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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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Yes. I strongly feel that Griffen is going to die, so I'm protecting him. Didn't Med say that before? That who was going to die was RNG'd, then we would have to figure out who?
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The Meddler

Never Forget
I love and cherish this game. I am anxious to unfold this story, especially as it appears to be ending soon. I'm writing the elimination scene, hopefully it shall get you you by Friday.

The mystery will not go unsolved.

Sincerely, The Meddler

The Meddler

Never Forget
:611:: Ach! *puts wet towel on bite wound* Damn freak..

;325;: *knocks on Griffen's door* It's Joey.

:611:: *opens door to let Joey in* Evening.

;325;: Alright, I'm just gonna cut to the chase here, capiche? I'm gonna need that invisible machine whatchamacallit.

:611:: Completely out of the question. Goodbye, Joey.

;325;: Ah, ya see.. *shuts the door* I wasn't asking. *cracks knuckles*

:611:: Joey, don't be Erika's lackey! It can't be in her hands, the device was given to me by Iris.

;325;: We're gonna hafta agree to disagree on that one. I don't want things to ugly here, bud. Comprende?

:611:: *reluctantly hands over the cloaking device* Do the right thing, Joey. Erika's losing it, she's obsessed. Felix's lost it. Who else is there to fight for.

;325;: *takes cloaking device* If they're still fighting, for the good of the people, then I'll be damned if I don't fight with them. *marches out*


;418;: *studying picture of himself found in Ray's file cabinet* Still don't remember a damn thing..*watches as the picture rips itself in half* Wha..

;122;: It's time, sir.

;418;: *leaps up* Ain't gonna happen, Ra- *is lifted up with psychic*

;122;: You'll make a nice edition to my collection.. *prepares to finish Briner off*

;175;: *comes out from behind the bed and launches a knife at Ray, striking him across the face*

;122;: *drops Briner* GAH!

;418;: *lands with a thud and tries to scramble up but stares directly at a knife being held by Crack*

;175;: Stab?

;418;: N-no...Don't be stabbin' me..

;122;: *gets up and uses psychic to fling Crack into the wall* Time to end you once and for all, madam.

;175;: You can't kill me, Ray. *flings knife at Ray*

;122;: *catches it with psychic*

;418;: *reaches under his bed and pulls out lasso while Ray and Crack are distracted*

;122;: I never even needed you...I don't know why I brought you here. If I had known Henry was such a buyout, I wouldn't have brought an unstable vessel as yourself.

;175;: You needed....somebody...somebody...to love. I killed that need.. *curls up in a ball*

;122;: Well, madam. I will allow you to think that. *prepares to kill Crack*

;418;: *lassos Ray by the neck and flings him out the window* To'ja you ain't gonna get me, Ray. *hangs him out the window*

;122;: Ack! *struggles to breathe*

;175;: *picks up a knife and stabs Briner in the back with it* I got yoooou.

;418;: NO! *tries to hold onto the rope*

;122;: *still struggling with the noose*

;175;: *picks up the other knife and stabs Briner again* This is fun.

;418;: Son...of a.. *lets go of the rope and tumbles out of the window*

;122;: *falls and uses weak psychic to lessen the fall* Ah.. *catches Briner's corpse as it falls on him*

;175;: *leaves a trail of saliva as she rolls out of Briner's room*
Briner the Stable Boy has been executed.

Till day then. What will Joey do with the cloaking device? How will they deal with Felix? Who is the real threat, Ray, Crack, or themselves? And more importantly, Who is The Reaper's next target?

Okay, Now is the time to talk amongst yourselves. Try not to go off-topic. Keep RPing to a minimum, and you can talk about the phases and who you think is the accomplice or whatnot. Would like to game to stay active until the next time I update which should hopefully be weekly if I can maintain it.

I don't think I'll get much done this weekend because I have a concert Sunday, but maybe Monday maybe. Only 5 left, always fun to look back and see some of my favorite lines and moments.


I'm finding Crack interesting at the moment. She's hard to understand. She was my first ever RPG character, I was a n00b when I made her, she's developed a lot now.


