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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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Saving Erika because since Griffen is already losing himself because of Iris's death, if Erika dies he'll not want to do much other than die.

The Meddler

Never Forget
~2 Days Ago~

;009;: So all I have to do is stall him while you enact this heist?

;478;: Indeed, just make her think you're going to her side. Its a gambit, but there isn't much else we can try.

;009;: I guess it can't hurt to try.



;175;: *scavenging room late at night* The money....gone!!

;122;: *comes to Crack's door* That's your foolish fault. You let yourself be tricked.

;175;: No...

;122;: Yes. Now, I would like a nice London for my collection, so kill her tonight. That'd be delightful. *struts off*

;175;: *scowls and opens a secret hatch in the floor* Not tonight, Ray, not tonight. *pulls out a box and takes the lid off* Tonight's for the lying thief. *pulls out a gun from the box*

;009;: *enters kitchen to get a midnight snack* Lucky we haven't been eaten out yet..

;175;: *comes up behind Silver* I've considered your answer.

;009;: *turns around, startled* Oh, have you?

;175;: Why, yes. A brute like you just isn't....mindless or greedy enough for me.

;009;: We both know you're here to kill me so stop wasting my time and let me join the afterlife.

;175;: Famous last words, my friend. *aims gun at Silver*

;122;: *watching on the monitor in office from hidden camera* NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

;175;: *pulls the trigger*

;009;: *drops bag of chips and flops on the ground, dead*

;122;: *grabs intercom microphone* CRACK!!! *sees that the intercom has been shut off as the monitor goes black* What....

~In The Lab~

;054;: I've seeded the life out of the cameras in the main sections, Steve.

;065;: And I've cleaned out every division.

;478;: Good job, boys. We're taking over.
Silver the Military Officer has been executed.

'Till day then. What are Felix and London going to do with Crack's money? What are Briner and Joey going to do with Henry's money? Who REALLY has control of this game? And more importantly, Who is The Reaper's next target?

Okay, Now is the time to talk amongst yourselves. Try not to go off-topic. Keep RPing to a minimum, and you can talk about the phases and who you think is the accomplice or whatnot. Would like to game to stay active until the next time I update which should hopefully be weekly if I can maintain it.


Ooooooh. Well, I guess it would've been anti-climatic if it ended there.

At least now the trio has virtually complete take-over, I can't wait to see how this turns out. ^_^

The Meddler

Never Forget
;478;: *hangs head over Silver's body*

;065;: He was expendable, Erika, he fulfilled his purpose.

;478;: ..I didn't anticipate this consequence though.

:611:: Well, you should've. It's your fault that he died.

;478;: It was necessary, Griffen. Necessary in tearing Crack and Ray apart, necessary in distracting her long enough so that we could infiltrate her supply, necessary in stopping the killings.

:611:: *beckons to Silver's body* What'd you stop?

;478;: There was a factor that I hadn't accounted for that can easily be eliminated.

:611:: Just stop, Erika. I don't want more lies to be lost, I have a plan.

;478;: Griffen, don't even think about it. You don't know what you're doing! You're just driven by vengeance. Hand over the device, it need not fall into the hands of Ray or Crack.

:611:: That is out of the question, Erika. You're so obsessed with the spotlight and solving this "mystery", that you've become just as bad as them.

;478;: Now you and I both know that's nothing but madness.

:611:: Look in the mirror, Erika and walk away. There's a reason why I have the cloaking device, it is my destiny. I have the power now.

Episode 13: Alimentacion
~Briner's Room~

;418;: What we gonna do 'bout the money?

;325;: Well, the reasonable thing to do would be to turn it into Erika.

;418;: Ain't no small amount, though.

;325;: Are you seriously considering taking the money?

;418;: I ain't seein' what she'd do with it. It's our catch, ain't you ever been fishin'?

;325;: Rather give it to her than risk it falling back into the hands of Crack.

;418;: You imply-

;325;: Halt. You're talking as if you have a say in the matter. *takes sack filled with Henry's cash and walks out the door*

;418;: Hmph. *reluctantly follows Joey*

~Erika's Room~

;325;: *opens door and drops sack on floor in front of Erika*

;478;: I take it that's the money?

;325;: That's all the dough we found.

;478;: Brilliant work, boys. Now that she's financially crippled, we're that much closer to bringing her to justice.

;418;: *tips hat* Our pleasure. *walks out with Joey*

;325;: You think she knows thats actually Henry's money?

;418;: Probably, she must already have Crack's stash.

