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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Not to try and make him look guilty, but Henry is extremely athletic and almost definitely could perform a cartwheel; just sayin'.


Curseth thee, athletic Henry! D:<


The Pokemon Director
;135; Hmmmmmm. I 'm here to enjoy myself! Reaper or no reaper *Raises Glass* And that b*tch that died first isn't missed. *Gulps wine down*

Also is there an update page of dead characters & stuff??


I Crush Everything
Raging Starmie's got a point, there should be an update of the dead.

It isn't specified how they rolled across the floor. Your list appears to be compromised of Pokemon who can roll forward, but the roller could've done a barrel-roll side-roll. Of course, we might have to consider the size of the closet and space under the bed, but I'm not sure if it's safe to assume anyone could fit under the bed or in the closet.

Also, Griffen appears to be the only one who was in the hallway when Carisa screamed. Can you say "contradiction of the facts"?

Joey actually can't do a somersault because of his pearl (and I'd think it would be hard with no legs), so I think it also refers to sideways rolls. Though then Enriko might be missing from that list (is it possible to roll sideways if you don't have any legs? I've seen snakes flip themselves, I think, but roll forward? Maybe it shouldn't matter, a snake pokémon could probably roll whether or not a snake can).

It is a good point that whoever was in the closet would need to fit in the closet. That would probably write off Silver and Dr. Feelgood, though it all depends on how big the closet is. Silver probably would have a tough time rolling without getting stuck on his back, anyway, or at least making a commotion if we're talking the fancy anime-physics rolls the squirtle family performs.

The Meddler

Never Forget
;478;: *investigating the charred rubble of the boat with Griffen* See anything?

:611:: Not precisely *sees a charred machop* Eck, that must've been the driver.

;478;: Heh. You're a cook, right? *picks up the machop body*

:611:: I know what you're thinking. What kind of maniac would cook a pokemon.

;478;: You'd be surprised *puts his body in the water and lets it float along*

:611:: *examines the motor* Nothing wrong here. I honestly don't have a clue what could've done this. How the hell are we supposed to get to the bottom of this?

;478;: Bottom of this...That's it!

:611:: What?

;478;: Trust me on this one....*pushes Griffen into the water*

:611:: *falls underwater and sees a bloodied wing floating before coming back up for air* Are you insane?!

;478;: Check under the boat for any clues!

:611:: *goes back underwater and comes up with a small red wire* I found this. Anything on this boat that it could go to?

;478;: Absolutely not. *examines wire* This is from a bomb.
Episode Three: Flight Of The Vultures

;236;: *in the living room with most of the cast gathered around* Alright, everyone is here except Enriko, Erika, and Griffen. With the sudden tragedy that has afoot us today, our plan was to call the coastguard to report this. Unfortunately, any lines connected to the island have been cut, no cell signal whatsoever, and that was our only boat. I'll let Rick explain what else needs explaining.

;053;: *clears throat* This was once a prison island. Designed so you couldn't leave, you could only come in. With new advances in technology, it was too costly for the prison to be upgraded with the new technology, so it was taken down. My father bought this island and built this mansion, and when him and my mother died in a freak accident, I inherited it and have stayed here for the past 45 years. There is enough supplies here to last everyone for a year. You will not be here anywhere near that long. I've put in a call for a helicopter to arrive and should be here within weeks.

;471;: WEEKS?!

;236;: Might I point out you signed up for this to last 3 months at most. Be glad that you're getting your ticket early due to tragedy. That's all. Someone see if you can find the three absentees.

;053;: I'll search for them..
:611:: Are you sure its a bomb?

;478;: Don't question me, I know what I'm talking about. This is very much a bomb.

;053;: Beautiful morning isn't it?

;478;: *turns to Rick and smiles* Why, of course, sir *hides wire behind back*

;053;: This wreckage is atrocious indeed, I'll have Ray clean it up. You two can run along now.

;478;: Why yes of course, we were just on our way *scurries back to the mansion*

:611:: *hurriedly follows Erika*

;053;: *looks at Griffen and grins at him as he runs away*

:611:: Where to next, Erika?

;478;: Carisa's room.
;024;: Why hello, good fellow. I know we got off on the wrong foot. Lets say bygones be bygones and have a little chat, what do you say?

:547:: **** off.

