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N3DS issues with time and date


I'll do my Lilliest
Mine is pretty brand new. I'd say about.. I just bought it last February.

It tends to resets itself to like 00:00 January 1st 2000 alot. Not when I drop it on the bed but more like slowly grabbing it.

I tried taping the battery, it still does it, but less than before :/

What the heck is going on...?! :/


Do you ever let the battery run completely dry? I suppose that could be a cause for that if it wasn't charged soon after.


I'll do my Lilliest
Nah. Nvm for the stuff. I don't want it to get repaired. Nothing is wrong with it now anyway :'3

My old 3DS Xl has been broken and repaired into a new one but broken again. I don't wanna lose more files xD

So thanks anyway guys :3