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Mythic Dawn

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Not Gem King Kilik
Yo, anyone down for a battle soon? I'm kickin it on the chat for a while because I'm trying to get a bunch of dittos, lemme know if you're down!

Also, draco star 98 has said he'd like to be our clan breeder! Firetrainer92 has also expressed interest. A big thanks to both of them for their willingness to contribute to the clan!


I know. I'm hot.
I'll be on xat today!


The Abysswalker
By all means, any services provided by any members are welcome with open arms. Glad to see our flame starting to kindle even further.

I have summer school, that among other issues have been taking up a lot of my time. I apologize for any inconvenience I've given to members.

I'm willing to duke it out with anyone if they want. I'll be on Pokemon Showdown as Noheart.


Not Gem King Kilik
beat noheart 3-0 (i think?)


edit: also, sorry to say noheart but you are demoted to adept! but you're only 8 exp away from veteran so you'll be back soon i'm sure!
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draco star 98

im leaving the clan.im going to take some time training and experience some other things. also if you still want to battle me leave a vm/pm


Bulky Offence
Username: L.A.W
FC: 2580 2593 9110
PS/PO: I don't use these but I'm guessing I should go start
Activity: Besides being at the gym or with the mrs, I can pretty much be on here
Experience: Nothing in the last year or so. I'm basically a noob all over again.
Storm Kings making a comeback? ;)


Not Gem King Kilik
Yo LAW, long time no see! Welcome to the clan! None of us are actively on wi-fi at the moment (I'm working on getting my team together though!) so once you get a PS team set up (really easy :p) we can do a test battle for ya! The xat is in the sig so check it out whenever and I'm usually on since I'm stationary at my computer for a while, everyone else tends to drop by too every once in a while!

edit: test battle done!

Adaptation: You didn't know the Gen 5 meta but still made good predictions. Good reactions to different moves and picking up on the roles of some Pokemon was crucial for you. 6/10.
Team Building: Not knowing the Gen 5 meta meant your team was more of a Gen 4 team :p That's alright, but it was a little weak in comparison. It looked like your goal was wearing down my team and cleaning up with scarfmence, and once you know gen 5 you'll have an easier time accomplishing this goal. 6/10.
Experience: You know a lot about battling and it was obvious you still retained some skill from Gen 4. You were a great battler and you'll be back on your feet in no time. Scared for when you learn to make stall teams now that Ferrothorn is a pokemon! 7/10.

Welcome to Adept Rank! Good luck climbing the rankings and reaching Mythical!
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The Abysswalker
holy **** LAW is in my clan


*fangirl squeal*

gg Serebii


The Abysswalker
Holy poop on a stick, got an official win on Penguin 2-0.

I am so proud of myself.


The Abysswalker
So is the war officially set for two weeks, Pingu?


Eliteknight has accepted all terms and the war will commence in 2 weeks as you expected. The format will be best of 3 matches, and we will need to deliberate on the war team, although as it stands my preferred set up would be;

  • Ima_Penguin_95
  • L.A.W
  • PokeN3rd
  • Noheart
  • Firetrainer92
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