;024;: *begins crying* I just want to make a living..

:547:: Iris, help me out here.

;471;: I think you hurt the poor bastards feelings

;024;: I...I just want to help you. Sell you what will make you life so much better. Eros, don't you want your hair to be greater than the marvel it already is?

:547:: *massages his beautiful locks* Maybe...

;024;: And Iris, you are already the greatest inventor of our time, why not be the greatest inventor of ALL time?

;471;: *shrugs* Maybe...

;024;: *pulls out a bag filled with cocaine and hands it to Iris* Sniff this.

;471;: *gets a big whiff of cocaine* This might've been a bad idea but now I'm thinkingitsnotsobadthismightbegreatihavegoodfeelingsrightnowyeahyeahyeahLETSDOIT

;024;: *pulls out a pill and hands it to Eros* Swallow this.

:547:: *swallows the pill* And this is supposed to do what?

;024;: Give it time.

:547:: *begins massaging hair* Its...so.....fluuuffy!!

;024;: I'll just take my pay and be on my way. *takes appropriate amount of money from Eros and Iris' wallets* Now where's my own stash? *suddenly gets abruptly knocked down*

:522:: Oh my gosh, why are you in my way?!

;024;: I've got just the thing for you. *smiles*
:611:: So I was here. *stands in the hallway of Division 2* And this is about 5 minutes after I heard the scream, I didn't know if it was important enough to check it out. Then when I was here, Alexandra came out of her room to check things out, so I don't think its her.

;478;: You said 5 minutes, Alexandra had enough time to go from Carisa's room to her own room if she had anything to do with this. I'm not ruling anyone out.

:611:: Except me, of course, right?

;478;: You're in my sights..*walks into Carisa's room*

:611:: The closet is closed, the bed is made, everythings been re-arranged.

;478;: *opens closet* You said this was open?

:611:: Yeah, I think someone might've been looking for something..

;478;: *sees that everything in the closet has been pushed to the two corners* Or hiding.

:611:: Her purse was over here on the bed, her wallet was opened and empty.

;478;: So whoever made her scream, also robbed her..Who else is on this division?

:611:: Felix. He didn't come out when me and Alexandra did.

;478;: Felix...He's rich. Sophisticated, high-class. Hmm..

:611:: He also.

;478;: Shush. I'm entering focus.

We know Felix is rich. But is he also a ladies man? He is always chatting up with that London fellow, but no one else. She is also rich.

:552:: Ah, yes, indeed. Philanthropically rich. Its the least I can do to the people around me.

He claims to be philanthropic but was quite rude to you when you talked to him about this very exact matter.

:552:: Can this wait, guy? I don't appreciate you interrupting my conversation with such a fine lady.

But to our dear London, Felix is quite the gentleman.

:552:: So, excuse me, while I refill my champagne glass and attend to my lady friend.

Frankly, I think that he is greedy and just wants her money. I wouldn't put it above him to rob Carisa. A good fisherman catches smaller fish before baiting the larger catch.

;478;: *breathes heavily* That which I have just explained along with these obvious claw marks on the closet door is what puts Felix at the scene of this mystery.

:611:: Well, lets go find Felix then.
;253;: *exits room and sees a note on the groung* Hmm.. *reads the note* Well then..*walks to Division 5*

;009;: *almost bumps into Henry* Sorry, bud. What're you doing down here? Aren't you Division 4?

;253;: Ah, you know, just catching the view.

;009;: What view? This is the bottom floor above the basement.

;253;: A poor ol' lad can't go for a stroll anymore? Now that's a downright shame. *paces back and forth in the hallway*

;418;: *comes out of room* Howdy Silver, G'day Henry.

;009;: Hello Briner. Any clue what Henry is doing down here?

;418;: Nautical, partner. Reckon he's up to no good?

;009;: That's what I'm thinking. I don't want him out of our sights, alright?

;253;: *walks back to Silver and Briner* 'Scuse me, gentleman. I must find the nearest bathroom. *walks past them*

;009;: *whispers* Go go go.

;418;: *sneakily follows Henry to the bathroom*

;253;: *walks past the bathroom and goes to Division 4*

;418;: *hides behind corner trying to listen*

;253;: No.

;418;: *turns head to see who Henry was talking to*

;253;: *is standing alone in the hallway and opens door*

;418;: *begins walking away*

;253;: Not yet.

