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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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I Crush Everything
I've a feeling that might not be likely right now. But in any case, let's keep this thread from dropping like the ball soon will.


I Crush Everything
Or at least end with a conclusion, but I'm pretty sure at least some other viewers would rather watch a homicide (pokécide?) fest than seeing somebody save the day.

The Meddler

Never Forget
;123;: Ain't over quite yet.. *raises scythe arm* Who eva said there was only one Reaper? *grins*

;125;: You're joking, right?

;123;: *stabs Jake ;341; in the head with scythe as he's steering the boat* Yer next, Mac *lunges at Mac*

;125;: KING PUNCH! *slams fist into the ground, breaking the boat in half with him and Reaper on one side and Mac and a small piece of the boat sent reeling away*

;133;: AHHHHH!!! *hangs on to his piece of the boat*

;123;: *stabs King Jack in the chest with his scythe*

;125;: This one's for glory.....KIIIIIING PUUUUUUNCH!!!!!!

;133;: *watches a large bright light in the distance as the larger half of the boat with Jack and Reaper goes up in flames* Wow....two less pieces of scum in the world.

~A Long Time Later~

;133;: *still on boat piece and looks very thin and filthy with unkempt fur* I've lost track of time long ago....Been drifting in this ocean eating raw fish for so long...who knows where I'll end up. Everyone else is dead..Well, except for those maid girls. They took a raft and got the hell out of there the same time we did. Yet they watched...while Reaper betrayed us. Heard they were gonna write a book about all of this...Sure hope it doesn't get published. It's hell living like this for someone as high class as myself. Though you, you're probably used this right? *stares at a volleyball for a few seconds* Haha, you always know the right things to say! *looks in the distance and sees land* Oh god, finally an island! It better not be like that last one I hit where I got kicked out by a Poliwrath. *starts drifting towards the island*


Episode 17: No Glory

~In Erika's Room~

;478;: I think I've found the pattern, Joey. Ray is killing based on how badly he felt he was wronged. Someone like Carisa was just mean to him, but Briner....Wait no, that can't be right. There's a lot of breaks in the pattern.

;325;: That's where Crack comes in. *jots down on Erika's notebook*

;478;: Exactly! Crack doesn't follow Ray, she's a live wire. So Crack is likely thwarting Ray's work, and killing who she pleases. So Ray's next target is clearly Griffen.

;325;: Bingo, we've got Ray like a rat in a trap..

:611:: *bursts into Erika's room panting heavily and dragging Felix's body* Ray's dead...

;054;: *carrying other side of Felix's body* And so is Felix....QUACK!

;478;: What..That can't be, how is Ray dead?

:611:: Crack's gone off the deep end even further...she killed him and WORE HIS FREAKIN' SKIN AS A MASK

;325;: This is great, Ray's dead so now it's just Crack we have to worry about. We can easily use brute force to take the lil' cracker down.

;478;: *shakes head deep in thought* We need to set an elusive trap for her, that's the best plan.

:611:: Crack's too erratic, you can't predict her next move. If I could get my invisibility machine back thank you very much, I could go invisible and then just patiently wait for Crack.

;054;: *shakes head* Chemical warfare is clearly the best approach for someone who's mind is so- QUACK-ed up.

;478;: No, I've dealt with this kind of stuff before, we need to think this through. Crack's more than a madman, she's a mastermind.

:611:: And you've done so well at saving lives, haven't you, Erika?

;478;: I never said I wanted to save lives, I said I wanted to stop the killings. At whatever the cost.

:611:: So sacrifice your pawns so you can come out the only one alive? You just want the glory.

;325;: Chillax, Griff. I think Erika knows what she's doing.

:611:: Oh, I don't doubt that. Erika knows EXACTLY what she's doing. But you don't.

;054;: She did all she could to save Steve.

:611:: That's because she needed Steve. All she does is simply to give herself the glory.

