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Naomi's art thread(Contains mostly original work)


Addict of the Knife
Hello everyone. I've recently gotten back into art, and have been working on quite a few images to share. I'll have some pokemon-related art soon, but first, some original work. Please excuse the quality of some of these images, they have been taken with a cameraphone, as I lack a scanner.

Note: Newer items are in BOLD

Traditional work

On the left is Dmitri, my friend's character, and on the right is my werewolf character, Antwan.

My other werewolf character, Mute. This is currently a work in progress that I hope to complete soon.

A drawing of a forget-me-not flower for a friend. This was done entirely with Copics, and as you can see, I need to work on my technique.

A non-objective piece entitled "Lithium" that I did at the end of the school year as a final project. I'm quite fond of this piece.

An incomplete character sketch. I colored the werewolf with watercolor to try and figure out a nice colorscheme.

This is an unfinished drawing of my former Pokemon team. My lineup is currently different, but I thought this was a fun image to make, nonetheless.

Plush work(contains a character from Persona 4)

I have made quite a few plush, though this is currently my best work. I have not been able to take a decent photograph as of yet, but I will update when I do.

Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4.

My DeviantART

I have a DA in which the descriptions of my work(materials, time taken, etc) are listed.

Please visit me here.

Thank you for looking. c:
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Addict of the Knife
Thank you for the compliment. Any critique or suggestions? I like to improve my art, especially with my anatomy and coloring. c: