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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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I Crush Everything
Well Octo the character who seems the most capable of rolling to me is Crack. After all, she has the most round shape. However, I don't think it's much of a clue, because almost EVERY character could roll along the ground.

Nice, dude

The Meddler

Never Forget
;236;: So Carisa left, it happens. Seriously, I've been a host for years, this is not uncommon at all. There's alot of pressure that comes with being on a reality game show. I mean, we prepare for potential quitters. We'll move on without her, and have the first voting ceremony tonight.

:611:: I understand that, but the thing that bothers me is that I heard Carisa scream, and she left her stuff here.

;236;: Trust me, bud. You're way overthinking this. Go join the others, alright?

:611:: Naw, I have to investigate this further. *turns to go to Carisa's room*

;236;: *stops Griffen* No. Go join the others

:611:: *pushes Netrizen away* Later, I have to investigate further.

;236;: If you don't go join the others, you're banned from the kitchen. Which means no more cooking for you, Emeril.

:611:: Fine. *pushes Netrizen down and goes to the living room*

;236;: *sighs angrily*

;122;: *helps Netrizen up* Sir, if I may intrude, you can't control these people, and you rightly shouldn't. If you try to-

;236;: No, Ray. You may not intrude. *storms into the living room* Can't go on camera, angry. Not you, Netrizen. *puts on a huge grin as he enters the living room*
Episode Two: Shadow With No Doubt​

;236;: *talking into camera* What's up, dudes! Are you ready for an eclectic ride?! Our friend Carisa sure wasn't as she bailed before the fun even started! That only leaves us with 19, but thats okay! We just won't have a double elimination clincher! Nonetheless, if you don't know how Survivalism works, you're in for a tasty treat! Our 19 contestants, ranging from wacky to sane, rich to poor, young to old, and everything in between! They just have to stand each other for 19 days and every night, one contestant is given the boot and voted off and driven away by boat! Whats worse is the only electricity on this island is appliances and cameras! No cable, cell phones, or internet for these punks! Not like you'd get cell reception anyways on this island. I've hidden cameras around this mansion in just about every crook and cranny. Only I know where they hide! You know this is gonna be the wildest ride in reality game show history! So stay tuned and surf's up dudes! *does hang ten sign on his hand and sticks out tongue*

;009;: That was so ****ing cheesy.

;236;: Hey, it works, and I'm not complaining. Now here's the deal, punks. While we've aired promos and whatnot before this, first episodes are usually party episodes. Our maids slash medics are the party types so they've prepared a party for you people, mainly to get interaction and drama going. Fun? Fun. Kick it!

;311; & ;312;: *slide into the living room with karaoke machine and jukebox*

;311;: u wak up l8 4 skl n u dnt wanna go!

;312;: u ask ur mom plz but she stil sez

;311; & ;312;: NO!
*Plus and Minnie still continue to do karaoke in the background while everyone else mingles around the large living room*

:611:: Alexandra, you heard exactly what I heard, right?

;063;: Uhh...yeah..I guess

:611:: Exactly! So you agree that this needs some more investigative work, right?

;063;: No.....I guess. I mean..she might've just left

:611:: What?! Don't tell me you're buying what the higher-ups are selling!

;063;: I dont know...It just seems....The logical solution..


;063;: !!! *frighteningly teleports away*

:611:: Some help...who else stays in that division?
:552:: *sipping champagne* You know, for such a rich guy this champagne is a little cheap for my tastes.

;135;: *sips her own glass of champagne* I concur, this is quite the disenchantment, but it'll do. *chugs down her glass*

:552:: My, you're quite thirsty, indeed.

;135;: *nods* I don't agree with mindless parties like these with bad singing, and random lights, but I do enjoy a good glass of liquid money. *chuckles*

:552:: *fake laughs* Ah, you're quite comedy for such a classy lass.

;135;: *modestly shrugs* I guess you could say that..

:552:: I mean, frankly, I..

:611:: *comes up and grabs Felix's shoulder* You and I need to talk.

:552:: Can this wait, guy? I don't appreciate you interrupting my conversation with such a fine lady.

;135;: *giggles* Oh don't mind me, gentlemen. This sounds urgent.

:552:: Hehe..Excuse me, then..*walks off with Griffen* What is this about, guy?

:611:: It's Griffen, and I need to ask you about last night. What did you hear?

:552:: *drinks his champagne* Absolutely nothing. I was asleep.

:611:: Are you sure, Carisa screamed very loudly. It woke both me and Alexandra up.

:552:: *drinks his champagne until there is none left* Yeah, well I'm a heavy sleeper and from what I've heard, Carisa flew the coop. So, excuse me, while I refill my champagne glass and attend to my lady friend. *walks back towards London* Hey, I'm going to get us some refills, alright?