;478;: Griffen, your rebellious schtick has gotten severely redundant. You want to do your own thing, do so but don't meddle in my affairs.

:611:: Then I'll be taking the invisibility device that is rightfully mine.

;478;: *pulls the device out from under the bed and hands it to Griffen*

:611:: Hmph. *takes the device and walks away*

;325;: Erika, I thought you said you didnt want that in his hands, for fear that he'd be killed and Crack would get it.

;478;: *says nothing and walks out of the room*

;325;: But wait..

;054;: I guess I'm done here. *walks off*

;325;: If we split up...that makes us vulnerable.

;478;: I need to find Crack's next move...but so erratic, nothing makes sense. Griffen's been actively hunting her, why would Felix get killed...Unless...Griffen was the intended target. Dammit, where's Griffen! *runs off*

:611:: *invisible* There goes Erika, running rampant. Headfirst into a collision she can't avoid. *begins walking around, going visible* Now, if only I knew where Crack would be next. *turns a corner and bumps into Joey* Oh, whoops.

;325;: Watch it, Griff. I've got my eye on you about stirring up any trouble.

:611:: Trouble? Heh, that's my middle name.

;325;: *lowers shades to look Griffen in the eye* Ain't that hard for me to kick your *** and take your name.

:611:: Jeez, Joey. Why're you trying to make me out to be a bad guy?

;325;: Because anarchy seems to be your forte, and I'm not the biggest fan about that ya hear.

:611:: I just don't want to be a drone in her game! We're all just pieces to a puzzle to her. Come on man, think for yourself.

;325;: I am thinking, and frankly, she's about one step away from checking her ticket into the loony bin. Hell, I've had my fair share of heart-breaking moments. Moments where I've thrusted into a dark place, but I came back stronger. Erika's cold and calculated, I've almost never seen her smile. Quacks has always been a little nutty but Steve levelled him out. When he did, Quacks fell and he's still in that spot. You, you used to be Erika's partner in crime. You used to be almost as determined as her, what happened though? I'll tell ya what happened, Iris happened. That girl had you by the balls and I mean really. You failed to save her life because you chose Erika over her and you're going to hang THAT over Erika? Own up to your actions, be a man and stop acting like the cruddy teenager who wants to fight the system, even when there's no system to fight.

:611:: You don't see the whole picture..

;325;: Knock it off, I've seen too many like you. Little kids with the squeakiest voices, coming into my bar with a cute little card saying that they're 21. I turn them down and they think they're entitled to some sorta whatchamacallit. I've been around, Griff. I can adapt. Killer's on the loose, we need to stick together cause breaking up with our own problems is how we get singled out, and if I've seen enough slasher, I know that that's a ticket straight to the pearly gates.

:611:: Fine, what do you suppose we do?

;325;: ...Eh, that's where ya got me beat. Crack's a live wire. One spark away from setting a fire, but ya never know when.

:611:: Crack tried to kill me last night, if that helps.

;325;: Hmm, you've been the bigger foil in her plans while Erika's been focused on Ray. You might be on to something, Griffball.

;054;: *in room working silently with chemicals* A knockout gas...that's what I'd need...

;065;: *materializes in front of Quacks* Quuuuuaaaackss

;054;: *steps backward* Steve....? You're a ghost...

;065;: You certainly haven't slept in daaaaaays. Remember the laaaaaab

;054;: The lab?

;065;: Your previous job...You don't remember because of an accident..you were on the verge of a breakthrough.

;054;: *wipes eyes but still sees Steve's ghost* Impossible! What breakthrough?

;065;: Psychology...A cure for insanity....You can do it Quuuuuacks

;054;: You can't cure insanity. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

;065;: And why does Crack keep killiiiiiing?

;054;: Because..she's insane.

;065;: The mind's a fragile device, Quacks. It can very easily break, yet so difficult to mend.

;054;: You tried that...with Blitz. Her brain was....tattered, torn.