~London's Room~

:552:: *tears a floorboard up* We'll split the money when we escape, as long as you tell no one about this.

;135;: Yeah, whatever.

:552:: *drops Crack's money into hole opened up* I am aware of my condition and make sure that my....other self doesn't blow the lid off of this operation.

;135;: Fine, just stay away from me and it's done.

:552:: *places floorbooard over hole* As for me, you can resent me all you want. As for him, it's different.

;135;: Stop talking like you're two people! You're all the same to me.

:552:: *places rug over floorboard to conceal it* And I never did stop loving you.

;135;: You will when I die and the money belongs solely to you.

:552:: Look, the reason I put the money in your room is because I'm a known thief, and they'd expect it from me.

;135;: All's fair in love and war.

:552:: Who said anything about a war? *walks out*

;135;: *scoffs and shuts the door*

;065;: Every bug in the house and every camera has been taken care of. The house is clean, I've swept it completely. They're blind.

;054;: Excellent. The formula I have made is completely, it should turn Crack into a vegetable.

;065;: Why not just kill him?

;054;: QUACK! That's out of the question and immoral. We're not like her.

;175;: No, you're nothing like me.

;065; & ;054;: *spin around to see Crack standing on a table, pointing a gun at them*

;175;: Good afternoon.

;065;: Crack...What are you doing here?

;175;: I came to congratulate you two on your fine work...and then destroy it.

;054;: *sneakily moves formula behind him with flipper while Sam distracts Crack*

;065;: And what happens if we dont comply?

;175;: *shoots Steve with gun* That.

;065;: *falls backwards onto the ground*

;054;: QUACK! STEVE!!!

;065;: *grunts as he holds his arm in pain*

;175;: *aims gun at Quacks* The formula, please.

;054;: *pulls out a vial with green liquid*

;175;: Smash it.

;054;: *smashes vial on the wall and a thick cloud forms and fills the room*

;175;: I'll let you live solely as thanks for mentally enhancing my already prestigious mind.

;054;: *sees that Crack has disappeared after the smoke has cleared*

;065;: *coughs* You didn't give her anything, did you?

;054;: *tends to Steve* No, I didn't

;065;: Good. I'd prefer to not have died in vain. *passes out*

;054;: No! You're not dying! *drags Steve out of the lab*

;175;: *darts out of the lab as its smokey and dives through a window to land in a bush and attempts to run but is stopped by some force*

;122;: *holds Crack back with psychic powers* You solely underestimate me, ma'am. If you're gonna to be of no use to me, then you'd make a fine addition to my collection.

;175;: You can't kill me, Ray! It'd be of your interest to let me live!

;122;: And why should I do that, ma'am? If you won't follow my rules and patterns then you're simply expendable.

;175;: Think about it, Ray. They're getting smarter, but they're split between two entities, you and me. If one of us falls out, all their strength will be focused on the other. Believe me, Ray, if you kill me, they'll focus solely on you and you'll be brought down in a heartbeat.

;122;: ... *releases psychic control of Crack* So be it.

;175;: *runs past Ray*

;122;: And don't think I didn't hear a gunshot, ma'am. Don't stray too far from the pattern. You're still in my power.

;175;: *runs out of Ray's sight* No, I am the power.
Vote who you want to give immunity to.

I've still been busy, and that won't let up at all. My goal is to finish this before year's end.

I'm also disappointed that octoboy didn't post his list. I always enjoy reading it.


Is it wrong that I really hate Griffen, but am still interested in his plan? <:3

And... voting for Steve. We don't want one of our scientists bleeding out or anything.


Voting Erika because she seems to be in charge of the whole escaping thing and if she dies the rest of them won't know what to do


I Crush Everything
I was actually looking for the Reaper page to post the list when I'd found it was updated. Maybe I'll post an early one when I have a better chance.

I think I'll protect Steve for heroically taking a bullet for the cause of stopping Crack. I hope I'm not leaving Erika open by doing this, and she's seeming to lose the control of some of the other guests, but Steve is seeming particularly vulnerable right now.

The Meddler

Never Forget
*Beep Beep*

;135;: *sleeping soundly*

*Beep Beep*

;135;: *wakes up* What's that noise?

*Suddenly, London's room explodes, leaving a large hole in the house*

;175;: *sits in a tree watching the explosion* Perfect. *Watches as money flies and flutters in the air* Thievery gone wrong.

:552:: *comes to the opening to where London's room used to be and looks out at London's dead body on the ground* NOOOOOOO!!!

;175;: And the dramatic set-up.


