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Mystery Pokemon Theatre 2000 - Pokemon Journey (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by DarkWobbuffet, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. DarkWobbuffet

    DarkWobbuffet BEEEEAAAARR!!!

    Hey guys! I did a MSTing for a bad Pokemon fan fiction some time ago, and I thought I'd post it up here to see what you think. I think it's okay for me to put it up here. I didn't see anything in the rules about MSTings.

    For those who don't know, MST means Mystery Science Theatre 3000, a cancelled series on the Sci-Fi channel featuring a man and two robots who watch lousy B-movies and make hilarious commentary about them. This is basically the same thing only with fan fiction.

    This fic is rated PG-13 for light swearing and suggestive comments by Satoshi and his friends.

    Special thanks to Yamato-san for showing me this fic.

    Well, enjoy!


    In a not- to-distant future,
    Somewhere in time and space,
    Satoshi and all his pals,
    Are caught in an endless chase,
    They try to survive, the wrath of Team Rocket,
    Who wants to put all the world's Pokemon in their pocket,
    From their hideout below
    They set their sights above,
    Just to torture everybody in the Pokemon Center of Love…
    (Satoshi and co: Get. Us. DOOOOOWN!!!)
    "We'll send them lousy fan-fics,
    The worst we can find. (Lalala)
    They'll have to sit and read them all
    Until they lose their minds." (Lalala)
    Now Satoshi cannot control
    When the fan fic begins or ends. (Lalala)
    He'll try to keep his sanity
    with the help of his trainer friends...
    SATOSHI! ("You talking to me?")
    HARUKA! ("Would someone kill that Taco Bell dog?")
    TAKESHI! ("Bring it on!")
    MASATOOOOO! ("I'm different!")
    If you're wondering how they eat or breathe,
    And other science facts, (Lalala)
    Just think yourself "It's just a show,"
    And you should really just relax!
    It's Mystery Pokémon Theater, 2000 (TWAAANNNGGG!)


    Haruka: Okay Satoshi, what's the 411 on this fic?
    Satoshi: Well apparently an ally of Team Rocket found this fic on a Pokémon message board. It was written by a guy named FinalThunder... and I assume it sucks antelopes.
    Takeshi: Let's just get this over with...
    Masato: Good luck you guys!
    Haruka: How he never has to read these fics?
    Satoshi: He bribed Team Rocket with pie...

    It all started long time ago

    Takeshi: In land far, far away!

    when this dude was found on the Shores of New Bark Town

    Haruka: (as Crush) Duuuude... duuuuuude... ah, he lives! Hey dude!

    he was founded

    Satoshi: Four score and seven years ago...

    by my dad’s Slaking.

    Haruka: So this kid's dad just lets his Slaking run around unsupervised I guess?

    He stayed at our house until he regained his memory that took about three to four months.

    Takeshi: This kid needs a comma button...

    Around then I was about four and I really do not recall it really happening.

    Satoshi: So how was he able to explain it so accurately?

    5 Years Later
    "Hey Mom good morning" I said when I woke.

    All: ...
    Satoshi: S-Should we be reading this?
    Haruka: Jees, you'd think we were watching Lifetime.

    "Good Morning

    Takeshi: (as the mom) Was it good for you too?
    Satoshi: (twitching) So... unclean...

    Professor Birch called about your NEO" Mom responded.

    Haruka: (as the kid) My Matrix trading card? Tell him I won't go lower then $500!

    "So can I go see him and get my NEO?" I asked.

    Satoshi: What's a NEO anyway?
    Takeshi: Newly Energized Ostriches?
    Satoshi: Feh, close enough.

    "Well, First brush eat and defiantly change your clothes" mom replied.

    Haruka: So he's going to change his clothes against her wishes?

    I went to brush then I changed my clothes and ate my breakfast.

    All: (chanting) Com-mas... com-mas... com-mas...

    "Well mom now can I go and get my NEO?" I asked.
    " Sure, but make you come back before you go!" Mom said.
    " CYA Mom" I said.

    Takeshi: Wow, he can talk in computer lingo.
    Satoshi: BRB Mom, it'll take about an hour IMHO
    Haruka: I'm just ROFLMAO at all this...

    Since Professor Birch lived near the coast, I took my bike and rode it. On the way I saw May, Max and his twin brother Brandon.

    Haruka: Uh, since when has my brother had a twin?
    Satoshi: Since commas have vanished and kids started waking up with their moms in bed.

    Therefore, I rode all the way up to them.

    Takeshi: ...
    Satoshi: He means the bike.
    Takeshi: Ah, gotcha.

