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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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not actually psychic
Steve's reference to Ray as Raymond may just be his formal nature, but maybe that's a clue that the two actually know each other.

Voting Briner because he seems to be the one that's starting to gather information.


I Crush Everything
I think Steve deserves another protection. It would be a shame if saving him became a shaggy dog story, and he did freaking save everyone from Ray immediately after getting emergency surgery.

Joey was awesome in this one, I loved the action scene. Also, apparently, Felix is turning into Gollum now. Watch the season finale be him dragging Crack into the mouth of a volcano.
I vote immunity to Briner finding moving the story along and finding out some pretty interesting info.


Voting immunity to Griffen because I like the way he's rebelling against Erika, and I feel that since he's hardly been doing anything else for the past few 'days', he might be the next one to be killed.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Gotta agree with Octo; Steve deserves another immunity. The guy took a BULLET and still manages to help stop Ray after getting surgery performed on him. Would be a real shame if he died now.

The Meddler

Never Forget
;122;: *enters the infirmary* Feeling better, sir?

;065;: *tries to sit up but falls back in pain* Raymond.....It's surely been a long time.

;122;: Indeed, it has. How has life treated you since the incident at the lab..?

;065;: Incident..The explosion that you caused?!

;122;: *calmly straps Steve to the hospital bed* Now, Steve, don't throw the blame around so drastically. That explosion was set about by a chain reaction of a thousand egos systematically punching themselves. I had nothing to do with it.

;065;: Of course not, you were just a janitor.

;122;: *twitches* Alas, the incident helped me see the light. Liberation is the destined way of retribution. My collection inhibits that philosophy.

;065;: That's what caused your madness. That damned explosion sent you off the deep end..Just about every other survivor too.

;122;: I'm surprised you didn't remember me sooner. Dear Bartholomew doesn't remember me at all.

;065;: Bartholomew...?

;122;: Bartholomew Quacks. Or just Dr. Quacks. I take it you don't remember him but he worked with you, sir. I didn't choose 20 people randomly.

;065;: You...you've controlled everything.

;122;: You've caught on quick. Quicker than dearest Erika ever could, she's too focused on Crack, such a pitiful girl. Demented so much, she can't even follow simple orders. Ruined my collection!

;065;: You can't control....the unstable *winces*

;122;: Don't work yourself up, sir. It will all be over soon. You'll be a lovely edition to my...collection.

;065;: Why tell me all of this....*pants* If you're just going to kill me.

;122;: Back at the laboratory, sir. You were the only one who treated me with respect. For that, I shall grant you a quick and painless death.

;065;: *coughs* What kind of karma is that?

;122;: You can ponder that as your final thought... *picks up bullet from the surgery off of the nearby table with psychic* ...sir. *gently pushes it into Steve's head*

;065;: *tries to stop it with own psychic powers but is too weak from the surgery*

*Beep* *Beep* *Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......*

;122;: *unplugs electrocardiogram and walks off*
Steve the Scientist has been executed.

Till day then. Will Ray go after Quacks next? What has Crack been up to? How will Erika utilize the information given to her by Briner? And more importantly, Who is The Reaper's next target?

Okay, Now is the time to talk amongst yourselves. Try not to go off-topic. Keep RPing to a minimum, and you can talk about the phases and who you think is the accomplice or whatnot. Would like to game to stay active until the next time I update which should hopefully be weekly if I can maintain it.

My dream is to finish this before year's end. I'm taking a vacation from vacation, but going back on vacation for Thanksgiving next week.


I Crush Everything
Dammit, I knew it! I knew Steve needed saving, but no, y'all just had to vote for the redneck. Here comes 2004 all over again, I foresee lots of death, explosions and bloodshed ahead.

Also, by the looks of it, either 'Doxe was a smart cookie, or Meddling Man is writing from the seat of his pants and thought P-man's theory was clever. I kind of have memories of doing that in PDI occasionally.

Probably will post a list sometime this evening.


Well that escalated quickly. *facepalms self for not voting*

3)Erika: I still believe she's got the best plan, and probably is the only one with the strategic mind that can foil Ray. On the other hand, I kind of agree with Griffen. Erika is starting to show signs of obsession which might be dangerous, and as has been demonstrated, her chess game might cost the lives of quite a few pawns. Her carelessness at letting Silver die is especially jarring considering she berated Griffen for allowing Iris's death. And a possible sign she's on a slow path to the deep end. If she can keep her head, Erika might be a hero, but she might lose it as well.

