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Read EVERYTHING below before posting

Hello SPPf users! Yes, I am finally doing name changes after 6ish years of SPPf not allowing them due to server issues. However, there are several restrictions on them that are different from last time, so be sure to read everything written below before you post to request a name change.

This thread will only be opened twice a year, for one month at a time, during April and October. The thread will be open for the entire month and then during May/November I or another admin will change all of the names that have been requested. You may not request a name change at any time other than when the thread is open, and you may only request a change by posting in this thread. Any requests made outside the designated time and/or made outside of this thread will not be accepted. This excludes typos, which can be changed at any time by PMing an admin.

You may only post ONCE during any month that the thread is open. Changes will not be done until the end of the month, so if over the course of the month you decide that you want to keep your current name or change to something different than you previously requested, you can edit/delete your post. After the thread is closed at the end of the month, you may not edit/delete your post anymore and what you have posted is what you will get.

There will be no "strike system" like previous threads for not following rules since 6 months is enough time to wait on its own. If you break the rules, request a username that is already in use (users that are banned or awaiting email confirmation will now appear in the memberlist so be sure to check), or otherwise don't get your name changed, you must wait until the thread is open again in 6 months. You can only request names that are not currently in use. Accounts don't get deleted anymore so you can't take the names of inactive users.

Post your requests EXACTLY LIKE THIS:
Current Username: Ellie
New Username: Ke$ha

except obviously replace Ellie/Ke$ha with your name/the name you want. Do NOT include any font tags, colors, sizes, etc in your post because it can make it harder to read. If you include tags in your post your request might not be accepted. Also, remember that capitalization, spelling, etc counts, and I will change your name to exactly what you put here, so don't complain to me if you spell/capitalize something wrong and I change it to what you put.

Post ONLY username change requests in this thread and remember to only post once. If you have any questions, comments, etc pm me instead of posting in the thread.

Failing to follow any rules above may result in an infraction and/or your name change request not being granted.
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this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
Current Username: hol123
New Username: Shneak


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Current Username: WillsPokemon
New Username: KingWiggins
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Current Username: Midnite♪
New Username: ゾロア
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Current Username: burnley95
New Username: Aprilfoolslol

Not really....
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Current Username: wiiboychris
New Username: AuraChannelerChris

Er, that username was made by my hand a few months ago. I hope I didn't screw up myself...
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stop trying to be god ☆
Current Username: XatuGamer
New Username: Wizard;
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