    "Hey what up,

    Haruka: (as a rapper) I tell you what up!

    are you going to see Professor Birch too?" I asked
    "Yeah so you are too right?" May said
    "We should have a 2x2 battle that be great battle don’t you think?"

    Haruka: Yes that battle will be great battle when we have battle to battle our battle...
    Satoshi: (laughs) Okay that's enough Haruka...

    breadan said "That be awesome!" Max said

    Takeshi: Yes it be Max, yes it be.

    As we rode our bikes to Birch’s lab we saw a weird looking NEO it looked green and it had no wings it looked it was flying and it was very long like a snake with weird stripes. After awhile we reached the lab.

    Satoshi: Guess long green flying "NEO"s don't excite them too much.

    "Hello!" Birch said
    "Hey!" we said,

    Satoshi: Greetings!
    Haruka: Salutations!
    Takeshi: What up?

    "Professor we are here for our NEO." I said

    Haruka: Uh, you still haven't explained what a NEO is, that might help us out...

    "Ah yes the four Neo s anyhow chose one we have Torchic Mudkip, treecko and Ralts

    Satoshi: OH. So NEOs are Pokémon.
    Haruka: So why the hell are they called NEOs?
    Takeshi: The author didn't seem to think that was important.
    Satoshi: Like proper comma placement?
    Takeshi: Bingo.
    Haruka: And since when is Ralts a starter Pokémon?
    Satoshi: It's not, it's a starter "NEO"

    which one would you chose I have randomly had the computer who get to pick first

    Haruka: Woah professor, slow down!
    Satoshi: Someone needs to switch to decaf bad.

    and its you FinalThunder

    Takeshi: Who is...?
    Satoshi: Isn't that the author's name?
    Haruka: This means...

    then May then Max and last Brendan." Birches said, "And call me Birch"

    Satoshi: Glad to see he remembered to introduce himself.

    "I’ll take Mudkip!" I said
    "I’ll take Torchic!" May said
    "I’ll take Treecko!" Max said
    "Then I get Ralts!" Brendan

    Haruka: ...yes? What did Brendan do?
    Satoshi: Nothing I guess.

    "Well I better be heading," I said

    Takeshi: (as the Queen of Hearts) Off with his head!

    "what about our 2x2?" Max Brendan said

    Haruka: Now our last name is Brendan?
    Satoshi: So that makes Brendan's name Brendan Brendan...
    Takeshi: And I thought the whole Mario Brothers thing was confusing.

    "OK lets battle!" I said

    Satoshi: (as FinalThunder) Even though I have no idea how to battle yet!

    "Brendan is on my team" Max called
    ok then May is on my team" I said

    Haruka: Round 1, fight!

    Brendan sends out Ralts. Max sends out Treecko. May sends out Torchic and I send out Mudkip. Ralts uses growl and raises there attack power

    Takeshi: Wait, doesn't Growl lower enemy defenses?
    Satoshi: First attack and this battle's already screwed up.

    then treecko uses absorb to drain energy from Mudkip and does tons of damage but it still hangs in there. Then mudkip sends a water gun attack on Ralts and ralts took heavy damage but it still had plenty of energy left. Then torchic uses ember on Treeko and hurt treeko severely and burns it and doesn’t looks so good for treeko’s team then ralts goes in and uses confusion on Mudkip and mudkip run out of energy and fainted. Then treeko uses absorb to heal it self

    Haruka: Who did Treecko absorb the energy of?

    but it ran out of energy also because of its burn effect.

    Takeshi: Guess that didn't matter anyway.

    Then Torchic uses another ember on ralts but ralts was able to dodge it. Then ralts lunged a counter attack and confused Torchic and then torchic in confused attacked ralts and ralts ran out of energy.

    Satoshi: ...that was even worse then my Metapod vs Metapod battle...
    Haruka: If Torchic got confused, wouldn't it hurt itself?

    "Nice battle it sure was fun beating you!" May said.

    Takeshi: Real modest, aren't we?
    Haruka: Haha! Served! XD

    "If she only didn’t have a torchic!" Brendan said

    Satoshi: I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you pesky kids, and that Torchic!

    "Well that was a nice match! We should do it again som
    etime" I said.
    "I have to go bye" I said
    "Buh-Bye see you later!" They said
    As I took my bike home I saw my mom and right before I got home by front tire poped and my back tire popped.

    Haruka: That was convenient.
    Takeshi: His back tire burst and his front tire became a catholic priest?