Naysay, I wrote her up as obsessive from the very beginning. I was worried at times, but she's turning out almost exactly the way I wanted her, and I have to thank Meddler for that.

Oh, can I get a foresight too? Erika'll lock everyone up in a duct-taped room so they won't run about. XDD
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I Crush Everything
I have a feeling this reference to Ray and Steve's past is the tip of an iceberg. I'm eager to see more of this mystery unravel as time goes on.

#1 Erika: Erika has proven once again that she's the one who knows what she's doing. Saving Steve may have ended up a shaggy dog story, but her demonstration of her planning and organization skills have gotten Erika right back to the top spot in the competence books. It's clear that if anyone's these guests' hope of survival, it's Erika. She did have some shaky moments earlier, but I'll point out now that my notification of her character flaws isn't a sign that I believe she's being played badly. A big part of what determines this list order is who I'm routing for, and an in-character but not so likeable performance will affect who I like more or less. At this point, I'm back on Team Erika in her clash with Griffen she's got going on now.
#2 Dr. Quacks: I'm getting really interested to know his backstory now that a past liked to Ray's and Steve's was hinted at. By the looks of it, he might be involved with quite a bit that explains the premise of Ray's scheme. He appears to have a slightly checkered history, with Steve's note of being the only one nice to Ray, and now that Steve's gone, Quacks has a pretty good chance of being completely derailed in despair. I could easily see him reverting back to his demented shut-in persona that he started with, but this only being hypothetical, I'm going on what I have seen him do, and right now, Quacks still is probably the most helpful in keeping the others alive.
#3 Joey: He took a big leap this past sequence, and I'm really loving this time he had to shine this scene. He finally got past either being plagued with angst or obstructing justice with his temper, and at last got a chance to be a no-holds-barred, line-spouting bodyguard brawler, like I'd always hoped he'd be. He was getting dangerously close to the C-list earlier, but with that ass-kicking scene, I think Joey's proven that he's earned his keep here as the muscle of the bunch.
#4 Felix: Since London was executed, he seems to have a big weight lifted off his shoulders. Without an annoying semi-love interest to drag him down, Felix is starting to show signs of actually getting a compelling plot. His demonstrating that his type makes his presence a chink in Ray's armour gives him a definite boost, and like Joey, provides him means to be useful. The fact that this will probably make it sting even harder when his greedy side overtakes him and leads to a betrayal only improves the dramatic appeal for him.
#5 Crack: Crack hasn't been doing much lately, especially in this sequence, where she didn't even show her face. Ray's really starting to outshine her as the threat, and while her being impossible for Ray to control seemed like an interesting start of a plot thread, it's starting to seem like Crack really will only end up helping Ray whether she wants to or not. As long as she's around, she'll just be someone else for the guests to worry about, and helping steer them from Ray's case long enough that he can can proceed to destroy them all, so it kind of seems Ray's had it set up that he will succeed with or without Crack being on his side. At this point, it's almost looking as if Crack will only manage to usurp Ray in villainy by killing him, and even then, knowing Ray, the doom of everyone else will be a victory for him no matter if he's alive by the end or not.
#6 Griffen: He's definitely had far less of a leg to stand on in his arguments against Erika this sequence. He wasn't much of a useful foil this time because Erika didn't have anything to call him on, so he came off as more of an annoying complainer. Griffen did help save Steve's life, but he clearly would have gone and attacked Ray without Erika stopping him, so he can't get much credit for that.
#7 Briner: Briner only accomplishes anything through sheer luck, and his impulsiveness doesn't do any favours, especially with the killers now openly on a death hunt. Briner's recklessness almost cost Steve his life in the plot, and did cost Steve his life in the game. If he doesn't get it together soon, he will cost more. A pathological criminal was more useful than he was now, so he's really gotta brush up his act before he stains his or someone else's neck a different kind of red.


Wait, only 7? Damn, hopefully we can wrap this up by New-Years. XP

Speaking of backstory, this would totally grant a prequel at this point. Or perhaps the whole explosion stuff would be resolved in this one, either or.

Sorry I can't think of anything to contribute, I'd prefer to wait until the day scene.

The Meddler

Never Forget
I'd love to wrap it up before year's end.

