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Name Changes Thread - READ ENTIRE FIRST POST

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changes are all done! thank you to other admins for helping me with some of them :)

now, it IS possible we missed you, so if you didnt get a change, you can pm me now. HOWEVER, make sure none of these apply to you first, these were common problems that resulted in people not getting a change:
-name is already in use: biggest one. i don't care how old the account is and we don't prune accounts and have no plans to do so, so if an account already exists with the name you want, you can't have that name. period. end of story.
-putting 2nd/3rd/etc choices for names: no. stop being lazy and check your first choice first. i am not going to go through multiple names for you, so if you put more than one choice you don't get a change.
-using font tags: it does not make you more special or unique, it is just irritating and it clearly says in the first post not to do this.

keep in mind i am really busy so i might not get to your pm right away, but i will try to answer as long as your post did not break one of those three above.

also the next thread is still on track for october right now even though i was late, but if it doesn't pop up on the first day or so, don't panic, they'll still happen soon after.
Not open for further replies.