;135;: Ah, but of course. *smiles*
:552:: *pours some champagne in his glass*

;182;: *pops up* Hi! You look like someone who is into a good read!

:552:: Er...That, I am. *begins pouring champagne into London's glass*

;182;: Well, then you'll love my book Terry Shotter! It's very fantastical!

:552:: I must solemnly decline. I am more into the dramas, and political satires. *walks away*

;192;: *pops up* And there's your problem, Brandy!

;182;: What problem? I'm being as social as I can!

;192;: Yes, but you're selling your book?

;182;: Yeah..

;192;: That's what you're doing wrong! Stop selling your book and start selling the greatest book of all time! You have marksmanship down, now to start giving people what they really want.

;182;: You mean...lie about my book?

;192;: Think of the money, Brandy! The fame, the prosperity! Doesn't that make you happy?

;182;: Yes, yes it does! I shall start selling right now! *walks up behind Xavier* 'Scuse me, Mr. Crobat?
;182;: *running as fast as she can from Xavier* HHHHEEEEEEEELP!!!!

;169;: Come here, my precious! Come here so I CAN EAT YOU! *runs after Brandy*

;418;: *jumps in front of Xavier* You gon' go at it again, partna?

;169;: *knocks Briner down and prepares to grab Brandy with his wing*

;325;: *slides in front of Brandy and blocks Xavier before grabbing him by his wings and slamming him on the ground* You and I need to have a little chat, I see. *ties Xavier up so he can't fight*

;418;: *slowly gets up and brushes himself off* Boy hits hard..

;325;: You alright there, bud?

;418;: Yeah, just got me by surprise. If he was a bull, things might've gone a little better.

;325;: Hehe. Keep your head up, guy. People like this need a good foot to stop them.

;418;: I hear ya, man. The name's Briner, by the way. *offers hand*

;325;: They call me Joey, back where I'm from. Would make sense to call me Joey here. *shakes it*

;182;: Woo, I couldn't thank you enough. Who knows what that nutjob would've done to me.

;325;: Ah, no problem. I just do what I do best.

;182;: Say, would you be interested in an....extreme workout book?

;325;: You've got my attention.

;182;: Well, Terry Shotter is the book for you! It also doubles as an action rodeo!

;418;: You got me sold *hands Brandy money*

;325;: I'll give it a shot. *hands Brandy money*

;182;: Why, thank you, boys. *hands Joey and Briner their books*

;192;: Atta girl..
;024;: *doing cocaine off the coffee table*

;471;: Is that all you ever do?

:547:: That's all he's done for the past, what, hour?

;024;: *twitches* Don't judge me, friend.

:547:: Do you really consider me a friend?

;024;: NO! YOU CAN GO **** YOURSELF! *sneezes*

:547:: *gets covered in cocaine and snot* .......RRRRRRAAAAAWRRRGH!!! *jumps on Enriko*

;471;: Yeah! Dogpile! *jumps on Eros*

:547:: *tries to pound on Enriko*

;024;: *begins crying* Please, don't! I just combed my fins!

;471;: *rolls around in Eros' hair* Hahaha! This is funner than it looks!

:547:: *flings Iris off of him and goes back to wailing on Enriko*

;009;: *catches Iris* I didn't know glaceons could fly. *sets her down*

;471;: And I didn't know blastoises were useful. *bounds off*

;009;: *pulls Eros off of Enriko* Calm down, Eros. Your hair isn't worth a poor snakes life. He can't get beat up EVERY day.

;024;: Oh yes I can. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

:547:: *gets all jittery* He touched..my hair..

;009;: It's the cocaine, he's never had it before, and now you've got him off the rocker. Congrats, Enriko.

;024;: *begins crying* That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

;009;: That's just great. *carries Eros away*

;024;: It worked! He thinks I'm invisible! *coils up*
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The Meddler

Never Forget
;009;: *hands Eros to Ray* Here, take this ball of fluffy joy to his room so he doesn't flip out over another bad hair day*

;122;: I will be right on it, sir. *takes Eros away*

:547:: *attempts to comb the cocaine out of his air but keeps twitching and screwing it up* D-d-daammmit-t..

;065;: *mixing chemicals with his mind*

;175;: *bumps into Steve* WHO WHAT WHERE

;065;: *spills chemicals on Dr. Quacks* Watch where you're going!

;175;: *foams up and rolls away* baconbaconbacon..

;054;: What did you spill on me?! Do you know what this could do?!

;065;: I do, I was attempting to create a new form of anti-depressant and an attempt to rationalize thoughts and cure insanity. It seems as if most of the people in this mansion need it.

;054;: Well, I'm surely not one of them.

;065;: Not anymore.

;054;: You're smart, thats not a lie. You and I could work together.