I had plans for a prequel after MOTR3 (next year), but in a different style then the contest style like this (More Mafia-oriented, but still with a story) and essentially a remake of the old cult classic game Murder Most Foul that I promised I would remake.

I might do something different in writing this episode and write it gradually instead of all at once. We'll see how it works out.

The Meddler

Never Forget
;478;: *walks into the infirmary and goes over to Steve's body* Hey Steve, how are you- *notices the hole in Steve's head* Damn..

;054;: *comes in* Hey, Erika..

;478;: *holds hand out to motion for Quacks to stop before putting the sheet over Steve's head*

;054;: ....No..

;478;: *solemnly nods head*

Episode 15: Think On Your Sins


*Everyone has gathered in the infirmary*

:611:: How did Steve die?

;478;: He died....of an infection it seems. Best not to lift the sheet up, out of respect.

;325;: So the surgery was for nothing?

;478;: Not necessarily. We did everything we could for the man, and I think he saw that. We shall remember his heroism and his advancements in helping us defeat our common enemy. Does anyone else want to say anything?

;325;: *steps up* Ah, Steve. He was a dude who knew what he was doing. That's why I respected him. He crossed the line before, but he got better, more focused. He'll surely be missed.

;418;: *steps forward* Steve may've been a smartie type and all, but that's what he done needed. A smartiepants to balance our brawn and he filled that role nicely.

:552:: *clears throat* Steve was a good man, yes. Words can't display that, what's been said has been said. *backs up*

:611:: To be a victim to this bloodshed is undignified. Steve deserved better, and his death will not be in vain. Crack shot him, and vengeance will be struck upon her for that. We must honor Steve's memory.

;054;: *beckons Griffen away* This isn't the time for a rally cry. I knew Steve the best. I worked with him, he was a visionary. Big ambitions to match his big brain. I shall continue his work and aspirations, he did not deserve this. Steve was more than just my accomplice, he was more than just an acquaintance. He was my friend.

;478;: *bows head* Now for the matter at hand..

;478;: Briner brought up some juicy information about Ray and Crack yesterday. It appears they are seperated, so we can hit them both at different fronts. I shall go with Briner to see what else we can find on Ray. Griffen...Quacks..

:611:: Don't bother, Erika. My plan is finally come into play. *walks off*

;054;: I'll just work on.....quack.....stuff. *shuffles away*

;478;: *watches Griffen leave* Alrighty then, Felix, the master thief, and Joey, the tough bouncer. I have a very specific job for you. Griffen has his hands on a sort of cloaking device that I do not trust him with whatsoever. I want you two to steal it from him, make sure it's out of his hands. Can you do that?

;325;: I got it. *nudges Felix* You follow me, capiche?

:552:: *silently nods*

;478;: Great, lets get to work.

:611:: *reads Iris' written instructions* Only fully invisible when completely motionless..Invisibility lasts for ten minutes at a time.. *turns cloaking device on in front of a mirror* Wow, works fine. *turns it off and walks out of room* What was that? *hears a noise and goes after it*

;175;: *rummaging through Steve's lab*

:611:: *stands outside the door and goes invisible*

;175;: I need...I need...*smashes a bottle on the ground and licks up the glass* The formula..

:611:: *walks slowly inside the lab, flickering from visibility to invisibility*

;175;: I can love... *pours purple liquid on the ground* But I need..

:611:: *creeps closer to Crack*

;175;: *pours a green liquid on the purple liquid spot only to burn a hole in the ground* Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

:611:: *accidentally bumps into a table and knocks over a beaker*

;175;: *stops and spins around, looking directly at the invisible Griffen* Who's there?

;418;: Shucks, all I did was gallop into his office and listen to a recording of Crack.

;478;: It can't be that easy, Ray doesn't like easy.

;418;: *flips through files in Ray's file cabinet* Seems so, he's got all kinds of dirt on himself in here.

;478;: *pulls out a page* Think on your sins?

;418;: *pulls out more pages* That's what they all say.

;478;: *pulls out another page* Not this one..This one has a picture of...Felix?

;418;: Check this out, its a clipping with Ray's picture on it. *hands the clipping to Erika*

;478;: Raymond Despoto, wealthy investor? That's what it says but that can't be right.. *reads the back with a small newspaper article on it* Raymond Despoto has filed for bankruptcy after his assets were seized in the midst of a scandal involving criminal activity. Raymond went on record as saying he was framed.