;065;: You can do it...Quacks. You can.. *disappears*

;054;: *suddenly wakes up in chair* QUACK! It was just a dream! *looks at the chemicals and formulas on the table* Cure for insanity... *begins working vigorously*

:611:: This is where I last saw Crack, *brings Joey to his room* She was likely looking for me. *goes and closes open window*

;325;: Ya think she'll come back for you?

:611:: Can't hurt to try. She won't expect you to be here too.

;054;: *bursts into Griffen's room* Thank goodness you're both here! *holds up a syringe* I think I've got the perfect weapon!

;325;: That lil stinger?

;054;: Its more than just a needle, its the cure for insanity. I feel like I've perfected it.....with a little help from above.

:611:: Here's the plan, Dr. Quacks. Crack is going to come for me. When she does, Joey will ambush her and you can inject with your killing virus. After that, who knows.

;325;: Ha, and all we had to do was stick together.

;478;: *frantically knocks on Griffen's door* GRIFFEN LET ME IN!

;054;: That's Erika, let her in.

:611:: I don't see a reason to, we've been doing so good without her.

;325;: Griff, what'd we talk about before?

;478;: *keeps furiously knocking*

:611:: *sighs and slightly opens the door* What do ya need, Erika?


*a gunshot is heard*
Vote who you want to give immunity to.

Sorry for taking so long on this one, I wrote half of it on New Years Eve, but then that night I went to a party and since then I've been super busy. My new goal is to finish this before exams(the week after next)


Voting Erika, I think now would be her time to die. And of course, that wouldn't be too good.

Waiwaitwait. Or maybe... We're a bit short on cast members, so I'd like to think this out a bit.
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Immunity to Quacks, cause he's really the only one I can still stand. I would try to think of a better reason...but honestly he's the most interesting, and I'd be sad if he died over Griffen or Erika.


Belly Slide
*Rubs chin*

Honestly, who Crack could kill...could be any of them...

Now, before I go on depicting every last reason Crack would attack this person or that person, I need to point out one thing.

It is never specified who shot the gun. For all we know, Joey saw this coming and shot Crack in some finale twist, or ANY of the characters could be siding with the reaper in secret, as seen in the little flashback to MOTR 1 with Reaper.

Also, who's to say the bullet even HITS anyone, it could misfire and go through the wall or ceiling.

Now, basically the only one safe from the BULLET, is Erika, being a ghost and all, but this doesn't save her from death period.

Meanwhile, all the others have LOGICAL reasoning to die.

Griffin, honestly has been a thorn in her side for a while now, so logically, killing him would help, as while the others have been more focused on Ray, Griffin's been more focused on Crack.

Then, there's Joey, Joey has a calm head at the moment, and is thinking logically, while also having the brute strength to take down Crack by himself if he has to. A good target to get while their guard is down.

Then, there's Quacks. Quacks appears to be their only hope to cure Crack of her insanity, being a scientist and all. Basically the only reason I could see Crack killing Quacks.

Then...Erika, honestly, just the one left out, but that leaves a major blank I need filled soon.


That leads to theories...is Erika sided with Crack? I mean it's possible they made a deal, maybe Erika's been a part of Crack's plan this entire time, MAYBE CRACK IS ACTUALLY DEAD AND RAY REALLY IS ALI- *Shot*

Ok, that last one is kinda far-fetched. >_> But honestly, the fact Erika knew about Crack being in the room means that Erika has done some research, the brains of the group, basically. Another good one to pick off.

Everyone's possible to die here, EVEN CRACK, cause I bring back the fact who fired the gun isn't specified.

Also, the fact Crack is Insane kinda makes it hard to predict who would die, and all have a part in this.

So, as there's no way of telling who Crack will kill, and basically everyone deserves as equally to die, I'll just go for my favourite character, one I'd like to see live.

So, gonna vote to save Joey, he knows what he's doing, and without him the entire finale will be every last character remaining plummeting into pure insanity, without a clue what to do...

So yeah, immunity to Joey, lets just see how things roll.