    "oh sweety are you okay? Mom said
    "Yes mom" I said
    "Well since your bike’s broken these running shoes will help you

    Takeshi: It's not broken, its tires are just popped...

    and I have ticket to fire, grass and electric catching contest

    Satoshi: Is there really a contest like that in Houen?
    Haruka: Not to my knowledge.

    and first place winner in all 3 will let the person keep 3 pokemon as his/her own an will get 5000 PD and his family will get a free trip to Lilycove City." Mom said.
    "How you get this only kids of gym leaders and GT trainers kids get to do this?" I asked

    Takeshi: And who are GT Trainers now? I'm confused...

    "I forgot to tell you your dad somehow luckily got in the Ever Grande Elite four!" mom replied.

    Satoshi: (as FinalThunder's mom) Your father's now one of most powerful trainers in the world, but it just slipped my mind!

    "Sweet when are we going?" I asked mom.
    "Tommorow, don’t forget May is coming and so is Brendan and Max!"

    Takeshi: ...
    Haruka: Woah...

    That night I had a weird dream that mom told me that my mudkip is very helpful and you’re not so you’re leaving home.

    Takeshi: Jees, I wouldn't want to have her for a mom.

    "Huh mom where are we going?" I aksed

    Haruka: Hey, he didn't even get the chance to brush eat and defiantly change his clothes!

    "To the contest" mom said,
    "Where’s Mudkip?" I asked
    "He’s in you neoball!" mom said,

    Takeshi: ...neoball?
    Satoshi: A disclaimer to explain all this would have been nice, thank you!

    "Why am I here in the car already?" I asked
    "My Machcoke did!" mom said happily

    Haruka: Machcoke did what?
    Takeshi: ...
    Satoshi: Don't say a word Takeshi... we know...

    How’d you get a machoke I asked

    Satoshi: Oh great, now he doesn't have a quotation mark key!
    Haruka: Maybe he got his keyboard from Walmart.

    Your dad gave it to me when he had his max six pokemon registered for elite four pokemon mom said

    Haruka: Can't an Elite Four member have more then six Pokémon?
    Takeshi: I would assume so...

    Couple of Hours later.
    "We’re her son at the fire contest place" mom said
    "Where is what the place" called I asked

    Satoshi: (as FT's mom) I just told you! Pay attention!

    "M.G.G Fields" mom said

    Haruka: Abbreviations work better when you say what they mean first.

    "Well let’s go" I said
    When we arrived at the entrance
    "WELCOME FINALTHUNDER FAMILY" the announcer said

    All: Gah! (covers ears)
    Satoshi: Not so loud!
    Takeshi: So FinalThunder is their last name? Then what's the kid's first name?

    "Please proceed".
    "Look mom there’s My friends" I said
    "Okay honey do your best!" Mom said

    Haruka: (as FT's mom) I don't care about you mentioning your friends, now go away!

    Begin! Round
    Go mudkip!
    "Mudkip water gun on Numel yes it fainted go Magma ball." CAPTURED

    All: ...
    Satoshi: Wait a minute, what just happened?
    Haruka: He just attacked, fainted, and captured a Numel in three seconds.
    Takeshi: And since when are there Magma balls?

    "Mudkip Water gun on Growlite and it weak go Magma ball" CAPTUERED

    Haruka: Hey! Slow down!
    Takeshi: New Grow Lite plant food! 50% less fat then regular Grow!

    "Go mudkip water gun on Slugma yes it fainted now Magma ball" CAPTURED

    All: (their eyes are spiraling)
    Satoshi: If you sneeze you miss seeing half the battle.


    Times Up
    The winners are FinalThunder, May
    Now yout you any NEO you have captured in this round and use it also you may use any other Neo you used in round 1 or in 2.
    "Go Numel use ember on Pichu good it's weak now, No Numel is paralyzed Numel use ember again yes! Go Elelect Ball CAPTURED

    All: GAH!
    Takeshi: Too fast to comprehend!
    Haruka: I think it would be too hard to comprehend no matter how fast it goes.
    Satoshi: What's an Elelect Ball anyway?
    Haruka: And how can a Pichu paralyze a ground type?

    "Go Growlite use flame wheel on Magnemite yes weak go Elelect Ball" CAPTURED
    "Go Slugma use ember on Mareep dang not very effective

    Satoshi: Since when is fire not effective on an electric type?
    Haruka: If anything, all that wool Mareep has would make it more effective...

    Slugma use ember again yes it weak go Eleclect ball"

    Takeshi: So NOW it's effective...


    Satoshi: Hey, there's a first!

    "Slugma use Ember one more time yes it fainted go Elelect ball" CAPTURED

    Haruka: Damn, maybe we could consider catching NEOs instead of Pokémon, it looks a lot easier.