;418;: Whats dat gotta do with this here picture of Felix?

;478;: Felix's a thief. You dont think...Are there anymore pictures in here?

;418;: *digs deep and pulls out another* Enriko's on this one. *flips the picture over* Well darn.

;478;: *pulls off a bag of cocaine* Enriko's a drug dealer..What does that have to do with anything?

;418;: *flips through pages and pages of 'Think On Your Sins' and finds another picture* This one has Joey on it.

;478;: *flips the picture over to find a picture of a bloodied and bruised Ray* Joey's a bouncer, this all has to be connected. Think about it. Felix steals everything Ray has with an intelligent scam, Ray falls off the deep end, into drugs and alcohol, getting kicked out of bars and whatnot. Everyone in this house is loosely connected to Ray. But..I have no recollection of ever meeting Ray.

;418;: Gosh, then. *pulls out a picture of Erika* This next one's you though.

;122;: I have to applaud you on that one, madam Erika. It only took you 15 days.

;478; & ;418;: *spin around to see that no one is there*

;122;: I'm in your heads, no need to fret. I see you two have been doing a lot of thinking...but don't think about my sins. Think about yours.

;418;: Show yer damn face, scumbag!

;478;: You're too smart to leave this all in here unless you wanted us to find it, what's your angle, Ray.

;122;: Angle? I merely thought I was lending you a hand, ma'am.

;478;: People who have wronged you in the past get brought to this mansion so you can kill them?

;122;: Ah, don't tell me you thought all of this was random. Most of you people don't remember a thing. Like you, Erika. Why were you brought here?

;478;: As some pawn in your sick game, I presume.

;418;: I ain't ever met you before this all started!

;122;: Erika, it may have been a long time ago but you should remember that.. scandal. I was framed for something Felix did and you investigated the case. Yet, you failed. I'm sure you've tried your hardest to forget your only failure, Erika. But I surely remembered.

;478;: *gasps*

;122;: And you, Briner. After all I had been through, few jobs would hire me. Except your family, who hired me as a stable boy. And you know how I was treated? Second rate scum, by you nonetheless.

;418;: Ain't that what you is?

;122;: No, that's what you'll be soon enough. The mind's a toy, Briner. Yours isn't very strong.

;478;: Why tell us all of this anyways? Why allow us to get closer to taking you down? What does Crack have to do with all of this?

;122;: Think on your sins.

;478;: Ray! RAAAAAAAAY! ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!

;418;: ..............................No response.

;478;: *rips the picture of her in half*

:611:: *silently prays that Crack won't notice him*

;175;: Someone's out there...someone..someone...I know you're there! You wouldn't hurt dear ol' me, would you?

:611:: *stares down at Crack*

;175;: I'm just a little lost.. *gives the cutest face* I don't know what to do with myself.

:611:: Can't....give in..

;175;: Erika? Is that you? I'm not surprised you won't show your face..all the people you allowed to die. Or is it Briner? Silver's death...that was easily your fault. Maybe it's Joey? The one who couldn't save Alexandra? Then again it might be Felix, who doomed his dear London. Or Quacks who allowed his only friend Steve to die. But then again it could be Griffen...the one who foolishly let Iris suffer.

:611:: *shudders and starts faintly flickering*

;175;: Ahh.. *leaps at Griffen and bites him in the leg*

:611:: Gah! *kicks Crack off and storms out of the lab, leaving a trail of Crack's saliva as he escapes*

;175;: *curls up in a ball* ehehehehe..

:552:: *knocks on Griffen's door* It's Felix and Jo-

;325;: *busts the door down*

:552:: .....

;325;: What? *goes inside and looks around* Griffen ain't here, bud. How're we gonna find an invisible device if it's invisible?

:552:: The device causes invisibility, its not invisible you idiot.

;325;: *turns to Felix* Excuse me?

:552:: Nothing, Joey. We should uh..go find Griffen before he causes any trouble.

;325;: Alrighty then. I'll lead the way, comrade. *marches out of Griffens room*

:552:: *Kill him while his back is turned* *No...I can't do that* Then I will. *tackles Joey from behind and pins him to the ground*

;325;: *flips back and puts Felix in a chokehold* Who the hell do you think you are?