I Crush Everything
Holy smokes, the original story wasn't just a story?

Griffen probably is the most in danger, and he is coming around. I like how Joey gave him that intervention moment. That was a pretty great calling-out speech there. However, Quacks is still ahead in my book. Probably because I like his style. While Erika only wants to figure stuff out, and Griffen's been wanting to fight killing with killing, Quacks has been all this time working to stop Crack in a non-violent yet potentially effective way. Also, his dream sequence with Steve was awesome. So, I'm protecting the duck.

In response to what you said about Erika, that all depends on how Meddler depicts froslass in this universe. Froslass are partly made of ice, so maybe a bullet could blast the ice apart. Med did say that decapitation could kill Erika, which would seem more unlikely than vulnerability to bullets because froslass don't actually have bodies in their kimono things, so for all we know, she could have been vulnerable.

Ehh, ghosts' vulnerability is just plain confusing.
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I'm not the kind of person who does massive posts, do this'll be way shorter that most other people's.

Most of us seem to be ignoring Joey. Quacks has the supposed cute for insanity. Griffen is rebelling against Erika. Erika is planning to catch Crack so still has some attention. What about Joey? I have a feeling he's going to be killed, just because he hasn't done anything exiting recently. He stands out to me because it still isn't clear whose side he's on, which makes him have a lot of power among the group.


not actually psychic

Maybe Erika meant another room? I.e. Erika finds Crack in another room and runs to find the others

I'm saving Joey because I don't get why everyone likes Quack

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Voting for Joey I guess. Quacks has gotten the vote several times in a row so it's about time someone else got it.

...Now watch this be the time Quacks actually does get attacked. >.<


I Crush Everything
Well, I've saved one Reaper game from page 4 today, why not two?

The Meddler

Never Forget
;133;: *walks off the boat piece as it hits the island* What kind of place is this...*sees the mansion* Oh no..

*gets flashback of Chi*

;133;: No, not this again.. *holds head in pain*

;478;: *grabs Mac, startling him* Who are you? How did you get here?

;133;: *backs away from Erika* Get your stinkin' hands off me you damn dirty ghost!

;478;: *sees the large boat piece that Mac came from* You're a drifter! Perfect, we need you.

;133;: Who is we? What is this place, seems a bit too much like..

;478;: Shhh, come, follow me. We have food and other stuff. *pushes Mac in front of her and leads him along, looking around frantically*

;133;: Gah, you're lucky I haven't eaten anything that isn't fish for over a year or I wouldn't be in your worthless presence.

;478;: *holds tightly onto Mac* Keep going..

;133;: Even your scent is horrendous, do you inferior wenches ever bathe?

;478;: *suddenly yanks Mac back as a bullet flies by* There she is! Stay here! *runs off in the direction the bullet came from*

;175;: Teehee~ *starts to reload gun*

;478;: *catches up to Crack*

;175;: *rolls away without reloading gun* Never gonna catch meeee! *bounds up onto a windowsill*

;478;: *jumps up to grab onto the windowsill* You'll never get away with this, Crack!

;175;: *stomps on Erika and jumps through the window*

;478;: *falls off the windowsill* What room is that..second floor...division four....GRIFFEN! *runs to the mansion door*

;133;: *comes around corner* Hmm... *follows*

;478;: *comes to Griffen's door and starts knocking frantically* GRIFFEN LET ME IN! ....I can hear them mumbling in there...You can't be serious. *keeps knocking furiously*

:611:: What do ya need, Erika?


*a gunshot is heard*

;325;: QUACKS!

;054;: *looks down* Uhh...*falls backwards*

:611:: Where'd the shot come from? *looks under the bed*

;175;: *scurries out from the other side* Teehee!

;325;: *checks Quacks* Why're you crying, bro? You're not even shot.

;054;: *beckons to the shattered vial and the pieces of glass lodged in his side*

;325;: Oh..

;175;: *hops out of the window*

;478;: Don't let her escape again!