;418;: *spins around to see the hallway completely empty* The hell.. *returns to Silver*

;009;: What'd you see?

;418;: I din't see nuthin' Henry musta been talkin' to ghosts cause he been talkin' to himself in his division.

;009;: Something is up with that guy, I just know it. I wonder if Blitz knows anything. Lets find her, she's probably speeding around somewhere.

:522:: *stumbles into division* Dudes......Whats uup.

;418;: & ;009;: *look at each other* Enriko.
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The Meddler

Never Forget
;054;: Steve, you're not hearing me out! James told me this is whats best!

;065;: I don't even know who this James person is. You're a nutjob, I have no business with you.

;054;: That's James *points to shadow*

;065;: ...

;054;: Think of what we can do! You and me, we can do some wonders!

;065;: I'm more into psychological experiments..

;054;: *points to Crack* There's our first case..

;175;: *looks at Quacks* CUPCAKES?

;065;: *sighs* Only because you won't stop pestering me..

;054;: Yes! We did it James!

;065;: ...

;175;: James?! *steps on Quacks' shadow*


;065;: *picks Crack up and lays her on table* Lets just try a regular psychological treatment. I'm going to say a word and you say the first word that pops in your head.

;175;: Pie..

;065;: Country.

;175;: CRACK DA EGG~

;065;: Gun.

;175;: CRACK DA EGG~

;065;: Agent.

;175;: CRACK DA EGG~

;065;: Murder.

;175;: CRACK DA EGG~

;065;: Well, we've come to the conclusion that you're retarded. *shoves pill down Crack's throat*

;054;: That's a little..QUACK...sudden.

;175;: *stands up* 38S82347F41937545L4Y082H37231928471U23875293K72348L72332

;054;: What've you done?!

;065;: I don't know, I got that pill from Enriko.
;063;: *wakes up*

;311;: o hai

;312;: bout time

;311;: i no rite she been out 4 lyk eva

;063;: Where....Where am I?

;312;: ur in da infirmary

;311;: ya u fainted last nite

;312;: blitz brot u heer

;311;: u hav visitors 2.

:611:: *barges past Plus and Minnie* It's Felix. We're sure of it.

;063;: It's Felix what?

;478;: *calmly scooches past Plus and Minnie* Felix had something to do with Carisa's disappearance and subsequent scream.

;063;: Why...Are you telling me this?

:611:: You were there, you needed to know.

;063;: Okay. I'll just....stay here

;478;: You look healthy enough. You should come with us to confront Felix.

;063;: No thanks...
;182;: Buy my book?

:547:: *rolling around in his hair* Soooooo soooooooft..

;182;: Buy my book?

;471;: Books?! Notimeforbooksbooksaretoolongtoomuchtimewastednotenoughtimegiven

;182;: Buy my book?

:522:: Dude..........look at that *points*

;182;: *turns around and sees nothing*

:522:: *snickers* Dude, you just got gotten..

;182;: Buy my book?

;024;: *eats Brandy's book*

;182;: ............MAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAA!!!!

;192;: *pops up* Whats wrong, little blossom?

;182;: No ones buying it!

;192;: You're doing it all wrong! Here, let me do it. *grabs box of Brandy's books*

:547:: *massaging his hair*

;192;: Hair styling book!

:547:: Sold! *rubs hair on book*

;192;: Inventions Manual book!

;471;: Coolwhynotiwilltakeitwhatstheworsethatcouldhappen

;192;: Marathon Almanac book!

:522:: Dude.....toss it over, man. Lets get it on..

;192;: A book!

;024;: I'll take it! *eats the book*

;192;: That's how you get it done.

;182;: And when they found out that you lied to them?

;192;: Leave that to me.
;135;: So whats your thoughts on what happened last night?

:552:: Freak accident I suppose. I wouldn't trust anything built and related to such a cheapskate as Netrizen.

;135;: *drinks glass of wine* You're very good with words.

:552:: Heh, I try.

;135;: When do you think we'll get off this island?

:552:: You heard Netrizen, right? He said he has a helicopter coming. Can't wait to see how we'll all fit.

;135;: No first class?

:552:: That's gonna be a real buzzkill.

;135;: Guess the richest place on that copter is gonna be in your arms..*drinks another glass of wine*

:552:: Heh heh, I could say the same thing about you.

