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Name of Region

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Hive Trainer
I don't know if this has been asked but does anyone know the name of the land in the game Mysterious Dungeon?


Marsh Trainer
I duno the land in mysterious dungeon , one suspicion of mine was it cud be called the holon region after the Ex delta species "made up region"


Well-Known Member
It's made up? I actually thought Holon was real becuase at one time I thought the people who make Pokemon made the cards and that the cards tie into somewhere. I mean for example those Southern Island sets and it turns out there is a Southern Island.


Hoenn Champion
Yes, but they were completly different. On the cards, it was made out to be a beach paradise, whereas on RS, it was the resting place for the Eon pokemon, and it was in Hoenn. I am not to sure about the cards though because i do not collect them anymopre. IMO, it is too expensive.

Maybe it is just a region without a name. Did the trading card games have a region that they were set in?


I think that the world map looks like Hoenn


It's nothing to do with Houen. PERIOD.


Indigo Champion
I don't think it looks anything like the Hoenn Region... unless its upside down.. No, that't not right either.


Pokemon Communist
Maybe nobody knows it :p .
I have no idea for the name of the Mysterious Dungeon region.

PS- Maybe Serebii knows it.


Raiden Maximus
I think there's no region, it could be another dimention, like how a human being becomes a pokemon.


Mightyena Master
another dimension?I dont support that idea,and nintendo wouldnt make humans transfer into pokemon,unless its just for parts of the game and is required to let you get into secret places.

oh man,i honestly think that this island/region that there going to be on will be even further north than orre,but thats only my guess.


Raiden Maximus
Actually if I'm correct one of the storyline is when a human was shocked when he/she realised that he/she is a pokemon.


Well-Known Member
Yeah, the whole game is based around you transforming into a Pokemon, then completing the game to try and transfere yourself beck.

TTG did have a region but I'm not sure what it was called, it did have a name though.


gee that's swell
It's english name hasn't been confirmed yet ^_^ Serebii will most likely not know unless he can predict the future

Shadow phoenix

Torchic23 said:
It's english name hasn't been confirmed yet ^_^ Serebii will most likely not know unless he can predict the future
he can travel into the future though... but honestly no-one knows what it's called like kanto no-one know the the name of that region till johto


Im really not sure but I think it will just be the previous regions.


Super Gamer
Oh, I thought you were talking about the D/P/Ranger Region - which is called "Fiore".

I have yet to find out the name of the "Mysterious Dungeon" region if there even is one.



fidani said:
I see the name Tikal in some places,maybe the region's name is Tikal.

ok no it ISNT tikal is a character from sonic duh defintelely not TIKAL! who knows what its called does it matter? for all we know it could be called planet x or mario land know knows for now...!
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