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Mythical Pokémon and You! What should we see going forward?


Veteran Pokegamer
Hey there guys, been a while since I’ve been around. I also apologize in advance to any mods out there if this isn’t the appropriate place to discuss this and feel free to do as you see fit with the thread if it breaks guidelines. Anyways, I decided to come to this topic today after watching a video article on YouTube in regards to mythical Pokémon and the distribution scheme that GF/Ninty/TPCi have going on around them and the point the youtuber made to be honest is fairly accurate. For lack of a better term, mythicals are starting to become kinda stale and dull when it comes to the term and their relevance in the games (and movies if you don’t end up liking them or the anime.) As such, the youtuber I’m referring suggested DLC/Patches as an idea to use to make mythicals Mythical again and to be fair, I think that is a perfect idea.

Now before people start crying wolf and all, let me explain this better. DLC, at least, paid DLC is not something I or anyone else in the community would honestly like to see unless it’s not too pricey and done mindfully with both the employees at GF/Ninty/TPCi and the players/media consumers best interests at heart. Likewise in recent years, Nintendo has been having a good track record with DLC all things considered, with Splatoon as one major example. Now the thing is, Splatoon’s by and large a primarily a competitive multiplayer game, whereas Pokémon is primarily an RPG with a multiplayer aspect.

Now this brings me into my next point about DLC and RPGs as we now have a precedent for a symbiotic relationship in mind. What I’m referring to, is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with their recent Rare Blade DLC/Patch. XB2 like Pokémon is an RPG, and it actually has a extremely loosely similar concept in use that is close to Pokémon’s. Likewise if you haven’t kept up with XB2 (which you should, seriously. Go play it now if you haven’t,) you should be aware that they have 2 DLC systems going on. Their have their season pass DLC which is $30 and it affords you A LOT of extra content, but they also have their Patch DLC system going on akin to Splatoon where even if you don’t buy the season pass package, you can still get various goodies anyways, but now it’s not just various goodies.

I’m referring to T-ELOS, a fully featured rare blade as a complete package that is 100% FREE for everyone who updates their game to the current patch. This right here sets a precedent that TPCi/GF/Ninty could easily get behind and support considering the three companies combined have more than enough funds to implement this sort of system, especially as it requires less assets than what T-ELOS costed since there isn’t a necessity for stuff such as voice acting in Pokémon as of the current schematic of the games and this also eliminates problems such as data miners spoiling the mythicals and everything about them since their code wouldn’t be in the game upon release such as like with T-ELOS whom nobody knew or imagined thought was going to come until Takahashi and the Monolith team went “Surpise!!!” on Twitter.

As such, the only scenario where mythicals could be spoiled going forward under this Patch/DLC premise is if they get leaked by employees or press that were given the early scoop on that particular mon. Now I would go into more details about rare blades in Xenoblade 2 to show just how much those characters bring to the table from an asset perspective so that people could have an idea of the comparison between a rare blade and a Pokémon, but really that would just be wholly ancillary to the topic and force this thread more so towards the off topic board rather than general Pokémon.

Basically I’m of the opinion that Game Freak could easily make mythical Pokémon Mythical again by abandoning the event giveaway idea with minimal in-game interaction/and instead work it as game DLC/Patches on the day of X and X’s movie release and make it available for everyone so they still have mythicals as promotional material whilst allowing them to be accessible to everyone at almost the same time frame and cutting costs for both Ninty/TPCi and players alike by not having to print code cards for places like GameStop and forcing people to spend gas/time to leave. And likewise with such events, I highly doubt they serve much profit for any of the companies involved as from my knowledge most people just pick up the cards and leave, with a modest amount deciding to look around in the store and actually buy a thing or two, whether it’s a game that caught their eye or Pokémon related merch such as TCG packs or plushes. And there’s other ways that the companies can incentivize people to travel to a store to purchase things anyways.

It’s just a win-win situation overall and the only major argument for keeping the current system is that mythicals which also happen to be intended to be limited, won’t be so anymore and that would devalue their aspect of a limited/rare mon, though that could just as easily be rebuked by saying that they way it’s being done currently isn’t making them any less limited with how many code cards get printed and how many people that have multiple games get multiple copies off the Wi-if distributions. It can also be stated that the current system can be kept, but instead of releasing the mon for the first time with those methods, use the code card/wi-fi method as an off season release that will allow people to obtain said mon with something that the natural one from release doesn’t have such as a special move not in the regular move pool, an alternate ability from its natural one, or even just something as simple as a useful or new item or certain IVs/nature.

Anyways, this was a doozy, and I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on this provided that this meets forum guidelines.

Trainer Yusuf

Event giveaways are not going away because of annual movies, which are important to keep the franchise relevant.

However, in DPPt all Mythicals had event quests and event giveaways. If Mythicals become available as paid DLC, they can have their event quests as DLC after/before their movie giveaways.