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Sorry if i missed something, but whats with this ridiculous hype that Nando will win the Grand Festival AND the Pokemon League? I mean seriously, how many episodes has he been in?

I even think the writers stopped caring for Nando and yet people back him to win not only the Grand Festival, but also the Pokemon League!


Theres a character discussion forum now, if you want to talk about nando talk there, he sucks indeed but talk about it there.


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Well, I think people think Nando will win because he's basically a Soledad/Robert version of Sinnoh. Even though he lacks episodes, people still think he will win.

I think he will win the Grand Festival, but I'm a little unsure about the League.
I doubt they will make a new character for the Sinnoh League, as they did with Hoenn and Johto.

And I agree that he's not the best character, as to me, he's a failed version of Robert/Soledad.

Nando Discussion Thread


There is already a Character Discussion Forum for this, as well as various threads discussing the Grand Festival and League. Feel free to post again in either of those threads.
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