I Crush Everything
Briner sure went out with a bang here. I usually didn't like his foolish bravado, but his near-triumph of almost defeating Ray was quite impressive. Though, as expected, his rashness did get to him. Poor ol' rustic fella.

Now for the countdown. Hmm, tough to say, everyone's got good and bad sides here.

#1 Erika: The further this game goes, the more interesting new twists and turns come along, and with them comes more mystery. Pretty much the hook of this game is curiosity, and it's Erika, the detective, that can always be counted on to reveal more shocking, unexpected information that makes the game interesting. While this aspect makes her really important, I'm starting to question whether her plan is really the best for her housemates. The further the game goes on, and the more executions are made, the more it's starting to come into light that Erika's thirst for information tends to do little but give Ray time to destroy who he wants dead while Erika is busy trying to dig up dirt. Of course, knowing how the game works kind of affects this, as it's pretty obvious to us viewers that it's a done deal that someone will die every night until the Reaper dies, but without that knowledge, trying to preserve Steve's life might have been a smart move. In any case, Erika's still in my good books, but maybe not quite in my best books.
#2 Joey: What can I say? I love how he's been played here. His tough security guy talk is just how I imagined him and then some, to the point that he's surpassed Briner in the entertaining speech patterns department. And he's got that admirable take-charge spunk that I pretty much made him to use. He still isn't the biggest plot contributor yet, but things are starting to look up for him, having confiscated Griffen's avenging tool.
#3 Dr. Quacks: Much like Erika, Quacks is starting to look like a key to some juicy news. He's got some history which might lead us to knowing more about Ray's history, and he's been a brave operator in Erika's plans for longer than Joey has. Unlike Erika, though, Quacks now only has an interest level in the form of his being there for exposition purposes rather than being around to actively learn anything. Pretty much now the most interesting we'll get with him is if Ray reminds him of something. His "partner" for the game's being dead is making him less interesting as opposed to more, like what happened with Felix.
#4 Crack: I'm really on the fence with Crack. She was more interesting in this instalment than she's been in quite a while, and has been random, disturbing, deadly, and treacherous in a way that she hasn't recently acted, but the further the game progresses the less I'm getting a proper picture of how Crack really fits into all of this. If she kills the guests, she's helping Ray and is just is lackey, if she doesn't help Ray, she's just another one of his victims, so Cracks' kind of between a rock and a hard place. Ray's lampshading of how it would have been easier to just hire Henry kind of finalized the previously unstated, but ever hanging notion that this is Ray's game, not Crack's. While Crack's supposed to be the reaper, she's starting to come off as more of a slightly more wild-card housemate, like Felix is turning into. Crack has shown that she can act more entertaining and in character, and I'm liking the poor little confused creature act she's putting on, but her plot's kind of been backed into a corner I'm not sure it can get out of. Crack isn't really the reaper anymore.
#5 Griffen: To be honest, I've never really liked Griffen. I think it's his bare-bones bio. I don't like when characters with plain submissions get far because I feel it's usually due to having underdeveloped flaws that make them lack proper weaknesses. This aside though, I'm starting to wonder if Griffen might actually be on to something in wanting to be proactive. Like I said with Erika, audience genre saviness definitely comes into play here. It's a known fact to the viewer that the guests will only stop dying of the Reaper does, so trying to actively destroy the reaper seems like the only way that will effectively preserve lives. However, going further by that logic, I also know that the game ending earlier with the Reaper's untimely demise might also give less time to spin out of an interesting story, and could be unsatisfying. Without considering the game mechanics, one one hand, planning an escape might be easier without murderous criminals always at the guests' backs, but on the other, Griffen clearly wanted Crack dead, considering Ray's telepathy made that machine useless, and without the knowledge that the game is finished once the Reaper is, killing Crack sounds like a stupid idea because it really is starting to look like Crack's death would make things easier for Ray rather than harder. Griffen might be more interesting if he actually got a backstory. I think he's the only one alive at this point who doesn't have a known reason for being here.
#6 Felix: He's just a hazard to everyone now, and like I said, I'm starting to see less and less of a line between him and Crack. They're both just dangerous, murderous crazy criminals who provide a further threat to the guests. Felix has succeeded Briner's place as the unstable hazard-to-self-and-everyone-else in the mansion.