:611:: *leaps out after Crack*

;478;: *races down the hallway*

;325;: *tends to Quacks* I saw the bullet coming, man. I tried to psychic it back but it was too fast, I could only move it to the side. It was coming for me.

;054;: *nods* I had it....I had the solution. The nonviolent solution..

:611:: *lands on Crack*

;175;: *pulls out dual knives and swings at Griffen with them*

:611:: *backs off and blocks with tusks*

;175;: Nnnnnnghhhhh!!!! *swings at Griffen again*

:611:: *blocks the knife with tusk and strikes Crack, disarming one of her knives*

;175;: *starts oozing* AIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE *lunges knife at Griffen's chest*

:611:: *closes eyes as he is cornered against the house*

;175;: *sees knife get shot out of hands by an ice shard and turns to see Erika standing there*

;478;: It's over, Crack. You're more predictable than even you would anticipate.

;325;: *looks down from the window with Quacks sitting weakly by his side*

:611:: You're surrounded, Egg.

;175;: *looks around, panicked* How?

;478;: Simple, really. Your mannerisms are absurd, yes. But your emotions are not. You had a bloodlust much like Ray, that only you could quench. So Ray gave you the list of people he wanted to kill in his order. At first you abided, since to you it was just mindless killings, but then you smartened up. You started to veer off Ray's track when he got revealed. You wanted that bloody glory. So you would do anything to stray away from what Ray wanted. ESPECIALLY killing an outsider. That dear eevee that came out of nowhere, possibly a gift from Arceus himself, is what made me realize where you were at the time. Your blood lust combined with your determination to get back at Ray for using you is what lead to your inevitable downfall.

;133;: ...And what if that thing didn't miss the shot?

;478;: ....It's not uncommon for the sacrifice of a pawn to precede the checkmate.

:611:: I KNEW IT! *looks up to the window and calls to Joey* You hear that? Just pawns to her!

;175;: *picks up knife while they're distracted and flings it at Griffen, pinning him to the house then rolls away*

;478;: NO! *tries to give chase but isnt fast enough* WE CANT LOSE HER, NO!

;325;: *leaps from the window and charges at Crack* This.....Ends......NOW!!! *tackles Crack to the ground and pins her*

;175;: *goofily grins up at Joey* Why....would you huuuuurt...me?

;325;: You wanna know why? I'll tell you why. *punches Crack* Carisa. *punches again* Xavier. *punches again* Enriko. *and again* Brandy.

;478;: *catches up and watches Joey pummel Crack to death*

;325;: *keeps pummeling her* Blitz....Maya....Eros......ALEXANDRA!!!

;478;: Uh, Joey..

;325;: *still pummeling* IRIS! HENRY! SILVER! LONDON! STEVE! BRINER! FELIX! *gets up off the motionless Crack, who is beaten beyond recognition* Nothing I could do, to give you what you deserve....

:611:: Hey eevee kid, mind helping me over here?

;133;: *scoffs* Help you? I only came here because I'm starving, not to help some pathetic fodder like you.

:611:: Starving, eh? *cringes from the pain* Well, I am a cook and if you pull this knife out of me, I can cook you something nice..

;133;: *ponders for a moment* Guess it couldn't hurt... *walks over to Griffen*

;054;: *lands on Mac from the window* QUACK! *holds side in pain* Guess we got matching scars. *pulls knife out of Griffen*

:611:: *holds wound* Eh, just a flesh wound. Let's go join the others. *walks to where Erika and Joey are*

;054;: *gets off of Mac and follows*

;133;: @_@

;325;: What to do with the body...

;478;: Just bury it..in a hole.

:611:: *dips up a small hole*

;054;: *dumps Crack's body in*

:611:: *puts dirt back over it*

;478;: Now what..

;325;: It's over. It's finally over..

;054;: I'd hate to be the thorn in the side of this celebration, but how are we to get off of this island?

