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Name Changes Thread - READ ENTIRE FIRST POST

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Josef Stylin

I want to dye
Current Username: Bullkid
New Username: Josef Stylin

Fabulous Ampharos

Pokemon Breeder :3
Current Username : Merciful Typhlosion
New username : Fabulous Ampharos


Gone But Not Forgotten
Current username: stickerstaryoshi
New username: moneylesswario
Current Username: HEB
New Username: Kung-Fu Weasel
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Current Username: QuoteMaster
New Username: QuoteMissy

I'm tired of people getting my gender wrong. "QuoteMaster" isn't an androgynous name apparently...


Shadow of nothing
Current Username: Soulmuse
New Username: Muse


Not a Very Well-Known Member
Current username:prince Fluff the Second
New username:Lluc
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Master of Cyberspace
Current Username: Poryon-Z7727
New Username: Porygon-Z7727
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