;065;: I'm sure thats my formula talking.

;054;: I'm sure it is, but while I'm thinking rational thoughts, I'd like to visualize this one.

;065;: I fly solo. *shuffles off*

;054;: *follows* Think about what we could do, make, and accomplish!

;065;: Think about this. You leave me alone. We wait for my formula to wear off. Things will be dandy. *goes into his room and locks door*
;253;: *pours himself a drink*

:522:: *running through house and bumps into Henry, spilling his drink*

;253;: Was that really necessary?

:522:: Well, duh. I mean, there's like no room in this crowded room! I gotta run! *begins jogging in place*

;253;: Watch out for people, especially people like me.

:522:: What makes you so different? *begins circling Henry*

;253;: I have a nerve.

:522:: And so does everyone.

;253;: I have a different kind of nerve.

:522:: Cool story bro! Bye! *speeds off*

;253;: ....The bad kind of nerve. *pours himself another drink*
;063;: Uhh...hey

;478;: Why, hello.

;063;: Um...I kinda got word that..You might have been a detective?

;478;: You got the right word, then.

;063;: Well....I mean, I dont need you...But my friend...I mean, this guy named Griffen..

;478;: He is in need of my service?

;063;: Yeah.....He could use..your help

;478;: Hmm...I'll talk to him.

;063;: Thanks..*teleports away*

;053;: *watching from the stairs* Hmm.. *grins and walks off*
Vote for who you think is The Reaper, or just plain someone you don't like.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Damn, this is a hard one. I guess...I have to say Eros, for going berzerk and beating up a harmless drug addict. :(

;253; : I know when something's wrong, and Carisa's disappearence is not sitting well for me...That zebra better know when to run when it counts, otherwise he could charge into the wrong place at the wrong time.
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;478; Ah, something for me to do! I miss dead bodies.

...Crack. I'm sure no one wants to contract an infectious disease, unless Mr. Steve could find the time to fix up a cure for... whatever he has.


I Crush Everything
You can't vote for host members, can you? Well, in that case, I won't let myself get pulled like I did with Chi. The Reaper rolled in that murder, so I shall now finger Crack!

Also, funny episode, especially with Eros and Enriko. Briner cracked me up again, and it's funny how you had the Irish guy drinking.

If Minnie and Plus's backstory from between the last Reaper game and this one makes it into the story, you will win a thousand internets, Meddler.


♥ Ace ♥
hmmm you make me sound so evil. He may dislike Grass and Bug types, but it's not like he hates them every time he sees one. That only goes for Froslass, Mamoswine and Beartic :l oh and 2 things:

1.How did I run out of the kitchen? I was tied up.
2.Will me being tied up be a running gag?

;169; If Crack is the crackhead, I vote him. If he isn't, I still vote Crack
I vote xavier for trying to eat brandy


♥ Ace ♥
D: it wasn't me, the host made it happen! That lying scoundrel! BTW if your a boy we need back-up at gender race


Name: Xavier
Species with Smilie: Crobat ;169;
Gender: Male
Personality: Unlike other Flying types, Xavier likes ice. He gets along with Poison, Flying, Ghost and Ice types. He gets along with Crobats, Articuno and Noctowl especially well. He hates Froslass, Mamoswine and Beartic. He will usually attack Bug or Grass types on sight, and try to eat them. He once ate a Volcarona :D He can make his wings all ghostly, making only his head and feet visible. He can stay up for extended periods of time.
Occupation: Fighter, Gladiator, Night Guard

I think that's your problem.
Anyways, voting Xavier for causing trouble AKA trying to eat someone.


♥ Ace ♥
Name: Xavier
Species with Smilie: Crobat '169'
Gender: Male
Personality: Unlike other Flying types, Xavier likes ice. He gets along with Poison, Flying, Ghost and Ice types. He gets along with Crobats, Articuno and Noctowl especially well. He hates Froslass, Mamoswine and Beartic. He will usually attack Bug or Grass types on sight, and try to eat them. He once ate a Volcarona He can make his wings all ghostly, making only his head and feet visible. He can stay up for extended periods of time.
Occupation: Fighter, Gladiator, Night Guard

bam. outwitted


And to the people who think Crack is the reaper, she can't be because, in killing Carisa, the reaper says "here's the prize..." but Crack is pretty much illiterate


I Crush Everything
Crack could be faking it. Bobyjoe, if you don't like how your character is played, it usually works best to just ask to make them act different instead of getting mad. Especially if it's early, Xavier could be taken in a different direction. Also, it can be confusing if you refer to the character as yourself.

I just wonder how Xavier could get tied up if he had ethereal wings.

;325;: I can't believe I took down a part-ghost! I'll be a hit back home with my psychic buddies! *swings on sunglasses*
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