;135;: *leans in closer to Felix for a kiss*

:611:: *pulls Felix away and shoves him against the wall* WHERE IS SHE?!

;325;: *runs over to the group* I heard a loud thud, what's going on?!

;478;: Griffen, no need to resort to violence now.

;135;: What are you talking about, Griffen?!

:611:: ANSWER ME!

:552:: *sweats* I haven't a clue what you're talking about, Griff!

;478;: I'll bet that you do..

;325;: You have 5 seconds to get off him Griffen..


;325;: 5...

:552:: I swear! I don't know what you're talking about!

;325;: 4...

;478;: You're LYING Felix!

;325;: 3...

;135;: Please get off of Felix!

;325;: 2...

:552:: *tries to struggle with Griffen* Get OFF!!

;325;: 1...

:611:: YOU KILLED HER DIDNT YOU. TELL ME, YOU KI- *gets snatched away abruptly*

;325;: *puts Griffen in a headlock and piledrives him into the ground* You should've stopped at 5.

:552:: *brushes self off and is suddenly embraced by London*

;325;: There's something buried under this treasure, and I think you oughta start talking, Felix.

;478;: You were in Carisa's room the night she disappeared. Explain yourself.

;135;: Felix? Is this true?

:552:: The truth is..

~To Be Continued~

;053;: *watches from balcony* Griffen and Erika...Vultures...They're gonna get shot down..
Vote for who you think is The Reaper, or just plain someone you don't like.

Also, I can't update the OP but I've been trying to get HS to do it. His round in PRR just ended so maybe he will do it now.
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Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Gonna vote for Crack. We still have no reason to NOT suspect her. All she did was yell random stuff. Not too convincing.

As for whatever the hell happened with Henry...I have a feeling that somehow Henry still has some connection to a contractor. He IS an assassin after all. Henry's a killer alright, but I'm pretty damn sure not the Reaper.


I Crush Everything
Hmm... Felix is clearly the most suspicious, but he seems so suspicious right now, he feels more like a red herring than an actual culprit. Though Felix is the only contestant who could leave claw marks, so I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the one hiding in Carisa's room was actually Rick, being the greedy persian he is, robbing Carisa. If you read her murder scene, she asks the person on the other side of her door what they are doing, not the one in her room. So...

I suspect Henry. He seems mighty suspicious there, and he is an assassin. Why was he talking to himself? Plus, someone who can stab with a leaf has the means of killing someone through a door crack, and I bet a beam katana would also fit through there.

On another note, Maya's selling the book as food was a laugh. And Enriko cracks me up.
Henry is a very suspicious character, plus it seems like he wants nothing to do with the other characters, so I vote Henry.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
You can't link Henry to being the Reaper due to his profession.

Reaper = Serial Killer who kills for no reason other than sick and twisted desires

An assassin (Namely Henry) = A contracted killer, who only kills those he's payed to kill. Unless Henry was hired to kill EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE MANSION, then Henry would have no reason to murder. Like I said, he's probably talking to an employer. How? Who knows. But the point is I am 99.9% sure that Henry isn't the Reaper.

And I would like to add that Henry makes his kills with his Beam Katana. Not very likely that he'd kill with any other weapon or method.


I Crush Everything
I did say I thought he could have used his beam katana. Maybe even actually created the scratches on the floor as well.

And he very well could have been hired to kill everyone on the island. Perhaps that's why Rick's acting so suspicious.


I have a feeling that us voting off Felix will mean that we'll never hear the end of his sentence. XDD Being in Carisa's room doesn't have to mean anything important.

Voting for Crack once again, she's contributed nothing to the story and she murdered James.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Oh, so I'm still voting for Crack then.

You know if you're going to make your own rules, you need to EXPLAIN them first Meddler.


I Crush Everything
Guess it's kind of tough to change rules when you can't change the first post. Maybe Meddler can convince Hydro Swampert to put a link in this game's first page to a page containing all Meddler's rules.


not actually psychic
I'm voting Enriko.

It seems like his plan is to sedate his prey with street drugs then kill them off one by one.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
You know, when you put it that way, it kind of makes sence. At least assuming the whole insane mood swing thing is just a ploy. Maybe I'd vote for Enriko now too, if I could change my vote.
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