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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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;175; *Finds a wig in a cupboard* Look at me I'm Effie


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Well, I'm sorry everyone, but I won't be continuing this game. I mainly remade this game since a friend of mine showed the original to me and it looked cool, so I decided to remake it. I should have thought more about time, though. I'd rather read it too, not make it, for now. Please don't hold this against me. I just got busier so I couldn't keep this up.

So, if you want to continue this, then post here. In a day or so I'll respond with what will happen. Thanks!

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Well, I've got my hands full with PBB, PRR, and to a lesser extent, since its probably gonna end up being closed, TNC

Sure, why not.
I;m doing PRR andPFF(Yes PFF is far from dead)

For some reason this is enough for me so I will not do it!

(Plus I'm in two RPs one of which is starting to get very popular so I always need time for it)

Flame Mistress

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I would take over if it weren't for the fact that 1) I've got exams coming up in two weeks and 2) I've already got my hands full with Fizzy Bubbles and several RPs in the RPG section. Maybe later, after the exams, but then I'm going to South Korea/Singapore and I'm not sure if I'll have time for it.


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So if you guys want, VM me saying if you want me to do the game or not, cause I got much free time. Just beware, I'm not the best RPer

Billy Mays

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I'm doing Kanto Challenges, a couple of RPs, and am the Creator/Co-GM of a RP (BTW CHECK IT OUT IT'S AWESOME). So I'll pass.

Flame Mistress

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Apparently Meddler is officially taking over, hence why he game up The Nicknaming Contest. Oh btw mind if scraftyscrafty and I take over that one, Med?

The Meddler

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Apparently Meddler is officially taking over, hence why he game up The Nicknaming Contest. Oh btw mind if scraftyscrafty and I take over that one, Med?

HS said that he would let me take over, on the PRR xat and I agreed. Also, yes Flame Mistress, you and scraftyscrafty may do The Nicknaming Contest

The Meddler

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Episode One: Welcome Home​

:611:: *making breakfast* I'm actually really glad there isn't a cook here, I can utilize my own skills to my advantage! *flips a flapjack*

;200;: Hurry up, minion! I'm not getting any younger waiting for my food!

;063;: Err...I think that food is for all of us

;200;: Not a word, peon! He's obviously cooking for me

;063;: Erm..Okay

:552:: Don't hog all the food, Carisa. I'm sure this delicacy will be a delight

:611:: Felix is right! My special recipe for these flapjacks will assure the best for everyone!

;169;: I sure hope so! I've been waiting for a good meal

:547:: *walks into the dining room while combing hair* Something smells good

;169;: *sees Eros* RAWR!!! *starts thrashing at him*


;471;: *snickers* What a prude. Life or death in front of him and he chooses his darling fluff

;418;: *grabs Xavier with a lasso and pulls him off of Eros* Calm down now, partnah. Don' wanna get too over the head, aye?

;169;: *tries to wrestle through the lasso to get to Eros*


:611:: They're ready! *begins stacking flapjacks on all the plates*

;418;: *ties Xavier to his chair* Yer might wanna stay dere. *Sits down in his own chair*

;065;: *sits down and pours his own special formula on his flapjacks*

;478;: Now, what was that that you poured on your flapjacks?

;065;: My own special formula. Similar in texture and viscosity to syrup, and very sugary but with a certain amount of protein as well. I'm quite the active person, I must stay that way.

;478;: Interesting.. *takes a bite out of her flapjack*

;175;: *ravages through the flapjacks* YUM YUM YUM!

;471;: Hehe, you have a little syrup on you *sticks Crack to the chair*

;175;: MMMMMMMMMMRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHHH *starts foaming and begins dripping saliva*

;063;: Er...I think someone should remove her from the dinner table

;200;: I agree with the worthless peon. That is just plain disgusting.

;175;: *comes loose and rolls off the chair*

;135;: *sitting next to Felix* These pancakes are delicious but nothing compared to the belgium waffle de guile that my family makes

:552:: I agree, very succulent and sweet. I'm sure our rich lifestyles are worth it

;135;: Oh, you're rich too?

:552:: Ah, yes, indeed. Philanthropically rich. Its the least I can do to the people around me.

;135;: Why, thats very kind of you...

:552:: Felix.

;135;: London.

;024;: *snorting cocaine off of his flapjacks*

;325;: Watch the white Christmas, bud. Wouldn't want you tumbling off your rocker now.

;024;: NO! BAD! *bites Joey*

;325;: *flips Enriko and piledrives him into the ground*

;253;: Not a bad flip there. I take it you're a bodyguard

;325;: Bouncer, to be exact. You?

;253;: *nods silently and excuses himself from the table*

;325;: Hmm...An odd fellow..

:522:: *wolfs down her flapjacks in no time* GET ON MY LEVEL!

;182;: Wow, you really wolfed down your food like SUPER fast!

:522:: Well, duh!

;182;: How about this free book as a token! *hands Blitz her Terry Shotter book*

:522:: *speed reads through the book* Done! *throws it back at Brandy and darts away*

;182;: *sighs* Hopefully this will start working out eventually..

;192;: *comes up behind Maya and turns her frown into a smile* Come on, you gotta smile!

;182;: Yeah, but its just really hard getting by with the competition all heated

;192;: Tell ya what. I'll take two. *hands Brandy enough money for two of her Terry Shotter books*

;182;: *beams gladly* Pleasure doing business with you, Maya!

;009;: Can I get some honey over here?

;122;: Honey, sir?

;009;: Yes, honey.

;122;: *hands Silver a bottle of honey*

;236;: *knocks it out of Silver's hands* Cut the crap! If there's a feast going on, I best be alarmed and awoken!

:611:: Too bad, you should've woken up sooner

;236;: Hold on, let me check something. *pretends to check watch* Yep, I'm still the host. So skeedaddle out of this dining room!

*No one budges*

;009;: You're too little to make a difference, scrappy doo.

;236;: *stands on table and clears throat* GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!

*everyone runs off*

;122;: Sir, dont make the assumption that you can control the variables that you were never meant to control.

;236;: We'll see about that, Ray.
You can now vote off who you think is The Reaper, or just whoever you don't like. The Reaper is randomized, so it could be anyone and hints will be hidden more and more frequently as more episodes are posted.
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I vote off Carisa...the reaper wouldn't care for anyone as she does not
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