Man, it seems like I've got something downer to say about everyone, huh? Well, the game is exciting as ever, I can definitely say that. And on the way to beating PDI to a finish, I might add >_>

The Meddler

Never Forget
;097;: *on an intercom* CHEMICAL SPILL IN SECTOR 12!

;122;: *picks up a mop and shuffles over to Sector 12* Where's the spill, sir?

;054;: *working vigorously with multi-colored chemicals* In the corner, make it quick. I'm so close to perfection.

;122;: *hangs head and goes over to clean the spill*

;126;: I....I think I've got it! The cure for insanity! *holds up a beaker of light blue liquid*

;335;: PREPOSTEROUS! *holds up a vial of green liquid*

;054;: Fear not, I've sown perfection with this, my magnum opus. *holds out a beaker filled with a red liquid*

;126;: Looks as if we're at a loss, comrades. All of us can't have the perfect formula.

;335;: As long as that overachiever Steve doesn't reap the glory..once again.

;054;: Haha, no. That guys a nut, he thinks he can bring his wife back to life. Absurd, indeed.

;122;: Steve, you say? I think he's actually quite the bri-

;335;: HEY! Is the damn spill cleaned up? Get back to doing the only thing you're good for!

;122;: I'm working on it, sir. *goes back to mopping the floor*

;054;: You two go get some victory food, I'll stay back to record my data.

;126;: Aight. *walks out of Sector 12 with Dr. Zang*

;054;: *pulls a brimstone powder out of a drawer* You didn't see anything, janitor.

;122;: Sir, what are you doing..

;054;: *sprinkles the brimstone powder into the other two doctor's formulas* This should break apart the reactions of their formulas. They're ruined.

;097;: *on intercom* RADIATION SPILL IN SECTOR 11!

;122;: That's where the nuclear reactor is, sir. I'm going to have to leave this spill and clean that up immediately.

;054;: Clean this spill immediately, if you don't it's MY job that's on the line.

;122;: But, sir..

;054;: I have every right to fire you, I am your superior.

;122;: Sir, if-

;054;: You're fired, get out. *snatches Ray's mop*

;122;: ... *sulks off*

;054;: *looks around and then leaves aswell*

*Suddenly the two chemicals start bubbling until the beakers break and they spill on the floor. It then mixes with the previous chemical spill and forms a noxious gas that seeps under the doors of Sector 11. It then reacts with the radiation spill and causes the nuclear reactor to meltdown*

;097;: NUCLEAR MELTDOWN ON SECTOR 11! I NEED ALL PSYCHIC TYPES TO REPORT TO SECTOR 11 BEFORE THE REACTOR EXPLODES! *use psychic on the reactor along with several other psychic types to hinder the explosion* Give it all you've got! *Suddenly, the reactor explodes and engulfs the entire building*

~An Hour Later~

;054;: *wakes up in the wreckage* QUACK!

;241;: *pulls Dr. Quacks out of the wreckage* Sir, I'm a paramedic. What is your name?

;054;: QUACK!

;241;: I think it's just a crazy. STRETCHER!

;065;: *wrapped up in a blanket in an ambulance* I...don't know how I survived. I guess just..luck.

~On the otherside of the wreckage~

;122;: *crawls out from under a beam*

;335;: *under a beam* H-hey...janitor.. *cough* Help me out..

;122;: *walks over to Dr. Zang* I'm afraid I'm only good for...cleaning up spills.

;335;: PLEASE!!

;122;: I'll clean up your mess, sir. *uses Psychic on Dr.Zang and snaps his neck*

Episode 16: Behind The Mask

;478;: *bends over near Briner's body* Two stab wounds...but an awful lot of blood for only two stab wounds.

;325;: Safe to say that Crack did it, dontcha think? Ray doesn't use knives, he uses his noggin.

;478;: You're right, but I'm perplexed by the large blood pool. Unfortunate to lose Briner, you and him were the only ones still behind me since Felix snapped, Griffen turned, and Quacks became an outsider.

;054;: *looks down at Erika and Joey from his room window*

;325;: I got the invisible whatchamacallit from Griffen last night.

;478;: Good, at least that's in safer hands now.

;325;: Erika, when's the killing gonna stop?

