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Name Changes Thread - READ ENTIRE FIRST POST

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i'll get working on these soon.


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These are done. If your name didn't get changed it's because one of the following:

1. Your name was ridiculously long.
2. Your name was taken (this is the most common reason, before you send me a PM calling me every name under the sun check to see if your name was taken first. If you message me upset about it and it was because your name was taken I am going to be pretty irritated).
3. You didn't follow the form correctly.
4. You got banned. lol.
5. You were whining about name changes taking too long where we could see. It takes FOREVER to do these things. It is very time consuming. For someone who works full time, goes to college full time or both, we have to make time out of our schedule to help you. We have priorities.

If your name still didn't get changed and it doesn't fit into the above scenarios, PM me.
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