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Mystery on a Deserted Island! (796)


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Interesting episode. It was cool seeing a Ninetales again. The ninetales scene kind of reminded me of the Mystery Dungeon story.
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Marbi Z

This episode was decent from beginning to end. It was nice Seeing Ninetails and the 3 original Eeveeloutions.


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Great episode! Seeing the Eeveeutions (the original three) was very nice, and battles were fine, as well, but yeah, Charizard and Ninetails should have been a bit longer. Also nice to see Snivy take part in battle against the Mismagius.

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This was an ok episode, though I found it strange that the pirate had treasure in the form of evolution stones yet never had a water pokemon in his gang.


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This was an ok episode, though I found it strange that the pirate had treasure in the form of evolution stones yet never had a water pokemon in his gang.

Yea, poliwrath would have fit perfectly in this episode.


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So the gang went on a treasure hunt today.

I thought it was a good episode. There was a good deal of exploration and we saw lots of different Pokémon. I thought it was great to have the treasure as evolutionary stones and to see the eevee evolve was fantastic. Also, I like how Alexa is mixing in with the gang. It was almost like she had always been there so I think there's a good sign to say she fits in well.

Good episode, onto the next one!


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This was a fun and adventure-themed episode, I enjoyed watching it. It's nice to see Alexa tagging alone with Ash and co. to find the hidden trasure in the deserted island. I liked the part where Team Rocket was talking about Rudy, Sapphire, Diamond and Pearls......it reminded me of the older generation Pokémon games.

The battles were good, but they're too fast. The battles happened too quickly and the attack animations were so fast, so I couldn't enjoy them as much as I enjoyed all of the battles in "The Journalist From Another Region!" The only battle I enjoyed, was the battle between Charizard and that wild Ninetales. I loved how Charizard owned that annoying Ninetales with Dragon Tail, it was great to see him in action again after so long.....But I think It would've been better if the battle was longer. Too bad Ash and co. didn't get any evolution stone at the end, but I think it's for the best.

As for the dub, it was pretty good. Alexa's VA is doing a good job voicing her, I'm really liking her English voice. TPCI didn't kept all of the Japanese music in this episode......I guess they were saving money for licensing all of the Japanese music for the first two episodes of the XY series(which is a good desicion IMO).


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Not a bad episode overall. Glad to see some more Alexa and Helioptile along with Ash and the gang.

What stood out to me the most were:

1) The Eevee and their evolution at then. Just felt right, and got some nice nostalgic feels towards it.

2) Alexa erasing the footage about the Island. It was a shock, but no surprise, since it was well arranged for something along "keeping the Island a secret".

3) Team Rocket noticing Woobat and Yamask weary from their prior battles, and recalled them to their Poke Balls. Also saying to them to get a well rest recovery. Gotta give them credit for showing care to their Pokemon.

4) Charizard VS Ninetales was pretty cool. One of the best brief battles I've seen in this season so far.


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Hahahaha, I like the part when Team Rocket accidentally rammed into the pirate ship and made it sink. At least it didn't mean a lost treasure. And Ash was a bit of a jerk for blasting Team Rocket off when they were concerned enough for their pokemon's health to recall them, not even giving them a chance to send out their fresher pokemon. Those eevees were adorable too. ^_^ Apart from that it wasn't a very memorable episode, though.

Oh yes, and I did like Meowth rattling off all the main 2nd-4th gen games in order since they're coincidentally something you can find in a treasure. I know they did that in the ninth movie too, but I can't remember where else they rattled off game names (adding Black and White).

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Mrs. Oreo

I liked how Ash's group went treasure hunting here and how the island's wild pokemon attacked them. The Eevees were cute as well and I had a feeling that the treasure chest contained evolution stones. ^^;


I'm a fan of episodes that focus on Satoshi finding mysterious objects, so I enjoyed watching Satoshi's friends and Pansy looking for treasure. The island's Eievui trio were what made me realize what the buried treasure was, and sure enough, we saw various evolutionary stones and the three Eievui evolved.


The episode was decent, but it could be done a lot better, especially without the Eevees being in it, since they need to shove the Eeveelutions down our throat as much as possible because of Sylveon, especially all three needing to evolve to, again, shove them down our throats.


Given that we saw a Leaf Stone among the island's treasure, I sincerely wish that Dent's Yanappu had touched it and had evolved here. A team change for Dent seemed overdue.


Call of Fate
A meh filler episode. I liked the Charizard vs Ninetales battle, but the rest wasn't memorable. I wish Cilan's Pansage had evolved here.


KyogreThunder said:
A meh filler episode. I liked the Charizard vs Ninetales battle, but the rest wasn't memorable. I wish Cilan's Pansage had evolved here.

What with all the Leaf Stones present here, I did wonder why Yanappu didn't evolve. And as for Lizardon's battle, it was more like a skirmish than anything too impressive, but this was one of the few times in the DA arc that he actually did some battling against something other than the Rocket-dan's Pokemon.