    "Go Mudkip use mud shot Electrike used Shock wave and Mudkip took heavy Damage Mudkip use Mudshot one more time yes it fainted now Go Elelect Ball " CAPTURED
    "Go Mudkip use mud shot on Elekid Fainted yes it was a Critical hit Go Elelect Ball" CAPTURED

    All: (on ground twitching)

    Times Up
    The winners are FinalThunder

    Satoshi: And who else?

    He caught 5 more pokemon than the second place.
    "Hello! FinalThunder!" The Pokemon Chairman said.
    "Hello Mr. Pokemon How are you?" I asked.

    Haruka: (snickers) Mr. Pokémon?
    Takeshi: REAL original name there...

    "I’m fine now which three pokemon will you take

    Satoshi: So they're not NEOs anymore then?

    And Call me Walter," Walter said.

    Takeshi: Man, awful lotta people around here forget to introduce themselves.

    "Here are your Choices"


    Satoshi: ...Happy, Sleepy, Dopey...
    Haruka: Wait, when did he catch those grass types?

    Total caught 13 NEW RECORD by FinalThunder old Recorded 12 Set by the Pokemon Champion. His Dad's record is in 3rd place with 11.

    Takeshi: Oh great, this is one of those all powerful, omnipotent, self inserted characters...
    Satoshi: Like myself in season one?
    Takeshi: Shhhh! No fourth wall breaking!
    Satoshi: Sorry!

    "I’ll take magnemite, Pichu and elekid is this alright"

    Haruka: There's something to be said here for team diversity...

    I asked and requested.
    "Sure you can have those pokemon

    Satoshi: (as Walter) ...even though a single grass type will mow down your whole team...

    and here's you contest money," Walter said.
    *FinalThunder acquired three new pokemon, $5,000and a ticket to Lilycove City*
    after the contest finished and FinalThunder had fun with his new pokemon

    Takeshi: ... (coughs)
    Satoshi: I'm going outside to the gutter and see if I can get your mind out of there.

    he decided that he and his mom will go and May and her mom because Brendan his twin brother Max were going to meet family in Kanto.

    Haruka: See that button between the M and the period? Learn to use it!

    (To Be Continued)

    All: NOOOOO!!!
    Takeshi: It never ends!

    End of Part II
    Note that NEO means Pokemon.

    Satoshi: And the reason for that is because...?
    Haruka: Forget it! Let's go!


    Well hope you liked it! I know I had fun riffing it. :p

    And now I leave you with the M Unown dance.

    ;201-m; ;201-m; ;201-m; ;201-m; ;201-m; ;201-m;
  2. Aquadragon

    Aquadragon Darkness princess #1

    That's just... weird. And why some text is thicker than other text? I dont get it.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2006
  3. Bombsey

    Bombsey --

    Aquadragon, the bold pats are the original fan-fic, while the un-bold parts are the actual parts...if you get what I mean.

    And yeah, that was pretty good. Although, I think you could imporve the script...

    ...and there are worse fan-fics out there =3

    oh, and I've never seen MST. I want to though, sounds hilarious xD
  4. Sybot

    Sybot Well-Known Member

    Woo, a MSTing! I thought I'd never see one of those on here, so I was thinking of putting one of my own up. But then...I wasn't sure on the board policy regarding them, seeing as they are banned from FF.net.

    Anyway, the review. The riffs were good for the most part and I didn't see any spelling and grammar mistakes in them. There were a few generic ones that bored me, like the repeated perverted ones, and also I think the 2 v 2 battle could have done with some riffs being inserted. Overall quite good though, not the best MSTing ever, but definitely not the worst.

    I did lament the lack of host segments (short comedy sketches at the beginning and end, and occasionally the middle for you non-MSTies), but I can forgive that as I assume that you weren't planning on making a whole series out of this.
  5. wondermilk

    wondermilk Active Member

    You got to see his Sonic ones. They're far better XDD

    But I liked this one too, just that the sonic one and the sailor moon cross over was halarious...XD

    Sonic was so upset and confused in the sailor moon x dbz cross over one x3

    you should post it XD
  6. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    I only watched one episode from a season DVD my friend had. The only thing I remember from it was a letter some guy wrote to them. I don't remember where he said he was from, but the blue or yellow guy (I think it was Crow, I don't remember) said "What the hell does that mean?" XD

    This was funny, I loved it! But is it legal to do this? What if the person reads this and reports you? You should be careful. But otherwise, I'd love to see more! Whoop, go MST! And I loved the theme song you altered. Ha ha, Team Rocket's getting their revenge by sending cheesy fics. I wish I had cable when MST was on... Oh well. Maybe if I'm lucky, I could find the DVDs.

    Can't wait for the next "episode"! Whee!

    *Kutie Pie* Please be kind to midgets!

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