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Mystery of the Reaper Season 2

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Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
;253; I've been to my fair share of parties. But generally I wasn't there to party...

And I'm going to assume that since you didn't respond when I asked for brandy you don't have any.


Gamer Extrodinare

^ Map of the Mansion, Made it randomly cuz' I was bored.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
Ok, that's...interesting. It'll be great for the Reaper to know the layout, so he can kill more efficiently.


Gamer Extrodinare
Ok, that's...interesting. It'll be great for the Reaper to know the layout, so he can kill more efficiently.

None of us get sent who's the reaper, BM. Did you read the last one? Nobody (Except the Fad) knew who the reaper was, even the person who nominated the reaper. So really it's of no use, I just wanted to try to imagine how the house would be like, and here it is.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
It would be so funny if Henry was the Reaper, seeing how he's the only one who is already a killer.

;253; This map will be useful if I need to hide. Erm...not that I'd need to hide at any point. Just a precaution.

Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
;253; Because I always think ahead, like I'm planning something. Being a bodyguard is a more dangerous job then you think.
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The Meddler

Never Forget
;024;: Hey yo, everybody. I got some MARY MOTHER****ING JANE RIGHT HERE. Come get it while its hot or I might just rip your faces off with a spoon! :D


The Pokemon Director
;135; Sorry, I was so drunk I forgot you asked for brandy * Smiles at ;253; * ohhh a pool room!


Well-Known Member

^ Map of the Mansion, Made it randomly cuz' I was bored.

In case I have to say anything, this isn't official and won't be used. So don't get too used to it.

Yes. I will be the only one of us to know who The Reaper is until he/she is voted for.

I'll be starting on the Introduction Post soon. I'll hope that there will be a Post here by then. If not, I should be able to get someone to Post here. :p


Well-Known Member
;236; Welcome everyone to Season 2 of Survivalism! Let's all hope that this will go better than Season 1.
Anyways, I'll introduce the other Mansion Workers first!
Here's the mansion owner, Rick!
;053; Good day everyone. I hope that this mansion is a nice one for everyone here.
;236; Next up is Ray, the butler!
;122; I'll try to accommodate all of your needs.
;236; Now, here's the maid sisters, Plus and Minnie!
;311; Hi evrybdy!
;312; We cn't wait 4 a
;311; ;312; HOUSE PARTY!
;236; We'll see about that.
Now it's time to meet the contestants! Here's the first two, Griffen and Xavier!
:611: House party? I'll be the dj!
;311; O YA!
;312; LET'S DO THIS!
;236; Not right now you two!
;169; Those Bug and Grass type Pokemon better not bother me.
;236; Well too late, because here's Eros and Iris!
:547: Just don't mess with my hair and we'll be fine.
;471; Nice hair.
:547: That better not have been sarcastic.
;236; ............ Ya. Well, here's Briner and Dr. Quacks!
;418; Howdy yall! I sure how that this comes down to strength, because then I'll win it for sure!
;054; Well, this is a.......um....
;236; A survival show.
;054; Oh ya. This will doubtfully be all strength then, unlike a rodeo.
;418; I take it you heard of me while watching rodeos then.
;054; *stares at Briner's rodeo medal* ............ No.
;418; I guess I'll have to show some tapes to yall then.
;236; *whispers "Please don't."*
;418; What?
;236; I can't wait.
Here's the next two contestants, Steve and Erika!
;065; *is working with chemicals*
;478; I feel that there will be a mystery to solve.
;065; *the chemicals blow up* Interesting. *looks around and sees everyone staring at him* Oh, sorry. Anyways, I love science!
;236; We see that. Anyways, here's Crack Da Egg and London!
;175; I love pancakes!
;135; A party?! I can't wait! I mean, how unclassy.
;236; Ok then. Anyways, here's Enriko 'Feelgood' Savagio and Joey!
;024; I love money! *eye twitches* Also, I have the goods. *winks*
;325; *stares at Enriko* I'm watching you. Anyways, a party sounds cool!
;236; Let's just stop with the party already.
;311; lol why?
;312; ya. why?
;236; We're introducing everyone right now. We can talk about a party later. Anyways, here's Carisa and Alexandra!
;200; A party sounds nice as long as there's some sweets.
;236; *eye twitches*
;200; Some sweets sound good now. You, one of my servants, go fetch me some.
*everyone looks at her*
;200; What?
;063; Hi everyone. Nice to be here.
;236; You can go find some yourself later, Carisa. As for you Alexandra, nice to have you here.
Here's the next two contestants, Felix and Henry!
:552: I have an extra Wii? Does anyone want it? *sees a couple of hands go up* I guess we'll talk about it later.
;253; I can help you with a simple and calm contest later if you want.
:552: Sounds fun.
;236; A free Wii already. Wow. Anyways, here's Blitz and Brandy!
:522: I hope that it's a speed contest! *is jogging in place*I could walk and still beat all of you.
;182; Have any of you checked out my book series "Terry Shotter" yet? You really should!
;236; Cockiness and advertisement. Joy. Here's our last two contestants, Maya the Destructor and Silver!
;192; Go happiness! *starts humming a song about happiness*
;009; It's brains and brawns that go well together. Remember that, especially you Briner.
;236; And there we have it! Now, get a good night's sleep for tomorrow! Tomorrow we're going to do something more exciting.
;009; Sir yes sir!
;236; Good night everyone!


Don't vote yet. This is the Introduction Scene. I will probably start the Day Scene tomorrow and then try to finish it on Saturday.

Thanks for being patient! I hope that it is worth the wait!

Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
I vote off Netrizen for not wanting the party...waaaaaiiiiitttt. :p

;009; I am feeling a bit tired. Rest does good for everyone.
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