;065;: *passed out from the blood loss*

;054;: *tending to Steve's wound*

;065;: *hears the explosion and wakes up*

;054;: Steve! I was afraid I might've lost you there.

;065;: Explosive.....chemicals....

;054;: What?

;065;: Missing....explosive....

;054;: ........QUACK!


;122;: *abruptly awoken by the explosion* What matter is at hand here!? *bursts out of office and sees the outside fire through the window* ...Crack.

London the Hier has been executed.

Till day then. Will Steve recover? Does Erika have a new enemy in Griffen? Are Crack and Ray going to clash? And more importantly, Who is The Reaper's next target?

Okay, Now is the time to talk amongst yourselves. Try not to go off-topic. Keep RPing to a minimum, and you can talk about the phases and who you think is the accomplice or whatnot. Would like to game to stay active until the next time I update which should hopefully be weekly if I can maintain it.


Yesterday I had a sudden thought that London would be killed. Well, she'd have gone out even if I changed my vote.


I Crush Everything
I was just wondering if this ominous game would get a suitable post, it being around Halloween. It turned out I was right, and I almost missed it. Well...

1)Steve: This guy literally took a bullet for everyone else, and now that his hopes at pursuing scientific breakthroughs in reanimation are completely behind him, he's been one of the most active in helping keep the other guests alive. This guy successfully left Ray blind, and his noble sacrifice may have bought the others time to stop the killers.
2)Quacks: Like Steve, he's been working more than anyone to weaken Crack's advantage. He also salvaged the mind-numbing formula, keeping him and the others an upper ground. Definitely one of Erika's most usefully proactive helpers.
3)Erika: I still believe she's got the best plan, and probably is the only one with the strategic mind that can foil Ray. On the other hand, I kind of agree with Griffen. Erika is starting to show signs of obsession which might be dangerous, and as has been demonstrated, her chess game might cost the lives of quite a few pawns. Her carelessness at letting Silver die is especially jarring considering she berated Griffen for allowing Iris's death. And a possible sign she's on a slow path to the deep end. If she can keep her head, Erika might be a hero, but she might lose it as well.
4)Crack: My mind's been kind of zig-zagging on the case of Crack. She isn't the psychotic, twisted genius mastermind she appeared to be after the Reaper reveal happened, and her turning out to be working under Ray kind of helped her lose appeal in that way. I started to find Crack a bit more interesting once she started turning on Ray, but she gets moments when she still seems at his mercy which make her seem like just another used female who's only corrupted by a truly malicious male master. Crack will have to do something truly evil, insane, and independent to get back to glory, and there appears to be some glimmers of hope that this will happen, but I'm not quite sure how that will play out. All that said, the fact that if Crack dies, so does the game was kind of a table-turner for me, so it's in some interest to keep her alive in that respect alone.
5)Joey: He seems to have his head, considering he had the good judgement not to steal the money. He hasn't done a whole lot plotwise lately, but hey, he's my guy, so like Crack, he probably gets a lot of points in the wanted alive factor. Joey doesn't seem to have much of his own plot now that his angst has mostly cleared up, but when Joey does get some prominent character flaws, it does tend to make things worse. Not sure what's in store for him, but if he has to go out, I do hope Joey does with a bang, because he's definitely shown potential for that.
6)Griffen: This guy's definitely got a point about the dangers of Erika's fixation, but he isn't just Erika's ego. I also don't agree with his motivations, and while I did find Erika a bit hypocritical, he comes off so as well for berating Erika for not foreseeing a death. He still seems to care more about vengeful bloodlust than anything else, and his lack of calculation could lead to danger. Griffen's echoing Crack's words saying he has the power make him come off as Crack's opposite side of the coin; a rebel to the plan who may or may not follow his master's instructions, which may or may not lead to his and his accomplice's falls.
7)Felix: I've probably made it pretty easy to tell, I've never really liked Felix. He only was slightly interesting when he started out as a red herring of being the Reaper, which predictably turned out to actually be his thievery, which was known right from his bio. After that, he just had this semi-romance plot with London which didn't seem to go anywhere much. Though part of the reason I didn't like Felix was because he interacted with London more than anyone else, so I'm kind of intrigued as to where his plot will go with her out of the picture. He might just turn into an angsty lump of canon fodder, then die, but this could be an opportunity for Felix, maybe to a redemption. And as I may have said before, Felix's being impervious to Ray's psychic abilities (at least I think he is, some game owners ignore that and some don't) might make him a key member in Erika's arsenal if he can keep it together.
8)Briner: Briner's frivolous nature isn't looking as if it will bode him well. He almost tried to steal Henry's money, which would wrench Erika's plans, and by the looks of London's fate, probably get himself or Joey killed. Being impulsive doesn't seem to be useful so much as if he appears to have gotten lucky once. But now he's done his one good thing by outing Henry, and doesn't seem to be making things much better by being there.