:552:: *breaks out of the chokehold and backs up* No, I don't want to fight Joey. He's my fri.... Enemy. He's my enemy and I must kill him. *lunges at Joey*

;325;: *catches Felix and drops him down hard* What's wrong with you, bud? Sounds like you flew over the cuckoo nest and then some.

:552:: There's something wrong...Joey...... Yeah, you're still alive. *claws at Joey's throat*

;325;: *bounces up and down on Felix to keep him immobile* I'm gonna have to report you to Erika, eh? You're too much of a loose cannon. *ties Felix up and leaves him there* Didn't wanna have to do that, bud, but I had no choice.

:552:: Help....I'll kill you when I get out of here Joey. Hahaha, I'll destroy you.

;054;: *tinkering with chemicals in own room*

;122;: An infection? Do you really believe that?

;054;: *looks around and doesn't see Ray* Get out of my head.

;122;: You didn't answer my question. I surely don't believe it. If a large chemical explosion couldn't kill Steve, I doubt an infection will.

;054;: *stops with the chemicals* Explosion?

;122;: Oh, almost forgot. You were there, sir. You just don't remember. You don't remember me, or Steve. I

;054;: Steve couldn't have worked there..And you!

;122;: I was just a lowly janitor whom you treated like crap. No way you'd remember me. Not remembering Steve is an insult though. You and I both should know that it was him who caused the explosion.

;054;: You're lying, Steve wouldn't do that.

;122;: Steve was different back then. We all were. Steve had an ego, and it consumed him. So he plotted the explosion. And so only three survived, but the tracks were covered and he was safe...but changed. Just like you and me. While you and Steve secluded into the darkness, I saw the light...and embraced it.

;054;: That's why I'm here, huh? So you can kill off all the remaining survivors?

;122;: The blade cuts far deeper than that, Quacks. Let me ask you something. Who are you looking out for...Me or Crack?

;054;: The one who won't come to me and tell me everything is the one I should look out for, I suppose.

;122;: Hehe. Think on your sins, sir.
Vote who you want to give immunity to.

Ended up writing this all at once instead of in fragments because I suck. The ending is coming soon though, only 5 left after this. Timed perfectly to coincide with me going back to reffing PBB. It's been awhile since I've written something funny.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
So everyone who's at the house wronged him in some way? Well how the heck did Henry wrong him? Or Alexandra, Iris, Brandy, Blitz, Maya the Destructor, Xavier...Wow. It's just dawning on me now how many people have died.

Anyway, gonna vote to protect Griffin. No one else was really actively seeking out Ray or Crack this episode, so I think he'll need it.
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I Crush Everything
Holy hell, this is all comin' down!! This is turning into some serious And Then There Were None sh*t here!!

Who to vote, who to vote... I want to protect Joey, because he seems vulnerable, and I'm liking his performance, but he's mine, so that would be cheap. If I can't do that, I guess it's between Erika and Quacks..... Hmm... Erika does seem to be tipping closer to the dark side, lying about Steve, but then again, I'm not sure Quacks would be as helpful as her in unravelling Ray's mysterious schemes. Right now he's more of an ironic only sane man than actually heroic, so I guess I'll protect Erika for being somewhat useful.

Awesome, Crack was interesting again, and was more in character than she's been lately. Nice to see she's still got some of that insane evil sadistic genius left in her. Well, I think Griffen's going to lose it after getting chomped, Crack's insanity is probably contagious.

I also wonder what Brandy, Eros and Alexandra did to get themselves in Ray's book of sinners. Well, I guess Ray might have messed up Eros's hair once and started a conflict, but I'm curious to see what exactly someone like Alexandra would have done to merit a cruel slaughter. Henry too, I have a feeling if Ray just wanted him around to assassinate the others, he wouldn't have gotten Crack. Unless Crack's part of his hit list as well.

I'm really liking Joey's performance here, you gave him some of my favourite lines. These Reaper plots sure are intriguing, I can tell you that.


Is it only me who gets the James Bond reference? Think on your sins, guys.

I think evil Felix is going to escape and go into someone else if Felix dies, but I don't think I should protect him... Voting to protect Griffin because after that bite from Crack, and seeing something that she was doing.
am giving immunity to Briner...

This is shaping up t be awesome...


I Crush Everything
Raiden, you do know that now we vote to protect members, not kill/accuse them, right?
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