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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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Billy Mays

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I knew it. I absolutely KNEW it. Damn it guys, why didn't you vote for Henry? Who was going to die was so obvious! *sigh*


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I Crush Everything
I just knew Ray was involved in this! I wasn't expecting Henry to die that soon though.

Now that I think of it, why did Ray release Carisa? Did he deliberately reveal Crack to induce terror in his guests? Is sadistic tormenting part of his game?

List time!

1)Quacks: He and Steve have now taken the upper hand in this chess game. Dr. Quacks has taken Erika's dominance in potential to defeat the Reaper out from under her like a rug. Having the sense to get Steve off his mad scientific quest, then figuring out how to cripple the Reaper, he could be the key to ending Crack's rampage
2)Steve: He's still a little obsessed with his scientific escapades, but Quacks is clearly going to need Steve's brains if they're going to stop Crack. Two heads are better than one, and one mad brain could cancel another mad brain out.
3)Erika: She really dropped the ball with the maids. Leaving Minnie and Plus to die is not a plus in my book. This said, she is still by far one of the most sane occupants of the mansion, and still has room to get back on track. Maybe she'll learn something new. We'll have to see.
4)Joey: I thought his redemption would lead to something cool, but now he's just reverted to his justice-obstructing angry bouts of aggression which don't do much. His scene of rounding up the others to vacate the cellar was pretty cool, but if he doesn't get past busting dangerous tension leading to ferocious breakouts where people get hurt, he'll put himself on the chum list, easy.
5)Griffen: He's right in the middle. He's got the equipment and motivation to make a real difference in saving the day, but he's got an emotional burden which could turn him into a pile of angsty, I-Let-Gwen-Stacy-Die angst.
6)Crack: She was pretty cool when she was revealed as the Reaper, but is beginning to lose her intrigue since the man behind the man has been revealed. An insane psychokiller togepi is hilarious, a murderous togepi mastermind with a lizard hitman is kind of interesting, a togepi who was being some kind of middleman for a villainous butler and a professional Irish assassin? I'm not so sure. Maybe Crack will get more opportunities without Henry to do the work for her.
7)Briner: His red-blooded pluck got him pretty far in revealing Henry, but now it's only made things worse. His attacking Henry only gave Crack and Ray time to save themselves, and ruined Erika's plan. He seems well on the road to end up dying like an animal at this point.
8)Felix: His plot is mostly confusing, but at least it's kind of interesting, and just might lead somewhere. And he could make a useful armament against Ray for Quacks and Steve because of his typing, but only a tool.
9)London: Honestly, I've never liked London. She's just a drunk pawn for just about anyone smarter than she is, which is just about everyone. And Erika may not have been clever, locking Minnie and Plus in, it was London that released them, leaving them open to be destroyed by Ray as dangerous evidence. I'll be quite shocked if she does anything more than end up as a bloody mess which someone stumbles upon and screams.
10)Silver: Sure it probably would have been a good idea for Briner to listen to him this time, but... He's just so boring. He hasn't been offering any solution to surviving or stopping the Reaper, and now he's straight up agreeing with her. Silver's never been in my good books either, really, and I feel now his borderline apathy to the situation could hurt things as much as Briner's uncontrolled impulses.
1)Quacks: He and Steve have now taken the upper hand in this chess game. Dr. Quacks has taken Erika's dominance in potential to defeat the Reaper out from under her like a rug. Having the sense to get Steve off his mad scientific quest, then figuring out how to cripple the Reaper, he could be the key to ending Crack's rampage
2)Steve: He's still a little obsessed with his scientific escapades, but Quacks is clearly going to need Steve's brains if they're going to stop Crack. Two heads are better than one, and one mad brain could cancel another mad brain out.

I usually agree with you wholeheartedly, but these two (while entertaining and influencial to eachother) have little to do with the story itself so far and kinda don't stand out to me...almost feels like a spare plot in the story right now. That's just my opinion but these two don't impress me enough to have them as the best characters.


I'd like to see what happens if Felix dies next. It's a bit cruel, but there'll be lots of interesting unanswered questions.


I Crush Everything
I think it depends, some mysteries are good left unsolved, but I think there are cases where loose ends untied comes off more like a slippery writing fumble than anything else.