;478;: Once I solve this case..

;325;: It's not a case, there's no pattern! We need to just find the demented duo and give them the boot before more lives are lost.

;478;: *nods* There's something I noticed when I was with Briner yesterday, let me focus.

We sifted through Ray's oddly placed file cabinet. It should be noted that the room was Ray's before his death. One thing bugged me though..

;478;: It can't be that easy, Ray doesn't like easy.

It was so plain in sight, as if Ray wanted us to find it. Ray's smarter than that..he used it as a distraction.

;478;: *pulls out a page* Think on your sins?

It was subtle but I noticed..the file cabinet had no back to it. Just drawers. And as you know from previous endeavors..

;325;: There's secrets in the house, I know that much. I guarantee you, I will dedicate myself to finding them all.

There's more than meets the eye in this mansion.

;325;: Gotcha, find out what's behind the file cabinet.

;478;: Bingo.

;325;: *uses strength to move the file cabinet to reveal a hidden door*

;478;: *opens door and pulls out flashlight* Brace yourself, Joey. Who knows what could be back here.

;325;: *follows Erika into the room* WHEW! Ain't had a smell as bad as that since a Skuntank and a Garbodor brawled in my bar.

;478;: *walks into a large open room* Oh, look. Several lightswitches. *flicks one of them on*

;325;: GAH! *tumbles backwards as Brandy's lifeless body is revealed on display*

;478;: This is....sick.. *flicks more light switches on to reveal the bodies of Maya, Eros, Iris, and Henry on display with their bodies sewn up*

;325;: *gags* This is just monstrous! *turns to leave*

;478;: *stares in glory* But...It all adds up now. I've cracked the case. This is EXACTLY why Ray kills! This is his collection and he intends to add to it! This is wonderful! Right, Joey? *turns to see Joey's gone* Wonderful.

:552:: I can crush you, Quacks...I have the money and resources to do so. *squirms from under the ropes*

;054;: Doesn't matter much to me...QUACK!!

:552:: I wouldn't do such a thing to you, Dr. Quacks. That's simply much too primitive.

;054;: James doesn't trust you, so I don't trust you.

:552:: Even I wouldn't trust me...Not when HE keeps poking through my conscience.

;054;: Insanity is a dual edged sword. I'd know, I studied it as a scientist.

:552:: Oh, but I'm much worse. I don't know when he's going to come out..or what he's going to do.

;054;: He's going to get you killed. We're all insane, though. Even the others with their sick senses of justice. Ray's a madman who wants brutal vengeance...Crack's a nutjob who wants..QUACK!...chaos.

:552:: And here I am, but I just want money.

;054;: *sighs* James...What should I do? I can't cure insanity.......Yes.....I did miss you, yes....

:552:: *stares at Dr.Quacks strangely*

;054;: *looks at Felix gloomily* If you can't shake your split personality, it's going to be the death of you. We're all creeping towards our edges of sanity.

:611:: *bandages up leg wound* I'm not going to let this happen... *ties bandana to forehead* Not gonna be made a fool of by a little egg...Not going to let my inheritance be stripped from me! *holds up skillet* I'm going to war..

;122;: *comes from behind the door* No you're not.

:611:: Ray! You tell me where Crack is!

;122;: Precious....precious Crack?

:611:: Ray, Crack's just about as much of an enemy to you as I am. We share a mutual enemy. Don't kill me, and we can work together.

;122;: Go against Cracky? Nononono..

:611:: Ray, I beg of you! You and I both know you can end me right here very quickly. But Crack is the bigger threat.

;122;: Crack....Crack is threat.

:611:: Yes. Hear me out, Erika's gone off the deep end. Crack's unstable..can't be controlled. I may just be the only sane man here.

;122;: *nods shakily*

:611:: Ray...you look a little....nuts.

;122;: Night! Last night..

:611:: What happened last night?

;122;: *falls and uses weak psychic to lessen the fall* Ah.. *catches Briner's corpse as it falls on him*

;175;: *comes to Ray on the ground and pulls the knives out of Briner's back*

;122;: Ma'am...

;175;: Ma'am? No....Crack. Staaaaab? No... *holds up the knives* Carve..*reaches towards Ray with knives*

:611:: Wait.....No....

