really, but we should come up with a game plan or something.
;054; There's not much we can do if we don't know what we're going to do.
;122; I guess you're right. Well, what should I push for?
;065; Chemistry experiments.
;122; Ya. I got that.
;182; Book writing.
;122; Of course.
;192; A happy contest!
;122; Figures. I don't think that we can do any of those, so I'll try to push for something that needs brains.
;054; LAVA!
;122; Right. Well, let's go get some supper now.
;065; Supper does sound nice right now.

~~~~ Division 4 ~~~~
;311; lol . now wut?
;478; You're the division leader. Shouldn't you have something planned.
;175; I agree.
;311; lol probly
;253; Ok then. So, now what?
;311; well, we could come up with a game plan or something liek it.
:547: All of us?
;311; no, just that table.
;175; Oh, ok.
;311; yes all of us!
;478; Ok. Well, what are we going to do tomorrow?
;311; u say it liek i should knw.
;253; You are the division leader.
;311; us awesomly amazng divison leaders are going to tlk about that latr.
;478; So you have no clue what we're going to do tomorrow?
;311; lol nope
:547: Oh joy.
;175; ICE CREAM!
;311; o i wnt some nw.
;253; Isn't supper soon?
;478; Yes.
;311; o 1 mor thing. do any of u hav an idea 4 somthng to do tomorrow?
;175; COOKIES!
;478; That's not really something that we can do. I'm fine with anything.
;175; Same here.
;253; Something like hide and seek sounds good.
:547: A hair contest to see who has the best hair here, not that it will be much of a contest.
311; ok then. I'll try to remembr those.
Nw, let's go get us som supper!


Well, this is what I have so far. I'm not sure if I'll be able to work on it anymore during the weekend since I'm going to be pretty busy. Sorry for the wait! I hope that this is worth it! Also, I do know that Division 5 isn't up there yet. That's part of what I haven't done yet. Sorry about breaking this up into two posts, and then double posting. There is an image limit of 111 apparently. Thanks for being patient, kind-of! :p
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;200; Hmm... seems that Fraxure fellow isn't too much of a repulsive commoner after all. I only wish I could say the same for the other repugnant pigs here.


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Wait, so no votes yet?

Hmm, hope the 5th part comes soon so the game can actually kick off. Ray sure seems to have received the short end of the stick here.

Billy Mays

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What a pleasent surprise to see something new. Good going Hydro, I think you portrayed all the characters correctly (including mine, but at this point of the game that wouldn't really be too hard).


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OCC: Love the story. I like how you portrayed my Character as funny, joking and silly :D and I seriously don't know how he is good at tennis, he has 4 wings, tiny feet and even smaller arms, but whatever, that's pokemon logic!

Not OCC:

;169; I like my teammates too Iris! Except for that little purple guy. How did he get to be our leader???


I Crush Everything
Joey's ok here, but I honestly hope the actual murder starts soon, because I think he would be more interesting when the cool plots start happening. He's not all that interesting in the game show scene. Though if most of the thing revolves around the joke that there is no game, things aren't going to get that compelling.

Billy Mays

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I think the calm assassin will really shine once bodies start to hit the floor. Right now, he's just a sensible quiet guy. Not to interesting. Really, Henry and Joey are in very similer situations right now.


Crack, at the moment, just seems to be saying random things when no one else can reply to what someone has said
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