Dj, I'm curious now, who would you put at the top?
My list (which I'm not going into description because I am lazy) would go:
1. Erika
2. Crack
3. Briner
4. Steve
5. Joey
6. Quacks
7. London
8. Griffen
9. Silver
10. Felix


Everyone (aka octo and dj) is doing lists so I will too
1. Erika
2. Crack
3. Griffen
4. Joey
5. Briner
6. Quacks
8. Joey
9. Steve
10. Felix

Quite similar to yours dj

The Meddler

Never Forget
;009;: *wakes up and yawns* What a crappy night.. *sits up in bed and sees Crack sitting on a chair across the room*

;175;: Good morning, Silver.

;009;: *rubs eyes* Crack....What are you doing in here?

;175;: You agree with me, don't you?

;009;: Agree...on what?

;175;: What I am. You and I, we share the same feelings, dont we?

;009;: You don't mean like...

;175;: Of course not. What you view as natural selection, I view as a cleansing resolution.

;009;: Where are you even going with this?

;175;: Henry's dead and I would like to offer you the honor of being my new associate in my game, not Ray's.

Episode 12: Liars & Thieves

~Erika's Room~

;478;: I have gathered all of you here today for one reason and one reason only. Cut Crack off.

;065;: *searching all the walls of Erika's room for bugs*

;478;: I have personally given the each of you jobs, and while I do not mean to sound demanding, I would like the each of you to repeat what it is I have entitled.

;418;: My job is t' investergate Henry's room fo' any clues.

;325;: I will assist Briner in this endeavor.

;065;: *pulls a bug out of a lamp and smashes it* I'll continue to debug the house.

;135;: Uh, I am to stand by your side, Erika.

:552:: *sighs* You want me to break into Crack's room and rob her somehow.

;478;: Well, you are the master thief. And London, I'm afraid I have no use for a tag-along so if you could assist Felix, that'd be great.

;135;: No way in hell will I work with that lying scum.

:552:: I don't even know who I am anymore and you're trying to pressure me into this thievery!

;478;: *furrows brow, assuming that Froslass has an eyebrow* I'm afraid that your only other option is death and that's a redundant route that we don't want to walk down. My patience has been spent. You two need to kiss and make up, otherwise you'll hold us all back.

:552:: *sighs and looks at London*

;135;: Hmph. *looks away*

;478;: Now, Griffen. You haven't said a word.

:611:: ...

;478;: What are you gonna do?

:611:: Kill that motherfưcker.

;478;: Alright everyone, depart. Except for you, Griffen. I need to talk to you.

:611:: What do you want?

;478;: *slaps Griffen across the face* That's for leaving Iris to die.

:611:: But..

;478;: *slaps Griffen again* And that's for beating yourself up about it. You're turning your guilt into aggression, and mindless revenge won't amount to anything.

:611:: I honestly don't care. Crack is a monster, and she needs to be brought to justice.

;478;: Chaotic rage is not the way to go about this. We need to follow a plan.

:611:: A plan? You mean YOUR plan!

;478;: Who else has made any attempt to end this madness?

:611:: I see your point, but we don't need your plan, I have something better. Before Iris died, she invented a cloaking device. I'm going to go invisible and wait until Crack comes near, and then I will kill her.

;478;: That's reckless endangerment, I can't risk that falling into Crack's hands. Give the device to me.

:611:: No! You just want to control everyone!

;478;: That's because I HAVE TO! Alone, unsupervised and you people run amok and get killed off one by one. That's why I have to rise up and take control. Now give me the device before you go and do something incredibly stupid.

:611:: I'll destroy it before I put it in your hands.

~Henry's Room: Outside~

;418;: Who in the hell had the time to board this room up.

;325;: Don't matter to me, bud. I'm goin' through this wall. *smashes straight through the wall*

;418;: *walks in behind Joey* Sure seems like the place been cleaned up.

;325;: *checks drawers* Empty. Someone's gone and given this room the clean routine.

;418;: Then there ain't no thing to find.

;325;: Waste of time, then. *bounces onto Henry's bed and lays down*

;418;: ...What was that?

;325;: Hmm.. *bounces and hears a creak from the bed* I don't know, flip this sucker.

;418;: *flips the bed as Joey hops off*

;325;: Oh.....mah.......gawd.

;418;: Yee...haw.

;418; & ;325;: *stare at a massive amount of money hiding under the bed frame*

;009;: ..The pay?

;175;: Delightful.

;009;: All I'd have to do is follow your orders?

;175;: Indeed, ask few questions and follow the pattern and our business will strive.

;009;: See, I don't think I'm quite sold.

;175;: Well, I don't expect to have this conversation all day.