;122;: *pulls skin off*

;175;: Hiiiiiiiiiii!
Vote who you want to give immunity to.


I Crush Everything
*head explodes*

Crack's done it. She's cracked the dilemma of her slowness in sanity! That twist blew my mind!!

Not quite sure I'm behind anyone right now. I'll protect Quacks because he at least seems to get that everyone's lost their minds here. Even if he was a dirty duck back in the lab.


Belly Slide
Wait. What?

I know I'm not in the game, but could someone please explain to me what just happened at the end?

I'm not a part either, but allow me to......shed some light on the subject. (BTW, unlike everyone else, I knew Med would pull this.)

Simply put, in the episode that Briner died, it appeared Ray barely got away. This was not the case, Crack instead carved Ray out to use as a disguise, to keep hidden. Although this isn't very strategic, it probably was more used to give a tip that Crack has gone off the deep end.

It is also a reference to the finale of "There Will Be Brawl", where in the finale ____, who everyone thought was dead, came back disguised as ____, and even used the same line that Crack used when confronting Griffin.

Yes, I know, I'm leaving out the names, because that's so big an ending I don't wanna thoroughly spoil. ^_^;


Ooooh, Erika didn't find anything we didn't already know. :p

Not sure whether to vote for Griffen because he's in the most imminent danger, or Quacks because he still has his head on and so Erika won't truly fall off the deep end, with no allies and all.


Settling for Quacks, I suppose. If we win, hooray us, if Griffen dies, alright. I have a feeling Erika should be safe... for now, at least. The detective should at least stick around for the end of the tale, right?
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Belly Slide
Going to save Quacks, he's the only sane one at the moment...he can die when he loses his head...well, not literally, you know what I mean.

Med, if Griffin tries to blow up Crack I'm going to kill you. :l

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Since Quacks is the ironically only sane person left, his survival is probably the most important so I'll vote for him too.

The Meddler

Never Forget
:611:: *backs slowly away from Crack* I don't want any trouble..

;175;: *rolls slowly towards Griffen*

:611:: You don't want my blood yet..We can benefit each other..

;175;: *stops and pulls out a blowdart* Blooooooood..


;054;: Hold still, Felix..This might make you feel a little trippy.. *sprays a gas in Felix's face*

:552:: *begins coughing* What was that for?! *turns and sees another Felix standing there*

:552:: Well, I guess we meet face to face..

:552:: Why...is there two of me?

;054;: You need to break away, Felix. Br-QUACK!- away from your dark self.

:552:: ... *runs out of the room*

:552:: Hey! What are you doing! *fades away*


:611:: Oh god...*holds skillet up for protection*

;175;: *blows a poison dart at Griffen*

:552:: *slams into Griffen to push him out of the way of the dart and gets hit* ACK!

;175;: Teehee! *teeters away*

:611:: GET BACK HERE! *begins to chase after Crack with his skillet*

:552:: *grabs Griffen by his foot, causing him to trip and fall* It's....a trap...*begins to foam at mouth*

:611:: *turns back* Why?! I had Crack...I had her! Why did you do this?

:552:: *coughs up blood* Redemption.... *dies*
Till day then. Will Griffen be forced to work with Erika? With Ray gone, will Crack be easier to catch? Will Crack ever be brought to justice? And more importantly, Who is The Reaper's next target?

Okay, Now is the time to talk amongst yourselves. Try not to go off-topic. Keep RPing to a minimum, and you can talk about the phases and who you think is the accomplice or whatnot. Would like to game to stay active until the next time I update which should hopefully be weekly if I can maintain it.

I rushed this, sorry but I'm going on vacation so I won't get much done for a bit. Stay alive, guys.


I Crush Everything
There goes Felix. Quacks sure isn't getting lucky with who he's saving, is he? First he tries to keep Steve alive and he gets a bullet through the brain, then he tries to rid Felix of his Gollum voice and he gets darted. I think Felix was the most interesting here. I wonder who he's redeeming. How did he know what Crack was luring Griffen into? Or was he in fact trying to make up for something he did to Crack? I am starting to realize Crack is just about the only one without a backstory. Though that might be effective in adding to her eerieness.