I honestly can't say I miss London one bit. She was giving a pretty one-note performance, and it was looking like little more than a matter of time.

The Meddler

Never Forget
:552:: *looks in mirror in his room* I let her die...It's my fault.

Dark :552:: *looking back from mirror* No, it's her fault.

:552:: *steps back* Who are you?!

Dark :552:: I am you. I'm the real you.

:552:: That's impossible! You can't be!

Dark :552:: 'Tis true, I'm the part of you that belongs.

:552:: I don't want you in my head, you're the part of me that causes things like this.

Dark :552:: You only just realized that I am a part of you, that's how broken from reality you are.

:552:: *scoffs* This is just a dream...I know it is.

Dark :552:: You wish it was. I'm everything that isn't weak about you. Where you show retribution, I show pardon. Where you show love, I show hate. Where you show cowardice, I show valiance.

:552:: How can this be?

Dark :552:: I'm the dark side of you, clawing to escape into reality, and I have done it. I am more than just a reflection of you. I'm controlling you.

:552:: Stop...

Dark :552:: I am you.

:552:: NO YOU'RE NOT! *smashes mirror in anger*

:552:: That's seven years bad luck..

Episode 14: Absolute Hero

;478;: *in the infirmary where Steve is lying down*

;054;: *walks in* How is he doing?

;478;: Not well, not with the bullet still in him.

;054;: So, what needs to be done?

;478;: Gather everyone, we have to prep him for surgery.

;054;: QUACK! *scurries out of infirmary* QUACK!

:552:: *comes out of room as Dr.Quacks passes by, visibly shaken*

;054;: *running through hallways* QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!

:611:: *comes out of room* What the hell?

;325;: *bursts out of room* Calm your siren, Daffy! What's goin' on?

;054;: Steve is about to go into surgery, come to the infirmary.

:611:: Where's Briner, though?

;418;: *sniffing around Ray's office* Tarnation, they's gotta be somethin' here that I can use to catch that varmint.

;175;: Trust me, I've already looked.

;418;: *spins around* CRACK?!

;175;: *coming from an audio device on the desk* Spooked ya! You want Ray, go get him.

;418;: Show yourself, you nedbellied coward!

;175;: After last night, you know what you should have realized?

;418;: That you a disgusting rodent?

;175;: Noooo, that I'm the kind of girl who's really into explosions. *audio device suddenly explodes, sending shrapnel at Briner*

;418;: *ducks behind a bookcase*

;122;: *calmly enters office* Crack, Crack, Crack...Failed assassinations attempts are going to look bad on your record.

;418;: *tries to control breathing so that Ray doesn't notice him*

;122;: *walks to desk and picks up destroyed audio device and dumps it in trash bin*

;418;: *tries to move but hits bookcase with tail, knocking a book down*

;122;: *spins around*

;418;: *leaps after Ray* ARGH!

;122;: *quickly throws up a Barrier* Sir, you've made a huge mistake.

;418;: *Aqua Jets out of Ray's office*

;122;: *follows Briner*


;054;: How are we planning to do this?

;478;: Griffen, you need to be the surgeon and cut Steve open with the knives on your mouth.

:611:: I'm doing this for the sake of Steve, not for you.

;478;: Fair enough, Quacks, you'll need to use your psych to pull the bullet out. You do not have enough time before Steve bleeds out so be quick about.

;054;: Anything for Steve..

;478;: I'll be here to advise you guys on what to do. Felix and Joey are standing by if anything goes wrong. We have no clue where Briner is, though...

;418;: *bursts into infirmary, breathing heavily* Y'all won't believe- *suddenly gets flung into the wall and knocked unconscious*

;122;: *comes from behind Briner* Ladies and gentlemen, this operation has been aborted.

;325;: *steps forward* Not by a long shot.

:552:: I'm afraid I must disagree, Ray.

:611:: *steps up* It's over, Ray.

;478;: *pulls Griffen back* We don't have time for this! The surgery on Steve needs to be performed NOW!

;065;: *twitches and slowly opens eyes*

;054;: Go back to sleep, Steve. This is gonna hurt.

:611:: Felix, Joey! Hold Ray back while we cut Steve open!

;065;: *weakly closes eyes and passes out*

;122;: *tries to use psychic powers on Felix*

:552:: *is unaffected* No dice, mimey.