;009;: Sounds too redundant...and formulaic.

;175;: That's your problem, not mine.

~Steve's Room(Lab)~

;054;: *studying a book* Our formula should be easy to replicate.

;065;: Well obviously, we just need to retrieve more samples.

;478;: *enters the room* Formula? This sounds like something I should be informed.

;054;: *hides book* Yeah, formula for the corrosive material that we're gonna use on Crack's door.

;065;: *pulls out vial and hands it to Erika*

;478;: Excellent, come with me.

*the trio head off to Crack's room*

;065;: So, there's kind of a problem with the bugs in the house.

;054;: The cameras aswell, Ray could be watching us at any minute.

;478;: Then take care of them, that's a problem that should be solved.

;065;: It's not that simple, we'd have to clean the whole house out completely.

;054;: It could take- QUACK! -days.

;478;: Then we'll live with it. *reaches Crack's room and hands the vial to Quacks* Felix and London should be here any minute.

;054;: *smashes the vial on the door*

~Crack's Room~

:552:: *begins turning everything over* I'm afraid I can't find a thing.

;135;: Try harder. *takes a swig out of a flask*

:552:: The least you could do is be remotely helpful.

;135;: *looks under a pillow* Nothing. *takes another swig*

:552:: *smacks the flask out of London's hands* Be good for something other than everyone's burden!

;135;: ... *bends over to clean the grass up and notices a crack in the floor*

:552:: *looks under the bed for any clues*

;135;: *opens a misplaced floorboard* Whoa..

:552:: *turns and looks* A briefcase..?

;135;: *pulls a briefcase out and opens it*

:552:: *stares at the amount of money* Jackpot.

;175;: Make the decision, Silver. Join me or not.

;009;: I need some time to think it over..

;175;: 15 seconds.

;009;: I mean, there are a lot of things to factor in.

;175;: 10 seconds.

;009;: Like time...location..

;175;: 5.

;009;: What..

;175;: 4.

;009;: Happens..

;175;: 3.

;009;: After..

;175;: 2.

;009;: Everyone..

;175;: 1.

;009;: Dies?

;175;: 0.

;009;: Yes.
Vote who you want to give immunity to.


I've been super busy lately, mainly because of a film that I'm making for school so I can graduate and whatnot. I'll try to keep a weekly schedule of updating. To make up for the long wait, I may post a non-canon extra later.
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The Meddler

Never Forget
Deleted Scenes

:611:: I'm gonna scramble Crack's eggs.


:611:: I'll make sure Crack goes over easy.


:611:: I'll hard boil that *****.


;175;: Silver...I'm in love with you.

;009;: You can't be! I'm in love with Briner!

;418;: My love sadly perished.. *looks at picture of Blitz*


:522:: So the only way to stop you from riding me is to let you have sex with me?

;418;: And you have to let me call you Silver.


:552:: *casually walks by Briner's room*


:552:: o_0

Worst Twists Ever

;478;: Griffen, I'm pregnant.

:611:: Can I cook it?

;135;: Felix, I'm pregnant.

:552:: An alcohol baby? Only thing worse than that is a...

;175;: Ray, I'm pregnant.

;053;: But I'm Rick!

;065;: Quacks, I'm pregnant.

;054;: QUACK!

;009;: Briner, I'm you. *pulls off mask*

;418;: [Silver] From the future.

;418;: [Briner] o_0

;312;: acculy is dolan

;311;: minni pls.

;325;: *knocks on Enriko's door*


;325;: I am Spiderpig's son..

*Everyone gasps*

;448;: Why am I here?

That was all noncanon btw, remember that.


Griffen x Erika has to be the most terrible crack pairing out there. Or it's a love-hate thing, mainly hate. X) Either way, Griffen's a terrible father. XD Let's hope he doesn't actually do something stupid, or I'm going to lose trust in everybody. >.<

And Briner Silver totally agreed after the zero, is he screwed?
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Love the bonus scenes.

And wow I love this, silver finally has plot outside of Briner....which btw is now my most anticipated confrontation.


I Crush Everything
*happens to get brief internet on vacation*

I think I'll protect Griffen. He just might be on to something here.

Also, did Crack actually pull and Azurill and turn male this time, or was that a bunch of typos?

In any case, Silver never was my favourite, and now he's just plummeting in popularity. Though at least Crack is beginning to take an interesting turn, appearing to turn against Ray. We just might get ourselves a nice villainous genius clash going on.
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