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namh's pokemon hardcore gallery


New Member
Hi, my name is Nazareth (yep that's my real name), I'm kinda new here (I just previously visited the site but not the forums..) I prefer to introduce myself here instead of ... the other forum because I want to share some of my arts.

I'm not very into the tags and banners stuff (I could do it but I'm not very interested on that.. ) I'm a bit more like an hobbyist Illustrator..

(by the way I'm open for comissions.. contact me by private message if you're interested)

Well.. this is it, hope you like it








They're just some of several pokemon arts I've drawn :)


Por si acaso, también hablo Español :D yey!
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Wow, your artworks are pretty stunning. I'm really tempted to ask for a commission but that may have to wait until I got paypal and junk to give it all in.

Still, I definitely like your works so do post some more when you can. :D I'll move it to the right section too.


New Member
Thank you :) 4 sure I'll post more drawings soon.

and thanks for moving the thread where it belongs :D

Miltank Lover

Breeder, Miltank Ftw
Been following you for a while on DA aleready, you should post that Bidoof sky painting here.


Dr. Geek
What... the... snap! These are so... AWESOME!!!! Please add more?

Deleted member 133172

Wow these are fantastic, I especially like the Hydreigon and Trainer picture.


New Member
I thought this thread wasn't going to get posts :p

Ok here are some other drawings :p

The following one, was made for a contest, In wich we were supposed to draw a Bidoof but.. mmm.. more "awesome" than it actually is..

he's the boss of the Bugs :p

The " Lords of the thunder " Individual pieces.





A quick Genesect


I will add more drawings soon, and thank you all for your comments :D
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