;325;: *charges at Ray*

;122;: *uses psychic to suspend Joey in the air*

:552:: *shoots a Shadow Ball at Ray*

;122;: *drops Joey to use psychic to grab the Shadow Ball in midair and fling it back*

:552:: *gets hit and stumbles back* ACK!

:611:: *wipes sweat off brow* Making first incision.. *begins to slowly cut Steve's wound open*

;478;: Keep calm, Griffen..Keep steady.

:552:: *on knees* Anything I throw at him, he'll throw back.

;325;: Get up, Felix! I can't do this on my own.

:552:: Help him..Help him so you can get closer to him. A bouncer's gotta have SOME kind of money. *gets up and nods at Joey* We'll do this together.

;122;: *turns to where Steve's surgery is taking place* Crack can't even kill right...Allow me to finish the job! *tries to grab Steve with psychic*

;325;: *holds Ray back with his own psychic* Not today, bud.

;122;: Errr... *tries to overpower Joey with his psychic*

;325;: *matches Ray's psychic strength* Felix...! This is your chance!

:552:: Shadow Ball! *shoots a Shadow Ball at Ray*

;122;: *breaks off of Joey to try and catch Shadow Ball but gets hit anyways and flung into wall*

:611:: Incision made. *sigh of relief*

;478;: Quacks, tell me if you can see where the bullet is. *holds cut open for Quacks*

;054;: Erm...

;325;: I think he's down, 'Lix.

;122;: *suddenly flings a gurney at Joey with psychic*

;325;: *ducks*

:552:: *gets struck with the gurney and taken down*

;122;: Just you and me, sir. *sends a psybeam at Joey*

;325;: Just how I like it. *sends a psybeam back at Ray and the two collide, each trying to overpower the other*

;054;: I think I see it.

;478;: *nervously looking back at Ray and Joey* Focus, Quacks, you have to hurry.

;065;: *breathing very softly*

;054;: *focuses on the bullet and starts to steadily pull it out with psychic*

;122;: *still trying to overpower Joey* Someone with such physical prowess..surprised to see him have an even stronger mental prowess.

;325;: *matching Ray's psybeam strength* Small talk is for the weak.

;054;: *slowly but surely pulls the bullet out of Sam's wound and sets it on the operating table next to him* Got it.

;478;: Quacks, close the wound and I'll sew it up.

;054;: *closes wound with his mind as Erika quickly sews it up*

;122;: *begins overpowering Joey* Seems you aren't as refined, sir.

;325;: *winces* Now if this was a fistfight..

;122;: I can see a nice place for you, sir. A trophy on my mantle. Next to..Henry. I know how much you loved him, sir.

;325;: *suddenly begins overpowering Ray*

;122;: Wha..?

;065;: *using psychic powers to help Joey out* Seems YOU aren't very refined, Raymond.

;122;: *gets overpowered and blasted with a psybeam, sending him flying out of the infirmary*

;325;: *charges out of the infirmary to finish Ray off* Psybeam!

;122;: *quickly sets up a light screen to take the hit* Another day, sir. *teleports away*

The Meddler

Never Forget
;054;: Feeling better, Steve?

;065;: Somewhat, I'll likely have to stay here to rest though.

;054;: That's fine, at least the bullet's not inside you anymore.

;325;: *lifts gurney off of Felix* You did well out there, bud.

:552:: Ah, didn't feel like I did. *stumbles to his feet* Where's Briner?

;325;: *goes over to where Briner is and smacks him awake*

;418;: Gah! Did we get the bastard?

;325;: No, he got away. Don't recklessly go after him again, you put a damn well lot of people in danger from your foolishness, bud.

;418;: 'Least I got somethin' outta it. Ray and Crack ain't workin' together.

;478;: Interesting. Alright team, that gives us something to work on. The two are already turned against each other, lets use that to our advantage. Watch them destroy each other.

:611:: You're still giving orders, Erika? Bossing everyone around?

;478;: It certainly worked today, Griffen, no need to stick your bony head in my business every day.

:611:: It may have worked today, but you're not an absolute hero. No one is, at least not here.

;478;: We're forced to count our wins by the lives we save. If you want to be the black sheep, go ahead. You're doing nothing but hurt us from now on.

:611:: Yet you change nothing. Just prolonging the inevitable. There's no win until Ray and Crack are dead, that's all that matters from here on out.
Vote who you want to give immunity to.

[Insert Excuses Here]. I am going on vacation for two weeks, but any computer time that I may get will be devoted to this.
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