:611:: All phone lines are cut, no way to contact anyone. No spare vehicles.

;478;: That eevee came in on a semi-large fragment of a ship. I'm sure it could fit all of us *points to it*

;325;: What's that guy doing.. *sees Mac hauling a sack of food from the kitchen onto the ship fragment*

:611:: He better not be leaving us! *chases after Mac but falls due to the knife wound*

;325;: *goes after Mac* WHATCHA THINK YOU'RE DOING, BUDDY?!

;133;: Uh oh. *scrambles onto the ship piece and tries to swim away*

;325;: *uses Psychic to bring Mac back* Alrighty then, here's the deal. The four of us are gonna hop on this here raft thing and we're gonna sail the hell out of here. Capiche?

;133;: And what makes you think that I will allow such a fowl, putrid, annoying, pathetic, mewling, scoundrel, inferior being such as you and your peers to travel with me?

;325;: *uses Psychic to smack Mac against a nearby tree* That's why.

;133;: I've seen Espeons....who can do better...than....*passes out*

;478;: *comes up with Griffen on one shoulder and Quacks on the other* I suggest we get out of here and forget this nightmare.

;325;: Agreed. *hops on the ship fragment with Erika, Dr.Quacks, Griffen and the food*

;054;: Wait! What about him? *points at Mac* Can't just leave him here.

;478;: As much as I'd like to, Quacks is right. *drags Mac onto the boat*

;325;: *pushes off the shore and drifts away* Eck, what is this pinkish goo on me? *wipes off in the water*

;478;: *watches the mansion in the distance as it gets farther and farther away* Oh, how I wish I could've burned it down.

:611:: *pulls some gauze out of the food bag and wraps it around wound* It's gone now, Erika. What's done is done.

;325;: Can't wait to get back home....to my bar. Boy, I miss that place.

;054;: Least you've got a place to go home to. If I ever did have a home, I sure don't remember it.

:611:: First thing I'm doing when I get home is I'm gonna cook a nice large breakfast for me, myself and I. What about you, Erika? What will you do?

;478;: ...I've devoted the last 2 and a half weeks of my life to hunting down murderers. Feels like 2 and a half years. Feels like all I've ever known. *lays down, physically distraught* Feels like this isn't the end. *stares up at the sky*

;325;: Don't be such a downer, 'Rika. It can only get better from here, right?

;478;: *points up at the sky*

;054;: *looks up* Those clouds....are very black.

:611:: Looks like a...storm.

The End.​

Crack has been Defeated!

Joey, Erika, Griffen, and Dr.Quacks survived! Congratulations!

Now for some quick announcements.

1. Do NOT start nominating, I am not starting the third and final season right away, I will be starting it later this year at a currently unscheduled date.
2. You may continue posting, in fact it is encouraged. Talk about your favorite parts from this series, favorite twists/characters/moments etc. Feedback is welcome, as is criticism. I would like to know what I can improve on so the final part of the trilogy can be the proper sendoff.
3. I am opening Q/A's. You can ask me anything about this game and I will answer it.

I enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it, thank you for sticking through until the end, I really appreciate it.


I Crush Everything
Holy wow, the end! And Mac was in the water that whole time?!?

Wow, what a finale. All of Joey's crowning moments of awesome and beating the Reaper kind of makes me feel bad that I haven't been playing Lacey that great lately.

If I had to ask any questions, the first would be which you'd be answering. How much would better be saved as a mystery to be revealed in season 3?

The Meddler

Never Forget
If I had to ask any questions, the first would be which you'd be answering. How much would better be saved as a mystery to be revealed in season 3?

Not sure I understand the question, but not much I dont think. Sure, I have some twists planned and some unanswered questions will be answered but season 3 will be a new approach.


I Crush Everything
I was also kind of hoping for the end to bring more revelation than it did, but like DJ, I can definitely agree, this has been a hell of a season.

Now, here's a question: Did the character rankings that were posted actually affect the events of the game at all?
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