#1 Quacks: His collapse into insanity took longer than expected, but I kind of like how it's being handled. He's come to the point where he's an ironic insane only sane man, and he knows it. It's all the more interesting how his madness is allowing him to know madness when he sees it. While Quacks seems pretty bonkers, he can point out where his seemingly sane peers are in fact just as off base as he is, which is great. I also enjoyed his karmic backstory of losing his sanity after ironically having just created a solution to it, and trying to bring himself personal gain no less. He has a crooked past, but that makes Quacks' redemption all that greater. He's definitely on the road to being the hero of this thing.
#2 Crack: There's no question, Crack's getting her groove back. After snapping somewhat out of character after being revealed as the Reaper, becoming an awkward middleman, then becoming Ray's tool or a somewhat unstable victim of his, Crack's definitely on the road to taking the game back with that psychotic move on Ray there. The one thing I'm not sure Crack's taken back is her chessmaster side. Casting back, Crack's evil genius side of her personality didn't actually mesh much with her crazy side, and looking at her arc with Quacks and Steve's formulas, it's starting to look as if this might never actually happen. With Erika's losing it, it's looking as if Crack may have lost a rival. But if there's anything I'm glad of, it's that Crack's scrambled psyche has clearly returned, and if anything, Crack's definitely on the road to becoming an intimidating rogue.
#3 Joey: He's become Erika's closer to earth accomplice. Much like Quacks was to Steve and Silver was to Briner, he's now around to point out the danger in Erika's impulsive doggedness. Joey might not be as compelling as some of the others as he's pretty much the only one who isn't out of it in any way, shape or form, but he's the ever-useful muscle of the bunch, and I'm definitely thinking he has a point with Erika's determination.
#4 Erika: Erika's taken quite the fall here, and I still don't hate her or anything, but I think after losing the trust of the other guests, it really has to be concluded that her plans have done little but let people die. Erika kept herself at the top of the list with her role in the story as a cipher to the revelation of surprising, compelling, intriguing plot twists, and as Raiden pointed out, Erika didn't reveal anything new this time. This break in her streak of discoveries is enough to make one stop and realize her fatal flaw that her ravenous appetite for knowledge is clearly motoring ahead of any intent she had to keep anyone safe. Crack, in a way, has her adversary divided and conquered here. If Erika put her knack for figuring things out together with Griffen's drive to action, they might both be able to effectively stop Crack. But instead, they're working against each other, each doing their own thing, which alone is useless. And now Erika seems to be letting down everyone who supported her, letting Briner die, and not listening to Joey. However, another thing Erika provides that I like is that she's kind of turning into something of an audience surrogate here. As the viewer, part of me wants the game to last long enough to reveal more secrets, even if it does mean everyone will die. Erika's lust for information mirrors one the audience might hold, and that itself keeps Erika from the bottom.
#5 Griffen: Griffen is getting more and more sympathetic the more it starts to look as if he's got the more sensible plan. No more Crack means no more worrying about getting slaughtered while trying to come up with an escape plan. I was on the fence as to whether put him before Joey and Erika or not, and I think what puts the two of them ahead for me is that Griffen doesn't seem to have stable loyalties here. First offering to side with Ray, then with Crack, he's not coming off as the kind of guy you can really trust. He seems mostly intent on saving his own skin more than anything else. Griffen's kind of reminding me of Silver shortly before he died, and looking at the two, the similarities go further, considering I found both to be somewhat bland right from their introduction. Though comparing their nominations, I think Griffen goes further than that. Not only does Griffen hardly have a bio, he has even less history than Crack does in the plot. What did he even do to get Ray against him? He's managed to get a little ahead of Erika in terms of approach, but not by much. Throw in that his being antagonistic towards Erika just makes it easier for them both to fail, and he's still sunk.


... Could it be that Meddler's using your character rankings to determine the next death?

No, maybe not... there are some breaks in the pattern here and there...


I Crush Everything
Highlisters do tend to stay alive, don't they?

Hmm, let's get this baby over the line. Don't want to be stuck under a closed thread, now do we?


Steve breaks that trend, doesn't he?

Of course, we can't let Meddler forget about his goal to finish this before New Years, right? =3
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